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Good morning, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything going in Poland?
Morning! Well there is strong catholic-traditional-conservative offensive in Poland. It’s supported by polish government, media and the church and I think that most of polish society. This is sad. The government doesn’t care about the economy but only ideological cases. Society is simply stupid. Well… Fuck them all. 

1. Szurn was born in 2017 as a one man being the only member you Seth, why did you decide to createthe band? And why do you use the name Sznur to refer to the band, a Polish word that means rope?
It was spontaneous decision. I have few years brake from guitar and creating music. One day, I just felt I miss that. I’ve bought a new guitar and immediately started to create new music. I just felt I needed that. Sznur was born naturally as my need to play music by my own. Totally independent. In the way I want to. The name Sznur comes from absolute cult polish band KAT and their song called “Zawieszony Sznur”. Of course it reflects all the negative thoughts and my attitude toward this world. 
2. You Seth are a member of the veteran Polish band Moontower, what makes you want to create a band outside of Moontower? Is there any relationship between Sznur and Moontower in terms of theme and music or are they two totally different parts?
Moontower is history for me. I was only guitar player and composer of some tracks in that band. Sznur is mine. This is my creation. In Moontower Belial is the leader. I think the music is different. We have no artistic limits in Sznur. We just do what we feel. And Moontower is strictly underground die-hard BM act. So there’s no relationships between those bands.

3. The first, the homonym “Sznur”, was released in 2018, how did you face the process of composing and recording this first album? Was it very difficult for you to have to take care of this whole process unlike what you did? happens on Moontower? 
First of all, it was my great ambition to create an album totally on my own. And I made it. From guitar and bass parts, drum programming, lyrics, vocals, production and even photos of cover and inlay art. I just wanted to do this. I’m sure it’s not perfect. Maybe even not good. But it’s totally mine. Besides I had no technical troubles as I’ve already recorded two Moontower’s album in my home “studio” in early 2000’ so I have some experience.

4. In 2019 the incorporation of the voices of Zer0; How did the possibility of incorporating Zer0 into the vocals come about? What do you think it has contributed to the final sound of the new album?
Long story… In 2019 I have created and recorded new album but I had no concept or idea on lyrics… I tried to write something but I was never satisfied. ZerO is my old friend and he’s inspirational artist as vocalist, novel writer, and graphic. We’ve met spontaneously in a fight club and I asked him to join Sznur. Since that time music is the only thing I care about in this band and I really like that. So, finally ZerO have made all the lyrics, vocals and graphics of the album. So once again we did everything  on our own. Vocals sound totally different from the debut LP. Some like, some dislike. I’m just happy I hadn’t have to do them this time;)

5. How different was the recording of your new album “Zabić się będąc martwym” compared to the previous one? What brand of instruments do you use to record and compose?
It wasn’t very different. I was using similar equipment. Two guitars, bass, amplifier and computer. Vocals were recorded in the same way but vocalist was different. I think it sounds a bit better although… 

6. Coming from Poland but nevertheless you do not offer a sound, let's call it classic from the Polish school, Sznur offers a raw black, not without melody, that immerses the listener in a state of despair and negativity. How would you describe the sound of “Zabić się będąc martwym”? And what bands have been an influence when composing?
I think Sznur is still deep in the second wave of BM. My main inspirations were Darkthrone, Burzum, Thorns and the early 90’ Norwegian scene. We do what we do and we don’t care about the rest of the scene. However I truly admire todays BM scene in Poland. Many great bands with no stupid ideological limits. Just great music and artistic flow that I truly enjoy.

7. Regarding the theme and also taking into account the name of Sznur, there is a relationship with everything that has to do with suicide and death, would you consider yourself a suicidal black gang? Why is it obsessed with ropes, hanging and suicide?
Sznur reflects my negative thoughts and emotions. Also my fascination in death and suicide. Sick fetish. Nowadays when ZerO writes the lyrics, themes seem to be more general. Antihuman, depressive, hateful and disgusting. Just the way life is…

8. Do you think that Polish bands that move through the terrain of black / death, a style that is usually “sold” as typical Polish, have it easier to make themselves known outside your borders? I say this because Moontower, despite having been active since 1996, is not well known outside of Poland, and Sznur uses Polish in his lyrics, which can also be a handicap, do you think Sznur is ready to make itself known beyond Poland or not something that worries you?
It would be nice to be known beyond Poland and this is happening. Considering this interview;) Polish BM is a mark in itself. It’s respected around the world. Is it easier for the bands? Maybe. The most valuable thing about our scene is its diversity and great creativity. I’m sure there is much more to come. As for Moontower – it is total underground band for the maniacs only. Sznur doesn’t have any borders. We have our own style, sound and image and I think it differs from the rest of the present scene.

9. After the recruitment of Zer0 to the voices, is there a possibility to increase Sznur's line-up with a view to offering a concert or is this never going to happen?
It has already happened. We have a drummer and we have also performed live once, just before the COVID shit. It was really good show, so we hope to play live in future too. We’re trio now but I don’t think we need more musicians. Current line-up is just perfect.

10. Active since 1996, first with Moontower, now with Sznur, how do you think the Polish black metal scene has evolved in this time? What is missing from those early days?
Yeah, couple of years… The world has changed. The evolution of the polish scene is fascinating. In 90’ bands were strongly engaged in ideological themes. There were some conflicts among the hordes. Music was really unique, savage and full of passion but lacks the good performance and production. Of course it had its original spirit. Nowadays it seems that music and artistic cases are more important. And that’s ok with me. People are more open-minded and that results in great quality of music in polish BM scene.

11. How were your beginnings in music; first concerts you attend, first albums you acquire? What happened in your life supposed that you wanted to dedicate yourself to music?
Music was my passion from the very early days. I was listening to rock then punk and finally metal and BM since the early 90’. I was collecting CDs, tapes, fanzines etc. This was and still is important part of my life. First albums I bought were some Iron Maiden and Slayer tapes. First concerts were some local rock and punk rock acts. First metal band I saw was mighty KAT…

12. Which album defines the essence of black metal for you and why? What was the last album you purchased?
“De mysteriis dom sathanas”. This is absolute classic and essential album. Definition of BM that still sounds fresh and inspirational. I can point maybe 10 more albums that are also that important. But when You ask me to point one, I point this Mayhem masterpiece. From the latest albums I can recommend new Biesy and Odraza. Fucking masterpieces!!! 

13. The cover of “Zabić się będąc martwym” is a building with the band symbolism, in this case a rope in the foreground, what do you want to represent with it? Who did the cover design and how does it relate to the music and the concept of the album?
The concept is complete. It was all created by ZerO. I only made the photo and he did the rest. This album is strongly related with the city we live in and its pathology, filth and misery. This is the place with illegal mine-holes, ruins, old  tenement houses full of pisses, vomits, violence and alcohol.

14. Unlike the first album that was released by Hell Is Here Production in CD format, for “Zabić się będąc martwym” it has been self-released on CD as well, was there no interest from any record label for the release? desktop publishing to have more control over all your work?
Hell is Here was somehow interested in releasing the album. But this time we wanted to do this on our own. We fucked up some money but we did what we wanted. I hope to find a label for the next album. We will see. “Zabić…” is still available on CD. Feel free to write us at

15. “Zabić się będąc martwym” has been out for almost a year now. Are you working on new themes? What can you tell us about the immediate future of Sznur?
As I’ve mentioned before, we’re now a regular rehearsing band. We have very good drummer and new material for the third full-length album. We will record it this autumn in professional studio. We also hope to find a label and to perform some live shows. I’m really excited with this situation and I think You will hear about SznuR in future! 

16. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Sznur this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking
Thank You also for this interesting interview. I wish You best with the Black Metal Spirit! Await our new stuff. Feel free to follow us on social media. Thanks for support!


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