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1. How were the beginnings of the band and why they decided to create Finnr 's Cane?
The Peasant: Finnr's Cane began a few years ago when The Bard and The Peasant began to play music together. There were no real plans to form a band in the beginning, but rather to improvise music for our own enjoyment.

2 . "A Portrait Painted by the Sun" is your second album , how was the process of writing and recording ? has proved too long a process , you are very meticulous when writing and recording ?
The Peasant: Yes, this album did take a little longer to release than we had expected. It was written fairly quickly but lots of time was spent analyzing the fine details of the overall production in terms of sound. Each song presented its own challenges and several versions of specific tracks were tested before the album was finalized.

3 . What differences can you find between your last album and the previous " Wanderlust "? , Are you satisfied with the result obtained in " A Portrait Painted by the Sun" ?
The Peasant: We are very pleased with the result. "Wanderlust" was a very dense, dark and cold offering... like an encompassing winter night. "A Portrait Painted By The Sun" was largely inspired by the lighter months of the year (the return of the sun in spring, rebirth of plants etc). With these types of inspirations the atmosphere is much less cold compared to "Wanderlust".

4 . What bands are your main influences? How are these influences in music Finnr 's Cane?
The Peasant: I think if you asked each member of Finnr's Cane they would list different bands as main influences. For me, I find all types of music to be inspiring and so an easy band to list is Ulver. Their career has led to incredible pieces in many different genres. I am always eager to hear what they will try (and succeed at) next. In that sense Ulver's music is a continual inspiration.

5 . Nature is a recurring theme in your lyrics , what aspects of the natural world consider important to write about them ?
The Peasant: All things in nature are important to be aware of and reflect upon. In the modern day it is easy to downplay the influence the natural world has upon us. There is a growing disconnect between how humankind interact with the land we live on and how this balance will be maintained in the future. We try to be mindful to the fact that all life has known this earth to be its home for all time and the same earth will last long after life is removed from its surface. The relationship between nature, the passage of time and the relative insignificance of our own lives is very inspiring.

6. Canada is a hotbed of black metal bands , what aspects you consider essential in your area for surges of different groups? Bands do you consider important in the black in Canada?
The Peasant: It is difficult to comment on the black metal scene in Canada because this country is so large. Major cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver may have strong communities for extreme music but we come from a smaller city with few people that listen to black metal and fewer still that play in bands. There are certainly projects that we are familiar with and are fond of, but there is not much more of a connection between us than a band from any other country. One such Canadian project that has been an inspiration for Finnr's Cane is Sorciers Des Glaces.

7. An instrument that has gained prominence in your last job is the cello , how the afrontasteis you give more prominence to the cello ?
The Peasant: Yes the cello is featured more prominently on this record. When we first began recording songs as Finnr's Cane, we realized right away that we loved the eerie atmosphere that is created by omitting bass guitar from the sound mix. The foundation of our music is guitar, drums, synth and vocals. At times it is beneficial to include a lower toned instrument that can carry sustained, dreamy melodies. The cello is a perfect addition to the pieces that were already in place.

8. Despite the strong connection with nature that we find your music the last issue of " A Portrait Painted by the Sun" but I'm wrong for the title refers to Taoism , you could expand a bit this concept and as reflected in your music ?
The Bard: Nature and Tao are intimately linked. In fact, they are essentially the same thing. Since I cannot identify with any of the mainstream religions, the simple wisdom of Taoism has provided me with a philosophical framework with which to base difficult decisions in my life, as well as to make me feel generally more balanced. I wouldn't call myself a "taoist" or anything like that, but its certainly been a great inspiration for me over the last few years and that's why I really wanted to include the concept on this album. 

9. What feelings intended to convey to the listener with music Finnr 's Cane ? Referred to the group name ?
The Peasant: The group name is somewhat abstract to us. For me, it always makes me think of a weary traveler that is known simply by the name "Finnr". It is not a real name, just something that sounds interesting. I like to imagine that he has journeyed for many years to many distant places. His only companion is a gnarled old walking cane that he uses to hobble along. That is my interpretation of what the band name means.

10. How were your beginnings in music and event in your life that you want to dedicate the occasion to be musicians?
The Peasant: All three members have long played various instruments in various types of musical projects. We knew each other from the music scene that was in our city. The timing was correct for Finnr's Cane to form as we were all looking to record a type of music that we had not heard nor played before. We never intended to play live and still have not to this day... perhaps at some point the opportunity will present itself. I would not consider myself a musician, but rather someone that plays the drums. Music is certainly not my career, just something that I enjoy immensely.

11. Benjamin König has done a great job on the album cover , how the collaboration came with Banjamin What is intended to convey the cover and how it relates to the contents of the disc ?
The Peasant: Benjamin is a talented artist and a pleasure to work with. His name was suggested to us when we were looking for album art for the "Wanderlust" release. We tried several different options this time around, but in the end his painting was perfect to capture the mood of what we were inspired by.

12. Prophecy Productions released " A Portrait Painted by the Sun" and the reissue of your previous album. How does the relationship with the label came musician How format you prefer : vinyl, cd , tape or digital download ?
The Bard: It has been a pleasure thus far to work with Prophecy. We really appreciate that they are able to strike a good balance between professionalism and artistic expression. We feel that we are well represented and that our artistic vision is always well respected. Personally, I really like vinyl as a physical medium for music. 

13 . Have you considered the possibility of carrying Finnr 's Cane direct ?
The Peasant: No, not at this time.

14 .  Are your future plans with the band regarding upcoming releases , promotion, etc. .. ?
The Peasant: We plan to continue creating and recording music as we have been. There will certainly be future releases to discuss as the years pass by. 

15 . Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Finnr 's Cane, this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking .
The Peasant: Thank you very much, we appreciate the time you have taken to talk to us.

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