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Su carta de presentación ha sido "Enter the Void", en donde nos ofrecen esa dupla de death, black metal de esencia nórdica ejecutado de manera impresionante. A ello ayuda, claro está, las tablas de sus integrantes en otros proyectos: el futuro que tienen por delente es impresionante, ansiosos estamos de escuchar algo nuevo en breve. Por cierto, creo que los Mayas les han jugado una mala pasada, en fin, boas noites.

Hi good afternoon, how are you?, Thanks for agreeing to answer these questions.

Hi, I'm fine. Enjoying a slow day at work.

1. How was the writing process give this record? Preparing long time You carry?

Writing process for the riffs etc was rather easy. In Dark Elite I do create most of the music. So it's one man job and I like my stuff. So I don't have any major problems with my self. Songs were written written in 6 months. Dark Elite creates music a bit backward way. If I open the process little. First I will have a talk with out drummer that what kind of song I would be interested. Then we go trough little bit that what kind of drum patterns it will have, moodes and feelings that the song is after. After that our drummer records the song. Then I will compose the guitar riffs. So it's a bit inverted process if you compar it to "jamming" at rehearsal place. But I think this is the best as we live so far away from each other.

2. The theme of your lyrics revolve around the space, what motivates you to this topic?

I am little possessed by space. Space is the most cruel, "evil" and destructive place that man knows to exist. Space dark and cold, after that comes all the elements that dwells in space it self. Stars, black holes etc etc. I didn't want to spend this creativity that I have to deal with topics that I'm not so interested in. Space is this vast amazing chaos engine that we float in. Human life is nothing compared to the vastness of space. Our existence is just a blink of an eye. 

3. Although your first album, most are fairly seasoned in other bands, do you think your ancient origin bands have influenced the group's sound?

Of course we have had influences from other bands. As we all like metal music and have been following the "scene" for a long time. I still like to think that we have some short of original Dark Elite sound that comes from the riffs and overall mixing of our material. I must give loads of credit about the sound to H.Hyytiäinen, our bass player who also did some recording and mixed the final product. We will always keep our sound and music majestic and dark.

4. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.

There is not much to tell about these. We use basic stuff like bands use. Only "special" is that we have electric drums. Our drummer uses Roland V-drums for playing.
This also makes our recording process easier. He can record the drum tracks and send it to me trough Internet. As we live in different countries this is huge advancement.
What comes to live shows. We are planning some live performances for the next year. We will be composing new material and including them to live shows. Live setup consists of same persons as on the first release. Except that we will have one live guitarist, as I'm writing this it's still uncertain who this person will be.

5. The band's sound is brutal, you sound incredible, Do you have any plans for future recordings?

 At the moment I am composing new material with our drummer. Next release will be full length album released by some label. We haven't had any actually contact with any labels so far. Mostly because I am not so keen on time tables that would come a long with "serious" record deal. Agreements, time tables etc...not something that I like. Also I don't like to record in studio. I have been at studio with Battlelore and I don't like to work in a way like " You have 5 days to record these". I don't see that as a progressive way to work. That is one reason why I support home recording. Thank you technology.

6. Did you have presented live How is the public response be?

We haven't done any live shows so far. although we do have plans to play live shows in the future. But this will need some time to execute. Strong and unforgiving will be the name of the game.

7. How were your beginnings in music? Groups and disks What are your inspiration and what would you recommend us?

Musical inspirations would be old Black and death metal bands. Mostly Nordic metal bands. I do also take loads of inspiration from different topics for example space. The most hostile place mankind knows to exist. Playground of chaos.

8. How difficult is the coexistence within the group?

I like to compare us to a planetary system. I am the star that fuels this darkened machine, the driving force. Of course I do give high respect to all individuals as they have their places and give huge contribution to the whole concept. We come along really well and if we wouldn't get along with someone, he would be ejected into space.

You can add whatever you want, Good luck with the group.

World didn't end, it's a shame.

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Origen : Francia, París
Formados : 1991
Estilo : Black
Temática : Satanismo
Enlaces : Facebook, Myspace
Exekvtion                -                          Bajo
I. Luciferia                      -                         Guitarra
Dispater                          -                         Guitarra
D. Deviant                      -                         Voces, guitarras, teclados y bajo
Malkira                          -                          Batería

  • Satanic Revival Demo 1993   
  • Sadomatic, Impure Artgoat Demo 1994   
  • I'a aem'nh s'ha-t'n Demo 1995   
  • Split Demo Split 1996   
  • Dor-Nu-Fauglith CD 1997
  • The Black Theology EP 2000   
  • Quwm EP 2010   
  • Manifesto from the Dark Age Recopilatorio 2010   
  • Consuming the Metatron EP 2012
  • Axis of Blood CD 2015

                                                CONSUMING THE METATRON (2012)
Una buena noticia para los seguidore del black metal es que Osculum Infame están de vuelta, y parace que esta vez va a aser para quedarse definitavamente, que lejos queda aquel 1997 y la edición de "Dor-Nu-Fauglith", su única larga duración hasta la fecha y por ende su obra más reconocida y aclamada. El grupo ha sido reformado a partir del 2008, y parece que poco a poco está empezando a coger la forma. En este trabajo nos ofrecen algún tema nuevo pero el grueso se lo llevan composiciones de su antigua época que nunca antes habían sido editadas. El sonido es muy oscuro y la atmósfera es totalmente clásica, muy del gusto de la escena escandinava. Los temas son también bastante variados, podemos encontrar temas muy directos y rápidos con otros más atmósfericos y melódicos. Producción buena que conserva la suficiente suciedad para no cargarse el trabajo de base (8)

1.Dark Wickedness 04:55 
2.The Whisper of the Witch 05:29 
3.Kein Entkommen 06:01 
4.Absolve Me Not 03:00 
5.Let There Be Darkness 04:47 
6.Inner Falling of Thee Glory of God 06:07 

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner 


Origen : Alemania aunque ahora mismo afincado en Suiza
Formados : 1996
Estilo : Black, dark ambient
Temática : Naturalez, paisajes, temporadas
Enlaces : Facebook, Vinterriket, Youtube
Miembros :
Christoph "Vinterriket" Ziegler                   -                  Todo

  • ...Gjennom tåkete skogen Demo 2000   
  • Neodawn Productions Germania - Label Promo Sampler #2, Summer 2001 Split 2001  
  • Det Svake Lys EP 2001 
  • Vinterriket / Lebzul Split 2001  
  • Promo 2001  Recopilatorio  2001
  • Stürme der letzten Stille Demo 2001  P
  • Promo 2002 Demo 2002   
  • Herbstnebel EP 2002   
  • Vinterriket / Northaunt Split 2002   
  • Little Blue Planet / Stumme Winternacht Split 2002   
  • Kälte EP 2002   
  • Landschaftsmalerische Klangwelten synthetischer Tonkunst 1996-2002 Recopilatorio 2002 Herbst Demo 2002  
  • Vinterriket / Veiled Allusions Split 2002   
  • ...und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes CD  2002 
  • Vinterriket / A Forest Split 2002   
  • Finsternis Recopilatorio 2002 
  • Orodruin / Vinterriket Split 2002 
  • Winter Demo 2002   
  • Vinterriket / Fjelltrone Split 2002 
  • Schnee / Das Winterreich Split 2003 
  • Von Eiskristallen... und dem ewigen Chaos EP 2003   
  • Winterschatten CD 2003 
  • Aura EP 2003   
  • Von Eiskristallen... und dem ewigen Chaos / Riket av evig Skogen Split 2003  
  • Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit CD 2004 
  • Im ambivalenten Zwielicht der Dunkelheit EP 2004 
  • Vinterriket / Northaunt Split 2004   
  • Nazgul / Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit Split 2004 
  • 7-Zoll-Kollektion 2000-2002 Recopilatorio 2005  
  • -2- Split 2005   
  • 7-Zoll-Kollektion 2002 Recopilatorio 2005   
  • Vinterriket / Northaunt Split 2005 
  • Der letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit entgegen CD 2005 
  • Weisse Nächte des schwarzen Schnees Recopilatorio 2005
  • ...durch neblige Wälder Recopilatorio 2006   
  • Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit / Stille Recopilatorio 2006  
  • Von Eiskristallen... und dem ewigen Chaos / Das Winterreich Recopilatorio 2006 
  • Vinterriket / Vannvidd Split 2006   
  • Lichtschleier CD 2006 
  • Ira Deorum Obliviorum Split 2006   
  • Retrospektive Recopilatorio 2006  
  • Wege in die Vergangenheit Recopilatorio 2007  
  • A.E.P. / Vinterriket Split 2007   
  • Kontemplative Antagonismen des Augenblicks DVD 2007 
  • Berglandschaften 2001-2004 Recopilatorio 2007   
  • Kälte, Schnee und Eis - Rekapitulation der Winterszeit Recopilatorio 2007 
  • Gebirgshoehenstille CD 2008 
  • Eiszwielicht EP 2008 
  • Firntann EP 2008   
  • Zeit-Los:Laut-Los CD 2008 
  • Horizontmelancholie CD 2009 
  • Nachtschwarze Momente EP 2009 
  • Nachtschwarze Momente / The Uruk-Hai Split 2010  
  • Nebelfluh EP 2010 
  • Eiszwielicht / Firntann Recopilatorio 2010   
  • Zwischen den Jahren EP 2010 
  • :::Grauweiss::: DVD 2011
  • Garðarshólmur CD 2012   
  • Entlegen CD 2013   
  • Hinweg CD 2015  
  • Nachtfülle CD 2019
  • Teufelsspuk und Alpenraunen Split 2021

                                                   GARDARSHÓLMUR (2012)
Escuchar este trabajo es sumergirse de lleno en el particular universo de Christoph "Vinterriket" Ziegler. El sonido del álbum es inmensamente atmosférico, y trasmite una sensación de soledad y contacto con la naturaleza, alejado de toda muestra de civilización. No pretendo con esto descubrir nada nuevo, dieceseis años editando trabajos hace que Vinterriket tenga más que forjado un sonido propio. Sonido propio que como decía transmite un sentimiento de soledad y tristeza a base de emplear sonidos como pueden ser el del viento o el de los pájaros, junto con pasajes de guitarras acústicas y limpias y sobre todo las voces prácticamente susurradas de Ziegler. Como punto en contra de este trabajo decir que los temas se parecen bastante entre si y con ello puede llegar a aburrir un poco al oyente. (7.5)

1.Hverfjall 09:07 
2.Sprengisandur 09:33 
3.Landmannalaugar 09:21 
4.Þórsmörk 08:53 
5.Heljakambur 10:46 
6.Fimmvörðuháls 11:23 

Curiosidades : La palabra Vinterriket en sueco y nourego hace referencia al reino del invierno.


Otro interesante proyecto que nos llega desde Cánada. Collider es una banda novel, que en breve editarán nuevo trabajo y que podríamos encuadrar por sonido a la estela de Mastodon. High of Fire, Baroness...., es decir sludge pero con suficiente personalidad y rabia como para hacerlos participes de sonidos más exremos, llámese en este caso concreto black metal. Al habla con Ethan, todo un placer. Boas noites.

Hello good evening to you?, Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.

1. Could you tell us a little as has been the process of composing this work? What issues have motivated you when composing?

We basically started this band and wrote the album over the spring months. Shortly after we began playing live shows, mainly in our home town Ottawa, Canada. After about 6 months of playing live shows we booked some studio time and recorded our three song EP.
I would have to say the the main reason, and the best reason, that motivates us to write music is getting to hangout with your best friends, drink beer, and play heavy music.

2. Are you preparing new songs for a new job?

Yes, we are currently writing new material! We have no set schedule for any recording right now but we are definitely working on some new heavy music. You guys will be some of the first to know when we do have it all planned out.

3. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.

We all used pretty much the same gear we play live with for our first EP. Although we have some really big cabs that we love to play live with! Two 6x12 guitar cabs and one 8x12 bass cab. They are really really loud.

4. What concepts include your lyrics?

For the first EP, we had named the songs before we wrote lyrics, so when it came time to write lyrics we all had some cool ideas based off the song title. For example our song Titana Boa. We all thought the riffs sounded slithery and snake like. So we named the song after one of the biggest snakes and the lyrics were more or less about this giant snake.

5. How were your beginnings in music? Groups and disks What are your sources of inspiration?

Three of us have been playing in a few bands together for about 8 years. We all grew up loving music and all wanting to play music to be in a band.
We all listen to different music on our own time. But when it comes to writing music for this band, we just like being as heavy as we can be. I think it's safe to say that Mastodon, High on Fire, and Baroness have had their influences on our music.

6. How difficult is the coexistence within the group? Who is the leader of the now compose, or all aportáis ideas and you respect?

We are all very good friends and really have a good time hanging out together. Everyone works really with each other and there is a good chemistry between the four of us. We all have equal amounts of input for our music when it comes to writing.

7. Collider Where does the current scene?

I guess if I had to describe our band to someone it would be that we are a sludge metal band. We have gotten different feedback from people but it always comes back to being sludgy.

8. How are the concerts being? What takes it to share the bill with COC?

Our shows have always been really fun. We've been really lucky to play with some really good touring bands and have some really good crowds!
Being on the same bill as COC was very cool! Those guys have done everything over their long career, so to share the same stage as them was very memorable.

9. Kvelertak, Mastodon and are two groups that the listener is going through your head when listening to your EP, Do you feel identified with these bands?
I personally love Mastodon. They are one of my favorite bands around! I definitely get pumped up when I listen to their music. I always would love for someone to get that same feeling when listening to our band.

  10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like to Collider this is it, thanks.  I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thanks to Black Metal Spirit for helping us get our music out there! We really appreciate anyone who has or will be downloading our music. You can find our EP for pay what you want over at or you can follow us on facebook . Hopefully you'll be hearing from us soon!


Todas aquellas personas que tarde o temprano han desarrolado la sensibiladad suficiente para disfrutar en todos los aspectos de la obra de Bathory, no pueden mas que sentirse felices y agradecidos de bandas como Blosdshed Walhalla, ya que  en ella sigue presente el legado de Quorthon. Muchas gracias Drakhen e boas noites.

Drakhen good evening, how are you?, Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.

1. Could you give a brief presentation of the group for people who have not known?
First of all thanks and greetings to you all for this review...   Bloodshed Walhalla are an Italian one man band born in 2006 from my idea and so for a passion grown over time for the metal music e exactly    for a particular genre as the viking metal is.   At the beginnings the Bloodshed Walhalla was born as Bathory cover band ,then after comments, positive and negative as well, the band assumed    then the band has taken  step by step its appearance, creating its own songs and after two demos, in 2010,has produced its first   full length by the name "legends of a viking" and two months ago its second work "the battle will never end".

2. Could you tell us a little as has been the process of composing this work? What issues have motivated you when composing?

After "legends of a viking ",very well received by the press and public, I felt obliged to go on and produce new songs for this    project and nowadays involves me 100%!  As I said before mine is a one man band so ,as you can easily understand I didn't have any problem by picking three songs in a lots    for the album .The great side to be a one man band is being alone producing a song. I also didn't have problems for the   studio because I got mine where I had all the time I needed to compose, change, record and mixing songs.

3. What are the differences between the new and previous work The Legends of a Viking?

For me there are not substantial differences but the maturity composing and the experience, that you can get after spending years    in a recording studio.   I state that I'm a self-educated musician and I don't have any qualification talking about sounds frequencies and so on    everything you can hear in my music it's just passion for music. I have fun playing metal music even if I'm almost 40 years old and  I think I'll play it for so long yet. Going back to the question, "the battle will never end" is a sort of pursuance of the first album    except for the sound that is a little bit rude then "legends of a viking" , the genre follows the viking metal, created by the    genius Quorthon's mind.

4. Bathory Tell us how you have influenced your music? What work best about your career? Did you have the opportunity to meet personally Quorthon?
Everything began after Quorthon passed by in 2004,nobody talks of him ,and I asked myself why a genius like him didn't get his    byes full of glory and honors as he deserved, only on internet I realized the fans from Sweden was growing dramatically...   still now people wants his music , too many bands have artifact his creations, so why not satisfy that people that cannot have  bathory's music ?   With Bloodshed Walhalla  I'm just trying to continue, in my little own, that way tragically abandoned . No shame at all if you think every band   should have its own style understood and Bloodshed Valhalla are growing thanks to them ! Unfortunately I never met Quorthon ,but I'd    appreciate it.. but you know...matera stokolm is hudge so...!                

5. Do you find it very difficult to take care of all the musical and vocal in the group?
Absolutely not! It's so many years now Ii play music. I grown up listening to heavy metal , I was 11 when I bought my first    Ozzy Osbourne vinyl. Playing music is not so hard you just need passion and some sacrifice. I also do what I've always wanted with  Bloodshed Walhalla. I always got my new ideas in my mind so I found it easy to pass them into the recorder , the only things that slows me down    is the fact I don't have cutting-edge tools, same is for my studio as well..there are so many bands that plays heavy metal,  the most known has got hudge stuff so thinking about competition is impossible!..all you need is a lot of money! But with the    fog foundation we are trying to find a good way to play good music without spending so much money but, as I said, first of    all passion and sacrifice !   Unfortunately no money taken out of it, but maybe it's better that way because thanks to this experience I'm having lots of fun   Also I think that for to play good music all you need is hands and brain just make shit!

6. What would you highlight as basic disks in the viking metal?
Bathory apart i don't listen a lot to other music.   I think that listening to other bands that are out of your royalties are not good for creativity, because confusing.   Anyway I know well about F alkenbach, Ereb Altor, Candlemass and some other band I'm in touch.

7. At any time you thought about adding more musicians to the group?
I never thought about hire new musician ... in the past i played with few bands, I got wonderful memories and great experience,   but I'm fascinated playing alone because I can express myself at all....but I have to  say, some days ago, I contacted a friend    that plays bagpipes and he has got some ideas  I really like .Certainly if we will have the third chapter of the Bloodshed Walhalla you'll listen to   some new stuff thanks to an external member!

8.This latest work is being welcomed in the most specialized media with good reviews, do you expect this success to start the group?

Well, as I said, I just want to have fun, I have no great pretensions, I'm not a frivolous person. I'm old pretending to be a rock star!   However, there is a lot of positivity around Bloodshed Walhalla and that makes me very proud!   I plan other 7/8 songs even more fascinating of the first two works, if that project will be successful, you will hear talk    of Bloodshed Walhalla for a long time .   lots of my fans tell me I'm the reincarnation of Quorthon ....well said that I have said it all!

9. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Bloodshed Walhalla, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are for you.
You thank me? I am wanting to thank you and the drafting of blackmetalspirit, you have given me the opportunity and the honor   to chat with readers of Bloodshed Valhalla! To them say to never give up and turn to music whenever something goes wrong in life,    it's good and there are no contraindications. For me, after the family and work (I'm a firefighter),   there is music and now I have no plans to get her away from me!

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Narbeleth es una banda de raw black metal afincada en La Habana, en esta breve entrevista desvelamos algunos aspectos del grupo de Dakkar, su único miembro. Con varias publicaiones en su haber, y las que caerán próximamente, esperamos qee su mensaje llegue a los oídos apropiados, boas noites.

Hola buenas noches que tal?, muchas gracias por aceptar responder a estas

HAIL! Gracias por elegir a NARBELETH para ser parte de Black Metal Spirit!
1. ¿Podías contarnos un poco como ha sido el proceso de composición de
Diabolus Incarnatus?

Los temas que se incluyen en Diabolus Incarnatus los comencé a componer justo después que terminé la grabación del primer demo, "Dark Primitive Cult", y el proceso de composición se extendió hasta octubre del 2010, que fue cuando terminé con todos los temas y las letras. Luego grabé entre noviembre y diciembre del mismo año.

¿Qué temas te  han motivado a la hora de componer?
Primero que todo, el Underground; esa es mi principal fuente de inspiración y el único compromiso a la hora de hacer mi música. Rechazo total al comercialismo, a tratar el Black Metal como un producto de mercado.

2. Háblanos un poco de que tratan las letras de las canciones, en que te
inspiras para crearlas, etc

Mis temas abarcan el odio a la sociedad, cada vez más podrida, que se revuelca en su propia mierda y se alegra de ello. Rechazo a las religiones que sólo hacen del humano un animal débil e incapaz de usar su intelecto. También hablo sobre el orgullo de ser metalero, el orgullo y la gloria que encuentro en el verdadero Underground.

3. ¿Cómo es la escena extrema en Cuba?¿Qué bandas nos recomendarías de
vuestro país?

La escena extrema en Cuba es bastante buena, aunque casi nadie esté en contacto con el Underground. Hay buenas bandas, pero pocos saben lo que es el underground, pocos se preocupan por leer fanzines, por intercambiar música, y es por eso que la escena cubana es tan poco conocida en el mundo. Hay mucho poser últimamente también, y eso me da rabia. Gente ensuciando el nombre del Black Metal, estúpidos sin ideología, que no entienden el mensaje, que se creen malos y andan llenos de pinchos sin saber realmente de qué va todo esto. Así que ahora mismo te puedo recomendar a Combat Noise, una excelenta banda de Brutal Death, Requiem of Hell, Death Metal, que pronto sacarán su primer demo. Ancestor, mi antigua banda, Black Metal con toques thrahs; y Unlight Domain, Black Metal un poco técnico.

4.Veo que la propuesta musical de Narbeleth está siendo llevada al directo,
¿Qué músicos te acompañan?¿Es difícil poder tocar en un país como Cuba?
Si, he llevado a Narbeleth a escena en algunas ocasiones, siempre tratando de que sea el momento adecuado, donde sé que hay personas que van a entender el mensaje; festivales de Metal sobre todo. Tocar en Cuba no es difícil, al menos aquí en La Habana(en otras provincias si es más complicado). Hay un lugar, el Maxim Rock, que es el mejor para hacer conciertos de metal acá, con excelentes condiciones técnicas y de espacio. Allí se hacen conciertos todos los fines de semana. Pero a mi no me interesa tocar regularmente, y menos ahí, pues es el lugar a donde la gente va más a hacer vida social que a ver las bandas.
Me acompañan en vivo 3 excelentes amigos: Soulrealer en el drum(Unlight Domain, ex-Ancestor), Alexander en la guitarra (Rqeuiem of Hell), y Brokk al bajo. Son tres personas que saben qué es el Black Metal, que lo viven y son muy amigos míos.

5. Cuéntanos un poco el tipo de equipo que usáis en las sesiones de
grabación y en los directos.

Mi guitarra es marca Stagg, y uso un pickup que le saqué a una guitarra china que tenía anteriormente y me gusta mucho como suena, para la voz un micrófono copia de Akg, dinámico, es el que tengo. Para grabar utilizo lo que aparezca, pues actualmente no tengo efectos, ni ampli. En los directos, solo hay un lugar en Cuba donde existe un backline(Maxim Rock). En el resto del país no se usa backline y todo se conecta directo a consola, que es un gran problema, así que usamos las simulaciones de ampli y cabinas de los multiefectos.

6. El grupo lleva cuatro años funcionando, en este tiempo, ¿Cómo ha
evolucionado el grupo hasta llegar a la edición de este trabajo?

La evolución creo que se basa en no parar de hacer música, pero sin presionarte a ti mismo. Hacer lo que salga directamente de la inspiración. Antes de "Diabolus Incarnatus" hice el demo "Dark Primitive Cult". Recientemente grabé un EP titulado "Hail Black Metal!" y en estos momentos ya estoy comenzando a grabar el nuevo álbum.

7. ¿Cómo fueron tus inicios en la música?¿Qué grupos y discos son tu fuente
de inspiración y cuales nos recomendaríais?

Comencé tocando en ANCESTOR, banda que creé junto a Kaos, que es ahora el único miembro original que queda en la alineación. Mi inspiración viene del Thrash, el Heavy, el Black Metal! Pero en NARBELTH no podría dejar de mencionar, como guía e inspiración a bandas como JUDAS ISCARIOT, DARKTHRONE, ARCKANUM, BATHORY, TORMENTOR, BURZUM.

8. Cuales serían para ti los cinco discos fundamentales en el black metal.

Con 5 no me es suficiente... pero veamos.
BATHORY "Bathory"
DARKTHRONE "A Blaze in the Northern sky"
DARKTHRONE "Under a Funeral Moon"
TORMENTOR "Anno Domini"
BURZUM "Burzum"

9. ¿Qué canción te gustaría que sonase en tu funeral?

Uf, ahora mismo no se... tiene que darme tiempo, pues todavía no planeo desaparecer! jajajajaja

10. Muchas gracias por tu tiempo, si quieres añadir algo para la gente
que le gusta Narbeleth  este es el lugar, gracias. Espero que las preguntas
hayan sido de tu agrado.

Muchas gracias a ti por este espacio y tu apoyo! Gracias a todos los que apoyan a NARBELETH  en todas partes del mundo. Espero que mi música llegue a oídos correctos.
El Black Metal debe permanecer SIEMPRE Underground!!!!!


Luis Hernández C.
P.O. Box 6007,
10600, Habana 6

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012


Hace poco que se editó Eld, el tercer trabajo de los suecos Skogen. Un trabajo que los afianza en la escena black y dota de maduerez su sonido. En esta breve entrevista nos aclaran como han sido estos años para la banda.

1. Tell us a bit like the idea of forming the band and how were your beginnings

Me and Mathias wanted to play atmospheric black metal, so we made a few songs each and recorded them. We got signed to Frostscald rather quickly, and now we have released three albums.

2. How was the songwriting process of Eld? Preparing You wear long time?

Well, the songwriting never stops. Some of the songs were made directly after Svitjod, but sometimes stuff takes time. And we wanted to make everything as great as we could.

3. How has the band's sound over these three jobs?

We have evolved a bit since Vittra, but we still sound like Skogen.

4. If I'm not mistaken the letters are written in Swedish and deal with aspects of nature, what destacaríais on your lyrics? What inspires you to write?

Well, the first album is all about nature, the second deals with the subject here and there, but this time we don't mention it, because we don't want to get stuck in a genre, like folk metal or whatever people want to call it.

5. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.
We use Gibson guitars, Marshall amps, Engl amps and so on.
6. How were your beginnings in music? Groups and disks What are your inspiration and what would you recommend us?

My first album I bought for my own money was Metallica - Kill 'em all. When it comes to inspiration it's everything from King Diamond to Funeral Mist. Some recommendations that aren't too obvious are Mgła, Blaze of Perdition, Sun's Blood, Saturnalia Temple, VI, Sigrblot, Karnarium, Deathspell Omega etc etc.

7. Five basic cds in black history.

It's hard, but I have to mention from different eras and countries, to be fair:
Von - Satanic Blood Angel (compilation)
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Dark Funeral - The Secrets of the Black Arts
Watain - Sworn to the Dark

8. How difficult is the coexistence within the group? Who is the leader of the now compose, or all aportáis ideas and you respect?

It's not difficult at all. We all have the same vision. No one is the leader.

9. How is your relationship with Frostscald Records? Are imply with you, I feel comfortable in the seal?

It's good. Mihail is a very nice guy.

10. How is the public responding concerts? Are you planning some concerts to promote Eld?

We have only played live once, so it's hard to say. But yes, we are planning more concerts, but nothing is official yet.

11. Thanks for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Skogen, this is it, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you very much for your interest. Keep listening to our albums, we have more to offer! Hell döden.