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Good afternoon, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything going in Messina?

Hello everybody, you’re welcome! Things in Messina are pretty good at the moment, just relaxing and having some days off work.

1. The band started up around 2007. Why did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Bunker 66 and what does it refer to?

It was just a natural need, we were playing in different bands and already knew each other. Our shared love for 80s metal brought us in the rehearsal room together and things just started to flow. We chose this name because at the beginning we had lots of Mad Max-inspired lyrics about war and famines and basically we played in a sort of bunker for almost 2 years before taking a look outside and doing gigs, that’s also why our first EP is called “Out of the Bunker”. 666 is too cliché, so we just took one six out... but the presence of the Devil is still in our band name, attentive eyes will understand why eheh.

2. Despite the passing of the years and being involved in the odd project, the Bunker 66 lineup has remained unchanged until the departure of Bone Incinerator in 2016. How do you explain this solidity in your lineup? It is a matter of musical affinity or friendship? Was it very difficult to find a replacement for Bone Incinerator?

I guess it’s because there’s no trace of business in what we do and we are just friends having fun. Musical affinity and an iron will are extremely important, as well as a fair amount of luck, of course. Back in 2016 it was not difficult to find a replacement for Bone Incinerator as we already knew J.J. Priestkiller since 2005, more or less. Those who saw us live across Europe this year maybe noticed that D.Thorne wasn’t on stage with us, he unfortunately decided to leave the band in September 2022. We have not made any statement on the matter because we’re not Iron Maiden and I guess people basically don’t give a shit about it, apart from friends. Our buddy C.Conqueror helped us during all our late 2022 and 2023 gigs and we’ll see what time will tell. 

3. You have released four albums to date, but you have always been a band that has loved to share, in general terms with bands similar in sound, such as the shared ones “Hell & Sulphur” or “Of Night and Lust” , but others of you have teamed up with bands closer to death or heavy, where does this obsession with splits come from? How do you choose the bands with which you want to release a split? Which bands would you like to do a split with? future and of those that you have edited, which one is the most satisfied or left?

I personally do not buy lots of split 7”, I’m not really into them, but when it comes to Bunker 66 it’s always cool to share a piece of wax with bands that we worship. If we like a band and if the spirit is there, then why not do something together? We often also know the bands involved personally, so there’s also friendship behind it. I would love to do a split 7” with Midnight and I have a soft spot for the split we did with Salute, their tracks are sooooo good!

4. In the past you had already released some compilations, however the most recent “Portraits of Dismay” comes almost nine years after the last one, it must be said that despite almost an hour long and eighteen songs the album manages to sound fluid and It has almost the entity and fluidity of a complete album. How were the songs and their order selected within the compilation?

We never released a compilation done properly in the past, maybe you are referring to those Caligari Records did? Those are not compilations but our early albums issued on tape with some bonus material taken from splits or EPs. “Portraits of Dismay” is a complete collection of all our songs which appeared on split 7” and 12” and on tribute compilations. The selection of the songs was quite simple, I just selected everything which was not on full-lenghts or EPs in chronological order from 2012 to 2023. It starts with the songs of our first split 12” with Barbarian and it ends with a Discharge cover which came out some months ago on a Discharge tribute split CD we shared with other five bands.

5. “Portraits of Dismay” includes four versions of bands such as Convulsed, Carnivore, Motörhead or Discharge. How important are these bands to you when selecting them to review some of their songs and in what way have they influenced you?

Carnivore, Motörhead and Discharge are among the bands which are guilty of our foundation back in 2007, they are essential for Bunker 66 together with Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, early Bathory and Sodom. Motörhead and Discharge are always in my mind when I’m behind the drums, I guess 70% of our songs are based on d-beats. Convulsed was a “parochial choice” because they were from my hometown Messina and I love the only demo they did back in 1988.

6. Black and thrash metal are hallmarks of your sound, however it seems that in the scene there is beginning to be a certain saturation in terms of sound, many bands wanting to sound dirty and classic and then be a crude copy of the original, to put it a little. For example, bands like Lucifuge do manage to connect with the essence of the style. What is your opinion about the style you practice in terms of saturation and bands that should be given more attention than they have?

I think that attitude and feeling are the most important things when it comes to the shit we play, if you have the right riffs and hooks then I’m sure something will happen inside the listener’s heart and this applies also to clone bands in my opininon, classic example: Insane’s “Wait and Pray”, how can a metalhead not like that album despite it being a total “Show no Mercy” rip-off? What is underrated and overrated is just a matter of taste but there are surely lots of bands who are better with social networks than with their music and, sadly, attentive listeners are now increasingly rare.

7. Your lyrics have always had an anti-Christian character, of death, war and violence, themes that are otherwise quite widespread within the style, however you often retain a tone of humor that subtly sneaks into the lyrics. How do you face the process? of writing the lyrics? Why this theme in the lyrics? Do the lyrics adapt to the music or vice versa?

It’s great you noticed it! Some tongue-in-cheek approach is very important for us, even in the more obscure anti-christian lyrics of our last album you’ll always find something to giggle about. When people in interviews ask me about this I always name Venom’s “Teacher’s Pet”, that’s the point. I usually write the lyrics after the riffs and the song structures are done. The lyrics adapt to the mood of the riffs.

8. Since the release of your fourth album you have been linked to the record label Dying Victims Productions. How was this alliance to work together created? Is Dying Victims Productions giving you the necessary stability as a band?

I got in touch with Dying Victims because they released the 7” of Temptress, a heavy metal project I started in 2018. They were also interested in Bunker 66 and as soon as we were without a label I didn’t hesitate a second to contact them. Florian (the man behind the label) is a great guy and he’s doing an amazing job for us and for the underground music we love. 

9. For the cover of the compilation you have worked with Claudio Scialabba, why did you decide to work with him? What did you want to represent with this cover and how does it relate to the content?

We casually came across his works and were very impressed by his skills, simple as that. I had the title “Portraits of Dismay” already in my mind so I thought about something related to it and Sodom’s “Obsessed by Cruelty” occurred to me quite fast, the result is the artwork you see, Claudio did a fantastic job! Each of our songs is basically a retrato de consternación eheh!

10. What does living on an island mean for you as a black metal band when it comes to offering concerts or promoting your music? What is your opinion of the Italian black metal scene?

Currently in Sicily there are only small clubs or social centers for metal and punk. That means that we have to travel A LOT to see “bigger” bands we love. There were some years in the past when important bands came here, even Black Sabbath played once in Sicily in 1971 and Iron Maiden played twice here in the 90s. During the early 2000s Mayhem, Destruction, Napalm Death and many others played here, venues were almost always packed! For heavy music events like these there has never been any constancy here, always cycles... but when it comes to underground music there’s always a place to go.

I have not that much knowledge about the current Italian black metal scene, a new black metal band I could suggest you is Thysia. Also check Noia’s “Desolating Blaze”, lots of black metal elements in there, it’s a band I play with. Iron Flames are very good too, they just released a new cassette which is awesome. I also warmly suggest “Hail to the Necrodoom” by Gargoyle, killer mix between Mayhem, Mortuary Drape, Abysmal Grief and Devil Master.

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What happened in your lives that pushed you to want to be musicians?

The first concert I attended was of an Iron Maiden cover band, directly on the main square in Messina, right in front of the cathedral, good times! The first bigger concert I saw was Dark Funeral in a small town near Catania. I have blurred memories regarding the first album I bought, I guess it was “Best of the Beast”. Who is responsible of my metal addiction? Hmmm I guess a friend of mine who lent me a VHS almost 25 years ago with videos of Sepultura, Overkill, Slayer...besides buying records the next step was to learn some drums and form a band but I consider myself more of a fan than a musician. 

12. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What latest albums have you bought?

“Under the Sign of the Black Mark” is in my opinion the album that truly started black metal sonically. Lately I’ve bought: 

Malokarpatan – Vertumnus Caesar 

Ruim – Black Royal Spiritism

Heavy Load – Riders of the Ancient Storm

Cirith Ungol – Dark Parade

Dio – Magica

Pyöveli – Mega-Thrash Revolution

Venom – Sons of Satan (Rare and Unreleased)

Ethel The Frog – S/T

Spiritual Beggars – Ad Astra

7 Seconds – The Crew

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Bunker 66 fans this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thanks for having us! I guess we’ll start to work on new songs in January. In the meantime a Celtic Frost tribute CD will be out in a short time on Time to Kill Records, we did “Juices Like Wine”...not your usual CF cover eheh!

Dee Dee Altar


Taake – Stridens Hus 2,99 €

CD, Album

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1. You have been active since 2020, what made you want to create the band? Why did you choose the name Serpents Oath and what does it refer to?

SERPENTS OATH started as a new creature comprised of 3 adepts of Belgium’s extreme metal scene. As soon as we met up and started creating together, we realized they were establishing a very different entity. Hence we decided to leave the past behind and give birth to this new Beast.

As this unholy trinity we unleashed our debut album ‘Nihil‘ through Soulseller Records in 2020 to much critical acclaim. With its relentless and unforgiving version of nihilistic black metal it took the world by storm.

Since then, we have expanded our line-up to five sworn in members. Working and recording on our sophomore album as a full band brought a new dimension to the record that is recognizable from the first listen. “Ascension” saw the light of day in 2022 and this opus brought only crushing riffs, pounding drums and terrorizing screams.

Now in 2023 we have joined forces with Odium Records to unleash our third album “Revelation” upon the hordes. A distinct step forward both in song writing and production, this latest opus is showing that the Flame burns brighter than ever.

The vision behind the band is one of transformation. This shines through first and foremost in the lyrics and is carried through in the cover art and other visuals. The transformation is that of an individual striving to become transhuman with the ultimate goal of beating even Death. This is the ultimate rebellion as even Death is not accepted as a given.

The band name was very deliberately chosen. On the one side there is a clear link to the Drakonian Current (Serpents) and our dedication to it (Oath). It is also a reference to the Oath of Fealty that is pledged when dedicating oneself to the Drakonian Path. The vision behind the band is one of transformation. Symbolically this is also represented in the Band’s logo, where the Serpents form the basis of life (the dragon that is visible even in a DNA strand, the building block of all life). Those Serpents also represent the connection with the source within oneself. The eye in the middle represents the awakening of the third eye, essentially the awakening of the Inner Self and thus your ascension to become your own God. Even the Serpent itself is a symbol of transformation, as it continuously sheds its skin and emerges anew.

2. Even though the members of Serpents Oath are veterans in the extreme scene, it is not something you promote to make Serpents Oath known, why is that, do you want people to focus on this new band without taking into account How much of your past does it have to do with what you offer in Serpents Oath? Does it have anything to do with your other projects?

We all have long histories in the extreme metal scene and have played in several bands throughout the years. However, from the start we decided not to name drop any of those bands, as we wanted people to listen to Serpents Oath with a fresh pair of ears and an open mind, not because we played with such and such band. The past doesn’t matter anymore as it is the road ahead with Serpents Oath that is our total focus.

3. “Revelation” is your third album, how have you approached the process of writing and recording this new album? What do you think has changed in the sound of the new album compared to its predecessors? What brands of instruments have you used? in the process?

Daenum, guitar player from day one, brought the majority of the music to the table. On the first album he then brought those ideas into the rehearsal room where, together with Draghul on drums and myself on vocals, we shaped these into the songs you hear on the album. We had already started the same process for the next album and had about 5 songs ready. The new members then contributed more in the final 3. However, having then the possibility to play the first batch of songs with a second guitar and a bass in the rehearsal room, you start to already add some extra layers and fine tune ideas that you couldn’t do before. Hence even those songs were brought to the next level.

The fact that we live in the vicinity of each other and get together several times per week to play music and discuss a variety of topics has had a major influence as well. It has meant that we have established a unique bond as we have become more than the sum of our parts. It also meant that musically we got aligned very quickly and could test out new ideas immediately and keep new music flowing.  Spending that much time together not only means that you get attuned to each other but also that you keep pushing each other to constantly improve. Our vision of transformation also applies to that: tomorrow you should be a better version of yourself than today. Just like the Serpent that sheds its skin, and a new version emerges, so have we evolved and that evolution you can hear on the new album “Revelation”.

4. In the end, an occult touch has just been installed in your sound. Do you consider yourself an occult black metal band? How do you define the sound of the new album for those who have not heard it yet? What bands and sounds are an inspiration for you? when composing music for Serpents Oath?

The involvement in the Dark Arts has been just as long as my involvement in extreme metal music. Over decades I have walked on my own individual path and that obviously has formed me as a person. Hence it feels only natural to use that in my lyrics as it is deeply personal. I approach the Dark Arts in a very practical manner and use it in my everyday life. The aim is for my work on the Nightside to leave footprints in the Day. To summarize this in a couple of lines isn’t possible but suffice to say: test everything, believe nothing! 

As explained above the vision behind the band is one of transformation. Symbolically this is also represented in the Band’s logo, where the Serpents form the basis of life (the dragon that is visible even in a DNA strand, the building block of all life). Those Serpents also represent the connection with the source within oneself. The eye in the middle represents the awakening of the third eye, essentially awakening the Inner Self and thus your Ascension to become your own God.

As you can imagine, striving for basically Immortality doesn’t happen over night and is approached from 2 sides: the Night- and the Dayside.

From a Dayside perspective the aim is to not physically die. This is very much rooted in the advancement of science prolonging life to the point where we live long enough to witness the day were dying of old age is no more. The first successful clinical tests of reversing the decay of cells have already happened. 

From a Nightside perspective the aim is to not need a physical body. This is rooted on the astral plane where you train in order to be first aware and later control your astral body.

Both aspects are cemented in doing, not in believing, so it is a very practical approach.

In the end we play Black Metal. Some have called it Occult Black Metal, others Nihilistic Black Metal. Suffice to say that it is full of intensity that takes you by the scruff of your neck and doesn’t let go.

5. The theme of the album revolves around an initiatory journey: Genesis, apocalypse and resurrection. Could you better explain the concept of the album? Is there a connection with occultism in this theme? Why did you decide to deal with these themes? Do you adapt the music to the lyrics or vice versa?

The album describes the journey from initiate to adept divided into 3 chapters, split by the 3 intros “Invocatio Genesis” “Invocatio Apocalypsis” and “Invocatio Resurrectio”. 

It all starts with the first step on your own path, symbolized by the Genesis chapter. In order to progress however, one has to break down the taught barriers and go through a process of de-identification, symbolized by the Apocalypse chapter. Only then can one be reborn, symbolized by the Resurrection chapter.

The three chapters thus look at a similar subject from different angles. If we look at fire, from a genesis perspective, we see it as the spark of life or the spark of an idea. From an apocalypse perspective, it is the all consuming fire devouring everything in its path. From a resurrection perspective, it is the inner flame, the Black Flame of spiritual enlightenment when one finds the Source within oneself. In summary it shows the transition of first nurturing your Inner Flame to eventually deploy it in order to devour everything that stands in your way with an all consuming inferno. 

The title “Revelation” on the one hand refers to us revealing a new and improved version of ourselves. As the word itself comes from the Greek “apokalypsis”, which means unveiling or revealing. Hence in this context it speaks about some of the lyrical content as the revealing of divine mysteries.

6. You have made the jump from Soulseller Records to Odium Records, why did you decide to work with Odium Records for the new album?

After recording our debut album, we started looking for a label to see who would be interested. With Soulseller, we had a mutual friend who introduced us. From the first listen, they knew they wanted to work with us. From our side, we were honored to team up with Soulseller Records and join the home for bands like Gorgoroth and Svarttjern. Beyond that when we looked at the passion and respect they put into re-releases like Ancient Rites and Rotting Christ, we knew this would be the right label to work with. Since then, this impression was only been reaffirmed and it felt really good to work with such a professional team that respects our artistic vision and gives us the freedom to take everything we do to the next level. From their part they were really satisfied about the performance of our debut album as they offered us a new deal for the second album in the first month following the release.

However, since the release of our first album we were in contact with Shadow of Odium Records. From the beginning it was obvious that we shared the same vision on what Black Metal should be, so when it became time to look for the right label for our third release, it was clear to us to switch to Odium. We are honored to team up with an elite underground label that has released material from bands like Ofermod, Beastcraft, Acherontas, Varathron or Black Altar.

The most important aspect was that they put quality before everything else. This attitude is carried forward in the products themselves and this for example has led to the release of the limited edition wooden box set. 

On top of that their promotion has been really good as they have made sure that, if you are into Black Metal, you will know about this release.

7. It is not very common for an extreme metal band to edit three videos for a new album, why did you make this decision? Who did you work with to record the videos? How has your fans' reaction to these videos been?

As we launched our debut album in the full lock down pandemic period, we only had videos to share our vision with the World. They were instantly picked up with great interest. From that point forward we have been building on that, release by release, to also use that avenue as a way to spread our message. Just like we pay a lot of care to the art that accompanies a release, just as much dedication goes into creating a visual representation of the song. This is all then taken to a higher level by working together with great visual artist who bring their expertise to each video. Visions realized by truly dedicated people in their own field that make the difference.

8. You have also changed recording studios, in this case you have worked at Project Zero Studio in Belgium, why this change of studios? What do you think being able to work with Project Zero has contributed to the final result of the album?

As this is the third record, we realized we had to challenge ourselves. Not only did we switch labels, but we also went to a different studio. The goal was to capture the energy that our live performances have and combine that with a pulverizing sound. At Project Zero Studio we achieved exactly that goal. 

We had already worked together with Yarne on the video clips from our previous releases and that always was a great cooperation. When he then opened up his new studio, we deiced to pay him a visit. During that visit it became clear that he understood what we were trying to deliver and convinced us that he would be the right guy to achieve the result. Now we are very glad we took that chance as Yarne pushed us to our limits when recording and then assured the mixing and mastering delivered that skull crushing result.

9. The cover continues to maintain that occult and dark character, who designed the cover of the new album and how does it relate to the content of the album?

The 3 albums are clearly linked visually. On the first album, the vision of rebellion was represented in the cover art. It showed the first rebellion, Lucifer that leads the War in Heaven. Only this time the outcome is different, and the rebellion succeeds, visualized by Lucifer casting out the Arch Angel Michael and therefore a perfect representation of the ultimate victory of free will. 

The second album showed the next chapter of that rebellion. Lucifer has now stormed the Throne of God only to find it empty and thus ascends to become his own God. 

This third piece portrays him claiming that Throne for him to reign from over all creation. 

All of these concepts were turned into Flesh by Néstor Avalos. I have known Nestor for a long time and there was an instant connection from day one. Apart from being a great artist, he is also very familiar with the occult workings, so when giving him a brief he immediately understands what we are looking for. We are really looking to have our vision made into to flesh and Nestor is the perfect artist to do that.

10. For some time now it seems that the classic bands from Belgium, Holland and Denmark have found continuity in a new batch of extreme metal, I don't know if it can be called a scene but the truth is that the quality is excessive and rich In nuances, what is your opinion of the black metal scene in the countries mentioned above and how do you think Serpents Oaths fits into it?

It is great to see the quality that has come out in the last years. Even if we are a small country, we understand like no other the importance of delivering something exceptional. It doesn’t matter if it is chocolate, beer or metal. As long as you deliver something that makes a difference, people will pick it up, no matter where you’re from. That has always been our starting point anyway, as in the end the geographical origin of the band is secondary to us. A band has to deliver music that leaves a mark, no matter what its origin is. That is the essence which will capture the attention of the listener rather than where the band lives. For us as well, it was never about carving out a spot in Belgian Black Metal, rather than establishing Serpents Oath in Black Metal in general.

11. Have you already started the live presentation of the new songs? How is the public's response? 

Bringing our vision to life on stage has always been our aim. The energy that we receive from the audience has been immense. It is what keeps you pushing for more and as such becomes part of that transformative process. In the end that is what the aim of extreme music is, to be played live with an audience that loses themselves, as that is what lifts you to another plane. Nothing compares to that. Take all the live streams or live recordings you want, they cannot capture that energy. You have to be present in order to experience it. How else can you smell the incense, taste the blood in the air and feel the warmth of the flame on your skin? Only in a live environment does this music truly come alive!

12. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What happened in your lives that pushed you to want to be musicians?

My first cassette that a friend recorded for me, when I was around 13, was AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Not a bad start. A year later however a friend of my brother’s lend me some defining albums: Possessed/Seven Churches, VoiVod/RRRÖÖÖAARRR and Metallica/Ride the lightning. That for sure opened another gateway and it evolved from there. 

On the live front, although I had visited some smaller live concerts of local metal bands, my first major concert was Metallica on their “and justice for all” tour. 

13. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What latest albums have you bought?

Black Metal isn’t just about tremelo picking, blast beats and high pitched screams. It is all about the intent that is put behind it. It is not meant to be safe or easy digestable, rather the contrary, it was always intended to go against the stream. My top 3 are: WATAIN (Sworn to the Dark), TAAKE (Doedskvad) and ARCHGOAT (The light-devouring Darkness).

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Serpents Oath fans this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

We are proud to be able to share our new album “Revelation” with the world. Thanks for the support, this interview and giving us the chance to share our Vision with others. For the readers, be sure to check out our music and prepare to be bound by the Serpents Oath.

Test everything, believe nothing!


Heretic - "Alive Uner Satan" 8,99 €

"Alive Under Satan" marks the newest chapter in the 19 year history of HERETIC. The band recorded a brandnew skull-crusher called "Berserker" and re-recorded seven legendary tracks from their 2009 album "Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan", which has been sold out for years.

- 12" MLP, one sided
- first edition comes in 180g black vinyl limited to 300 copies.
- heavy printed innersleeves with lyrics
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- Forever Possessed
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Después del descomunal "For Thine Is the Kingdom of the Flesh" del pasado año, ahora le llega el turno a un nuevo EP de tres temas más un bonus. Como venia siendo seña de identidad de esta one man band, cada nuevo álbum se manifestaba en al búsqueda de un sonido más oscuro y más agresivo, acrecentando esas líneas de melodía de guitarras, este "The Rhythmus of Death Eternal", no hace más que refrendar esa vertiente de su música. El primer tema "Endless Monument" es un tema que sorprende por su inmediatez, a pesar de su duración, llevando un paso más allá la oscuridad y la potencia de su sonido, guardándose algunas sorpresas, como puede ser un tono más agresivo y visceral, al miso tiempo que sabe mantener unas melodías muy logradas que se expanden a lo largo de todo el EP. El segundo tema quiere dejar que el tempo se relaje un tanto, pero la oscuridad y las melodías permanecen inalterables dejando ese regusto a black infecto y oscuro, sensaciones estas últimas que se acrecientan en un tema como "What Great Lengths" que se nutre tanto de ritmos elevados, como de melodías y una oscuridad fulminante que deja un poso a black clásico de los noventa. A modo de bonus se incluye el "As Astral Images Darken Reality" de Abigor que en manos de Krvna Vatra Smrt adquiere otra dimensión. En definitiva ,otra joya de la siempre fructífera e interesante escena black australiana, en manos de un proyecto que desde sus inicios no ha dejado de sorprendernos. (7,6).

1. Endless Monument  
2. A God's Work  
3. What Great Lengths

Vinilo, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Orange

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 Good morning, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything going in Sweden?

All is going good over here!

1. Based on maintaining your anonymity, we also assume that we are dealing with a one man band, but what led you to create Faidra? Why did you choose the name Fraida and what does it refer to?

The ”band” came about by accident and through experimentation in my home studio by recording some atmospheric dark folk music. Eventually it led me to try to make atmospheric BM instead. The name refers to the myth and it sort of came up while watching documentaries at the time. The name sounded good, had an interesting back story and was short, so i picked it for those reasons.

2. Your first album “Six Voices Inside” (2020), surprised everyone and everyone, an album that collected influences from the most classic black, making an appearance, without attracting attention from the deepest underground, how did you face all the process of creating this album and how did you feel about the impact it achieved?

It sure was a surprise with the positive feedback. The ambitions were low with the project and mostly made as an experiment for my own amusement.

3. You have recently released your second album “Militant : Penitent : Triumphant” (2023), a work that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. How did you approach the composition and recording of this new album? Did you have a certain pressure to live up to it? from the first album? What brands of instruments have you used in the process?

It was easier to write the new album with an established formula that was created with Six Voices Inside. I did not feel any pressure, but rather an obligation to not stray too far from the sound and atmosphere from the first album. The instrumentation is basically the same the sexobd time around.

4. Atmospheric black metal, that is the style in which your music fits, however I would like to deal with certain influences such as some folk elements, in the line of your countrymen Hermóðr and certain aspects that can also be related to the legacy of Burzum, how important have these two bands (“projects”) been in defining your style in Faidra? How would you describe the sound of the album for those who have not yet heard it? Apart from these two influences mentioned, Are other bands an influence on you?

At the start i was somewhat inspired by the two mentioned above. But after i kind of knew what i wanted the music to be, i more or less just looked towards other sources for inspiration regarding atmosphere and lyrical content, mainly scores foubd in movies and games.

5. In your first album you addressed themes related to exorcism and the Dark Souls video game saga among others, however in this new work you address themes related to sin, atonement and redemption. Why this change in theme? of the lyrics? Why are you attracted to these themes related to the state of the church? Did you compose the music based on the lyrics or vice versa?

The first album was more or less improvised, with the intent to never release it and obly be heard by a few friends. It is less focused, specially lyrically. After the success it had i had to be more serious, if you will. I wanted to create something with a theme and a thread and consistancy. I always compose the music first and add the lyrics later.

6. Regarding the recording, mixing and mastering process, there is not much information. Have you handled this entire process yourself or have you had the help of a professional?

No, i do everything myself even though i am not very good at it. Good thing for me the genre does not require , nor should have a high end production.

7. Northern Silence Productions has been in charge of publishing editions of its work in different physical formats since practically its inception. How did the possibility of linking up with Northern Silence Productions arise?

That came about when i wanted to put my music on spotify for easy access for friends. One way to get your music on streaming platforms is through the label route. So i e-mailed a couple of labels, a few answered, but NSP felt like the best choice.

8. To illustrate the covers of your albums you have chosen works by baroque painters with Italian ties, why these choices when illustrating your albums now? Have you had any legal problems with the Norwegian band Obtained Enslavement when their cover coincides with the from his album “Soulblight” (1998)?

Art and layouts are created by the label. The style and usage of old paintings was something i wanted from the beginning since i feel they fit the music. They are also free to use by anyone, so no problems with other artists who use the same art.

9. I suppose that the very marked nature of your music, beyond being a one man band of course, does not work in favor of taking the proposal live. Have you ever considered offering a concert? Which bands would you like to play with? set up a mini tour?

It makes things alot harder to play live for shure. I’d have to devote alot of time getting a band together finding the right people, rehearse etc. If i had that time it would surely be something to look into. I would , in that case, like to play with bands i really like. Bands like Marduk and Mgla comes to mind.

10. How do you see the health of black metal in Sweden right now? What is your opinion of projects like yours, from a single member, compared to the more classic proposals of a full band?

I am not really in tune with the genre or keeping an eye on it anymore, but i know there are alot of newer acts that are really good and fresh, both obe man projects and full bands.

11. There are many bands and projects that are inspired by the most classic black of the nineties, many times correctly, others simply result in a crude copy of the original, for you, where does the essence of black metal lie and where is the balance between tradition, innovation and plagiarism?

There is no way for anyone to not resemble anyone else that has come before. If you draw inspiration from something, naturally there will be elements that displays that inspiration. Plagiarism and straight up copying is another thubg completely. When something inspires me i want to make my mysic sound LIKE the inspiration, not BE the inspirational source. Sometimes bands can indeed maybe be a little too inspired and copying everything from the music to the appearance of their inspiration. Its a thin line sometimes.

12. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What event in your life pushed you to want to be musicians?

Oh, thats hard to remember. I know one of the bigger acts i saw early was Dio. Before that i think there was mostly smaller acts. The first album was probably some kids stuff or something. The 80’s bands like Helloween, Metallica etc pushed me towards learning guitar.

13. What albums represent the essence of black metal for you? What latest albums have you bought?

Thats a hard question and it depends on what you regard as pure black metal. The latest albums i got was Revenge of Shinobi, Altered Beast and Golden Axe soundtracks on vinyl.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Faidra's followers this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you, i hope everyone likes the new album !


Spirit Possession ‎– Of The Sign… 63,99 €

Vinyl, LP, Album, Blue/Red/Gold Mix

viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2023



Tercera entrega para los de Florida, un nuevo álbum que se aleja de cualquier convencionalismo en materia de sonido. Si bien en pasados lanzamientos de la banda un estilo como el black atmosférico se erigía en referente a la hora definir el sonido,  en este nuevo lanzamiento emprenden un camino sin retorno hacia un sonido mucho más denso, cargado y disonante. Pequeñas secciones atmosféricas aún salpican las composiciones, sin embargo el grueso del sonido es una masa informe que se va regenerando y retorciendo sobre si misma, empleándose a fondo en construir un muro infranqueable de batería guitarras y muchas secciones de electrónica y sintetizador que poco a poco construyen un sonido demoledor que cuando irrumpe con furia es capaz de sumergirnos en una tono ritualista y ocultista que nos desgarra con sus giros inesperados en intensidades, sus disonancias y sobre todo por un ritmo perturbador. No es menos cierto tampoco que cundo el ritmo languidece en algunas secciones, la ambientación no se resiente, logrando sumergirnos en un terreno escabroso a la hora de lograr acrecentar esa sensación de terror y miedo a lo desconocido. La figura del cantante y líder Caine Del Sol, autor del "'Codex Aversum'" se erige en figura esencial a la hora de interpretar lo expuesto en el sonido del álbum añadiendo con su voz, a la psicodelia de sonido el álbum, un puntal fundamental a la hora de interpretar el sonido del mismo. Una nueva entrega par una banda que nos regala un viaje sónico en pos del ocultismo y el ritualismo en forma de un un sonido denso y poderoso, en donde un black de corte atmosférico se nutre de elementos psicodélicos y disonantes. (7,6)

1. Amidst the Rotten Coils of a Great Centipede  
2. Carnivorous Darkness  
3. Ragziel  
4. Vultures  
5. Woe  
6. Sunya  
7. The Alchemist's Plague  
8. Cypher  
9. Lasciate ogni speranza

Vinyl, LP, Album, Silver

jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2023



Origen: Islandia, Reykjavík

Formados: 2016

Estilo: Black

Temática: ?

Enlaces: Bandcampdeezerfacebookinstagram y spotify


  • Egill Bajo
  • Eysteinn Guitarra
  • Snæbjörn Voces
  • Sveinbjörn Batería

  • Demo Demo 2016  
  • Orsök CD 2020
  • Völd CD 2023
VÖLD (2023)
Segunda entrega para los islandeses, un álbum que mantiene intacto el espirtú de su predecesor pero con un sonido digamos que más madura, mostrando un banda que es capaz de ofrecer un sonido mucho más preciso. Estamos ante un álbum inspirado por las fuerzas de la naturaleza, concretamente en los volcanes y su poder tanto destructivo como regenerador, al mismo tiempo que Nyrst recoge algunas influencias de la siempre interesante hornada de bandas de black mel de su país. En general el sonido se muestra potente y directo, una buena base de batería se encarga de sembrar la semilla de una propuesta infranqueable, cuando quieren mantener el pulso tanto en intensidad como en oscuridad, aquí es donde nos sumergimos de lleno en el poder destructivo de las fuerzas de la naturaleza. Sin embargo también es cierto que la duración de lo temas permite que las intensidades se vayan relajando, haciendo acto de aparición secciones mucho más elaboradas, en donde se nos ofrece una atmósfera mucho más caótica y fría, la voces se relajan un tanto, ofreciendo diferentes texturas, al mismo tiempo que un cierto carácter épico parece querer surgir de los bestiales riffs que se van solapando, manteniendo en todo momento ese carácter afín a un black metal gélido, con suficientes recursos para que el sonido se muestre rico en diferentes matices, meciéndonos en un entramado de destrucción y caos. En definitiva, otra banda de black metal islandesa que logra golpearnos con fuerza con una propuesta llena de destrucción y frialdad. (7,7).

1. Völd 07:13  
2. Sundra skal sálu  
3. Hrímvíti 05:42  
4. Fjallið andar  
5. Eilíft eldhaf  
6. Drottnari nafnlausra guða  
7. Af fjarri ströndum

Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Limited to 300 copies.

miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2023



Origen: E.E.U.U.

Formados: 2022

Estilo: Black, death

Temática: ?

Enlaces: Instagram


  • AJ Voces
  • LM Todos los instrumentos

  • Demo MMXXII Demo 2022  
  • Sulfuric Hatred CD 2023  
De la mano de un sello como Sentient Ruin Laboratories que esta haciendo una apuesta firme y seria en cuanto a la edición bandas que ofrecen un sonido violento en donde hay cabida para estilos como el death, el black o el grind, nos llega este primer álbum de los estadounidenses. Un álbum directo, poderoso y abrasivo, con ritmos violentos de poderosa batería que ruge con una fuerza demoledora, arrasando con todo en sus partes más directas y rápidas, acompañado todo ello de densos y poderosos riffs  que destacan por su gravedad y profundidad, ejerciendo un poder aplastante sobre el oyente. Pero justo en medio de esa violencia sónica los ritmos se pausan, la intensidad se mantiene inalterable, la batería crea el caldo de cultivo ideal para crear una ambientación irreal e inquietante en donde los riffs comienzan un misión demoledora a base disonancias, jugando una doble cara entre guitarra y bajo con la incorporación de secciones que responden a terrenos electrónicos o industriales, que nos sumergen en un mundo de muerte y depravación. Las voces de AJ se nutren de un death metal cavernoso y violento, dejando un regusto a muerte y oscuridad. Sin lugar a dudas Sulfuric Hatred puede ser encuadrado en esas nueva bandas que se refugian en diferentes estilos dentro del metal más extremo, con un componente innegables de poderoso death, algunas influencias black y secciones que pueden ser definidas como de grind o brutal death, sin apenas vínculos con el pasado y si con una apuesta innegociable por conquistar nuevos territorios. (8,4).

1. Merciless Subjugation (Upon Our Knives)  
2. Stacked Remains in the Charnel Pits  
3. World Fucking Collapsing  
4. Foul Poison Insatiable  
5. Forward Our Legions  
6. Transmission I  
7. Sanctioned Execution of Profaned Torture  
8. Sulfuric Hatred  
9. Fall Upon Lesser Armies  
10. Prostrated Human Race  
11. Transmission II

Vinyl, LP, Album, , Black, Poster

domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2023



Origen: Italia, Messina

Formados: 2007

Estilo: Blackened Thrash Metal

Temática: Anticristianismo, guerra nuclear y metal

Enlaces: Facebook e instagram


  • Damien Thorne Bajo y voces
  • Dee Dee Altar Batería
  • J.J. Priestkiller Guitarra

  • Out of the Bunker EP 2009
  • Alive & Melting EP Directo 2011  
  • Bunker 66 / Barbarian Split 2012  
  • Infernö Interceptörs CD 2012
  • Screaming Rock Believers CD 2014
  • Infernö Interceptörs / Split Material Recopilatorio 2014  
  • Out of the Bunker / Alive & Melting Recopilatorio 2014  
  • Into the Morbid Bunker Split 2016  
  • Chained Down in Dirt CD 2017
  • Four Deadly Bites Split 2019  
  • Metal Sacrifice Split 2019  
  • Beyond the Help of Prayers CD 2021
  • Nuclear Chasm Split 2021  
  • Hell & Sulphur Split 2022
  • Of Night and Lust Split 2022
  • Portraits of Dismay Recopilatorio 2023
  • Mesmerized - A Tribute to Celtic Frost Split 2024
En activo desde el año 2007, la banda italiana pocas presentaciones necesita, abanderados de un sonido black/thrash con muchas influencias speed y una buena dosis de crudeza, se nos presenta este recopilatorio que recoge temas que han ido editando en diferentes compartidos y sólo habían visto la luz en formato vinilo. La cierto es que a lo largo de sus dieciocho temas y sus casi sesenta minutos de duración, todo fluye de forma estupenda, presentándosenos los temas sin ninguna fisura y asistiendo a lo que casi podría ser interpretado como un álbum de estudio, gracias a lo acertado del set list. Guitarras bizarras, sonidos crudos y oscuros, a veces acompañados de una buena dosis de velocidad, pero también sintiéndose cómodos cuando juegan con secciones más lentas, despojadas de todo artificio pero capaces de trasladarnos a un ambiente arcaico, podrido y siniestro. Las líneas de guitarra se muestran implacables, capaces de en medio de la podredumbre y crudeza, de ofrecer algunas líneas muy logradas que pasan de puntillas por terrenos más melódicos, con un peso fundamental del sonido del bajo a la hora de dotar a la propuesta de cierta rugosidad, enmarcando el estilo en ese black, thrash, speed, a lo que contribuye esa voz casi que cazallosa de  Damien, que va escupiendo gritos llenos de odio y violencia. Lo dicho, una muy buena ocasión de darse una vuelta por la trayectoria de los italianos en un recopilatorio que recoge temas de toda su andadura (7,6)

1. We Guys Are from Hell 04:04
2. Tombatron & Tormentor 04:06   
3. Global Thermonuclear War 03:11  
4. Psychopharmax Convulsions (Convulsed cover) 00:53  
5. The Merciless March 02:51   
6. The Force 03:02   
7. Hellish Hordes Rise 02:53   
8. Winds of Damnation 03:19
9. Total Possession 02:57   
10. Army of the Dark 03:14   
11. Midnight Vision 02:29   
12. Into the Chasm of Death 03:29  
13. Male Supremacy (Carnivore cover) 05:53  
14. Pandemonial Storms 03:33   
15. Mellhammer 03:31  
16. Sulphurous Lust 03:39
17. Doctor Rock (Motörhead cover) 03:46  
18. The Possibility of Life's Destruction (Discharge cover) 01:25  

Vinyl, LP, Album
Standard black wax edition