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Sacrament Ov Impurity came to be in the year 2007 by Samhain (drums) and The Butcher (guitar) after their former band, Ozzmotiarr came to an end. They were joined by XephilaX on bass and vocals and began writing and rehearsing their new material

1. Sacrament Ov Impurity born in 2007, why did you decide to create the band? How were the beginnings Sacrament Ov Impurity? What can you tell us Ozzmotiarr your first band?
Our other projects had fallen apart and The Butcher and I had always loved black metal it seemed like the right to do. Ozzmotiarr was a grind band but it always had some black metal influence that showed through.

2. It seems that when Sacrament ov Impurity was on the verge of getting something great always had a problem with one of its members, the abandonment of XephilaX first when begin a tour and later abandoning Naphula , how these changes have affected somewhat forced the Sacrament ov Impurity career ? Will you continue as a duo or are you open to future additions?
XephilaX simply was always more into technical death metal styles and he was in school at the time of our first tour. His priorities weren't the band. Naphula preferred a more “orthodox” style than ours so she left the band. As far as adding another person we aren't looking for anyone but it's always a possibility... maybe not bass guitar. Something like synthesizer or cello to add to the atmosphere.

3. How was the recording process and composition of your latest "Anguishing in Obscurity ", how the sound has evolved Sacrament Ov Impurity over the years? I find it very complicated? Having to take up the entire musical to be only two musicians?
Recording our latest record was good. We recorded in a basement and although lo-fi in some aspects it turned out great and was also a great learning experience. We had a great engineer. As far our sound it's always been a bit different. With only 2 members it really gives a lot of breathing room and mistakes become more apparent so I think it has forced us to refine our craft.

4. Openly declare to be away from any musical trend, what bands have inspired the sound of Sacrament ov Impurity? Five essential albums in black metal for you?
 Bands that have inspired me (Samhain) that are outside of black metal are: Converge, High On Fire, Celtic Frost, Neurosis, Amebix, Loss, Earth, Municipal Waste, Mastodon, Black Sabbath.
Five essential black metal albums: 1. Absu- Tara 2. Watain- Sworn to The Dark 3. 1349 – Hellfire 4.  Immortal – Sons Of Northern Darkness 5. Sargiest – Let The Devil In.

5. Did you try the letters "Anguishing in Obscurity "? Why do you consider interesting the topics covered? What are you trying to convey with your music?
 It's pretty cliche now but we draw our inspiration from the usual sources. Interest in history, religion, horror films combined with some depression and nihilism. The album title just seemed like a good fit and it's a play on words referring to our current standing as a band being relatively obscure.

6. From the beginning one aspect that you care is that of the concerts, with this I have secured a solid base of fans, How important are the Sacrament ov Impurity concerts?  What is the best gig in which you participated?
I think our latest tour had some of the best shows we've every played as far as crowd response. But also opening for Mayhem in 2011 was cool. We try to put on a show and add some atmosphere with props, etc... but we just hope people enjoy the show.

7. Being in contact with other groups at concerts in the area will let you have a good knowledge of the scene, how would you describe the current black metal scene in the Midwest? What do you think about movements like Cascadian black metal or black metal post? Do you think that these mixtures gender impoverished or otherwise provide variety and quality?
Being from the Northwest I'm not really up to date on the Midwest scene, but we did play with Terratism when they came to Portland and San Francisco last time. They're amazing. As far as the Cascadian scene goes I'm fine with it and we certainly have some elements in our music. The only thing is that it can get repetitious at times. Definite mood music though. I dig some Wolves In The Throne Room, Ash Borer, Elk, Alda, Addaura and of course Agalloch.

8. " Anguishing in Obscurity" was self-released, Do you consider this the best way to offer your work? There is no label interested in editing? Thus have greater control over the whole musical aspect Sacrement Ov Impurity?
We simply don't have any label interest at the moment so we just decided to do it ourselves rather than hope something happens.

9. What will the future of Sacramet depararé Ov Impurity regarding upcoming releases and concerts.
 We will go on tour again this year but details won't come out until after the Holidays. Also another album is recorded it just needs lyrics, vocals, and a final mix.

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Origen: Polonia, Olsztyn
Formados: 1996
Estilo: Black
Temática: Demonio, misantropía, oscuridad y satanismo
Enlaces: Facebookmyspace y reverbnation
  • T.R. Guitarra
  • Shadow Bajo y voces

  • Na Uroczysku... Demo 1997   
  • Wrath ov the Gods EP 2000   
  • Wrath ov the Gods / Moonastray Split 2002
  • Black Altar CD 2004
  • Wrath ov the Gods / Serpent Split 2007   
  • Death Fanaticism CD 2008
  • Emissaries of the Darkened Call - Three Nails in the Coffin of Humanity Split 2012  
  • Suicidal Salvation EP 2013
  • Winds ov Decay / Occult Ceremonial Rites Split 2017
  • Suicidal Salvation / Emissaries of the Darkened Call Recopilatorio 2019
Shadow sigue al frente de un proyecto que dio comienzo en el lejano 1996 y que a lo largo de estos años se ha mantenido fiel a la escena undergrund, hecho que le ha servido para alcanzar un status de culto complicado de alcanzar para otras bandas de similares características. Black Altar no ha perdido el tiempo desde su anterior "Death Fanaticism" y el salto de calidad en este "Suicidal Salvation" es notable, sobre todo en aspectos de violencia y brutalidad, acercándolos por momentos a terrenos próximos al death. Su música sigue siendo oscura y siniestra con una tremenda base ritmica y unas guitarras que empalman riff tras riff sin apenas variaciones salvo honrosas excepciones, a lo que hay que apuntar la voz que convive en una cuasi perfecta simbiosis con las guitarras a lo que ayuda un tono más bajo de las mismas. Cinco temas a los que se le han añadido algunas partes de teclado y sintetizadores en un segundo plano para ayudar a crear un ambiente más oscuro y siniestro. Estamos por lo tanto ante un Ep que demuestra que Black Altar sigue fiel a su sonido más tradicional pero que ha sabido evolucionar en estos cinco temas que componen el Ep hacia terrenos más violentos y oscuros y que demuestran que siguen estando en plena forma. (8).

1. The Sentence 04:43  
2. Suicidal Salvation 06:21  
3. Journey to the Astral Realm 04:37  instrumental
4. Pulse ov the Universe 03:45  
5. 666 MegaBeast 04:41  

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Origen: Rusia, Moscú
Formados: 2007
Temática: Anticristianismo, odio y satanismo
Enlaces: Todestriebe y vk
  • Adepth Xelagor Guitarras
  • Mørk Voces
  • Soratt Bajo

  • Renunciation EP 2009   
  • ...Scream, Prey, Beg... CD 2012
  • Hexenwald/Todestriebe Split 2012
  • Vicarius Filii Dei CD 2015  
...SCREAM, PREY, BEG... (2012)  
Otra banda procedente de la siempre interesante escena rusa, Todestriebe dio comienzo allá por 2007 y poco a poca han ido fraguando su sonido hasta eclosionar en este "...Scream, Prey, Beg..." en donde podemos encontrar una buena dosis de black con reminiscencias thrash con un sonido potente. No es una disco muy largo y cuenta con algunos temas de corte limpio en donde con unos buenos arreglos de guitarra acústica se pone un poco de pausa en los temas y sirven para coger aliento ante el resto de temas que contine "...Scream, Prey, Beg..." que sin ser un disco escandalosamente violento y rápido si tiene sus buenas dosis de rapidez y blast-beat. El sonido, como comentábamos antes, aunque responde a los patrones de black-thrash tiene una producción actual, con lo que no suena del todo clásico. Hay un gran trabajo hecho en las guitarras con unos riffs majestuosos en temas como "Fuck with Darkness" por ejemplo, y las voces aunque siguen un patrón violento y a base de agresividad, también contienen algún grito agudo próximo al Heavy o a Dani Filth en su primera época. Trabajo interesante de un grupo que ha compartido escenario con bandas como Satyricon, Rotting Christ o Behemoth y que dan muestra en este trabajo de su mente enferma y satánica. (7,9).

1. ...From the Cold Graves 01:33  
2. Renunciation 03:19  
3. Possessed 04:42  
4. Call 06:41  
5. Submit to Sin 00:37  
6. Fuck with Darkness 04:02  
7. Christian Slut 03:35  
8. Blast by Hellfire 04:54  
9. Unholy Winter Theme 02:55  

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Origen: Noruega, Namsons.
Formados: 2000
Temática: Filosofía, naturaleza y trascendencia
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook-
  • E. Blix Batería y voces
  • J.E. Åsli Guitarra y bajo

  • Kringom fjell og skog Demo 2004   
  • Moestæ Qverelæ Split 2011   
  • Vinterilden Demo 2011   
  • Venter på stormene CD 2012

Sonido hipnótico y etéreo es los podemos encontrar en este primer larga duración de los noruegos Vemod. Sus canciones son largas y se prestan a la experimentación y a los desarrollos, siendo este último punto el más destacado. Construyen los temas sobre una base de blast-beats y de riffs de guitarras totalmente repetitivos e hipnóticos, llevando al oyente a un estado próximo al trace. Un viaje sonoro hacia la naturaleza a través de un black con tintes atmosféricos y ambientales, en donde se han currado unas buenas guitarras con pasajes limpios de gran belleza y una apartado vocal que pocas veces ha ofrecido tal variedad de registros y sensaciones. Voces que van desde gruñidos, gritos desesperados, momentos susurrados, etéreos que impregnan este "Venter på stormene" de un sentimiento enfermizo. Su música es variada, hay momentos violentos y oscuros, junto con otros más pausados y reflexivos, pero todo rodeado de una atmósfera mística. Buena puesta de largo, con aportaciones en donde se pueden encontrar similitudes con bandas pertenecientes a la segunda oleada de black y que es un aporte fresco e intresante a la escena. (8).

1. Venter på stormene 13:06  
Krusninger i minnets vann
Sirklende, sitrende, sildrende
For jeg glemte aldri:
Mine hender
er vind

Taler om tid
I påvente

Den argeste flammen
som noensinne
reiste seg fra havdypet

Min stillhet skal

Atter, øye til øye
Skal jeg gråte
Elver av stein

For denne avleiringen
skal speile mer enn tomhet
En drøm for tidsaltet

Den siste - sirkelens
slutt, ufødt
2. Ikledd evighetens kappe 09:25
Et tordenhjerte
sanker solild
i isødet - 

Tanken vandrer 
tilbake mot tiden
da jeg kastet alt
i det mørke vann

Kun en dråpe i mystertiets hav

Et tordenhjerte
sanker solild
i isødet - 

Dets øye skuer
det som aldri var
Hildringene peker vei
Her spirer det navnløse

Kun tanken i horisonten

Vindens bror, søkende
Over jord, vandrende
mot alterets blikkstille

Jeg er virvelhimmel
ikledd evighetens kappe
3. Altets tempel 12:51
Tiden er her Vi sirkler mot hjertet De hvite vidder Kler meg naken mot alt Under undringens trone Synge 
4. Å stige blant stjerner 09:27
 Tiden er her
Vi sirkler mot hjertet

Evigheten står atter tilbake

En kald søvn
i stjernens kjerne


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Irae rises from the ashes of my soul in the year of propaganda 02e.s while playing in some other acts as flagellum dei,morte incandescente,flamma aeterna,storm legion and some other bands from the 95/96 era that remains unknown and forever lost in time.The spirit of Irae was following me over the years and for some many reasons it hasn..t done earlier.Irae only will is to spread evil,hate,chaos and to honor satan,continue the path that black metal should allways be like in his very begining without follow the trend.black metal must be equal to himself simply black metal and no more bullshit.Spread the wrath of satan ..


Good evening how’s everything in Lisbon? , Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.
Hello its an cold night here in Lisbon,one of the first cold nights for the upcoming winter and im on my bedroom drinking tea,listen to some demo tapes and answerinr to these questions.HAIL 

1. Irae was created in 2002, how were the beginnings of the band? Why did you decide to create Irae?

Yes that´s correct it was in 2002 in November precisely that time i was playing in bands as Morte Incandescente,Flamma Aeterna,Flagellum Dei,Storm Legion and some lives for Corpus Christii much stuff was happening but one day an impulse from the past give on me and i simply record the demo "spreading the wrath" in to days with drum machine and al instruments directly to my stereo so i guess that i needed something by my own since the first days playing 1995 discovering that my aim is to create the satan´s monuments in music.

2. You have participated or is a member of bands like Decayed, Corpus Christii , to name a few , what gives you Irae with respect to all the other bands ? I suppose it always will remain your band or are open to future additions?

Well you know Decayed its J.A Corpus Christii is NH and so on,Irae its me my own world of creation and destruction but i think we all can participate in other´s projects and bands,by now i have a live steady line up and sometimes guests in stuidio recordings

3. Since 2003 has been published in a more or less regular material to reach this 2013 with the release "Rites of Unholy Destruction” compilation that collects in 15 subjects from Irae history, how was the process of selection of these topics and considered representative why? Why has published two compilations in the space of just one year?

Rites of unholy Destruction marks the first 10 years in Irae´s history and it was recorded with the live line up Andrecadente and Angel-0 and the main idea here was to celebrate it and give a diferent aproach with these songs that most of it was recorded at my place with drum machine and some from the first demo "Spreading the wrath of satan" to "Terror 666" album and "From the deepest night " ep that´s sold out from many years with songs that more or less I play live and some i never played until ...pelo negro holocausto split.
The "To those who stands...evil prevails" is a compilation of two recent demos i recorded everything again including drums which is a kind of a new phase for me and none of this tracks is in "Rites of unholy destruction" and im fully satisfied with both.

4. How is the process of writing and recording music Irae? Do you find it very difficult to have to deal with record all the instruments?

It depends of what i want to do when gets something to mind so i explore several ways of creation and recording sometimes it comes with some guitar riffs other times i record drums in a way i dont know where it goes and then do the songs over it other times some melody come into my head or be at rehearsal room it some guest participation and just jam and other times it starts with a lyric so its all given by impulses.
Drums will always be a challenge for me but i struggle with it,nowdays i still record with an 8 track recorder no fucking fancy studio ways here

5. What bands considered important in black metal which has served as inspiration for the music Irae?

If i consider some bands or recordings as inspiration i say first Bathory recordings, early Burzum,"Wrath of the tyrant" by Emperor, Moonblood but i think my inspiration is the total evil itself

6. Irae The lyrical aspect revolves around Satanism and the destruction of mankind, what can you tells us about these two concepts and why consider important?

For me it´s all that black metal its all about Evil,Hate, Intolerance and  Individualism  since i think i have  it all i guess that´s nothing more to talk about.

7. Five essential albums in black metal for you.

In no particular order
Bathory-Under the sign of the black mark
Dark throne-Under a funeral moon
Mayhem-De mysteriis dom sathanas

8. After all these years dedicated to black metal, how do you see the scene today compared to when you started? Do you think that today has lost the essence of black metal in favor of more "marketability "?

When i started to listen to black metal i was around 13/14 years it was on 93/94 era i can say that all changed yet there still some dedicated warriors here and there rising the black flame of black metal and honoring like it has to be and that´s all it matters to me definitely its not a case of experience or majority you just have to know what you want and what you´re up to i may say that a lot of bands get mainstream cos they wanted or changed or needed to live from music or that some kind of lame crap crybaby band its ranked as black metal but i just dont care about their existence cos they reveal their own weakness and falsehood with time and i´ll be here laughing. 

9. Irae has sought in recent years to offer concerts, for it is surrounded by live musicians, how has selected these musicians? What has been the concert that saves a better memory?

Yes after some invitations i joined an old group of friends and warriors and accepted the invitation of a friend and it was the first live ever done with Irae on 22.11.2008 so that one was really a special one for me and was released on tape by bubonic prods however, there were very good nights of concerts and prepare each ritual as if only this one ever was existed and who go to Irae´s shows see and listen to what we do,Black Metal.
With time i´ve done some line up changes due to impossibility of the first live members playing i choosed carefully each one but by now we´ve been playing for some time already together.

10. "Rites of Unholy Destruction" has been edited by Discipline Productions, limited to 166 copies, how did the idea for this book? Who designed the cover and how it relates to the musical content of the album?

Yes it was released by discipline prods in double LP 12" + 7" in 166 copies and Tenebrd music in CD and it will be released by Werewolf promotion in tape,the artwork was done by a close friend of mine "from the circle" with my ideas and the cover relates the past,present and future of mine of Irae and of mankind its a assemble of pictures one foto of mine with the contrast of burned trees and an erupting volcano all together by the back of the LP its an image of as lisbon street some decades ago and inside you have a mix of live and session rare fotos some never used before,its a celebration release with old re-recorded tracks it doesnt make him better or worse just diferent so has i said before its all related with past present and future.

11. What are your future plans for Irae, regarding upcoming releases, concerts, etc?

By now we have plans for two more shows in january 2014 in the north of portugal places we never played before,and im expecting the release of a four way split tape with Irae/Sardonic witchery/Inner Helvete/Silva nigra, while end up some more material for splits with Nigrum Ignis Circuli from Bósnia and another one with black command from holland then i finally prepare the new album.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Irae, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thanks for the interview it is a pleasure for me to spread the wrath everywhere !!!



Origen: E.E.U.U., Mount Vernon
Formados: 2007
Estilo: Black
Temática: Cosmos, esoterismo y ocultismo.
Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y reverbnation.
  • Samhain  Batería
  • The Butcher Guitarra y  voces

  • Live Sacrifice Directo 2008  
  • Umbilical Parricide / Sacrament ov Impurity Split Split 2010  
  • A World Beheld by Damnation CD 2010  
  • Blood Mass in Ballard Video 2011  
  • Live Demo 2012 Demo 2012  
  • Anguishing in Obscurity CD 2013  
  • All the Colors of the Dark CD 2015
  • The Purest of Sins CD 2017

El segundo larga duración de los estadounidenses Sacrament ov Impurity, es un disco que demuestra a un combo alejado de tendencias y modas, con una fuerte personalidad y con un sonido crudo de orientación clásica. A lo largo de los seis temas que conforman este "Anguishing in Obscurity" se las apañan para mantener un ritmo cortante y bibrante a base de unos buenos riffs de guitarra y una buena batería que añade continuos blast-beats que aportan contundencia a las composiciones. La voz de The Butcher, consigue sonar lo suficientemente rasgada y sucia para aportar al sonido un aire underground y oculto. Todo el disco transcurre con un ritmo continuo, pocos momentos para pausas o adornos ofrece, aunque en alguna parte se atisba una vertiente más cercana al doom. El disco no contiene prácticamente como comentaba antes, ninguna variación en el sonido y llegado el momento se puede hacer un tanto monótono, aunque el sabor añejo de las composiciones se antoja aliciente más que suficiente para darle un oportunidad a este Anguishing in Obscurity". (7,7).

1. God ov This World 06:22  
2. The Throne Will Burn 06:01  
3. Under a Moonless Sky 03:41  
4. Upon the Wretched Tomb 04:18  
5. Anguishing in Obscurity 09:11  
6. Darkness Everlasting 05:42  

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Origen: Rusia, Komsomolsk-on-Amur
Formados: 2009
Estilo: Folk, pagan
Temática: Mitología escandinava y eslava.
  • Anna "Annabell Ignis" Shvetsova         Arpa y voces
  • Dmitriy "Dimidroll" Kupriyanov Bajo
  • Nikita "Wolf" Guitarra
  • Roman Knyazev Batería
  • Semen Rysyev  Teclados
  • Воды Тунд CD 2013
  • Наше время CD 2016
Воды Тунд (2013)
El camino que ha recorrido Mysteria Mortis hasta la consecución de este primer trabajo no ha sido sencillo, sobre todo el poder traspasar las fronteras de su localización geográfica (proceden de una ciudad en el extremo más oriental de Rusia, al norte de China), y los diferentes cambios de formación también han sido una constante a lo largo de estos tres años. Pero al fin han visto editado su primer larga duración a través del sello ruso More Hate Productions en donde podemos encontrar un trabajo de una sonido muy cuidado y profesional, en donde la voz de Annabell Ignis es fundamental como seña de identidad de la banda y cuyo sonido recuerda a otras bandas del mismo corte pagano de la escena rusa. La música de Mysteria Mortis se mueve por terrenos del metal melódico y sinfónico, con algunos toques de black en ciertas partes agresivas, siendo la inclusión de instrumentos folk un aliciente en su música pero sin ocupar un papel destacado. Se intuyen buenas maneras en las partes más metálicas. hay buenos riffs de guitarra y la batería por momentos ruge con fuerza,pero se echan un tanto en falta más partes rápidas y oscuras, ya que la mayoría de su música se concentra en torno a la cálida y melódica voz de Annabell, soberbia en todo el disco. También hay un buen trabajo en teclados, con acierto en el añadido de partes sinfónicas, pero se hecha un tanto en falta una mayor presencia de instrumentos folk, que aún estando presentes al algunas partes no tienen un papel protagonista. Una puesta de largo acertada, con un muy buen trabajo en producción que consigue un sonido tremendo, pero por momentos demasiado melódico y repetitivo. (7,6).

1. Intro 01:33  instrumental
2. Дети Ледяного Ветра 03:43
Мы кровь прольем Во славу наших Богов! Священным огнем озарим Небосвод. И блеск стали В глазах, полных боли, Слез и отчаяния. Нас волны хлестали. О Один, смотри на наши скитанья! Холодом неба, холодом моря, огнем нашей веры! И на рассвете, мы дети богов, мы люди, мы звери! И на губах, вкус воды, крови и боли, В наших глазах, в наших глазах ОДина Воля! Вечно скитаясь, Вечно скитаясь под парусами, Страха не зная, мы знали, вы ждали, нас ждали! Слава Богам, Слава Векам, Слава Огню и вере, мы верим! Вы знали, вернемся, нас ждали, мы верим, Мы знали, вернемся, мы люди, мы звери!
3. Ночь Серебрянной Луны 03:54
Красным Огнем Залиты Небеса. Там за морем Пламя Костра, Ветров лишь зов останется здесь В Долине, где духов песнь! Ветров лишь зов останется здесь, В долине, где духов Песнь! Ночь серебрянной луны, Танцы, духи и огни.  
4. Храни Воина 03:10
Когда солнце уходит за горизонт, Луна освещает воинам путь, Сын Одина - Громовержец Тор, Молотом защитит его грудь. Сила твоя превыше всего, И Молнии, громы подвластны тебе, Великий Бог Тор, Огради его путь От бед и невзгод, дай крепко уснуть. Великая Фрейя, храни мой очаг! Храни его сердце, горячую кровь Пусть Одина голос погонит мрак, И Северный Ветер согреет любовь. Быть может, вернется в объятья мои. Мой Воин, хранитель остатков души. Желанный и нежный, уснет на руках Любимой ведуньи, что ждет его в снах. 
5. Ангмар 04:41
Где горы поют холодным туманом,
Вздыхая под тяжестью прожитых лет
Над снегом извечным, ледяным океаном
Черное небо загорится огнем.

Там, где мрака рожденья вечная мука
И грохот литавр в утробах земли…
Обреченные на смерть разрушатся скалы,
Ледяного Отца не начертана руна.

Сразит племя, узревшее мощь Ангмара,
Холодным дыханьем наполнится разум.
Черные воины с волчьим оскалом
Во славу твердыни вступят на Землю.

Разрушением и смертью, холодным мечом,
Отблексом стали на айсберге крови.
И Севера жар пробьется ключом,
Где черный король к Безымянным взывает.

К Безликим Богам извечного мрака,
Бессмертным Правителям Грозной Страны,
Взываю к вам, древним Носителям Прави,
Восстаньте из недр промерзшей Земли…
6. Дракон 05:20
Шум крыльев в ночи и отблеск луны
На драконьей броне, в небесах высоко,
Далеко от земли, там, где ярки лучи
Серебрянных звёзд, резвятся легко.

Там Крылатый король между светом и тьмой,
Над страхом и смертью, над жизнью земной,
Он парит в облаках, беспечный мудрец,
Укрываясь луной, О небесный творец!

Ему грани чУжды, между злом и добром,
Он грома дитя, рождённый огнём.
Так лети же, дракон, в небесный простор,
Средь лесов и морей, средь заманчивых гор.

Лети далеко, к неизвестной звезде,
Путями своими, неподвластен судьбе,
Далеко от побед и страданий людских
Далеко от жесткого мира живых. 
7. Воды Тунд 03:50
Древними рунами Одина Бога, Викингам начертан путь, Но Северный ветер, согревающий медом В душу павшего не вернуть. Мне путь указал Древний Небесный Гром И каждый мой враг Сталью сражён! Мне силу придал Молот Тора на грудь, И я не вернусь, В воды Тунд окунусь… И пусть мне кричит дерзко в спину Старый могучий колдун, Я землю пройду, но во веки не сгину! Лишь змеям в лицо ухмыльнусь. Мне слышен Зов Великой Матери Фригг! Я вижу отцов своих, Несу знания их! Я вижу Валькирий, Зовущих к себе, Улыбаются Норны В усмешку судьбе… Велунда меч мне скувала судьба, Таков здесь закон, Скульд пусть так скупа! Когда-то найду я дом свой родной За древней, как мир варяжской рекой. Я попаду туда, Где вечен снег! И где никогда Не бывал человек И Альвов здесь нет, И нет здесь войны, Там есть только я, Снег и вечные сны. Меч и топор - все, что осталось мне. Кровь за Богов, сжатая в рукаве, Прах за вечной землей, По реке Отцов ухожу я домой. Мне путь указал Древний небесный гром, И каждый мой враг Был песней сражён! Мне силу придал Молот Тора на грудь, Теперь я не вернусь, В воды Тунд уношусь.  
8. Под первым снегом 04:41
На моей земле дремучие леса, Несшие истории веков! На моей земле древняя река Помнит лица ведунов. И под яркой и под полною луной Пляшут девы у костра, А теперь на ней умерли века, Под снегом осталась их кровь… Там, где луна хранила их тайны Там, где ветер слышал мольбы, Там священный огонь изначальный, Там, где древние алтари… Дни те помнит древний ветер, В памяти хранит река, И огнем в нашем сердце Мы услышим, что поет земля. Так давно бродили по полям, По дорогам, ведущим в леса, А теперь останется лишь плакать Глядя на златые купола. Так давно, когда мы чтили Предков! Далеко в горах пролилась кровь! А под снегом, самым первым снегом Спрятана заповедь отцов! Где наш мир, что стал чужим сегодня? И земля поет истории веков! А под снегом, самым древним снегом Сохранилась пролитая кровь…  
9. Om mann og havet 05:05
 Trist mann liker fjorder
Liker wind og havet.
Det er ingen in rheten,
A varme den.
Han kommer ofte
Se pa havet.

En Ensom mann drommer
Om a bli havet.
Mellomrom i den for a do.

Vind forteller ham historier
Det var og hva er det ikke.
Tidligere soldat elsker havet
Og han vil det a do.

En dag kom han se pa havet
Og det var siste gang.
Han sa pa bredden av den gamle Fienden
Og Kjempet med ham.

Blood ble gushing under sammenstotet
Av sverd, gamle styret ble beseiret.
Han dode, havet tok Ham med til Henne.
Og fort bort av vannet i Asgard.

Han var en soldat som husket gudene
Han husket runer, og han visste skrivingen.
Men han var gammel nok til a kjempe igjen
Og heve krig.

Han ble et hav av.
10. Монсегюр 07:55
Монсегюр - был и есть и пребудет всегда!
Монсегюр - и земля и огонь и вода!
Монсегюр - в пламя бездны летящая сталь!
Монсегюр - чёрный ворон на знамени славит печаль!

Славит рыцарей крови идущих на смерть!
Славит в жерле огня не погибшую твердь!
Монсегюр не ушел - он пребудет во век!
А пока он стоит - будет жить Человек!
Пусть в агонии Тьмы, в бездне огненных вод,
Но планета Земля всё равно не умрёт!
Да! Она проклята! Но она и свята!
Ибо кровь изначальной на ней пролита!
Здесь священны и рек и озер берега
Потому, что ступала по ним Их нога
Кровь Праматери льётся в источнике вод,
Что божественной Йони Агама зовёт
И в дали среди тьмы огнедышащих Хьюрр
Изначальный и вечный стоит Монсегюр!

Монсегюр - был и есть и пребудет всегда!
Монсегюр - и земля и огонь и вода!
Монсегюр - в пламя бездны летящая сталь!
Монсегюр - чёрный ворон на знамени славит печаль!

Слава рыцарям Севера - Гвардии Льда!
Стерегущей пределы торосов всегда!
И когда зов откроет источники вод
Кровь Праматери в жилы планеты войдёт!
И в назначенный день, и в назначенный час
Соберутся тринадцать сильнейших из нас
И когда зов откроет источники вод
Снова Стража Предела к Победе пойдёт!
И во всех трех мирах силе той не бывать!
Что броню охранителя сможет сломать!
И никто из врагов, оскверняющих кровь,
Не сумеет уйти от возмездия вновь!

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner 

miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013


Por fin tenemos aquí la edición del primer largo de los lusos y digo por fin ya que hace poco reseñaba su Ep del 2012 "The Aftermath", en donde termina la misma comentado que estábamos ante una banda que dará que hablar. Dará que hablar porque este "Demise of the Forgotten" es un trabajo en donde dan un salto de calidad importante y en donde nos revientan a base de un doom tremendamente melancólico y siniestro, sin olvidarse de fulminarlos con algunas partes más black y death, estas últimas las menos. Resulta totalmente imposible no escuchar este trabajo y que no te vengan a la mente dos bandas de renombre como son sus paisanos Moonspell y los britanicos My Dying Bride; que alargada es a veces timbre de voz de Fernando Ribeiro, y que trabajo tan honesto y tremendo han realizado Shadowgrave en el apartado vocal. Absolutamente todo lo ofrecido en los casi sesenta minutos de este "Demise of the Forgotten" está cuidado al detalle, desde la atmósfera aplastante creada con unas líneas de bajo y guitarra brutales, estás últimas aparecen de manera inesperada en ciertas partes desgarrando unos riffs buenisimos; junto con las ya comentadas voces surgidas de la oscuridad y la frialdad de la muerte, así como los teclados, otro aspecto a destacar y que cobran una presencia trascendental no ya solo en la intro o el final, sino que en mayor o menor medida están presentes a lo largo de todos los temas imprimiendo melancolía, tristeza y desesperación a los temas. Cómo una noche fría y gélida de invierno la música de Sahdowgrave se envuelve en tu alma, la arrastra hacia la tristeza y la muerte, han venido para quedarse, y es una buena noticia. (8,7).
1. Elegy of the Moribund 02:01  
2. The Last Empire 08:20
Written in the ancient scripts Prophetic day of demise Released complete destruction Nothing ever spared aside Withering light of Monarchy’s decay Atrocities committed Payed in death Saw burning hell Havoc is left Torn away (away) The last empire Torn away (away) Defeat proclaimed Behold! The time has come! Nothing shall be undone! There is no mercy For all this scum Thunders roar Heavy rain falls The anger darkens Forever more Hunted dark curse No way to reverse Withering light of Monarchy’s decay Atrocities committed Payed in death The sacred blade Gods forged in the skies All forces clash Evoking five elements Years of hunger Shall be on wait Raindrops cry red The emperor is dead  
3. Shrine of Sins 04:15
 Church of misery
In dying apology
Locked in prison
Shut from reality
There is no faith
To follow tomorrow
Shrine of sins

Blasting through the gates
Filled with
Horrific hate
The poor to rot
Not holding back

Sick of it all
Long forgotten
Among the rest
Just to stay cold
Just to stay dead
Kill them all

The king
In his castle
Warriors fight
Empty lies 
Based on belief
Shrine of sins

Sorrow in death turned to grief
Deceiving eyes in wicked schemes
Ready for the great betrayal
Freedom to men has been denied

Religion tames mindless mortals
Under the gaze of symbols 
Let us hear a nefarious mass
Worshiping the goat on fire

Temples destroyed
Burned to none
Dark priests of evil
With their
Obscure ways
Shrine of sins

Turning men
Into sheep
For the sake
Of corruption
Infernal desires begun
Revolution begins

Few walk the unholy path
Philosophy neglected
Has been objected
Ignorance is bliss

Have to burn
To breath
All we gave
Has been lost
Shrine of Sins
4. Carving Genocide 04:03
Silver kingdom At downfall Empty ways To nowhere Human crimes unforgiven Deserve no absolvation All exiles have begone Overdose of weaponry Foresees abominant Killing spree The beast is present Famine for carnificine Within our wars We rest in pieces Violence is the only answer The ultimate sacrifice We all are victims Of this insane War against all humanity War against all life Final bastion Of our kind Fallen cemetery crows Growl chants of necrosis Carving genocide! The final revolution Carving genocide! The only resolution Carving genocide! From here stand no survivors Carving genocide! A sick world near extinction Soulless bodies Left to rot Limbs spread everywhere Impaled heads left for dead The wind is Blowing strong As leaves fly over tied legs Crushed to the bone The crows laying With their wings spread As angels nightmares Descent straight from hell The murder weapon Of genocide Tyranny carved in their flesh Apocalypse set in stone  
5. Demise of the Forgotten 07:29
A time for displeasure Taking shallow steps Grasp the emotion Take me now I’ve been through so many Discovered horizons Crafting the lifeline I acknowledge my fate A river of solitude A wave of sadness In these lost moments Standing by my side When sadness whispers Grief stops my demise The last picture portrait Is a mere illusion As I feel the cold touch Of vanishing despair I know my time has came I acknowledge my fate As death touches the skin My pale emotions Bring one last gulf Of this dawning misery A fortress of pain, my life Buried underneath the cross My soul expelled from the body Oh death thank you for freeing me Blood stops running Through my veins A dying body A soul left behind Life’s last grasp My fainting light Excruciating agony Moments of departure I seek my way Into fallen oblivion There is no beauty Besides this pain The sky turns grey And forgiveness lost A dying body A soul let alone  
6. When Death Comes Grieving 10:46
  When death comes grieving
The fall of the damned arises
Comes the epilogue of departure
When all hope has been lost

Bringer of the underworld
Have mercy for the lying bodies
Hear the prayers of their old fathers
Save the spirits that have been lost

Why waste the gift of life
I haven’t meant to take you

Take my hand 
I will take you to
Your final resting place
Take my hand
I am the one 
You cannot run from

I fear there’s nothing 
I can do
The damage done
Does not return

Rising from the crates
Wielding a damned scythe
Condemning every man
To eternal emptiness

Fighting a half lost battle
Riding a half dead horse
Waging tremendous disasters
Souls return to their dark masters
7. Lugubrious Silence 04:21   
Lost in a limbo between two worlds
I grieve the ones I´ve lost forever
This aching heart of mine
Lost its pace hours ago

Alone in the dark
Oblivious in my deviations
Missing the trail of life
Strayed in perdition

Granted the eternal banishment
Vanishing remembrances dissipate
Swiftly gone with the wind
Whispering through the cold air

For my lugubrious silence
Cannot hide my pain
Under mournful stance
I bear this doleful state

My sight sees only grey
Existence runs without color
Meaningless way of being
Haze took the leverage

Nature is rotten
Inside a mad world
Isolated throne
Without resolve

The end of the funeral
The chalice has been drank
The terminus of this new world
Outlined in our obscure marks

One single day
Would change it all
Lacking strength to overcome
Such striking adversity

So many hurdles
We’ve came across
All of us turn wicked
To dust we turn again

My sight sees only grey
Existence runs without color
Meaningless way of being
Haze took the leverage
8. Windless Winter 05:31
Footsteps printed in the snow
Echoes of the fading sun
Frozen gates stood barely shut
Iced desert revealed

Into the world of the unknown
Imagination starts to crumble
Silent enclosure of a shadow
Bent forgotten lives

Glorious return of darkness
Sinners perished again
The gods complete their task
Fulfilling their prophecy at last

The trumpets sound
As the final call echoes
Where will you be
When this darkness calls?

Feelings of emptiness
Invade the senseless
A miserable blood stain
Thy real pain

Hollow like a windless winter
Sustained screams from the stones
Echoes inside a dark sphere
Calling their master 

Struggle for survival
Innocent lives violently taken
Not relevant for the matter
This cynical disaster

From the rising shadows 
Of an ancient ritual
Stone turns to blood
And blood turns to nightfall

When once ruled an emperor
Now stands the omen
Decayed throne of monarchy
Now pentagram's ruling
9. The Omen 07:42
Children of the night
Follower of the pentagram
Apprentice of the goat
Leader of the crows

Seed of evil
Sprouts in our own hands
Vicious psychopath
Plants in us his disease

Sequence of sixes
Son of the devil
Ultimate revelation
Terminator of creation

Altered beast arises
Enraged serpent strikes
In blasphemous moment
Upon the cross an omen

Only hatred spared
As the bones become ashes
Once again turned to dust
Through the tides of time
Leading our own fall
Demise of the forgotten

Propagate the terror
Dawn breaking once more
Result of the ultimate sacrifice
New millennium at war

Evoked by perdition
Kneeling for redemption
Last merging of fates
The end of the world
10. Ode to the Fallen 03:47