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Origen: Alemania, Würzburg

Formados: 2019

Estilo: Black

Temática: Espiritualidad, paganismo y ritualismo

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  • Arcturus Guitarra
  • Boötes Voces
  • Corvus Guitarra
  • Cygnus Bajo
  • Sagittarius Batería

  • The Alder's Sleep Demo 2019  
  • Alder's Heresy EP 2020  
  • C.O.L.D. CD 2022
  • Woods Of Desolation Single 2022
  • Singularity CD 2023

C.O.L.D (2022)
Primer larga duración para este banda germana que entrega un álbum de black metal de sonido lineal muchas veces, pero que consigue un resultado hipnótico e inmersivo en el oyente. Los siete temas que integran este C.O.L.D., muestran una estructura muy similar entre si, empleando para ello un riff que sirve de hilo conductor y que sin apenas variaciones va medrando a lo largo del tema, resultando estás sencillas variaciones lo suficientemente acertadas para que el sonido se adentre por pasajes cada vez más directo y agresivos, desarrollando un paisaje desolador, al que elementos como la batería logran dar un toque más de oscuridad, o las voces, que se muestrean desgarradoras y crudas ayudando a completar un sonido que parte de unos cimientos reconocibles como clásicos. Hay que destacar por un lado lo elaborado de sonido de guitarra, capaz de ejercer de hilo conductor de los temas, resaltando la capacidad que las leves variaciones en intensidad y velocidad logran dotar a los temas de un dinamismo destacable, sin perder ni un ápice de ese carácter hipnótico que parece que se quiere imprimir en el sonido de este "C.O.L.D.", desde el inicio. La batería también tiene un papel destacado, si en un principio podemos pensar que va a remolque de los riffs, no es menos cierto que esta capacidad de amoldamiento da como resultado un sonido muchas veces abrasivo, cuando la propuesta cobra mayor velocidad al tiempo que la credibilidad no queda en entredicho, Algo similar podemos comentar de la voces, en un perfecto ejercicio de crudeza y frialdad, amoldándose a la perfección a apartado musical y logrando ofrecer un prisma más oscuro al álbum (8,2).

1. Yule 06:56
  Midwinter, shortest day and longest night
The rebirth of the sun
The darkest days go by, even if it gets colder
Beginning of the rough nights, 12 days
The darkest of the year
Retreat to the stove while the wind blows outside
The wild hunt goes through the country
We honor the goddesses of the clear

So we are waiting through the dark
Blackness dies and when the sunlight rules, after dark
When all life awakes from eternal sleep, after dark
The day falls down and the moonlight shines through the dark

And sacrifice to her from among our ranks.
We honor the goddess of fate and the stars
The weaver, guardian of the wheel
We breathe the cold winter air

We light candles and wreaths of lights
We honor the return of the light
We honor the stars that can only shine like this on winter nights

On a bloodred sky when the night goes by, after dark
Burning skies and the moonlight dies, after dark
When the sun comes out and the birds start cry, after dark
So we are waiting through the dark

Feel the power that's given you
Protect mother earth, there is only one.
It's our will alone.
Second full moon after the equinox
Spring time, life awakens
Everything sprouts, the juices flow
Love and life in all things

The shortest day and the longest night
The rebirth of comes all the life
The darkest days, even if it gets colder
Retreat to the stove while the wind blows outside
We honor the goddesses of the clear cold winter nights

So we are waiting through the dark
Blackness dies and when the sunlight rules, after dark
When all life awakes from eternal sleep, after dark
The day falls down and the moonlight shines, through the dark Imbolc
Rough northern winds bite
And threatens to tear you apart
The darkest times are ending soon
Howling winter winds tormenting and icy
The days are getting longer now
You can smell the breath of increasing spring
Despite the cold and snow that remained
The sun is gradually gaining the leadership
2. Imbolc 04:59
   Evening lights, shorter nights
Auspicious days, the world's changing
The time of hope after winter
Visions for the upcoming days
Brighid, goddess of the land,
Patroness of poetry and bards
Inspire us in words and deeds
Heal us from winter wounds
For your honor, a sacrifice
The lamb's last breath shows the future
The time has come to sow desires
The time has come to watch them grow
New lambs are born on icy fields
An omen for the upcoming time

Grow in strength of a life giving fireball
We ignite a thousand candles
That illuminate the room in their shine.
The constellation of the swan
Across the starry sky in spring
Brighid holds the staff of wisdom
The spiral of life at its end
Now the first lambs are born

Faces in the flames
Dancing in the haze
Till the land
With purifying fire

Fire of the spirit in her eyes
Her inner fire, a touch of the sun
Inspiration, seer and guide,
Lead us through the new circle of life
3. Ostara 05:06
  Thoughts and memories
Resting and silent, hidden from inside
Returning home, what once had been,
But never was forgotten
To see the coming future
The world's year is declining
Flaming blaze, unleashing destiny
Purifying fire as a sign of life

Rules of a new world, there's no escape,
Release the beast
Break the chains
The worm is breaking out
The order infringed
Inflamed passion
In the will of the spirit
Destroyed from the outside
Desolated creation
Inferior to itself
The inner ranks
To themselves, unmeasurable
The order is breaking
The essence of the worlds.
The world year is drawing to an end

The fallen sun dismantles, slaying the weeping moon

From the sky, the stars are falling down to earth
Dying like dreams, in this time
Yggdrasil is on fire, drowning the sea
Fire alights a brave new world
Purifying fire in the name of life
War and peace, interplaying, the circle of life
Resting and silent, hidden inside
On the new world's day
Demanding life
To end in harmony

I went to a new world
In the dying light of life
4. Beltane 06:53
   Light of the fires, be ready to dance
Honor life in May time
Leave the walls, seek advice from the wise
Walks sublime on journey's fate.
Give yourselves the lust of life.
The mother blossoms, experiences it consciously.
Old sorrows, stay backwards now!
Indulge in joy and new luck
You sing of birth and blossom.

The sun is shining brightly, the world is awakening
The long and cold night is over
Grim frost may now pass
Until we see you again in winter
Dances the fairy dance in joy
Breathes the scent of young twigs
Feast yourselves on food and drinks
Show your gratitude to the goddess.

This night of my final sacrifice
The fire will set my soul free
Burning up my skin
The gods will take me home

Drinking the poisoned blood
I enter my pasture coffin
Two skulls in my hands
I close my eyes and raise my arms
To receive the godlike hails
From my brothers in the land of the chose
To receive the godlike hails

A howling wind blows in the branches
Moonlight fields glowing in the dark
Below me to the path of eternity
Where my spiritual brothers take me
They stop at the shadows of an alder
My nocturnal journey begins
United in my enlightenment
I have appeased the gods
The wolves howl their goodbyes
As a raven sing my last song
The funeral moon glows strongly now
For my last journey

This night of late April
The light opens its gate
Honour souls wait for me
For God's grace
Fields fulfilled by the sun
5. Litha 03:32
 The longest day and the shortest night of the year
The climax of the light
From then the darkness comes closer
But the hottest days are ahead
The festival of the south and the water
The precious, life-giving water

That particularly we honor these days
We light fires and dances

And brings the turning point
We hold the cup of life in our hands...
With pure spring water of the goddess
We swim in the lake and the sea
We stand under cooling waterfalls
And dance in refreshing showers
We honor the goddesses of water
The mistress of the lake
But look to the sky and look for the ravens' flight to go with them
They bring us luck in the journey we are making for the winter
6. Lughnasadh 07:30
The grain is ripe and harvest begins We honor the God who arise from the sun Filled the year with a rich harvest Winter is not going to be torture Autumn is just around the corner And your work is done We thank the sun god who let the grain ripen We walk across the fields in the golden sunlight Run your fingers over the awning You can imagine the rich harvest Dance and make love in the fields The sun god in a bright, yellow dress he walks the fields Awn by awn he grows Caress them gently before they fall He has now completed his work So you will die! You separate from all hearts once and every year. You will be redeemed. Keep laughing your face in the bread At the harvest moon Driving away shadows and ghosts We wear Halloa's masks Dethroned king, now you are dead The autumn wind sings us the song of mourning Sensual songs carry them down Back in the earth's lap Before you cover yourself with the cloak of frost The blanket of snow covers you Before you get up to Walpurgis Free will then unleashed you Totally liberated We walk across the fields in the golden sunlight Run your fingers over the awning Dance and make love in the fields The sun god in a bright, yellow dress he walks the fields Awn by awn he grows Caress them gently before they fall He has now completed his work So you will die! So you will die!  
7. Mabon, Samhain 06:16
After the balance was done The harvest has been brought Honored with offerings We felt the balance Outside the autumn storms are raging over barren land Fallow fields and trees where the last leaves are blowing in the wind It's getting colder and darker, the days are getting shorter now The first frosts cover ivy and the last rose hips Clouds of mist sweep across the land, the ghosts are close The gate to the other world opens every night On the dark moon around the first November We travel to the underworld to our dark selves, to our ancestors We see the death of nature that lives on under the earth And looking for spring Death and rebirth, transformation Now the new year begins It is time for oracles and prophecies We honor the goddesses of death and fate The goddess of the underworld, Hel Drums tremble through the night The altar is prepared We carry the dark mark The sign of the ancient gods The order has now assembled On that big night Recurring every year A gift is given today The offerings are made The incense thickens the air A high priest is waiting for us The hosts of his tribe We wear the robes of the Nordic world The sacrificial dagger glows golden A big boar is already waiting Avoiding our suffering Choirs' sounds at the place of the ritual At the place of the ritual The wild boar tied up At the sacred gateway to the other world The door that leads into the darkness  

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