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1.Infandous has landed in the black metal scene and makes it surrounded by a halo of mystery in regards to members , how was the process of writing and recording of "Blood , the Sun , and the Cosmos" ?
I would say the whole process was both very comfortable and leisurely.  As a new band with no discography nor reputation I was able to take my time with the compositions and to write songs when the inspiration struck, rather than feeling the need to produce material for the appeasement of fans or a label.  The recording process was equally rewarding, being surrounded by friends and unconstrained by deadlines. 

2 Since your intention initially was the entire album or create contemplasteis other possibilities?
we had always planned on releasing a full-length album.

3. Why did you decide the name for the band Infandous ? Have you had any type of problem with the American band of death Infandous based on your name ?
Infandous is an adjective describing something so odious that it can not be mentioned.  We found this term to be a fitting metaphor for a band residing in the shadows of anonymity.
No problems.  I think the musical styles are so different that there is no real concern of toe-stepping.

4. The influences in your sound are perfectly reflected in your songs , the black , doom , death , progressive and sludge are important part of your sound , What are your main musical influences ? How would you describe the sound of "Blood , the Sun , and the Cosmos " ?
I think it would be pretentious to call it anything other than black metal, although it does have a variety of influences drawn more from the world around us than any particular musical style or worship.  Honestly, when I write music for Infandous it usually comes from my detachment from society, as well as from most individuals around me.

5. Another aspect to consider is that of letters , Sobro all because you both fall one of the recurring themes in the genre , I mean atavism and anti-monotheism , why I find interesting these issues?
I’d say that the lyrics of Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos are actually quite clear upon taking the time to read them.
Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos is a unification of two alternate plains of existence.  Blood— our mortal coil, the sun— the insurmountable boundary, or object of segregation between blood and the cosmos.  And finally the cosmos— the supreme echelon of awareness and wisdom.   It essentially elaborates upon the idea that what exists within the cosmos also exists within us. 
As for anti-monotheism, I see Christianity, Islam and Judaism as equally disgusting, imperialistic, and degrading and thus felt no reason to exclude one over the other.  The promotion of national polytheistic religions is certainly an underlying influence on the lyrics of Infandous.

6. Have you considered the possibility of bringing the band to live?
No we don't plan on playing live shows any time in the near future

7. I guess if you had to choose five must cds within the black will not be the classic that everyone names, am I right ?
I’m always listening to new music, it would be nearly impossible to narrow down a list of 5 albums.  Here are a few things I’m currently listening to:
Chelsea Wolfe- Pain is Beauty
Sexdrome- Grow Younger
Blut Aus Nord- Memoria Vetusta I – Fathers of the Icy Age
Envy – Insomniac Doze
Tenhi – Saivo

8. How did you get started in music: first cds you bought , first concerts Why did you decide to become a musician ?
Music has been a passion of mine since I’ve been very young.  The first cd I ever bought was Hidden Treasures by Megadeth, coincidentally one of the worst albums in the band’s discography.  It goes without saying that I skipped over the band, and a good portion of the thrash subgenre as a result. 
I wouldn’t really call myself a musician.  Making music is merely one of my hobbies and certainly nothing that I’m able to make a living from. 

9. Who designed the cover of "Blood , the Sun , and the Cosmos " What relationship can we find the content of the album?
The artwork on “Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos” was designed by a good friend of ours who works as a tattoo artist.  You can expect to see his artwork on future Infandous works as well. 
The artwork is about impermanence. You see the kingdoms of old buried beneath the tree extending out infinitely in all directions, a symbol of the infinite, unfathomable cosmos, contrasted with the rebirth from those ruins on the back cover.

10. How does the ability to edit the album through Those Opposed Records come about? Just have the cd or in a future edition was released in other formats?
There are no current plans for a future edition or an LP, but I’d certainly be open to the possibility. 

11.  What future plans do you have for the band?
A few more cd releases and a few unorthodox ideas as well. 

12.  Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Infandous , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking . 
Infandous has followers?  That’s news to me.  Anyways, thanks for your interest!

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