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1. The band was born last 2019, however we do not have much more information about the line-up, are we facing a one man band or is it a band? Why did you decide to create the band and why did you choose the name of Errance?
Originally, the band was created in 2017 with two friends of mine. I was playing guitar, and they were on bass and drums. We’ve got to play together for nearly two years and created a few songs during our jamming sessions. We never had big expectations, besides creating music for pleasure. In 2019, I had to move for personal reasons in a different side of the country. The band kind of split as we were not able to play on a regular basis. As a few songs were born during the sessions, I decided to record and rearrange everything them in order to produce an album. As I was the main writer of the music, I’ve been continuing on my own since then. 

2. What does the name Errance refer to? Have you had any problems with the other one-man French atmospheric black band Errance because of the name? 
Errance could be transcribed by “Wandering”. It refers to the fact of going nowhere, feeling lost, in a spiritual way. At the time we needed a name and we thought it would fit the music we were doing which is heavily influenced by black metal. We were creating those dark atmospheres, with that general melancholy through the jams. 
When we’ve chose the name, I have made a quick research to see if it wasn’t taken already but didn’t see any other “Errance” in Metal music. I should have looked into it a bit more as I’ve came across the name of the other atmospheric black metal band afterwards, once I was releasing the project on the Internet. As a “studio one man band project”, with no intention of going live, and knowing that my music would not be heard by a large amount of people, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway if he sees those lines, I hope he has not been offended by the fact that the name is the same and that he understands it wasn’t done on purpose. 

3. The short period of time that Errance has been in operation surprises the high number of releases in this short period of time, no less than three albums. Is this due to a question that he already had enough material previously composed or however Are you more related to how easy is it to compose new material?
The First album took the longest time to write and record. I was writing the riffs for the band, during or between rehearsals over the time. When I got into the recording process, I got some new hardware in order to get a decent recording quality. Learning how to use it was already something, but mixing is a life-long process to understand and I struggled a lot with the production side of the music. “II” was mainly “lost” riffs and parts that I had written for “I” but I thought the album was already long enough. I thought it would have been a shame to just toss the songs so I decided to make something out of it, kind of an epilogue. 
Fracture was the next project I wrote after that. I was getting those riffs from my practice sessions and decided to make something new. I wanted a different atmosphere, with lyrics in English. As making music on my spare time, I am really into the process of creating. As a self-taught guitar player I would love to be more disciplined and learn songs from other bands, but I always go back to the process of recording and producing music in general, because this is what I prefer. 

4. To capture a sound so full of nuances, styles and developments, how is the composition and recording process of, for example, the latest album “Fracture”? 
Well, I usually start with programming the drums. I usually have a general idea of where I want to go, but sometimes not at all.  Sometimes I have a few riffs on the side that will turn into songs. I then start noodling around with the guitar, finding parts, riffs or melodies. Once I have the structure. I record the bass. I then go in to the vocals segment. After writing the lyrics, I record the vocals. Mix everything and then I tend to try ideas to see if the song could benefit from a guitar solo or ambient parts etc. It took me about six months to write, record and produce “Fracture”. During the production process, it is quite difficult to look back on the production. I usually do not listen to my albums once they’ve been released but sometimes I do, when comparing the mix of a new song I’m working on for instance. When I listen to the records, I want to go back on the production and change a few things. But, what is released is released. 

5. Black progressive, death, are some of the adjectives that describe your music, for you. How would you describe the sound of Errance? And what bands have influenced your sound?
It is difficult to stay in one adjective as I tend to mix different styles in my music. I do not write song with a classic “structure” and leave myself the freedom to go from a lot of different atmospheres and parts evolving in my songs. If I had to put an etiquette I would have to say progressive /atmospheric blackened death metal but that would be a bit too long ! Even if I’m not sure that putting labels of Metal are essential, I find them useful when finding new bands, as they are so many different styles of Metal music out there. 
I tend to listen to a lot of modern Metal , and post black metal. At the moment, I am really digging the latest Regarde les Hommes Tomber, Ulcerate and Gaerea. I also listen to a lot of Tech Death, I really enjoy the Artisan Era releases. I also enjoy Djent, guitar oriented music as Plini or Polyphia. I recently got into a few Deathcore bands such as A night in Texas, Enterprise Earth, Slaughter to Prevail or Fit for an Autopsy. If I had to talk about bands that have changed the way I perceived Metal back when I discovered it, I would think of Fallujah, The Faceless, Opeth  or Beyond Creation for instance. 

6. "Fracture" contains a conceptual story related to the human being as an individual who is locked in a society doomed to failure and destruction from which he cannot escape, could I explain these concepts a little better? Why did you decide to build the album around this topic?
This is absolutely right. Fracture is a concept album about the descent of a man into madness. The scene takes place in a near future, where our modern society are on the edge of collapse. The main character suffers from a mental disease that will conduce him to harm himself and others around him. 
When I had finished writing the instrumental parts, I didn’t really know where to go with the lyrics. Even though I knew it would be about “a descent through madness”, I wasnt really sure how I could transcribe the themes I wanted to write about. My  main inspiration comes from dealing with depression, angst, rejection, but also love, relationships, self-destruction with some kind of criticism of our societies. I kind of take some of my own experience and rearrange it in a more tragic way. 

7. I have to ask, but I was surprised by the jump effect in the playback when there is a change in the intensity of the themes, it is so successful that it seems that the player is failing at that time, where did you get the idea to make this effect?
Thank you very much. Actually, that kind of effect came in the very late phase of the project. I was trying a few things and thought it made a great impact, kind of like jump scares in horror movies, but for accentuating contrast between the character’s state of mind. 

8. You can talk about style and nuances in his music, but something that is very present is the emotion that he manages to transmit, listening to an album like this “Fracture”, it is impossible at some point notto put ourselves in the shoes of the protagonist of the story and not to suffer with it, for you, is it something that combines the musical aspect and that of transmitting emotions? Does this have something to do with why you decided to release the album in instrumental format?
Emotion is the main essence of Errance, along with aggressivity and melancholy. I like to create conceptual albums, like if I was writing a movie. The albums are made to be a journey, with its evolution and story that goes on from tracks to tracks. The instrumental format is because I can understand that some people do not enjoy vocals, so I made the album available In case someone wanted it that way. I am really happy that the record managed to grab you into its journey, as it is supposed to lead you into a dark voyage. 

9. Who designed the cover of "Fracture"? represents? And how does it relate to the music on the album?
Actually, there was no actual “design”. I wanted a very minimal cover, and just rearranged a “free to use” picture. I just liked the minimal effect of the aesthetics. I think will probably try to get in touch with an actual artist for future projects. 

10. To date, all his albums are only available in digital format and self-published, have you not received any offer for editing from any record label? Maybe Errance's music is a bit complex to attract the interest of seals?
No, I am still making music on my side and publishing songs “from my room”. However, I do not think I have the profile that could be interesting for a label (agreeing that the music itself even get it’s attention) It is a studio project with no touring ambition. Even if I would love to, but at the moment this is not option.  And of course, I am aware that my music is quite experimental and is not for everyone. However, a few years ago, it was complicated to get into recording , and labels were almost compulsory. In our modern age, we are grateful enough to be able to produce an album from our home studios.  And that led to a lot of great music. 

11. How were your beginnings in music: first albums you bought, first concerts you attended? What did you do in your life that made you want to dedicate yourself to music?
Even though music always has been important to me, I’ve came to really enjoy rock and metal music at 18-20. I’ve decided to pick up a guitar and became passionate about it.
I’ve started to listen to a lot of different music from Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, discovered Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and then progressively discovered Metal in it’s more extreme segments. First concerts were mainly rock (Arctic Monkeys, Placebo, Black Sabbath…) before getting into bands such as Beyond Creation, Behemoth, Gojira etc. 
I remember discovering Death Growls with ‘My arms, her hearse” (Opeth) and got so captured by the emotion from this record. I truly understood how powerful extreme metal music could be and wanted to listen to every genre possible. I then got into black metal and so on.   I used to go see as many bands as possible, as we have the chance to have massive metal festivals in France. Hopefully we will be able to go back to concerts soon. 
Even if Streaming is the most universal way to listen to music nowadays, now  that I know the effort it takes to write a record, I try to buy physical records in order to support bands I enjoy. 

12. Are you already working on new issues for future editions? What immediate plans do you have for Errance? Will there be any reissues soon? 
I have written and recorded a new album during lockdown. I wanted to take a break from the producing part of music to focus on guitar and on my technique but, the strange days we are living and the large amount of time on my hands inspired me to write again. The album is named “Uncured”. Storywise, It is not a straight follow up from Fracture but surely evolve in the same environment. It will be more concise, as I want to have less instrumental parts in this one. I’ve recorded every parts, I am now really advanced in the mixing and will soon enter the final process but I want to take my time in order to make it sound the best I can. It should be available soon. Hopefully it should be released around September. 

13. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black metal spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Errance, this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking
Thank you for your questions and for your work in general. It is great that everyone keeps the scene alive, especially during those days. It was my pleasure to answer and truly appreciate your interest in my project. I really hope the new album will please you. I would also thank every one that have listened and supported my music. 


Edición en cassette de la última demo de la banda estadounidense Brüja (Black, crust)
Cassette en color amarillo transparente. Single side. Limited to 16 copies

1. Mundo Triste 04:12
2. Pollution 02:18
3. Evicted 00:43
4. Empty Illusions 01:15

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