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1. Izmoroz making its first steps in 2006 as Being involved in countless groups felt the need to create a new and why he decided to christen the band name Izmoroz?
- At that time , when we decided to record the first album , it was very cold glass studio covered with frost , and we decided to call the group - Frost ! (translated into English Izmoroz - this rime).

2 . How it changed the sound of the band for many years What today in the " Cthulhu " when compared to your debut album ?
- First Izmoroz - it was a studio project . We wrote in the home studio albums together with Alex from Ashen Light. After the third album , we have a full live band . We hired a new guitarist Kiv, who owns one of the best studios in Moscow - Kiv Records. All these albums were recorded there. Level Kiv-a, as a sound engineer is growing every year , respectively , the recording quality of our albums is also growing. And most importantly, we have to each album a special approach to the selection keys and vocalists . We are changing the guitar construction , live instruments , and so each album is different .

3 . How was the process of writing and recording " Cthulhu " How do you explain the greater weight of the compositions in the traditional instrument?
- The basis of our music - this is folk music . It is with them , and recording starts . When I write , I write them down on tape . Then I come to the country, and to connect them to the nature of the song. Recording acoustic guitar is also on tape . Then I come to the studio where we do pre-production of the album. Write the approximate drums, then guitar and keys . Then all listen and think carefully about how the sound will be heard or that melody . In the same period, the text superimposed on the music and songs are taking shape . In the last step we all writable to reduce and clean copy .

4 . Writer Proskofey Matveevna played an important role in the appearance of the characters , like the idea of ​​having their texts Izmoroz music come from?
- I originally wrote the text himself and I helped one friend . But when we got psat second album, I was introduced to Proskfey Matveevna . This old grandmother, who lives deep in the woods and wrote the text. Since then, we are cooperating . Within a year, she sends me a text, and when it comes to recording the album , I carefully selected and they are laid out on the music. Sometimes fans send me texts .

5 . On the other hand their letters refer to the legends and traditions of his country , how to integrate these legends get lyrics and ? ? Band's music ?
- I write music is in the Slavic folk style unconsciously , just so turns itself. I and most of my friends are very fond of it such topics . But we are certainly not radical pagans , we like it fun and mystical Slavic epic.

6. " Cthulhu " very diverse album is " festive " more raw , more folk instruments , but without losing sight of the extreme metal parts, it is very difficult to put all these elements in one album ? he was pleased with the impact it deserves " album?
- Yes , I am very pleased with the album. And fans and critics have taken it very well. In all the reviews and chats only top marks . And now we give a lot of concerts in support of it. On the album there as folk songs and tracks have conceptual style Trash Metal and Black Metal. The success of our team is in good folk folk tunes combined with a rigid black metal base.

7. For many years Izmoroz increased in various ways, collaborated with several musicians , recorded an album with a symphony orchestra , began offering concerts regularly and maintained a high level of released albums , which plans Izmoroz future?
- In December last year, we signed a contract with the concert agency Grafias Sound Promo. This agency this summer will be engaged in only Izmoroz. Their Director - Daniel Nevzorov big fan of our music. With him, we have successfully completed the first part of Cthulhu travel to Siberia , and in April we will go into the second part . Is the southern part of Russia and Ukraine . In the summer we will be releasing a single, but all in all we tours, and tours only ! Now we are working with a new artist who drew the cover for the new album and I think it will draw to fly the entire booklet. I love it when everything is prepared in advance.

8. As for concerts, how was the concert presentation of " Cthulhu "?
- Officially , the presentation of " Cthulhu " was held in St. Petersburg , two weeks in Moscow, then had a tour of Siberia. And the presentation and tour was very successful , very good people perceive our new songs live . Now we are working with new drummer from the group Cain Skyfall. He brings a lot of new chips to the sound of our group , so at the moment we are strong to the max!

9. In Izmoroz career already , that was for you the most important moment as a band? If you had to choose an album that Izmoroz be and why?
- The most important step was to record the album "Teddy grandmother zombies." He's changed the composition , we have live band . Generally , we are faced with every album , "How to write the material so that it was new, without losing old fans ? " . While we successfully cope with this . We even got some ideas how the new album will sound , but it 's still a secret .

10 . What are the main musical influence within the sound Izmoroz?
- Basically, we fans of old metal nineties. Basically it is Slayer, Dark Funeral, Falkenbach and Sektor Gaza. But when we write music , we just write exactly as it seems better. In sound and intelligence we too at no focus . Just reduce as we like .

11. As a member of various musical projects , how important is it for you Izmoroz?
- The last three years for me is Izmoroz group number 1 , because of all the groups , where I play it Izmoroz is the most active . There are Put Solnca, which also goes to a lot of tours . The rest of my group basically play only in Moscow.

12. Topic covers evolved over the years, first it was the subject of most people, the UFO began to appear , and the " Cthulhu " one " octopus " Who came up with the cover of " Cthulhu " and was referred to ?
- Subject albums changed over the years. And because all our work is based on the fun and alcohol holidays, we like to use unusual elements in the covers . One time we were carried away cosmic pagan myfology, and appeared on the covers of UFOs. On the new album , we decided to change everything , and our topic was Cthulhu. Initially I booked very insane cover , but when the artist made ​​the first sketches turned bullshit . Moreover, this kind of nonsense design resembled the previous album . I thought about it and said, let's just draw Cthulhu tentacles are folded as Kolovrat ! And turned cover of " Cthulhu " .

13. Triple Kick Records responsible for publishing the " Cthulhu " , what can you tell us about the label ?
- This is my personal label . it turned out that the entire edition of the previous album got me , and I have engaged in its distribution . I got it so well that I decided to release a new album himself . I personally do distribution of the album and sell more drives than if we went to any label .

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers Izmoroz, this place. I hope that the questions to your liking.
- Thank you for your attention , I wish all the readers of your magazine happiness and joy in life! Izmoroz-Cult!!!

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