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Ondfodt was formed 2013 in Pietarsaari. After the successful release of their first EP, titled ''I'', the band started working on new material. Ondfodt is currently working on their debut-album that will be released in 2014 by Immortal Frost Productions on CD-format and by Witches on Fire on a Limited Tape Version. The album will be titled ''Hexkonst''

1. Onfodt created in 2013 , first as a duo and soon three more members join , how were the beginnings of the band and why they decided to create Ondfodt ?
Although both of us founding members had been jamming for some time and had been working on some material for another project, the creation of Ondfodt was quite spontaneous. The thought when Ondfodt emerged from the hellfires was to mix together our atistical visions and let it erupt into some really raw, evil and dirty Black Metal.   Then immidiately after the band was formed we began working on our first EP. Some days later when the EP was released independently we began working on new material for our debut album.  
At first it was just the two of us doing everything but after we made the decision that Ondfodt would perform live, three new members were recruited to the band:  Dario on Bass, Juuso on Guitar and Simon on Drums.  

2 . They have not lost time, , same year as the creation of the group have released their first EP " I " How was the process of writing and recording the three songs included " I " How is it your way compose songs and work ?
We began working on it the same moment as we decided to start the band. Most material for the EP was already finished from earlier and after editing what needed to be edited and adding extra flavour to the music the recordings began. The work went really smoothly and it didnt take longer than a couple of days until the EP was completed. After these days of efficiency we released the EP by ourselves.

3 . For this 2014 have just announced the release of your first album , is titled '' Hexkonst '' and will be edited by Immortal Frost Productions, Are you all set to publish " Hexkonst " What main differences we find with respect to ep " I" ?
We are really looking forward to the albumrelease. Most stuff are recorded by now, only some small details are yet to be done. The mixes are getting more and more ready as time goes by.  We have been using other equipment for the recording and put more effort into it all. Thus the sound will vary a bit but it will still be raw and uncompromising.  
We have no certain release date yet but we are aiming for it be released before summer. The album will also be released on tapeformat by Witches on Fire Record

 4. What are your main musical influences ?
Main elements are taken from the Norwegian and Swedish scenes in late 80's - late 90's. Also we enjoy Old-school Death Metal, Thrash and Rock n' Roll so we do mix certain parts we like from within those genres as well.  We listen to a wide range of music and draw inspiration from a little here and there. This results in more interesting and original music. Some  bands that should be mentioned are: Dissection, Tsjuder, Carpathian Forest and Darkthrone.

5. What five albums would you highlight within the black metal, and why you consider important?
Storm of the Light's Bane by Dissection. A real classic that has influenced loads of musicians, including ourselves.  Geist ist Teufel by Urfaust. Lots of emotions and originality in a scene that had stood still for a long time.
Its impossible to neglect what impact early Venom, Bathory, Mayhem etc have had on the genre and how their classic releases have formed it all.

6. Occultism, Satanism, are recurring themes within the black metal present in your texts , what you give meaning and interpretation to the occult and Satanism and why you include in your lyrics?
This is a subject much represented in our lyrics. It is important for us to keep it this way. Occult litterature is one of the main sources from where we gather inspiration.
 We see this as a state of existance that can only be reached by cutting all bonds to this earthly existance. Achieving this results in a certain kind of illumination that gives birth to great freedom. 

7. Pietarsaari is not a big city , but the vocalist is Fintroll there , how is the local scene ?
The scene in Pietarsaari is close to non-existant. There are quite many quality bands that have been working there but most of them are no longer active.   Of the still active bands i Magenta Harvest can be mentioned. They just released their album as well.

8. I'm wrong but you have not yet offered any concert as a band, Do you 're raising the issue of the concerts for a future ?
hat's right. We haven't done any gigs as of yet. But in march this year we will start doing shows.
First concert will be on a private event but later in march/april we will do our first public gigs.  It is to early to reveal any details now but it shall be announced when the time is right for it!

9. You also congratulate you on the artwork of '' '' Hexkonst how you decided to work with him couple Karmazid / Patrick Zöller ?
I have been admiring his artworks ever since the first time i saw it. So when we started thinking about artwork for the album i decided to contact him. So then i got in touch with him and after a suprisingly short period of time he was done with the art. It turned out incredible and there is a certain pride to get to use the art of such a creative mastermind on our album.    If anyone is looking for an artist to work with i certainly recommend contacting him.

10. How did you get started in music? Why did you decide to be a musician ?
Us bandmembers have had much interest in music since early age. So starting to play instruments have been a natural response to this.  
Personally it started for me when and got into rock and hardrock when i was around 6-7. Then it was all Iron Maiden and AC/DC. Then from that point i wanted heavier and heavier music and that went on step by step until i later reached a climax which resulted in a wide understanding of music.
I started playing guitar when i was 12. By the time i reached that climax i got absolutely certain that this is what i should be doing. From that point on i have been writing material for many projects, some of them yet to come.

11. After self-publishing of your first job you count now for editing " Hexkonst " Immortal Frost Productions , what made you decanter for this label?
We were looking for labels willing to release our full-length after the EP was released. We eventually got in contact with Immortal Frost and they made an offer.  As if was the best offer we got it wasnt hard for us to choose. 
Also Witches on Fire Records will make a limited tape release of Hexkonst.

12. What future plans do you have for band about gigs release date of your album, etc. .. ?
As said before we have no certain release date yet. We will be doing gigs starting next month.   Also we are discussing with a couple of bands about doing split-releases after the album is released. There are already a couple of new songs in progress that wont appear on Hexkonst but mayhaps on splits or any future album. Quality before quantity.

13 . Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Ondfodt , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you! You may find us on facebook and at our official webpage for more info on upcoming releases and gigs. Cheers! 

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