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1. How did the idea to dissolve and form Elfire Scum Sentinel? What can you offer in Scum Sentinel that was not present in Elfire? What are the differences between Scum Sentinel and your other projects?
        The only thing that changed in the band is the name. Same band members and songs. I think Scum Sentinel is a far better name than Elfire, it represents what the band is really about.

    Ekinox: Elfire was hellfire with a volontary error in it.

2. How was the writing process of this Scumshot? What differences in appearance are musical about Sentinel of Scum?
        The writing process did not change, we write songs by ourselves, then record a demo version at Ekinox's "working class" studio. We then pratice the song as a band to get the feel of it, improve
        the flow and add details. Scumshot is more thrash influanced, you also can hear rock and punk played in a black/thrash style.

    W.solstice: we tried to keep the same level of "dirt" we had on "sentinel of scum".

3. What importance do you give to the visual aspect of the group? Do you think even if you can gain the attention of new people, can also be a bit mislead the listener?
        We don't care about thoses things. We decided that a cartoonish artwork style would represent the lyrics and the band attitude.
        The band is not afraid to show silliness, but the raw feelings conveyed are not fake. I am sure some serial killers have a good sense of humour.

    Ekinox: Just like good 80's/90's horror movies, they are sick and twisted but yet they remain amusing and entertaining.

    W.solstice: I like comic books. We could use a typical black and white cover with a corpsepainted guy in the woods, but we decided not to.

4. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.
        I use Jackson guitars and peavey amps, live and in the studio. Plug directly in the amp, nothing fancy.

    Blasph : I use an old Pearl Export kit to rehearse and to record. I prefer to play on someone else drums when we do concert, so I dont have to bring it back after the shows, more time allowed for beers.

    Ekinox: Bc rich warlock or Epiphone Prophecy guitar, and a paevey amp.

    W.Solstice: Wicked bass.

5. How difficult is the coexistence within the group? Who is the leader of the now compose, or all aportáis ideas and you respect?
        We all write songs individually and then pratice those songs together. Ekinox also does the production at home.

    Blasph : They write, I play. That's about it.

    Ekinox: we got along very well, we just play music without thinking too much about beeing in a band. Our goal is to play music we like.

6. Do you plan to re-edit the demo Elfire?
        We could reprint the demo as it was (cheap cd-r), but the drums were programmed and that is not what we aim for. We might upload it somewhere in the future.
        All the songs in the demo have way better versions on boths albums.

    W.Solstice: for now the answer is no.

7. Do you feel more control over your work thanks to the self?
        Yes, we can take our time and do whatever we please. It certainly take more time, but we don't have the money or interest in working with/for other people.

    Ekinox: For my part, I like the fact that we produce the music ourselves. we can have the sound we want, no compromise. Only total self satisfaction. isn't that the purpouse of playing in a band anyways ?

8. What bands influenced you when composing? What are you listening to lately? Any new group that has surprised you?
        Darkthone, Celtic Frost are my influences when writing for Scum Sentinel. I mainly listen to electronic music and ambient music these days, Boards of Canada, Endvra.......and lots of Darkthrone.
        I really like the latest Burzum album.

    Blasph : dsrkthrone and Motorhead. I mainly listen to old school black-metal and some old death-metal... and of course... Motorhead.

    Ekinox: for the writing, old mayhem, celtic frost, Khold, darkthrone, rock n roll, Punk. Lately I bought a couple of good cd's; both sarke albums, Abigor quintessance 2012, the new suffocation album,
            Behexen... but I also still listen to alot of my 90's classical black metal albums, I have over 500 extreme metal albums at home. And i also like alot of the 70's  and 80's rock n roll like Queen, VH, Neil young...

    W.Solstice: Kataklysm (sylvain houde era only) Kreator, Motorhead, Darkthrone, Vio-lence, Gammacide, Morbid Saint, Satanic Warmaster, Orcustus, Nargaroth, Exodus, Sodom, Celtic Frost- Hellhammer, Monarque, Benediction, Mayhem(Attila)

9. You are a group well known in the Canadian scene and more specifically in the Montreal area, thanks to your various projects. Has this been a success thanks to your shows? What can you tell us of your shows?
        Members of the band have been relentlessly producing great quality black metal for around 15 years now. Thus, we are known in the scene here, but we are aweful at doing promo and don't get solicited
        that often. When going to see Scum Sentinel, expect raw performances with a fuck off attitude and Satan.

        Blasph: Strident is right, we are totally aweful at doing promo and it's perfect just like that, we dont have to convince people to buy our stuff. They buy it because they like it... or even better if they buy it because they just want to burn it.

        Ekinox: I think that music "scenes" are like hollywood, it's all bout sucking up to people, which we don't do. We sing about our narrowminded ideas of interest in our circle of 4 people,
                beeing the band. So we don't have a circle of musical "friends" like all scenes have usually developped ex: Florida death metal, LLN, The norwegian inner cirle, Gottenburg death metal etc...
                We are here, we are different, we will remain like it or not. And peforming our music live is realy about having a good time playing our loud distorted riffs with intense volume in front of troglodytes like us.

10. Five fundamental cds in black metal
        If we talk second wave onwards..Not necessarily the best albums, but a great range to describe Black Metal.
        Burzum: Det Som Engang Var
        Darkthrone: Ablaze in the northern sky
        Ved Buens Ende: Written in Waters
        Emperor: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
        Leviathan: 10th sublevel of suicide

        Blasph : Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness / Any Darkthrone Albums.
                 Enthroned - Towards the skullthrone of Satan
                 Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk
                 Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
                 Burzum: Det Som Engang Var

        Ekinox: I like way to much album to name just five... but here are a few that comes in mind right now;
                Abigor- the Silenius/Pk/TT Era
                Limbonic Art - in abhorence dementia
                Burzum - Filosofem
                Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
                Enslaved- Eld

        W.Solstice: abigor -orkblut the retaliation
                    enslaved - eld
                    opera IX -the black opera...
                    limbonic art - in abhorence dementia
                    mork grynning - return fire

11. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Scum Sentinel, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.
        Thanks for the interview, you might want to visit There, you will get info about Scum Sentinel, Magister Dixit, Spirit of the Forest and Superior Enlightenment.
        Blasph : F.O.A.D. UH!
        ws: S.A.T.A.N.!

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Origen : Brasil
Formados : 1988
Estilo : Black, death
Temática : Caos, guerra y nihilismo
Enlaces: facebookmyspace
  • Necro Abhorrence Guitarra
  • Virrugus Apocalli       Guitarra
  • MGM.666 Batería

  • Htaed No Tabbas                                                              Demo 1992
  • Blessed by War                                                              Demo 1993   
  • Jesus Coward                                                                      Demo 1994
  • World in Flames                                                              Recopilatorio 2001   
  • Trotz Verbot Nicht Tot                                                      Recopilatorio 2002
  • High Temperature Fires / Genocide Before Extinction      Split 2004   
  • Inhumanization                                                                      CD 2004
  • Semen 1992 - Anno Domini                                              Demo 2004
  • Celebrating the Revenge of All the Times                              Single 2005   
  • Atomic Rituals                                                                      Recopilatorio 2005   
  • Apotheosis of War                                                              Recopilatorio 2006   
  • Pulverize the Human Race                                                      Demo 2007
  • Ill Alliance for War                                                              DVD 2007
  • Welt In Flammen                                                              Recopilatorio 2009   
  • Joint Direct Attack Munitions                                              Recopilatorio 2009   
  • Biochemterrorism                                                              CD 2010
  • Mission Directive: Total Extermination                              Recopilatorio 2010   
  • Depleted Ammunition                                                      CD 2011   
  • Terroristic Onslaught of Humanicidal Chaos                      Split 2012
  • Flesh Consumed in the Battlefield CD 2014
  • htaeD no tabbaS Recopilatorio 2015
  • Epithaps of the War Directo 2015 Apocalypse War EP 2015
  • Satanic Terror Weapons Split 2016 Live in Brazilian Ritual - Third Attack Directo 2016
  • Anesthetic Vapor CD 2017
  • Bloodpact in Cataclysmic Warfare Split 2019
  • Decapitation Philosophy CD 2020
  • United in Demonic Warfare Split 2021
  • Bring the Elite to Obliteration Split 2022
Dos temas son los que aportan los brasileños Goatpenis a este compartido. Dos temas en donde dejan claro su estilo forjado a lo largo de dos décadas y media ofreciéndonos su demencial e incendiario estilo de música. Se nota la experiencia, y sus composiciones suenan no contenidas pero si con un sonido más claro y en donde podemos apreciar esa magistral ejecución de black death marca de la casa. Los temas son cortos, apenas un par de minutos por cabeza, pero son suficientes para dejar constancia del buen hacer del grupo, eso si se antojan un tanto escasos para sacar mayores conclusiones. (7.5)
1. Goatpenis - Bellum Contra Humanitatem 02:20  
2. Goatpenis - Dunkel Himmel 02:35  
3. Nyogthaeblisz - Chemical Eucharist 01:38  
4. Nyogthaeblisz - Biocidal Anointing 01:23  
5. Nyogthaeblisz - Radioactive Sacrament 01:17  
6. Nyogthaeblisz - Nuclear Expiation 01:35  

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Origen : España, Barcelona
Formados : 1997
Estilo : Black
Temática : La historia de súcubos Abrahel
Enlaces : facebookmyspace
Miembros : 
  • Cr6ne                                   Bajo
  • Mythra                                   Batería
  • Incuberus                                   Voces, guitarra, flauta

Discografía :

  • Abrahel                                           CD         2008
  • Wrathman of Warfare                   Demo 2009   
  • Back from the Underworld           EP         2011
  • Implacabilis Procella Cupiditatis   CD  2012   

Este Implacabilis Procella Cupiditatis, contiene los cinco temas ya presentes en la demo Back from the Underworld, lanzada en 2011, más 2 temas y una nueva portada. Los temas son marca de la casa, se va notando una evolución en el sonido y en trabajo de las guitarras que ya se dejaba atisbar en su primer trabajo del 2008, pero que ha ganado en variedad, melodía y matices, creando una atmósfera fría y muy metalera. La batería cumple su cometido sin grandes aspavientos  y la voz de Incuberos, arroja gritos gruñidos y momentos de voz limpias sin despeinarse. El albúm transmite una sensación de equilibrio entre todas sus partes y de un estilo y forma de hacer las cosas muy característico de la banda (8).
1. Implacabilis Procella Cupidita 01:30  
2. Sexual Slaughter 08:16  
3. Nocturnal Wings 08:43  
4. Existencia Maldita 10:38   
5. 13 Candles 04:21  
6. We are Legion 06:08  
7. Adrift Souls 03:46  

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Origen : Dinamarca, Copenhague
Formados : 2004
Estilo : Black depresivo, ambiente
Temática : Pesimismo, suicidio y desesperación
Enlaces : facebook
Miembros : 
  • Ynleborgaz - Todos los instrumentos, Voces
  • Nattetale - Letras
Discografía :
Make a Change... Kill Yourself    CD 2005
II                                            CD 2007
Fri                                            CD 2012
Tape Box Recopilatorio 2017
IV CD 2018
Oblivion Omitted CD 2019

           FRI (2012)
Poco a poco y a base de buenos lanzamientos en los últimos tiempos el subgénero del black depresivo va ganando adeptos y reconocimiento en la escena black. Ya desde el nombre del grupo estamos en sobreaviso de lo que nos vamos a encontrar, una obra melancólica y depresiva en donde el ritmo lento, por cierto algo no muy común en el black depresivo, va ahogando y asfixiando al oyente. La batería va marcando el devenir de las composiciones mientras las guitarras y la voz va rasgando al oyente, combinado por momentos con algunos pasajes de atmósferas  como no, también tristes. Fri "Liberación" es un buen ejercicio de black depresivo, original y muy bien ejecutado y supone un paso el frente en la evolución lógica del sonido de la banda (7,75)

1. Fri Fra Denne Verden 11:42  
2. Livets Gave 12:12  
3. Du Er Alene 09:31  
4. Sjælefred 18:40  

Curiosidades : La banda se creo, en un primer momento, para extender el concepto del anti-existencialismo.


1. It's been five years since your last album, Would you have taken all this time the composition of Perihelion? How has the group's sound at this time and as reflected in the album?

Well, I know that five years is a lot of time for composing a new album. The truth is that not all this time was spent on writing the new material. In 2007, there were some line-up changes and we decided to move on musically as well. Our second album had just been released and we felt that we had enough of this sort of “mandatory” sinister atmosphere and we wanted to create something that is much more uplifting. So as I said, this process started 5 years ago, but it is still happening and evolving. Perihelion was the mark of where we were let’s say 1-2 years ago when most of the songs on the album were born. To answer your question, I think we were much more generic in 2007 with our then-released second album and since then we achieved what we wanted in terms of becoming more heartfelt and sincere when it comes to composing music. This is a process of maturation that I think someone who calls himself a musician should know pretty well.

2. Twelve years and as a band, is more than enough to put a dent in the scene. How did the idea to form the group? What good and bad times have you left on the road?

Our whole existence was about continuous development both musically and personally as individuals. We played lots of concerts, had several line-up changes, we toured Europe and we released three full-lengths, all of which I think show our gradual development. Twelve years is definitely a lot if you consider only the length of time as it is, but it was like a second for us, since we have always been aiming for composing the best music we ever could. There were of course bandmates who really were not into this idea and wanted to focus more on visuals and stardom, but time has shown what this band is about: creating music in the most honest way possible. Therefore, the only bad times we had were always in connection with some personal issue and the fuckup of someone who did not really understand what it takes to create MUSIC. Consequently, my very best memories about the band are definitely connected to composing, recording and – finally – releasing our albums. That is the ultimate goal of forming a band and being in a band.

3. What bands have influenced you the composition of this work? What are you listening to lately? Any interesting new group How is the Hungarian extreme scene?

I would not call myself a follower of what has been going in the music scene lately. As a matter of course, I listen to random tracks that I come across in reviews or if someone posts them somewhere and I stumble upon them, but I am really tired of most of these. The reason for this is that 95% of new (mainly metal) bands are only a safely and securely executed recreation of something that was heard before several times. Therefore, I could go on listing my all time favourites here, but that would not be of any indication as to what I was impressed by during composing “Perihelion”. I was more influenced by feelings and impressions which I tried to transform into music at the time of composing the album.
As regards the Hungarian scene, I don’t think there is any problem here concerning the multitude of bands and genres. There is really a wide range of styles and there are several bands in each genre. Of course I could start listing the problems with the infrastructure and the lack of financial background, but I also know that it could still be worse and it is also true that struggling is the best muse in many cases.

4. The media in the scene you pigeonhole black / death, I think is not quite right, how would you define your sound?

I’m sure that we kind of “inherited” this label from our previous albums which were definitely black/death, especially our first release that was even more into death metal. The media that you referred to probably does not really have the time to at least listen to what it attaches a label to, as if they had done that, it would have immediately turned out that we have absolutely nothing to do with death metal anymore. I would define our sound as majestic, soaring, chaotic soundscapes floating towards the farthest regions of what mind can grasp.

5. On the subject of your lyrics. What aspects of philosophy destacaríais and mental illness, as a source of inspiration? Is there any connection between the album cover and lyrics?

This is another example how someone only “takes over” some information from others without actually looking for any verification. This description about the lyrics is absolutely out of touch with reality, our lyrics are definitely not about these issues anymore. Our first two albums featured a different vocalist and lyric writer, but he’s already gone and this event was a major push towards a much higher quality in our lyrics. The lyrics on Perihelion are basically about the morals and consequences of the Hungarian history, but I guess these could only be understood by Hungarians or those who are extremely acquainted with the Hungarian spirit. However, all these ideas are sort of “hidden” or “coated” with cosmic and atmospheric issues which is the other main pillar of our lyrics. I am really interested in cosmology and I have always admired the unspeakable distances of the Universe, not to mention that it is free from any imperfections caused by humanity. If I want to summarise it the best possible way, I would say that lyrics are about the historical issues of a nation put into a cosmic perspective.

6. How is the disk worked at both sales as at concerts?

Firstly, we have not played many concerts lately, so selling CDs at gigs is not a major share but there were lots of people who ordered it. However, I think CDs will soon disappear and only those really devoted will look for physical formats. As I see the current tendencies, it is more than inevitable.

7. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.

We have our own studio like many bands out there and we are continuously developing it, always trying to improve something. I’m glad to say that we are able to produce the album and the sound that we dream of, and it’s not because we have the physical devices to record an album with decent quality, but because we gained a huge amount of experience over the last one and a half decade in recording stuff for other bands and for us of cours. It takes lots of experimenting and experience to know how to create a certain feeling that was once born as an idea and how to exactly infuse that feeling into a sound.

8. 'Five fundamental cds in black history?

Emperor – Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk  (five times)

9. This appears as a self-produced album. Is it over and records relating to Nails? Was not there any label interested in publishing this work? Are you planning your first ever reissue demos?

Nail Records is the home label of the Hungarian Rock&Metal magazine “Hammerworld” which used to be the Hungarian Metal Hammer before they changed their name to the current one. The end of our cooperation with them also has to do with our strive to do something different this time and to move forward. Even though we sent out dozens of beautiful digipak promos to several interesting (and not too interesting) record labels, the response rate was more than miserable. I have to admit that it was not what we expected, but of course we also had a plan for this scenario, so we basically decided to release it on our own. This might be much harder and it definitely takes a shitload of time to try to deal with promotion on our own, but this is what we chose to do and we will do our best to make ourselves known by people who potentially like our music.

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Neokhrome, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you very much for the interview, it was a pleasure. Take care and spread the word about us!

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Origen : España. Galicia
Formado : 2004
Estilo : Black depresivo, death melódico, doom
Temática : Muerte, depresión y suicidio
Enlaces : facebookbandcampmyspaceyoutube
Miembros :
  • Naemoth                   -                      Batería
  •  Netzja             -                      Guitarra
  • NatnoF                         -                      Bajo
  • Vorgh                        -                     Guitarra
  • Sanguinist             -                        Voces


  • Promo 2005                                          Demo                   2005
  • When the Ravens Fly Over Me                  CD                           2006
  • Call of the Broken Souls                          CD                           2008
  • All Roads Lead to Death                          CD                           2010
  • Return to Deep Lethargy                          CD                            2012
  • The Ravens Fly Again: 10 Years of Desolation Recopilatorio 2014
  • Where Fear Is Born CD 2014
  • .​.​.​and All Will Be Ashes CD 2016
  • The Seventh Wandering Soul CD 2018
  • Time to Close the Circle Single 2021 Time to Pass Away CD 2021
  • Novena Wake Begins Single 2023 Fatum CD 2023

Ni que decir tiene que el camino para llegar a este cuarto trabajo no ha sido nada fácil, por el camino se han quedado miembros originales de la formación y sustituirlos ha dado más de un quebradero de cabeza. Sería injusto tirar a la basura tantos años de esfuerzo y mucho más ahora cuando el sonido del grupo ha dado un paso al frente y ha evolucionado para colocarlos en otro nivel. Se les podría acusar en el pasado de sonar un tanto monótonos y como consecuencia un tanto aburridos y aunque no han perdido la esencia de su black melancólico y triste con momentos doom que tanto debe a la escena escandinava  se nota claramente una evolución en el aspecto musical, sobre todo en la producción que hace que las guitarras suene infinitamente más variadas, estando más presentes en la estructura de las canciones con riffs más variados y melódicos  así como a batería mucho más nítida  Sanguist también ha encontrado acomodo en el aspecto vocal y se va encontrando más a gusto en los registros guturales atreviéndose a veces incluso a variar el tono. El álbum se cierra con una buena verión de Katatonia. Albúm perfecto para acompañar una tarde nublada y fría das nosas terras galegas. (8.25)
1. Pain and Lethargy 08:41
 In your bed, you vanish.
Pain and lethargy,
suffering and rest.

From your life you depart.
Permanent deepness,
listless feelings.

An instant,
a moment.
You don't exist,
nothing disturbs you.

In remembrance, nothing.
In nothingness, everything.

In the past, suffering,
In the present, infinity.
2. Onward to Darkness 09:05
  Towards the immensity of the megalith,
only a path of unrelenting darkness,
The cold stone that grips
hopes of another reality.

An ode to unending obscurity,
the dark and lonely path of life.
The inner darkness of thoughts
sums you up in desperation.

Existence is your own adversary,
a path full of pain and madness.
You struggle with the load on your back,
it's not worth the wait.

Don't cry for help above,
the ears that you await can't hear you.
Cursed mankind,
condemned by the weight of time.

The scythe claims for its capture,
Grim Reaper's hand behind.
A cold bleak farewell,
the dust covers the megalith.
3. Until My Time Comes 06:16
  Loyal to my convictions,
I follow the path of my life.
Always surrounded by darkness,
I don't try to find a way out.

I know this is my truth,
no one would change it.
No light at the end of the path,
it's only the end.

The path is dark,
this is the way I've chosen,
with no promises of a different life,
which make change mine.

This is my truth,
nothing else matters,
until my time comes,
the true eternity.
4. The Arrival of Silence 08:46
  I feel a battle inside me,
Confused thoughts take me to desperation,
Plunged into darkness created in my mind,
I can’t distinguish where reality is.

I know I’m not alone, but I can’t see them,
I can hear their voices whispering at me.

They all say I'm mad, that no one is besides me,
I know they're lying, I feel them, they're here.

They never stop tormenting me, I'll must end with them,
I don't eat nor sleep, I hear them inside me
I've got a gun, I’ll cut them down
the barrel in the head and, finally, I stop hearing them...
5. Ode to Nothingness 06:01
  Passed the final frontier,
into the infinity of emptiness,
nothing left behind,
nor nothing before us.

Just a far echo,
with the cries of those who stay.
A heavy layer of oblivion,
covers remains of a futile existence.

In the horizon, nothingness,
looking back, nostalgia.

A void of silence,
an abyss of solitude,
the deepest darkness,
unending travel to nowhere.

Only dust left behind,
in the horizon, nothingness.
6. The End of the Path 07:58
  Laid on a bed, I can not even move,
I try to sort my mind and assimilate my fate.
Death guides me, along its longest path,
to take me with her and end my torment.

Days and weeks pass by with tremendous agony,
but the end of the path never seems to arrive.
Please, terminate me!
Grant me rest, grant me peace.

I only hear the laments of my beloved ones,
who watch my life slowly fading out.

Don’t cry for me! This is our fate,
I see Death’s hand, this is the end of my path
7. Murder (Katatonia cover) 05:22
  Fallen idol,
Hanged man,
Great winds,
Rides the mill,
Further into the vast,
Limits do not exist.

Five day pain,
Closer now than ever.

Birds escape,
Mute flock of winds,
One with weather,
Sight is getting dim 


Origen : E.E.U.U., California
Formados: 2005
Estilo : Épico, black melódico
Temática: Creación propia
Miembros : 
  • Matthew Earl                            -                        Flauta, Batería
  • Brent Vallefuoco                    -                        Guitarra
  • Sam Meador                            -                        Voces, teclado, guitarra acústica
  • Ali Meador                                                   Voces


  • Iced, In Extremis                                    Demo                            2010   
  • Incultus                                                    EP                                    2011   
  • Blessed He with Boils                            CD                                   2012
  • Harvest Single 2013 The Argent Crusader's Hymn Single 2013 Sleeping Stars Single 2013 The Great Sundering Single 2014
  • To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand Single 2015
  • Of Erthe and Axen Act I CD 2017 Of Gods Bereft of Grace Single 2017 Of Erthe and Axen Act II CD 2017
  • Of Erthe and Axen: Acts I & 2 Recopilatorio 2018

                                                              BLESSED HE WITH BOILS (2012)
Álbum conceptual que gira en torno a un mundo de fantasía  creado por ellos mismos, y cuya música parte de una base de black sinfónico para ir más allá y adentrarse en terrenos del progresivo y al épica. Muy a tener en cuenta es la dualidad tanto en la voz, que alterna momentos agresivos con otras más moderados e incluso corales, y en el plano musical pasa tres cuartos de lo mismo hay momentos más rápidos, otros más sinfónicos e incluso unos arreglos muy logrados de guitarras limpias. Sería fácil caer en la repetición y en la cursilería con semejantes elementos si no fueran llevados a buen puerto, y es aquí el caso que aun habiendo tanta variedad de estilos siguen fieles a los patrones del extremismo y en todo momento coquetean con el black de tintes sinfónico, llámense Wintersun, llámese Borknagar. La producción también está muy bien trabajada y deja respirar en todo momento a cada instrumento. Buen trabajo que a pesar de su duración logra mantener la atención del oyente gracias a las sorpresas que nos depara a cada minuto. Gran futuro por delante si siguen por este camino. (8)

1. Aquatic Deathgate Existence 03:00
  Ambularo per harena 
juxta frigore salmacidus aqua 

Vocant me deus 
sed numquam ita sentitur 
2. Blessed He with Boils 07:29
Marked for death and horribly maimed I've suffered its pains, yet rightwise claimed This holy throne atop the Erthe; All shall witness a new god's birth "Blasphemer, deceiver A perfect fool" I shall nobly rule "Whose lies entrance" This northern expanse Believe! This holy land belongs to me The crown of kings upon my head Proclaims my royalty. Accept my gift And grovel at my knees Arise! Monuments to my reign One thousand years of faceless gods Replaced by fire and steel Consume! And let our might be known The feeble kings of Erthe and Axen Are but flesh and bone Man, who is Erthwile born Who longs, who tries, who is Full of strife How frail is life! And mine is but a breath A hopeless Thought "Who is empty, Faithless, embittered And capable of anything Inconquerable Yet full of woe" So I extend my reach Upon riches Unfit for unseen gods And disperse them to my sons My body is covered with maggots and scabs My skin, is faded, cracked and dry And still they proclaim "Blasphemer, deceiver" A thief they say But I have suffered And I have paid "All this was Long ago. Reap what you sew: Erthe and Axen, Flesh and bone" Marked for death No sense but a pulse Neath my fading breath I'll bear the weight Chains of my past so full of hate "King of Erthe" How frail is life "Dust and Ash" How full of strife "Like aeons past" And when I die "Your disease shall never last" Never again shall I arise "All this was" A thief they say "Long ago" To dead gods they pray "Reap what you sew" I have suffered "Erthe and Axen, flesh and bone" I have paid   
3. Winter's End 05:01
Words were writ Long ago Darkness would claim my throne Crushing weight Bearing down Life traded for a crown Light reveals Fertile soil Stone laid by kings of old Winter's end Melting snow Still I can feel the cold Ashes rain from skies And smother Erthen fire My soul is ever weakened By winter's cruel disease 
4. Long Live Our Lifeless King 08:57
Do not reject me If I should not continue on Then let me freeze Freeze again to death If she will receive me Then through these gates I must proceed Erthe's very womb From whence all were born I taste the stench of death My sight grows sharp My breath is steady He hides behind Monuments to progress "Lights that blind" Hail! to the Thane of Thule! Born of ashes, born to rule! "We exalt your glory" And bring from afar riches and Offerings fit for a king (You are no king) Hail! To a foolish boy Whose Relicry is but a ploy "Who is falsely burdened" With the charge of an absent god You so brutally wronged Brother, relinquish your crown (Your time has come) I have earned the right I have sacrificed Years of my life My dignity and my pride To bring man erthly light I come to bear witness Iron pillars will turn to Ashes as you fall Not with splendor But with a sigh You think you have suffered? I've endured things far worse than pain, I'll make you taste Death How easily he fell A hollow empty shell: Behold your lifeless King  
5. Deus Absconditus: Part I 04:00
Sino me vivere, O, carnifex magnus Let me live! O great tormentor! For my life is but a passing shadow My eyes are unable to see What light may lie beyond this life Let me make our brief and tortured lives Seem beautiful and grand For soon we will turn to dust You will look upon this Erthe And we will be gone God of Ashes, King of Erthe Given to a strange rebirth Every man shall to him sing: "Xanthochroid, our rightful King" Deus Absconditus God who is hidden from man We, disciples of the north Bring this vile carcass forth No one comforts as he weeps Simply drifting off to sleep 
6. Deus Absconditus: Part II 05:36
And as I watched him writhe in pain I felt that familiar horror; Struggling to breath and console my fear, I realized once again The true nature of existence. That awful reality I've tried to forget Since I was young. “Deus Absconditus” The eternal void that awaits us all, “God who is hidden from man” Whether Erthwile bound or a Relic like me; The infinite measure of time and space Captures each of us for all eternity. “Deus Absconditus” No one knows what lies beyond, “God who is hidden from man” But it matters not to me Whether it is a neverending paradise, A burning pit of fire, Or a void of non-existence. Whatever horrors or pleasures Await us after this life Will never eclipse the cold chill Of time's endless decay.
7. The Leper's Prospect 05:51
Cold winds Sting my coarse and blistered skin Making my return To a vain veil of time Dead dreams Shadows cry out desparately Can you not remember Your lost son's name? Why should I persist? Wrap me up in shrouds And let me remain unseen Trees that grow together Like father and son Stand in stark contrast To my dreadful outcast soul I wander, forlorn Disfugured, so sore Aching from the weight I bore all those years I am descending a black mountain That crumbles beneath my feet Still, I am looking back Over barren hills Devoid of light I struggle to draw my breath. Straining my sight Just so I might catch A glimpse of a long dead dream  
8. In Putris Stagnum 06:27
At last, I have arrived My tired eyes survey this Cancerous growth A festering pool of worms Sickening to behold Reminding me of what was, And what becomes of buried dreams Of reasons, I have but one To rid myself of pain Shrouded in black fog I am beyond death “For those who seek pleasure and power, I'll make you beautiful Beyond your wildest dreams For I am he; The one said born of the gods But I must ask no less a price To dwell in you” I, relinquish body, mind, and soul My leprous skin and broken spirit I, long to see myself through your eyes Not with compassion but disgust Welcome, Death. I lay my mind to rest My faults I do detest At last, I fall “For those who seek pleasure and power, I'll make you beautiful Beyond your wildest dreams For I am he; The one said born of the gods, Long live our king” Here I'll stay I shall remain The air is warm, The water sweet to drink And here I'll stay I shall remain This wondrous Sound Envelops me   
9. "Here I'll Stay" 02:39  instrumental
10. Rebirth of an Old Nation 09:00
As Erthe's beauty fades Behind bright, blinding lights Will I still recall The smell of the woods, My home, The lone and silent elk, The damp, misty air The allure of the erthe? I must posses a mind Not to be changed by place or time Not to be poisoned by The stench of progress I remember when I had a brother and a friend A friend whose struggles I alone have witnessed When I saw him there Crumbling face, empty stare A great, heaving sigh I, at last, said good bye The sky is black with fog Black with the souls of those who've lost That fleeting breath which they called life I step into the mist Recalling the place she and I lived Hoping to find some semblance of old joy But alas her tender spirit Has gone away at last For in my most desparate hour She did not come No empty blessings No friendly ghost To fill me with false hope Or haunt me with happy dreams Still I was drunk by the prospect That she may sit beside me When my trials were through I walk along the sand By the cold, brackish water “It's hard to remember The paths we used to take” It's hard to walk in this thick mud And I begin to sink. “Vocant me deus Numquam ita sentitur Humana”