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The band was founded in 2009 with the vision of creating a new style of dark and passionated metal with a unique sound. The result was the debut-record "De Morbis" which was released in 2010. Whereas "De Morbis" was influenced by different styles of black metal, the songs on their 2013 EP "Forgotten Tales..." were more open-minded then ever before and claimed to create something really new. After some line-up changes AEGROR restarted as a quintett and are now working on new music. Instead of walking the old paths the bands focus is on more experimential music with a lot of influences reaching from black metal to jazz and from tech death to post rock and even to genres like classical, pop or electronic music. The 2nd album will be an extreme and crushing avantgarde metal album which is not only outstanding but groundbreaking. 
Answers to this interview Mythir, drummer of the band

Good evening , how about all of Geldern ? , Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.
1. Aegror was founded in 2009, how were the beginnings of the band? What do you remember of those first moments? Aegror retains some similarity? With your former band Nebelsturm?

Good evening. You're welcome.
Well in 2009 Nebelsturm has almost came to an end but we seeked new members and found Sethonas. The first song we wrote has been "Resurrection" and we recognized that the style was far away from the old school black metal we've played as Nebelsturm. Due to this we decided to change the name and restart the band. 
And to today Narthaas, me and the song "Resurrection" are the last relics left of Nebelsturm.

2. After the release of your album "De Morbis" in 2010, in recent days Aegror has undergone some lineup changes, through among other things to be a quintet, how these changes have affected the structure of Aegror? Did you ever think to terminate the band?

I'd say there have been two point in our lineup history which influenced us the most.
That has been the point Sethones joined us because his guitar skills opened up new possibilities to us and incite the rest of us to become better even though he left the band in the meantime. And the other point has been Narthaas decision to quit the guitar playing and focus on his vocals. It allows him to be more variable and creative.

3. "Forgotten Tales ..." is your Ep of 2013, how would you describe this work with respect to "De Morbis"? Was really Ep editing this you had planned or are working on another type of release for example an entire album that has been truncated by changes Aegror members?

In fact you're right. The origin plan was to write a full length album with an lyrical concept about the world of the Plaquebreeder we've introduced on "De morbis".
During the writing process we had to realize that this challenge was to hard for us at that time and we decided to delay it. 
But we've already finished some songs we won't waste. Thats the reason why we released them as an EP.
If you read the lyrics you'll recognize that the first four songs are thematically coherent. These are those we wrote for the concept.

4. How is your way of writing and recording, all contribute ideas or comply with a decision of a leader?

We decided to make all decisions on a democratic basis. Everbody is allowed to contribute his ideas and we all decide which one we'll use.

5. What used to recording equipment and equipment used for concerts?

We us everything that sounds good. Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Markbass, Ddrum, Hughes&Kettner, Gibson, ESP, Paiste and so on... 

6. Listening to this "Forgotten Tales ..." I have come to mind bands like Dissection or reminiscent of the Scandinavian melodic death, I suppose that the influences of the five members of Aegror will be varied, but what you consider bands as a major influence on the sound of Aegror?

The funny part here is that no one of us even listen to Dissection but people often compares us with them. I'd say the major influence changes from time to time but at the moment we're mainly influenced by bands like Naglfar or Hypocrisy.

7. Another striking aspect of this EP is the sound made , very professional, who was in charge of production? Is this a look you cared and that you especially can take a leap of quality?

Yes we definitly cared about the sound. Back then as we released "De morbis" we've been pleased with its sound but in the following time we had to recognize that its not as perfect as we want it to be. Our songs have become better and the sound should compare to it. So we decided to record the EP in the Metallurgy studios in Mönchengladbach by Andreas Funke and he did an awesome job.

8. Diseases and mental disorders were lyrical themes present in your debut album and are also present in this Ep, why do you consider interesting and important to deal with these issues in their lyrics?

The reason is quite simple. I work with handicapped people and I had to learn a lot about different diseases, disorders etc. In the beginning of Aegror I wrote the lyrics mostly and my job was my main inspiration. 

9. Whenever you have given considerable importance to concerts, what next concert is planned? What has been your best show?

Our next concert will be the Metalnight Xanten with Amputation, Witchtower and some other bands. It will be the first show with the new lineup and we're pretty excited. 
My favorite show was the headliner slot at the Taunus Open Air III. It has been a great show and an awesome evening at all.

10. Who designed the cover of "Forgotten Tales ..."? What purports to represent her and how it relates to the content of the Ep?

The cover is made by Roan Suvelis. He did the whole artwork incl. photos. The whole style is a combination of the "Forgotten Tales..." idea with the burning book on the one hand. And on the other hand the dark "1984" like world as its described in "Behind walls" 

11. "De Morbis " was self-produced , and this " Forgotten Tales ... " is available for free download on your page , by hand, is No record label was interested in publishing your work or believe that in this way you have more control over your work ? On the other hand, why the decision to offer the Ep for free?

We decided to offer the EP for free because of our experiences with "De morbis". We spent a lot of money to produce the CD and we had to realize that we won't ever sell enough to refinance it.
So if the first the cd was hard to sell why should the second one sell easier? 
Our hope was that the free EP would help us to become more known and perhaps people who listens to the EP will buy the CD too. And it seems to work.

12. What future plans do you have for the band regarding upcoming releases, upcoming concerts. ?

We'll play a show this month and we're looking for more opportunities to play life but we're focussing on teaching our old songs to the new members and than starting the writing process for the next album.

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Aegror , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity. The only thing I have to say is: Everyone who reads this, go to , download the "Forgotten Tales..." and enjoy 25 mins of badass black/death metal !!!

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