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Eternium is a symphonic black/death metal band started in 2011 by Markov Soroka. With the success of the 2011 demo, Aura Titian, Markov had found bassist Brent Dossett, Keyboardist Chad Griffin, Guitarist Gabe Price, and drummer Cole Sandel.

Opening up for a multitude of bands such as Abigail Williams, Absu, Nile, Vital Remains, Cattle Decapitation, etc, Eternium grew to a promising force to come out of the midwest.
Eternium set out to record the debut album, "Repelling A Solar Giant" in winter of 2012. With all lyrics and instruments written by Markov Soroka, the best judgement was made during production with help from all the members. 
"Repelling A Solar Giant" grew to be quite a successful record, as it was quickly picked up by Blast Head records based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Soon after the recording sessions, Eternium parted ways with drummer Cole Sandel, and recruited Ryan Kelley for further live shows and promotions. 
Since playing multiple shows, experiencing a multitude of memories, Eternium decided to continue as a solo project once again, with Markov Soroka at the helm indefinitely.
The future currently holds a split to be released in 2014, as well as plans for the next full length to continue the story of life creations of Aura Titian & Aura Amethyst. 
Eternium and Markov proudly hold the torch for those who have supported the cause. None shall be forgotten.
Good afternoon, thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions , how about all for Missouri ?

I'm doing good, thanks. It's a pleasure! Missouri is nice... A bit cold and icy, though, so that's never fun.

1. Eternium was created in 2011, at first you were the only member of the formation , during a time featured other members, but now if I'm right back to you being the only member , how did you decide to create Eternium Why these changes within the band?

Yes, it is true that I was the only member and recorded the demo "Aura Titian" by my own. With the help of some of the other members (Chad Griffin, Brent Dossett, Gabe Price, Ryan Kelley), we formed a stable line-up and playing a lot of local shows opening up for national acts such as Absu, Abigail Williams, Cattle Decapitation, Nile, and some others. It had a good run of live members, but I always knew this was going to go back to becoming a solo project. The debut album "Repelling A Solar Giant" was written completely by me, and so has all Eternium material up to this point. However, the other members gave me much support financially and emotionally, as well as inspiration. I will never forget their deeds and well-intentions, but it was just something that had to be done. I am still in contact with some of them and we remain good friends as well as collaborative partners. 

2. How was the process of writing and recording of " Giant Solar Repelling " How is your way of working in the studio?

The writing process for "Repelling A Solar Giant" was fairly straight-forward, but often it was also strange. I remember countless nights staying up trying to put finishing touches within the music so that it would reflect the story well. The album is based around a "book" of sorts that I had written that depicted the events of the first book in the "series." 
Each song is more or less like a chapter. There are parts where the music just fit in perfectly, since I've listened to enough music to decipher what goes where (For example, a blast beat over dissonant notes to portray insanity over a character, such as the brief passage in 'Aura Amethyst: Her Gaze Cast Obsidian Death'"
The recording process was a bit more straight-forward. It was at this time that the members had learned the material well enough to record it, so we did just that.

3. What major differences can be found with respect to its previous demo " Aura Titian " published in 2012?

You know, I've had multiple people tell me that they like the demo more than the full length on terms of production, and I'm starting to agree on this one... The main difference between the demo and the full length was basically the mind-set and circumstance that was surrounded around the demo that was not surrounded around the full length. For instance, during when I recorded the demo, I had only listened to a lot of Swedish melodic black metal and nothing else, almost. Nowadays I have been more keen to listen to a lot more and more music to the point where I can't get enough. The lyrics are a bit differently based as well, being a personal issues thing of some sorts as well as a prototype for how I wanted the actual songs to sound in the full length.

4. The sound of Eternium fits inside the black symphonic sound and Death, What are your main musical influences when composing for Etrnium ?

I suppose I called it Symphonic Black/Death because it carries the sounds of melodic black and death metal, but it also is heavily orchestrated. My main influences for the music have to have been the Swedish melodic black metal almighty such as Dawn, Sacramentum, Dissection, Azure, etc. It was a mix of very melodic stuff mixed in with the story I had written.

5. The lyrical theme of " Repelling Solar Giant" revolves around Auras , could you explain a little this term and the concept album for anyone who is not too familiar with them ?

Well, the concept of auras is just a way to name off the songs so the listener can know that the song is about the particular aura. Auras are generally a place, thing, or a person in the Eternium story. For example, the main protagonist, Aura Titian, is what the album starts from. He can also be seen on the album cover, holding up the sun. Aura Amethyst is Titian's lover and creation-counterpart. In the mechanism, Titian is positive life, and Amethyst is negative life, maintaining a balance of sorts, enabling them to create life as they deem fit. Titian has always worshiped the sun, as he saw it as a comfort to where he gets his life essence from. He believes that the sun is responsible for all forms of life in the sun's respective galaxy. However, one day when the sun gains an aura of noir around it, it strikes down his lover, Amethyst, and kills her, reducing her to ash, as well as the eyelids of Titian. Titian denounces this god, proclaiming that this is not the warmth he felt at birth. Little does he know what has actually happened, and the sun weeps out for help. I could write more about this, but I'm sure I have a limited space for this... [laughs]

6. I'm wrong but you are of Ukrainian origin , are they an influence for you or customs of Ukraine is not at all influenced by your past?

Yes, I am Ukrainian, and I moved to the US when I was 7 with my family. What happened was we won a lottery of sorts that made us residents within the US. I think my homeland is beautiful and great, and it also has a killer black metal scene. (Check out: Ulvegr, Drudkh, Kroda, Nokturnal Mortum, Forest, etc...)

It is no surprise that the place is very corrupted right now, but I'll state my opinions on that another time.

7. What five CDs within the black metal would choose and why?

Five black metal CDs to choose? That's a tough one, considering that's my main niche. Off the top of my head, I'd have to choose Sacramentum's "Far Away From The Sun" (Which is my personal favorite album of all time), Dawn's "Slaughtersun", Alrakis' "Alpha Eri", Nokturnal Mortum's "Voice of Steel" and Sigh's "Imaginary Sonicscape." I think my reason for choosing all of those is because it shows a wide range of my favorite albums within their respective sub-genre niches.

8. You are a young person but has already gained some experience in music, not only with Eternium but with other bands and projects , How were your beginnings in music and why he decided to become a musician ? Are you finding it very difficult to deal with the whole plane Eternium musical ?

Haha, yeah, I suppose I am young, and I get it quite a bit... Before I recorded anything, everyone used to scoff at me and disregard most things I did, which is totally understandable. As soon as I released something, people started messaging me, acknowledging my age and whatnot. Personally, I don't believe that age should matter within the composition of music. There was a time where I was "proud" of the fact that I had done so much in a little time, but it's not something to be proud of. If anything, musicians should only be proud of their creations. In fact, I think music is a substance that we create, not particularly a part of us. Perhaps from some other realm, they enter our thoughts, and then we make it with influences of our own kind. My beginnings in music seemed very fair. I just listened to a lot of artists and could not get enough. In fact, to anyone who would take advice from an 18 year old, this is the best advice I can give to aspiring musicians -- LISTEN TO AS MUCH MUSIC AS YOU CAN!! That's all that matters, in my book. Playing ability usually goes second. Dealing with Eternium on my own can be tiring at times, but it's nothing new that I haven't gotten used to. The worst part was actually setting up a bank account so I could sell the album for a discounted price. [Chuckles] However, nowadays I am not alone. My label, Blast Head Records is VERY helpful with the process and the labelhead, Paul Shaw, is one of the best individuals I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to.

9. I believe that one of the main problems that have to deal Eternium is the inability to give concerts to this day today, back in the future to recruit musicians, pro least , to re-offered concerts?

Right now Eternium isn't playing shows, but perhaps in the future with the right circumstances, I could recruit trust-worthy live members once again, and my first go-to would be the original live members I had within the Repelling A Solar Giant recording days.

10. Who designed the cover of " Repelling Solar Giant" ? Referred A How does it relate to the content of the album?
The album art was drawn by Sarafin Concepts. Ken, who is an EXTREMELY talented artist drew out my vision almost to the dot of how I wanted it. After typing him a good amount of paragraphs of the story and what-not, he kept me updated on the creation. After a long while, he finished the artwork, and that's what gave us the Aura-Titian-Holding-Up-The-Sun artwork we have today.

11. In this 2014 reissue new material from the band , what we can to advance this new album ? Remain linked to Blast Head Records ?

For 2014, I have rough plans for a split between Eternium and a good friend of mine who has an atmospheric/ambient black metal band. I can't disclose anything right now since if I were to announce it only to not have it happen would be bad. The full length is always being re-written... What most people don't know is that the second full-length has already been written by me, but I want to carefully adjust and refine every single bit of this next "book." Hopefully we will see some intertwining with live and real orchestras within this release, but I can't say anything yet. What I can say, though, is that it's going to continue the story left off in the first book. The split release will focus on Aura Amethyst's ventures in another Infernum while she was dead.

12.Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Eternium , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking

I'd like to ask those who read this to go to the Eternium page on facebook and wall-post your favorite bands you think I should check out based on this interview... I can never get enough, and I love talking to people about music. Favorite releases so far in this year? Last year? Let me know!
Thank you to Black Metal Spirit for this interview and the interesting questions! It's refreshing to see customized questions rather than some template sent and copies. Thanks again!

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