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Origen: Colombia, Cali, E.E.U.U, Seattle
Formados: 1988 primero como Guillotine y desde 1989 ya como Inquisition.
Estilo: Black
Temática: Astrobiología, cosmología, culturas antiguas y prehistoricas, lucifer, paganismo y satan.
  • Dagon Guitarra y voces
  • Incubus  Batería

  • Anxious Death EP 1990   
  • Forever Under Demo 1993   
  • Incense of Rest EP 1996   
  • Summoning the Black Dimensions in the Farallones / Nema Split 1996
  • Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult CD 1998
  • Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan CD 2002
  • Unholy Inquisition Rites EP 2004
  • Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer CD 2004
  • Anxious Death / Forever Under Recopilatorio 2006   
  • Nefarious Dismal Orations CD 2007
  • Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm CD 2011
  • Obscure Verses for the Multiverse CD 2013
  • Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith CD 2016
  • Demonic Ritual in Unholy Blackness Directo 2018
  • Bloodshed Across Guatemala Directo 2018
  • Luciferian Rays Single 2020 Black Mass for a Mass Grave CD 2020
  • A Hidden Ceremony of Blood and Flesh Single 2023 Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence cd 2024
Todo el revuelo creado alrededor de este trabajo me resultaba excesivo, los medios especializados no han tenido ni una sola mala palabra para este álbum y sinceramente cuando lo escuche me dejó tremendamente indiferente, un álbum más de black sin mayor trascendencia, meses después volviendo a él para reseñarlo solo puedo decir una cosa: que equivocado estaba. La banda de Dagon lleva desde 1988 dando el callo, primero como combo de thrash y desde mediados de  los años noventa dedicados al black, un black de vieja escuela de cuando el estilo estaba comenzando y en donde los limites con el tharsh o el doom no estan del todo claros. De este sonido tan particular a buen seguro que tiene mucho que ver que la banda sea un duo y que tengan que prescindir de bajista, aspecto que se ve Dagon irrevocablemente a suplir con la guitarra y es que el peso de este instrumento en Inquisition es tremendo y el trabajo realizado en este trabajo es espeluznante, con riffs imposibles que gustan muchas veces del ritmo lento y pesado del doom y en otras de los más afilados del thrash. La batería de Incubus demuestra a un músico que lleva la porrada de años con Dagon y el saber arroparlo. Todo en la música desprende una atmósfera trascendental y un tanto esotérica y en donde la voz de Dagon acaba por culminar un trabajo que recuerda por todas sus partes a los comienzos de Inmortal o Darkthrone. (9,3).

1. Force of the Floating Tomb 04:38
Moon of titans, dead black sphere Lord of skies, silent altar Esoteric floating tomb Like a shroud of the heavens In the shadows of its craters On the mountains of its ruin Solar rays carve its valleys Endless graves reign in caves Raise the chalice! Strong as lightning is the force Gravitation... force of gods Invocation of its mass As a spirit floats and mourns Raise the chalice! 
2. Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons 03:58
  Ancient mystic kingdom
Mystical sphere
Music of the cosmos
Launching as spears

Sounds on the horizon
Blasting in the skies
Spirits of the cosmic
Battlefields in mist

Universe of Satan
Universe of all
Flowing massive darkness
Energy that flows

Far into the eternal
Unseen horizons
Only through the cosmic eye
Knowledge will arrive

Dark one

Pillars of the temple
Crumble with fear
Towers of the golden horns
Blowing hymns of war

Blood of the unholy
Casting rays of light
Ride upon the beams of light
Truest one
3. Obscure Verses for the Multiverse 05:39
 Blackest skies where you shine
Greatest one, lord of stars
Spewing from the dragon's mouth, flowing ancient cosmic sea
From the ancient text you read verses for the multiverse

Streams of fire, new creations
Portal open, lord arises
From dimensions where you came, ruler of creations key
On thy head a golden crown, high upon a throne you reign

Only darkness in the skies
When you came, light was shined
Wisdom from cosmic snakes of dimensions you create
Spawning humans as a slave serving kings of astral thrones
4. Spiritual Plasma Evocation 05:21
  Rising as a king, flying through the blackness
Echoes of wicked screams soaring through the starlit skies

Rays of hate from Satan's eyes, curse of death to you I cast
Drink the serpent's venom seed, fall now you dying one

Majesties of moonless skies
Spirit of the darkest one
Master of the golden sun
...evocation rites of death

Chanting to the darkest one
Summoning the fallen son
Master Satan rise as king
...rays of plasma now attack

As the fire fills the sea
Poison vapors carry me
Thrones of mystic ones shall rise
...rays of plasma now attack
5. Master of the Cosmological Black Cauldron 04:44
Demon of unholy mystic black force Lord of the black holes open your gates Majesty I worship dominate with fury Master of cosmos, king of all kings Valley of the shadows boil from fire Rays from the black goat shine like a chalice Leader of the reptiles, spirit of the cult Rise to the glorious cauldron of stars Satan, demon star... highest of the gods Wisdom from your light, power from the dark Fire in my open hands Burning all the holy sons Serpent of the crimson flame Spitting venom from his throne Chanting to the darkest force Striking bells of cosmic doom Energy of mystic songs Music for the stars Ancient wisdom from the moons Reigning over feeble ones Lucifer the Universe Universe the eye Matter of the darkest one Skeletons of dust Constellations are the sign Reigning over holy ones Satan, demon star... highest of the gods Wisdom from your light, power from the dark Journeys I shall seek through your portal soul Forests in the skies gleaming towards the abyss  
6. Joined by Dark Matter, Repelled by Dark Energy 06:11
  Lonesome moon, silent tomb
Darkness holds magic veils

Fly... fly into the winds of stars
Rise... rise above the cosmic seas

Lifeless skies joined by mass
Maze of black, force unseen

Where... where the caves of death embrace
Rites... rites through mystic astral planes

Fly... fly into the winds of stars
Rise... rise above the cosmic seas
7. Arrival of Eons After 04:13
When the blackest winds Burn the holy one And the falling stars Crush the sacred sons When the moon turns black And the sun is red As the orbits rest Total darkness reigns... When our eon dies We shall see the truth Like a dying star We shall praise its past
8. Inversion of Ethereal White Stars 05:41
Rise above the mystical ones Shining throne that ignites the skies From its life shall come its death I invoke the inversion of stars Astral songs are the hymns of war Mass of black energy reigns Through the holes of cosmic worms Like a god in the valley of moons Black sun rays of the throne - lord of the eternal fire Black shadow of the skies - king of the ancient star As I chant to the primal night Wizards mourn to the ending of times White stars fall through the cosmic eye Golden horns now bray up high Black sun rays of the throne - lord of the eternal fire Black shadow of the skies - king of the ancient star
9. Infinite Interstellar Genocide 05:28
Massive black doom holes open dimensions Rays of the darkness shadow the light realms Lord of the black wings, bringer of war Coffins are open, Satan arise Cosmos of Satan, cauldron of coil Strength of the orbits, strong as the gods Master of masters, ruler of stars Clash of the dark gods, end of all life Bells of the temples, sounds that I seek Massive destruction, poison of war Tombs are invoking spirits of stars Cosmos of chaos, end of all time  


Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner 

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1. Why Dodsfall decided to form and why did you chose this name for the band? 
We needed a name for the band that’s all so we choose something that fits for the band’s concept and ideology. We formed the band because we like Black Metal, simple as that.

2. How has affected the inclusion of Adramelech in Dodsfall’s sound? How much has evolved the Dodsfall sound over the years?
Musically the sound has evolved into a more technical way speaking about riffs and progressions especially in our last album but we keep the base intact, old-school Black Metal. Adramelech’s inclusion has affected in some way yes to enhance the music and lyrical topics.

3. The album “Djevelens Evangelie” was recorded at Endarker studio so how was the process of writing and recording the album there?
Everything had a good flow, and I felt really comfortable having Devo Andersson (Marduk) in charge of the recordings since I worked with him on some previous albums for Dødsfall in the past. However, that was only for the mastering so that’s why I wanted to go to Endarker studio and do the entire album there this time.

4. What are the musical influences of Dodsfall? Name five Black Metal albums as the most important for you and why?
Important albums for me:
Sarcofago - Rotting
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Bathory – Under the Sign of Black Mark
Hellhammer - Satanic Rites
Venom – Black Metal
if you are into this music you must know why.

5. The cover art of “Djevelens Evangelie” is an awesome work, who was the designer of it and how is it related to the album?
The artwork was made by Pazuzuh and it was made based on the lyrical concept of the album of course.

6. How was the release concert for the album? It’s complicated for you to gather to rehearse to perform live? 
It was great, great response from the audience. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden so for the rehearsals I had to travel a few times to Oslo to the rehearsal place, its 3 hours from here by car so is not complicated.

7. What are the future plans for Dodsfall, upcoming releases, concerts, etc…?
We are arranging a future tour over Europe to take place in mid/late summer. We expect to record a new album after that.

8. Obscure Abhorrence Productions have released all your work, are you satisfied with the work done by the label?
In some way yes but they have still a lot to develop, they have a very bad promotion so that’s why we decided to change the label so we are really excited to work with our new label Osmose Productions.

9. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Dodsfall, this is the place….
Thanks for the interest in DØDSFALL, see you on the tour… 


Origen: E.E.U.U, Portland
Formados: 1999
Estilo: Black, speed, thrash
Temática: Antireligión, asesinato, guerra y muerte.
  • Eric Eisenhauer Guitarra
  • Joel Grind  bajo, voces y guitarra.
  • Nikki Rage  Batería

  • Toxic Holocaust / Oprichniki Split 2001   
  • Critical Mass Demo 2002
  • Implements of Mass Destruction / Nuclear Apocalypse:666 Split 2002   
  • Evil Never Dies CD 2003
  • HRPS Vol.1 Split 2004   
  • Singapore / Malaysia Attack 2004 Recopilatorio 2004   
  • Outbreak of Evil Split 2004   
  • Thrashbeast from Hell Split 2004   
  • Death Master Single 2004   
  • Power from Hell Single 2004   
  • Promo 2004 Demo 2004   
  • Toxic Thrash Metal Recopilatorio 2004
  • Blasphemy, Mayhem, War Split 2005   
  • Hell on Earth CD 2005
  • Don't Burn the Witch... Split 2006   
  • Reaper's Grave Single 2006   
  • Speed Kills... Again Split 2007   
  • Live – Only Deaf Is Real Directo 2007
  • In the Sign of Sodom - Sodomaniac Tribute Split 2008   
  • Speed n' Spikes Vol. I Split 2008   
  • Demo 2007 Demo 2008   
  • Brazilian Slaughter 2006 DVD 2008   
  • An Overdose of Death... CD 2008
  • Gravelord EP 2009   
  • Toxic Holocaust / Inepsy Split 2010   
  • Conjure and Command CD 2011
  • Japanese Benefit Split 2011   
  • Toxic Waste Split 2012
  • From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction Recopilatorio 2013
  • Revelations Single 2013   
  • Out of the Fire Single 2013   
  • Chemistry of Consciousness CD 2013
  • Life Is a Lie Single 2013
  • Max Overload Single 2017
  • Chemical Warlords Single 2019 Primal Future: 2019 CD 2019
Una carrera tan dilatada como la de Toxic Holocaust con Joel Grind al frente desde sus inicios ha dado para grandes discos a lo largo de la misma y este "Chemistry of Consciousness" es uno de ellos. Tal vez el principal problema de este trabajo es que no salga bien parado en las comparaciones con sus inicios, hay quién encumbra "Evil Never Dies" y "Hell on Earth", este último en menor medida, y todo lo demás es bazofia y mera repetición de algo ya mil veces inventado y ofrecido en otras obras más antiguas. Con esto no quiero decir que "Chemistry of Consciousness" sea la panacea del thrash, black, pero de lo que si hay que reconocerle a este trabajo y a Joel Grind es que después de tanto tiempo vuelvan a ofrecer un gran álbum, en donde se dan la mano, como nos tiene acostumbrados esa particular visión del metal extremo, el thrash, el speed y el black consiguiendo a lo largo de sus casi trienta minutos un álbum de sonido clásico y atemporal. Se le nota que este es un trabajo más técnico, con un gusto por el riff afilado, no muy variado pero perfectamente ejecutado, al que acompaña una batería sin mucha variedad pero que cumple con creces y la voz de Joel rasgada y agresiva encaja perfectamente en el concepto del álbum. Una banda, mejor dicho su banda, porque Joel es el cerebro pensante detrás de Toxic Holocaust que poco a poco ha sabido medrar, y a la cual la formación estable le está sentando muy bien, para ofrecer obras como estas. (7,8).

1. Awaken the Serpent 01:38
 Awaken the Serpent
With just one breath
The bastard is showing its fangs 
We prepare for death 

Today's your nightmare 
Tomorrow is through 
There's no tomorrow 

The venom starts flowing 
In veins of the lost 
A constant delusion of mind 
Surging to the top 

The serpent awakens 
With just one step 
The rattle is clouding your mind 
Prepare for death
2. Silence 02:12
Mountains of wasted corpses And bullets much too close Sentenced to eternal silence The bunker is their grave The piercing screams of wounded and silence from the dead War is just like a nightmare From which you won't awake A nightmare eternal Will haunt you 'til you're dead Slaves to the war crawling on your knees Its hunger keeps growing as you're feeding the machine Risking your life without ever knowing why Shots called from high above while you've been left to die
3. Rat Eater 03:49
Feeding our fear with the meat of a rat 
Trapped in a cave you've been given 
Living a life on your knees 
Mentally rot in your prison 
A sentence like a disease 
Rat Eater 

The vermin you eat is feeding the sick 
Stocking up flesh to be eaten 
Nauseous just from the smell 
Never seen locks in this prison 
Choosing a life in a cell 
Rat Eater 

Crawling, make your way 
Moving on through the sewers of hell 
Anguish and misery 
They built us up now suffer the fall 

Cruelty has made your path 
Like a rat you're stuck in a cage 
Sadness and misery 
Choke it down you suffer and suffer
4. Salvation Is Waiting 02:49
Approach the coming hour Pining for death Handing him over your life Trusting with mercy He fills you with hope Death will be painless and quick Transformation's calling or will you fucking rot? Inside the coffin or live eternally? Peace you are seeking And death is a friend Onward into a new plane Heaven only an action away A martyr paying the price Trust yourself in his hands End it all, take the final step Push through and witness the meaning of life Salvation's waiting Waiting for your soul Hungry for your blood Give it to 'em all Salvation's waiting Waiting for your blood Hungry for your soul Give it to 'em all  
5. Out of the Fire 02:54
We've got the power We've got the fire that won't ever go out Strength built in numbers We're not under control Out of the fire We bring the strength Out of the fire We bring the strength to fight We've entered the lair Inside out minds they've put us to sleep Stand up for freedom, stand up for your rights Stand up for what they control We are losing our identity As the walls are closing in Approaching the hour When our inner mind awakes Signal our demise Invasion of the mind Signal our demise Fighting for security All hope has been lost It's a sign of the coming times And we need to take it back  
6. Acid Fuzz 02:31
Open up the door that closes off your mind Lift up the astral veil you know you are so blind Shattering perception You can't trust your eyes Melting shapes and blurry vision Acid Fuzz consumes Becomes your new religion Shattering perception Drowning in infinity But never knowing why On a plane of consciousness The acid gets you high... Dose me When a person feels, society reels There's no holding back Morality is limitation You are what I was You've made the choice Now choose your path (Dropping) Acid Fuzz
7. Deny the Truth 02:18
 Deny the Truth 
Don't believe what you see 
Or trust what they've taught you 
"Truth" has you trapped in a cell 
The prison you create 
The time is now to open up your eyes 
'Cause this affects everyone 
It's fucking clear. the writing's on the wall 
They're wrong- We're right 

I stand in the way of the control 
I stand in the way of the deceit 

What you conceive 
Will manifest 
In what you believe 

Overdose on random thoughts to keep you down 
There's a war inside your mind you can't escape 
Stand up for your rights before it's too late 
Shackles will bind 
You're denying the truth
8. Mkultra 02:07
  You are now under mind control 

Manipulation of mental state 

Manipulation of mental state 
Human weapon of chosen fate 
Chemical commands 

You are now under my control 

What secrets hide inside your head?
Voices looped for days on end 

Torture, drugs, deprivation 
On a quest for truth 

How much more can you take? 
Up the dose increase the pain 
How much further can we go
Move ahead up the dose 

9. I Serve... 02:30
Stoking the flames, fanning the fire Each day we're closer to feeding the pyre I serve death When all is said and done I serve death Otherworldly streaming thoughts Like a river through my mind Conscious action's all it takes Chanting repetitious thought Psyching driving in my head Piercing through my mental state Fearing the outcome of fate Empowered by feelings of hate Never a war has been won A spiral of shame has begun The higher we get down we sink The time's not to feel it's to think In the pyre we gather up and feed the fire In the flame we're closing in to feel the pain   
10. International Conspiracy 02:32
Prophets falsely claim the gift, the eye that sees it all Harsh reality is crashing before you Spreading the panic all hope has been lost They feel what we stand for - fear all our strength An International Conspiracy Give away another right to ease your sleep at night We come closer each day to a prison You make a chance but the outcome's the same It's tine to wake up - this is your warning Privacy stripped away it's time to act today For the cowards who won't stand behind us Panic is leading to social unrest They're hiding their motive - total slavery  
11. Chemistry of Consciousness 02:53
  I saw a vision of a lost time 
A serpent with a man's face 
An entire village under its spell 
Bred into the human race 

The struggle wages on we are under its command 
In every corner of the world lurks a deadly plan 
We gotta take control back, break the fucking chains 
The Chemistry of Consciousness attacked 

We've hit the wall 

Into the cortex of the mind 
The sounds begin to fall 
Where knowledge meets imagination 
We gotta break through it all 

The power surges up through my spine 
As my neck begins to ache 
Speaking close with a higher power 
Nerves are coiling like a snake 

No concentration, no sanity 
Through doors of perception is the key you seek 

Through divine connection lies a hidden path 
With mind possession comes the truth you need 

No imagination, no inner peace 
With realization lies the key you seek 

Through chem-awareness in an altered state 
Inside your mind lies the truth you seek for all
 Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner 


Origen: Polonia, Worcraw, ahora asetandos en Dublín
Formados: 1993, aunque cesaron su actividad en 1996 y la retomaron en 2005
Estilo: Black, death, folk
Temática: Guerra, muerte, naturaleza, oscuridad y paganismo
  • Dariusz Kubala Guitarra y guitarra acústica
  • Krystian Mazur Bajo
  • Marcin Gąsiorowski Guitarra acústica y voces
  • Marcin Pazera Batería
  • Monika Lubas Voces
  • Tomasz Woźniak  Bajo


  • Winter Dream Demo 1994   
  • Tym z krainy cieni Demo 1995   
  • Popiół (Introibo ad Altare Dei) CD 1996   
  • Signum CD 2005   
  • Opowieść Jednej Nocy Demo 2011   
  • Czarna Dzika Czerwień CD 2013   
  • Ozimina EP 2015  
  • Winter Dream / Tym z Krainy Cieni Recopilatorio 2016
  • Klechdy CD 2016
  • Bajki o staruchu CD 2021
El tercer larga duración de Thy Worshiper sería una pena que no hubiera llegado a ser editado, recordemos las dificultadas por la cuales ha pasado Marcin desde la fundación del grupo en el lejano 1993 y su posterior disolución tras la edición e su primer álbum "Popiół", el intento de recuperar el proyecto en 2005 con la edición de su segundo álbum "Signum" y su posterior cambio de aires para asentarse en Dublín donde conoció a Kubala, y  juntos han conseguido volver a reactivar Thy Worshiper tanto en estudio con la edición de "Czarna Dzika Czerwień" sino también en directo, todo un reto y un esfuerzo a agradecer. Desde sus comienzos Thy Worshiper se ha caracterizado por ofrecer un sonido en donde se dan la mano tanto el black, como el death y el folk, hasta aquí nada nuevo que no hallamos escuchado en infinidad del grupos con mayor o menor acierto, pero el sonido de Thy Whorshiper tiene ciertas particularidades como son sin lugar a dudas el de contar con Anna Malarz en las voces que crean un contraste profundo y muy logrado con las de Marcin, estás voces están impregnadas de un tremendo sabor a pagan y folk medieval de centroeuropa y creo que el objeto de las mismas que es el de  transmitir sensaciones medievales folk está muy conseguido. El lenguaje que utiliza Marcín es el polaco y encaja perfectamente en las composiciones, aumentado el sentimiento folk. También están muy trabajados los pasajes acústicos y la incorporación de elementos más tradicionales con un verdadero e intendo aroma medieval. Por otro lado, no todo va a ser folk, en la parte más metal, el doble bombo hace su aparición en práticamente todos los temas y los riffs de guitarra con de la mano con las melodías más acústicas pero son de gran factura, creando batería y guitarra un fuerte contraste en los elementos de la música de este álbum. Una pena que por momentos no sea un poco más variado, pero no deje de ser una obra imprescindible. (8,4).

1. Piach 06:18  
2. Czarny 05:20  
3. Deszcz 06:13  
4. Drzewa 02:35  
5. Zniwa 05:39  
6. Wiatr 05:30  
7. Na Pohybel 02:37  
8. Ogien 07:24  
9. Zima 04:42  

miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013


Origen: Noruega, Bergen
Formados: 2009
Estilo: Black
Temática: Misantropía y satanismo
Enlaces: Facebook.
  • Ishtar Guitarra

  • Svarte vinger Demo 2010   
  • Den svarte skogen CD 2011
  • Inn i mørkets kongedømme CD 2012   
  • Kronet i svart eld EP 2013
  • Djevelens evangelie CD 2013  
  • Kaosmakt CD 2015
  • Helvetets griftegård Recopilatorio 2016
  • Døden skal ikke vente CD 2019
  • Svartnatt, Live in Oslo Directo 2020
  • När mörkret är på väg CD 2022 Nattens svarta djävlar Single 2022
"Djevelens evangelie" es el tercer larga duración de los noruegos, tras la incorporación de Adramelech a las voces podemos decir que este álbum resulta un pequeña ruptura con el sonido de sus anteriores trabajos y una oscura y perfecta muestra de lo que debe de ser el black melódico. Los principales puntos en los que se ha avanzado en este trabajo sin lugar a duda son las voces, Adramalech  a elevado el trabajo hecho hasta ahora por V-Rex, a un nuevo nivel y el salto de calidad es tremendo; y una producción mucho más cuidada y limpia que nos permite disfrutar de los riffs de Ishtar en estado puro. Tal vez esta ruptura con su sonido anterior, por así decirlo, aún no ha cuajado del todo y aunque las ideas que nos presentan en "Djevelens evangelie" son interesantes, también hay aspectos a mejorar, la batería debería de ser más dinámica y versátil, por momentos se hace monótona y repetitiva, así como la gran cantidad de riffs arrancados por Ishtar son de lo más inspirados pero un tanto inconexos a la hora de lograr su integración dentro de un tema. El que haya disfrutado con sus anteriores obras no se sentirá defraudado, una obra muy recomendable de black escandinavo. (7,7).

1. Azerate 04:38
Azerate, Maktens Drage! Fra De Dypeste Hav, Jeg Søker Din Visdom! Jeg Bærer Dib Flamme I Min Sjel, En Hellig Ed Som Er Risset In I Min Skalle! Og I Det Mørke Stiger Fram, Skal Vi Intet Frykte For Vi Har Sett Dine Brennende Steg, Mot De Anti Kosmiske Hav! Azerate Maktens Drage!, Azerate Vi Kaller Ditt Navn! Azerate Stig Opp Fra Dit Hi, Og Erklær Ditt Rettmessige Rike!  
2. En hymn til døden 04:31
 Gjennom Vilje I Mørket, Og Flammen I Hjertet
Ble Død Om Til Liv!, Perfeksjon Uten Tvil

Og Gjennom Labyrinten Så Øde Og Mørk
Skal Du Vandre I Ensomhet Og Stillhet! Utstøtt Av De Levende
Forbannet Av De Døde!

Men I De Mørkeste Dager, Skal Du I Mine Glødende Øyne
Reflektere Et Brennende Hjerte, Et Skall Av Smerte

Dømt I All Evighet, Kjøtter Skal Tære, Du Skal Skrike I Smerte
Drives Til Vanvidd
3. Slangens kall 04:26
 Ekkoene Vandrer, Med Livløse Stønn
Som Gamle Salmekall, Skriker Jeg Ditt Navn

Lyden Av Krig, Svever Gjennom Skyene
Vinden Visker, Dine Ukjente Navn

Verden Er Dit Alter, Vi Kaller På Ditt Navn
Opplyst Av Den Svarte Flamme, Vi Kaller På Ditt Navn!

Tiden Er Inne, Gjennom Kosmisk Kaos
Gjennom Brennende Stjerner, Gjennom Ditt Uhellige Navn
4. I et endeløst kaos 04:38
Mot De Fire Svarte Troner, Å Du Som Regjerer Rett Blikket Mot Oss, Som Vandrer Deres Sti Gjennom Vår Idre Kaos, Brenner En Evig Flamme, Knyttet Til Deres Essens Vi Kaller På Legionen, Åpne Deres Porter Og Pris Åss Med Deres Nærvær Gjennom Dine Mørke Velsignelser, Og Det Kosmiske Hat Skal Dere Fylle Våre Sjeler, Med Den Forbudte Frukt La Den Svarte Flamme Stige, Og Sluke Det Kosmiske Hav E Et Endeløst Kaos, Mot Det Ultimate!  
5. Djevelens evangelie 04:38
Det Som Ble Til En For Alltid Fortapt Liv Skal Bli Død Perfeksjon Skapt Av Hat Der Lyset Skinner Skal Mørket Stige Fram Med En Brennende Flamme Skapt Av Djevelens Tunge Solen Skal Slukkes Månen Skal Slukkes Stjerner Skal Falle Jorden Skal Råtne En Slange Av Antikosmisk Ild Skal Bryte De Kosmiske Seigl Portene Skal Åpnes Og Djevelen Skal Stige Fram! Se, Han Kommer Med Skyene Hvert Øye Skal Se Ham En Ildrød Drage Sju Er Hans Tall For Han Er Alfa Og Omega!
6. Svart magi 04:57
Sirkelen Er Kastet Vi Binder De Magiske Ord Og I Det Nattens Skygge Tar Oss I Sin Favn Roper Vi Ut Ditt Hellige Navn! Satan, Moloch Mastemo, Leviatan Gorgo, Mormo Morst Et Aeterna! Flammene Stiger En Helvetes Stank Alt Skal Råtne Alt Skal Dø! Avslør Deg Selv Lærer Av Svart Magi Smi Mitt Våpen Og Drep Våre Fiender En Forbannelse Er Skapt Av Kjøtt Blod Og Sjel Et offer Av Svart Magi!
7. Stemmer fra tidens skapelse 05:02
Hviskende Vandrer Vi Der Mørket Senker Seg I Skoger Og Myr Venter Vi Stille En Uverdig Skapelse Som Intet Hører Til Skapt For Å Vandre Til Evig Tid Våre Navn kan Ei Tales For Vi Er De 6 Navnløse Et Skrik Fra Tidens Skapelse En Skikkelse Av Hat Vi Er Ei En Skikkelse Skapt Av Din Gud Dømt Og Forbannet Skal Vi Vandre På Uhellig Jord På Søken Etter Din Tapte Kunskap Skal Vi Utforske Hver Hule En Uendelig Reise Mot Det Majestetiske
8. I djevelens tegn 04:59
Ritualer, Fra Tidenes Morgen En Gave Til Skapelsen Bortgjemt Og Glemt I Nattens Skygge Skal De Vandre Sønner Av Det Rette I Djevelens Tegn Kom, Som Syndens Flod Kom, Tidem Er Nær Kom, Tiden Er Her Kom! Røkelse Av Galenskap Og Begjær Flammer Som Stiger Sirkelen Er Satt Alteret Er Klart! Åpne Porten Til Dimensjonen Din Og La Ditt Glitrende Hav Flomme Rengjør Den Sjelløse Verden I Djevelens Tegn
9. I det lyset går ned 05:03
Ødeleggeren Av Universet Antikosmiske Guddommlighet I Dit Navn Ofrer Vi Mennesket Skal Skjelve I Det Lyset Går Ned Vi Skal Bli Slukt I Det Slangen Blir Gjenfødt! Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer! Imperier Vil Forvitre I Det Vi Blir Ett Med Den Indre Guddommlige Flemmen Våkn Opp! Å Mørkets Fyrste Du Som Har Et Hjerte Av Kaos! Å Mørkets Fyrste Drep Våre Fiender Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer! Forbi De Skjelvende Stjerner Følger Jeg Stien Av Stank...

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martes, 24 de diciembre de 2013


1. How were the beginnings of the band and why they decided to create Finnr 's Cane?
The Peasant: Finnr's Cane began a few years ago when The Bard and The Peasant began to play music together. There were no real plans to form a band in the beginning, but rather to improvise music for our own enjoyment.

2 . "A Portrait Painted by the Sun" is your second album , how was the process of writing and recording ? has proved too long a process , you are very meticulous when writing and recording ?
The Peasant: Yes, this album did take a little longer to release than we had expected. It was written fairly quickly but lots of time was spent analyzing the fine details of the overall production in terms of sound. Each song presented its own challenges and several versions of specific tracks were tested before the album was finalized.

3 . What differences can you find between your last album and the previous " Wanderlust "? , Are you satisfied with the result obtained in " A Portrait Painted by the Sun" ?
The Peasant: We are very pleased with the result. "Wanderlust" was a very dense, dark and cold offering... like an encompassing winter night. "A Portrait Painted By The Sun" was largely inspired by the lighter months of the year (the return of the sun in spring, rebirth of plants etc). With these types of inspirations the atmosphere is much less cold compared to "Wanderlust".

4 . What bands are your main influences? How are these influences in music Finnr 's Cane?
The Peasant: I think if you asked each member of Finnr's Cane they would list different bands as main influences. For me, I find all types of music to be inspiring and so an easy band to list is Ulver. Their career has led to incredible pieces in many different genres. I am always eager to hear what they will try (and succeed at) next. In that sense Ulver's music is a continual inspiration.

5 . Nature is a recurring theme in your lyrics , what aspects of the natural world consider important to write about them ?
The Peasant: All things in nature are important to be aware of and reflect upon. In the modern day it is easy to downplay the influence the natural world has upon us. There is a growing disconnect between how humankind interact with the land we live on and how this balance will be maintained in the future. We try to be mindful to the fact that all life has known this earth to be its home for all time and the same earth will last long after life is removed from its surface. The relationship between nature, the passage of time and the relative insignificance of our own lives is very inspiring.

6. Canada is a hotbed of black metal bands , what aspects you consider essential in your area for surges of different groups? Bands do you consider important in the black in Canada?
The Peasant: It is difficult to comment on the black metal scene in Canada because this country is so large. Major cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver may have strong communities for extreme music but we come from a smaller city with few people that listen to black metal and fewer still that play in bands. There are certainly projects that we are familiar with and are fond of, but there is not much more of a connection between us than a band from any other country. One such Canadian project that has been an inspiration for Finnr's Cane is Sorciers Des Glaces.

7. An instrument that has gained prominence in your last job is the cello , how the afrontasteis you give more prominence to the cello ?
The Peasant: Yes the cello is featured more prominently on this record. When we first began recording songs as Finnr's Cane, we realized right away that we loved the eerie atmosphere that is created by omitting bass guitar from the sound mix. The foundation of our music is guitar, drums, synth and vocals. At times it is beneficial to include a lower toned instrument that can carry sustained, dreamy melodies. The cello is a perfect addition to the pieces that were already in place.

8. Despite the strong connection with nature that we find your music the last issue of " A Portrait Painted by the Sun" but I'm wrong for the title refers to Taoism , you could expand a bit this concept and as reflected in your music ?
The Bard: Nature and Tao are intimately linked. In fact, they are essentially the same thing. Since I cannot identify with any of the mainstream religions, the simple wisdom of Taoism has provided me with a philosophical framework with which to base difficult decisions in my life, as well as to make me feel generally more balanced. I wouldn't call myself a "taoist" or anything like that, but its certainly been a great inspiration for me over the last few years and that's why I really wanted to include the concept on this album. 

9. What feelings intended to convey to the listener with music Finnr 's Cane ? Referred to the group name ?
The Peasant: The group name is somewhat abstract to us. For me, it always makes me think of a weary traveler that is known simply by the name "Finnr". It is not a real name, just something that sounds interesting. I like to imagine that he has journeyed for many years to many distant places. His only companion is a gnarled old walking cane that he uses to hobble along. That is my interpretation of what the band name means.

10. How were your beginnings in music and event in your life that you want to dedicate the occasion to be musicians?
The Peasant: All three members have long played various instruments in various types of musical projects. We knew each other from the music scene that was in our city. The timing was correct for Finnr's Cane to form as we were all looking to record a type of music that we had not heard nor played before. We never intended to play live and still have not to this day... perhaps at some point the opportunity will present itself. I would not consider myself a musician, but rather someone that plays the drums. Music is certainly not my career, just something that I enjoy immensely.

11. Benjamin König has done a great job on the album cover , how the collaboration came with Banjamin What is intended to convey the cover and how it relates to the contents of the disc ?
The Peasant: Benjamin is a talented artist and a pleasure to work with. His name was suggested to us when we were looking for album art for the "Wanderlust" release. We tried several different options this time around, but in the end his painting was perfect to capture the mood of what we were inspired by.

12. Prophecy Productions released " A Portrait Painted by the Sun" and the reissue of your previous album. How does the relationship with the label came musician How format you prefer : vinyl, cd , tape or digital download ?
The Bard: It has been a pleasure thus far to work with Prophecy. We really appreciate that they are able to strike a good balance between professionalism and artistic expression. We feel that we are well represented and that our artistic vision is always well respected. Personally, I really like vinyl as a physical medium for music. 

13 . Have you considered the possibility of carrying Finnr 's Cane direct ?
The Peasant: No, not at this time.

14 .  Are your future plans with the band regarding upcoming releases , promotion, etc. .. ?
The Peasant: We plan to continue creating and recording music as we have been. There will certainly be future releases to discuss as the years pass by. 

15 . Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Finnr 's Cane, this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking .
The Peasant: Thank you very much, we appreciate the time you have taken to talk to us.