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Todas aquellas personas que tarde o temprano han desarrolado la sensibiladad suficiente para disfrutar en todos los aspectos de la obra de Bathory, no pueden mas que sentirse felices y agradecidos de bandas como Blosdshed Walhalla, ya que  en ella sigue presente el legado de Quorthon. Muchas gracias Drakhen e boas noites.

Drakhen good evening, how are you?, Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.

1. Could you give a brief presentation of the group for people who have not known?
First of all thanks and greetings to you all for this review...   Bloodshed Walhalla are an Italian one man band born in 2006 from my idea and so for a passion grown over time for the metal music e exactly    for a particular genre as the viking metal is.   At the beginnings the Bloodshed Walhalla was born as Bathory cover band ,then after comments, positive and negative as well, the band assumed    then the band has taken  step by step its appearance, creating its own songs and after two demos, in 2010,has produced its first   full length by the name "legends of a viking" and two months ago its second work "the battle will never end".

2. Could you tell us a little as has been the process of composing this work? What issues have motivated you when composing?

After "legends of a viking ",very well received by the press and public, I felt obliged to go on and produce new songs for this    project and nowadays involves me 100%!  As I said before mine is a one man band so ,as you can easily understand I didn't have any problem by picking three songs in a lots    for the album .The great side to be a one man band is being alone producing a song. I also didn't have problems for the   studio because I got mine where I had all the time I needed to compose, change, record and mixing songs.

3. What are the differences between the new and previous work The Legends of a Viking?

For me there are not substantial differences but the maturity composing and the experience, that you can get after spending years    in a recording studio.   I state that I'm a self-educated musician and I don't have any qualification talking about sounds frequencies and so on    everything you can hear in my music it's just passion for music. I have fun playing metal music even if I'm almost 40 years old and  I think I'll play it for so long yet. Going back to the question, "the battle will never end" is a sort of pursuance of the first album    except for the sound that is a little bit rude then "legends of a viking" , the genre follows the viking metal, created by the    genius Quorthon's mind.

4. Bathory Tell us how you have influenced your music? What work best about your career? Did you have the opportunity to meet personally Quorthon?
Everything began after Quorthon passed by in 2004,nobody talks of him ,and I asked myself why a genius like him didn't get his    byes full of glory and honors as he deserved, only on internet I realized the fans from Sweden was growing dramatically...   still now people wants his music , too many bands have artifact his creations, so why not satisfy that people that cannot have  bathory's music ?   With Bloodshed Walhalla  I'm just trying to continue, in my little own, that way tragically abandoned . No shame at all if you think every band   should have its own style understood and Bloodshed Valhalla are growing thanks to them ! Unfortunately I never met Quorthon ,but I'd    appreciate it.. but you know...matera stokolm is hudge so...!                

5. Do you find it very difficult to take care of all the musical and vocal in the group?
Absolutely not! It's so many years now Ii play music. I grown up listening to heavy metal , I was 11 when I bought my first    Ozzy Osbourne vinyl. Playing music is not so hard you just need passion and some sacrifice. I also do what I've always wanted with  Bloodshed Walhalla. I always got my new ideas in my mind so I found it easy to pass them into the recorder , the only things that slows me down    is the fact I don't have cutting-edge tools, same is for my studio as well..there are so many bands that plays heavy metal,  the most known has got hudge stuff so thinking about competition is impossible!..all you need is a lot of money! But with the    fog foundation we are trying to find a good way to play good music without spending so much money but, as I said, first of    all passion and sacrifice !   Unfortunately no money taken out of it, but maybe it's better that way because thanks to this experience I'm having lots of fun   Also I think that for to play good music all you need is hands and brain just make shit!

6. What would you highlight as basic disks in the viking metal?
Bathory apart i don't listen a lot to other music.   I think that listening to other bands that are out of your royalties are not good for creativity, because confusing.   Anyway I know well about F alkenbach, Ereb Altor, Candlemass and some other band I'm in touch.

7. At any time you thought about adding more musicians to the group?
I never thought about hire new musician ... in the past i played with few bands, I got wonderful memories and great experience,   but I'm fascinated playing alone because I can express myself at all....but I have to  say, some days ago, I contacted a friend    that plays bagpipes and he has got some ideas  I really like .Certainly if we will have the third chapter of the Bloodshed Walhalla you'll listen to   some new stuff thanks to an external member!

8.This latest work is being welcomed in the most specialized media with good reviews, do you expect this success to start the group?

Well, as I said, I just want to have fun, I have no great pretensions, I'm not a frivolous person. I'm old pretending to be a rock star!   However, there is a lot of positivity around Bloodshed Walhalla and that makes me very proud!   I plan other 7/8 songs even more fascinating of the first two works, if that project will be successful, you will hear talk    of Bloodshed Walhalla for a long time .   lots of my fans tell me I'm the reincarnation of Quorthon ....well said that I have said it all!

9. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Bloodshed Walhalla, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are for you.
You thank me? I am wanting to thank you and the drafting of blackmetalspirit, you have given me the opportunity and the honor   to chat with readers of Bloodshed Valhalla! To them say to never give up and turn to music whenever something goes wrong in life,    it's good and there are no contraindications. For me, after the family and work (I'm a firefighter),   there is music and now I have no plans to get her away from me!

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