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1.Warfist was formed in 2004 , what can you tell us the time and why you decided to create a band like Warfist ?
Warfist was founded by me and Witchfucker, who was the vocalist of the band at that time. The reason was very simple – we wanted to play some old school blackened thrash metal in the vein of the 80, with a slight touch of Australian metal scene and bands like Destroyer 666 or Gospel Of The Horns. 2004 was a very crazy time, full of alcohol and parties. So it was a very inspiring time for a band like Warfist haha!

2. In this 2014 I finally decided to ye released your first live album after 2 demos , one EP and 4 splits, and a change of formation , how was the process of writing and recording of "The Devil Lives in Grünberg "? How is the way of working on the issues, we all contribute ideas or there is a play by the leader?
The process of creating the material for “The Devil Lives in Grünberg” lasted pretty long actually. We started to work on the songs for this album in 2009, but due to a lot of problems, including changing of drummer and bassists departure to UK for over a year, we were able to finish it somewhere in late 2012/early 2013. Some older tracks are included on this album too. When it comes to writting material for Warfist, I come up with the ideas for the riffs and the shape of the track myself. Then we all meet at the rehearsal room, and arrange the songs together. I also write the lyrics. Getting back to our debut album itself, we have recorded it in about 5 days, and then did the mixes and mastering in 2. All happened at Metal Sound Studio. The atmosphere in the studio was very cool. We're not one of these bands, that record one guitar riff per month, and then overproduce it for another 3 years.

3. Can we say that a new era with this disc opens Warfist ? How important has been the incorporation of M. De Sade to the battery to the development of "The Devil Lives in Grünberg "?
A new era? It's hard to say. Time will tell I guess. For us it was just a realisation of another dream. I hope that this album will open us some doors that were closed till this time, but it's not up to us, but the maniacs out there, who will listen to it. It's also hard to say about any development brought to “The Devil...” by M.de Sade. Most of the songs were arranged by previous drummer, Pavulon. M. had to stick to the core of the drum parts, but did some slight adjustments of his own, which came our really good. He will show what he can on our next material, which will have drum parts arranged by him from the beginning to the end.

4 . The album is released just a week , am pleased by the reactions of the media to disk?
Well, so far we are very positively surprised by the reactions for this album. The reviews are mostly very good, giving us mostly 8/10 points, so we have no reasons to complain.

5 . Your sound is characterized by a strong influence of tharsh 80 , What are your main musical influences ?
I love the 80s metal! Not only thrash, but heavy, doom, black and death too. Back then there were no such thick boarders between the genres as today. It was all about metal and extreme, and not about other shit which divided the metal scene in 90s. When it comes to inspirations, the biggest ones are Bathory, Sodom and Venom. 

6. The Polish black metal has always been healthy , how do you see the end scene of your country ? And the local scene of Zielona Góra ?
Yeah, it's good to hear that Polish metal scene (not only black metal) is respected abroad! There's a lot going on in Polish black metal lately. A lot of new bands arise – some of them are cool, an some shitty, but that's the way it is. From the cool ones I can recomend you Plaga, Voidhanger, Outre or Azel's Mountain. About Zielona Góra, unfortunatelly it's not so good lately. New bands prefer to play some metalcore shit, but we have one good black metal act, and it's Taran. Also I can mention the veterans from Witchmaster and Supreme Lord. They're not exactly pure black metal (Supreme Lord is pure old school death metal for that matter), but their musc shreds, and that's what matters. 

7. The album title refers to your region , whose idea was it and the disc holder ? What is your relationship to your area ?
It was my idea. Metal scene in Zielona Góra and its bands, are well known in Polish metal underground, and one might say, that it's because the Devil himself lives here hahaha! There are also some historical evidence of “Devil's presence” in our town. First of all, witchburning lasted here until XVII century, which is the longest time in this part of Europe. So the devilish roots were very deep here. Second of all. Zielona Góra's patron is Bacchus, who might be an epitome of the devil for some religious people, because of his hedonism, drinking and so on. I love my town and my region. It has something mystical in it. Besides it's a very relaxing place. The town is not to big, but you have there everything you need for a good living. And of course, the Devil lives there, hahaha! 

8. With that you have the taste for the classic thrash sound surely your favorite bands belonging to the 80 , five disk What you consider as essential within the black and why?
That's a hard one. I think I won't be too original. The albums I'm mentioning here are not in any particular order. I would mention “Black Metal” by Venom, which showed their more mature music than it was on “Welcome To Hell”, but still aggressive and hellish. Another one would be Mercyful Fate's “Don't Break the Oath”. Today we consider it as a heavy metal album, but its aura and climate is pure evil, so much related with black metal today. Third album would be Celtic Frost's “Morbid Tales”, which inspired for example Darkthrone. Also the debut album of Bathory, which was more extreme, furious and evil, than all of these mentioned materials put together. And the fifth one would be Sodom's “In the Sign of Evil”, because of it's darkness, dirt and primitiveness.

9. Have you already submitted your new album live , what kind of tools you use to record and what concert ?
We did one show after releasing the album at the moment, but we have been playing these songs for a long time now. Maniacs' reactions for them were mostly positive. I hope that “he Devil...” will bring some more gig offers, also from abroad. If anyone would be interested in having us play live in their city, feel free to contact us.

10. How did you get started in music, first cds you bought , the first concert you attend , etc. .. Why you decided to be a musician ? How the scene has changed over the years?
I have an older sister, and she's the one who got me into metal. I was six years old, when she introduced me to music of such bands as King Diamond, Slayer, Kreator or Sodom. Of course I was very young then and didn't understood much of it, but I liked it already hahaha! I think that the first CD I bought was Deicide's “Legion”, but I'm not certain. About the gig, it was a show of some local rock/metal bands of which none exists today. Why did I decided to become a musician? For chicks, hahaha! I am not such a veteran to do comparisons like this. All I can say, that when I started, and it was year 2000 – 2001, it was all more about fun and having good time. And now the young bands want to be famous on Facebook and shit like that. They should concentrate moe on playing good songs, and not photo sessions. 

11. Who designed the album ported ? Referred to and have to do with its content ?
All the graphics on the album were made by Igor Myszkiewicz. He's an artist from Zielona Góra, and has an unbelivable imagination! If anyone would like to see more of his works, here's the link to his website: http://galar.digart.pl/

12. How does the possibility of release the album through Wydawnictwo Muzyczne emerged Psycho ? Satisfied with the work they have done ? Will you continue in the future be linked to the seal ?
I have known Robert for 3 years now. He always liked the music of Warfist, but when I first asked him to release our debut, he didn't have the funds to do it, so we began to search for someone else. We found Pagan Records, but after we recorded the material, we've lost contact with them, which was very strange and shitty at the same time. Soe we came back to Robert, who this time was able to release us. We're more than satisfied with his work! The promotional stuff he's doing for us is awesome, the album's release is awesome! I think it's possible that we could co-operate in the future.

13 . What future plans do you have for immediate Warfist ?
For now we want to book as many gigs as possible, to promote our debut album live. Meanwhile maybe we'll start working on some new songs. No precise plans for now.

14 . Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Warfist , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking .
Thanks for the interview and support! No more things need to be added here I think. Stay fuckin' metal! Cheers!!!

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