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Origen: Turquía, Kadıköy

Formados: 2014

Estilo: Black, death

Temática: ?

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  • Deathbed  Bajo
  • Infectious Torment  Guitarra
  • Kyle Batería
  • Pervert Profanatör Voces
  • Vulgargoat Guitarra y voces

  • Perversion Feeds Our Force EP 2016  
  • Towards the Ultimate Extinction CD 2017
  • Summoning the Lawless Legions CD 2022

Segunda entrega para este quinteto turco que a groso modo podemos describir como de sonido black/death. Un álbum que desde sus comienzos suena directo, lleno de rabia y con un ritmo bastante alto, ofreciendo unos implacables blast-beats que sirven como sustento para un sonido casi que atronador. El trabajo de guitarras se muestra efectivo en cuanto a ofrecer un buen número de riffs, repletos de crudeza, buscando sus influencias principales tanto en sonidos death como thrash, sin renunciar en ningún caso a un aporte de cierta melodía, que a veces se adentra por lo podríamos interpretar como sonidos orientales en mayor o menor medida. Las voces están en consonancia con la propuesta black/death de su música, agresivas y directas, mostrándose mucho más dinámicas, casi que evocadoras, quizá con un tono mayor de oscuridad, en las secciones en donde la velocidad se reduce y propicia un ambiente más contemplativo. El álbum no renuncia en ningún momento a un alto ritmo, con un muro de sonido que muchas veces ejerce de rodillo, pero es cierto también, que la inclusión de secciones más limpias en donde la música fluye sin voces, logran crear un sonido con cierto aroma oriental, que supone un echo diferenciador en el resultado final del álbum. (7,6).

1. As the Serpents Ascend 07:15
Bring the light of consciousness, thy gates had to be opened Under the moon of the wise, entrance to the unholy slumbers Beneath the blackened seas which elder ones take breath Their primal strength summons, the lords of Shammash Resided in the fixed stars, infernal serpent's pride Burnt embers of the fire, splendor of the unholy light Angels of the violence, angels of the sea Adversarial light seized their spirits Gates of the spheres, gates of the abyss Opened by 7 seals which possessed the kings Lead the path towards the wisdom of pride Lead to disobedience to great temple law Yet empowers the serpent of daemonic spirit For Samael and Lilith awakened by Leviathan Illuminated serpent guided for Gehenna Who flashed with fire, defiled with blood Mother of demons encircled in darkness Until the essence of the morning light Expose the false righteousness Let its grace and ostentation be cast aside And through the dawn raised impious war Against the monarchy of the proud god Follow the footsteps of Shaitan! Get the commands Al-Fahsha & Al-Munkar Greet the dawn with open eye In reverence and indulgence, chant his name! Elder gods, the forerunner of the baneful storm The exaltation beholds them shall perish Authority was given as the rebellious power Let them raging, and spitting the hatred As the serpents ascend! As the serpents ascend! As the serpents ascend! As the serpents ascend! Bring the light of consciousness, thy gates had to be opened Under the moon of the wise, entrance to the unholy slumbers   
2. Thou Abyssic Fire in Rebellion 07:27
Rising! upon the impious throne Invoking! the rebellious force When the depths of hades shine forth A great call to Archon's blackened wisdoms Which also present the seductive spells In honor of his mighty chief demons And ruled the consciousness With seven destructive powers Thus became infernal spirit Deceitful slavery of the black gods ceases And those trapped forever in reptile form They dominate the minds with their essence Of fire which scourges the worlds They do not allow the bliss of ignorance To penetrate into instinctual knowledge Ancient oaths are whispered to rekindle Their illuminating flames of vengeance No chains shall bind their adversarial spirit Even the blinded light which enslaved all Arrogance and pride in draconian eyes Blow the winds of beast-like desires Abyss and chaos which devoured all That also swallow the chthonic realms Arise and inspire! hearken to your sight! Empower the circle! and lawless spirits! Eternal hunger hails masculine fever Hunger for flesh, hunger for charms Yet also disguised as sexual serpent That wishes to curse the impotent creation   
3. Adorned in Primeval Seas 07:07
  Embracing the somber waters held inside the four winds
In the midst of that immensity, the storm chariot shines

Torn apart by strength and filter of Araphel
A vesica piscis appeared, blackened fire held
That calls the forenames of primeval dynasts
For they sent forth to gather all together

This arrival shatters the entire frame
Their silhouettes reflect once again
Foaming the waves of ancient depths
Led to a vortex inside the firmament

Its framework exploded and merged with oceans
Its purifying streams choke the transgressions

Washed with impurity! adorned in primeval seas!
Washed with impurity! adorned in primeval seas!

Let the dragon of chaos divide the waters from the dark waters
Beasts seal the lawless gate, and marshal under its single head

Thus the floods of a prooving struggle drown the cherished seeds of creation
For the race of Iblis, the slander extinguished the vast light of presence
They were dazzling oceans personified, shaped its crystallized ornate throne

Adorned for satan! tehom! tehom! tehom!

Serpens antiquus et dominabitur a mari usque ad mare
Et a flumine usque ad terminos terrae
4. Circle of the Spirit Devourers 08:23
A blazing vengeance awakened the seven kings Who had tarnished the deity and blind faith Their claws tear the Empyrean spirits Their eyes burn as blackened pits Their mouths blow the ancient breath As sorcerers who invoke the wrath As destroyers who engulf the stars As harassors who defile the angels Thus shining circle is reborn within the promised chaos Containing cosmic altars where angels are victimized Attracting the hot sands of the vast deserts in Dudael And blowing the huge and jagged rocks to release Azazel Circulus, cujus centrum diabolus! Spinning faster than light, gathering all daemonic gods In each quarter there are dungeons built by beast kings When lustful pyre depletes the solar Holy realms vanish into the rituals Adorned with the flesh of goddess Azazel exalts the primal hungers A collision with essence of darkness No light left for purification Seraphim fall into the inner circle Absorbed by the spirit devourers The severe thearchia has withered Doomed to fall into deep slumber Succumbed to its own arrogance Absorbed by the spirit devourers   
5. The Blazing Spheres 07:40
The mind of the superior kings dominate the cluster of snakes Deafening whispers of descending talismans, and the rivers flare The gates of impurity, which lead to the directions of suffering Open up with blinding gleams In tubes, fetuses yell the anguish sounds to the principal angels For a preliminary purification in the spheres of desperation Blessed with hallucinogic elixir as they were born in non-time ages Spawned from the seeds of fire god Thus children plagued with pain in the celestial abyss They spit the lullabies of ancient incantations Vehemence of the scorching storms inside their spheres Desolation never gives up imprisonment, thy spells rise From darkly curtained halls into the caverns of wastelands Those are covered with blue, poisonous jewels and spines Forlorn mistress of the circle embraced spheric daughters Forlorn queens of suffering screamed at their presence Forlorn servants are chained below the seas of cavities Forlorn goddess of grief dances on seven storeyed mountains Their pestiferous ashes from these sealed and falling planets Blended in the defeater of chaos, swimming in its masculine flames cCusters outside the cosmos were scattered Blinding light emanates where the stars merged From a dread mouth in the center of exaltation Emergence of desolation, anguish and sinfulness Thy conqueror rises up for the seven spheres! Thy majesty devours their planetary bodies!  

Program repeats on both sides. Released on black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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