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1. Stigmatic Chorus origins date back to 1997 and the band Charon , How were these first steps Charon , what happened to the subsequent change in the group's name ?
- In the beginning the band played in the suburban town " Kalininets ." Then during the first album Waters of Styx moved to Moscow and started its concert activity in Russia . The first album was released on cassette label CDM records in 1999. A year later, the label More Hate Productions decided to re-release it on disk . Then it turned out that there is already a group of Charon, which has already released the album in Europe. As a result, we decided to change the name to Stigmatic Chorus.

2 . How has it changed the sound Stigmatic Chorus along these years How would you describe the sound of "Fanatic" for someone you have not heard ?
- In 2005 , the year we have completely changed the composition . We collected a new composition in which we play so far. Then it started cooperation with KIV records. The recording quality was very high , you can hear the difference by comparing the first two albums , and Gedonist 2008 . In 2012, the world began to collaborate studio Arsafes Records. This studio is located in an adjacent room from our base , so we decided to record an album Fanatic there. The new album will be recorded there too .

3 . How was the process of writing and recording "Fanatic" Does the leader when it comes to making decisions in the recording or all members contribute ?
- All albums , starting with the year 2008 were recorded by the same scheme : first, our singer writes demos consisting of multiple fragments , unrelated . Then I go with these records to the studio, and we join together with a sound engineer in the music of the song. Write entire songs already in the demo version. Then get these records back to the singer and he wrote vocals . Finally, we are already writing songs ready to clean copy . And only then decide what we play live :))

4 . Symphonic black today somewhat distorted because of groups that have tarnished the essence of the genre , Stigmatic Chorus not only stays true to the principles of the genre, but also provides a fresh , what are your main influences in the preparation of music ?
- I believe that there are many kinds of black metal: old new , mixed with other styles . When we are working on the music , do not think about reference . How do we get and go out. Personally, I like to listen to metal albums that were released prior to 2000.

5 . Another remarkable aspect of "Fanatic" is a conceptual history behind here ? Could you explain a little more conceptual album history and why these thoughts?
- Unusual place for events and unusual time for this genre , album " The Believer " is the story of one city in North America. Town in western Illinois , SSHA.V 1837 city residents elected mayor pious man and former military prosecutor and the prophet of the new church . In a short time his political career went up. All this went to his head , and eventually it came down to his absolute power . From the old world was very strong migration, the city began arriving residents mostly Mormons , that was very much to oppress people long entrenched . Over this period in history known as the " Mormon War ." Historical information on the town is extremely small. Had to settle personal sources , and not without literary design. The main actors in history was by the head of the city from which all the troubles and proceeded , a young girl over which administer violence, its approximate girlfriend and future husband, a friend, who was a military man in town . Head of the city was inclined to polygamy , and would not tolerate disobedience. Consequently , those who dare to oppose him as accused criminals and against the rule of God , was also accused of aiding the devil obsession anything and indulged hanged. Head of the city so eventually intimidated the local population that even animals accused of possession, even yard dogs were hanged . All this has led to a local civil war. The city's population has decreased significantly . Mormons were eventually forced to leave the city. The head disappeared after the events .

6. From my point of view Natalya Terekhova collaboration is a success , as the idea of ​​having appeared with Natalia for "Fanatic"?
- I have long been familiar with Natalia and I consider it one of the best singers in Russia ( in the style of extreme metal ) . When we were talking about the female vocals , I immediately offered her candidacy .

7. What brand of tools used to create and write and that differs from that used to give concerts?
- And on the record and in concert , we use guitars firm Jackson, lotions AMT, and guitar cabinets Marshall.

8. What are five CDs choose black metal are required and why?
- 1 ) Dark Funeral - Secrets of black arts, this is the album of the present conveys the atmosphere of the night and magic.
2 ) Emperor - Anthems to the welkin at dusk, sample rate and mystery . First black album that I've heard.
3 ) Immortal - Pure holocaust - it's just need to hear !
4 ) Marduk - Nightwing, I always liked to Marduk Legion'om on vocals. It was his voice , I think exemplary.
5 ) Satyricon - Shadowthrone, Nordic real power!

9. Black metal in Russia , it seems in good health in recent years , how would you describe the scene in your country?
- By and large, in Russia there are only three groups have existed since 1997 year : Stigmatic Chorus, Ashen Light, Demons of Gulliotine. The rest appear and disappear . Typically, the maximum age of groups from Russia and five years :)

10 . How did you start playing music? Why did you choose black metal? Why did you decide to become a musician ? Canned segodnyazhe enthusiasm as when you started ?
- I went to music school, piano . After graduation , I started playing guitar . Even then, I listened to black metal. It is he who is closest to me . Later , I began to play in different groups. At the moment I'm listening to all of the same group that 15 years ago , just added to them new .

11. Who designed the cover of "Fanatic"? How does it compare with the contents of the album?
 - Artist name Alexander Tarcus, with him, I began working when I was looking for my decorator solo project IZMOROZ ( It is well into the spirit of the album and painted exactly what we wanted to see .

12. " Fanatic " edited by HPJ Records, why they chose this label? Will you continue to edit in the future through this label?
- HPJ Records - label is our singer , he is also a recording studio and rehearsal network databases . The first 200 copies of the album we released on HPJ Records, but later the album was reissued on Sublimity records.

13. What future plans should Stigmatic Chorus about upcoming releases, concerts, etc. ... ?
- We are currently writing a new album , recorded two instrumental tracks . But there is nothing to tell details . We'll see . While we give concerts in Moscow alone .

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Stigmatic Chorus,this place. I hope that the questions to your liking.
- Listen to the Russian metal glory Stigmatic Chorus, glory Black Metal Spirit!!!

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