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Origen: E.E.U.U., New Jersey

Formados: 2014

Estilo: Progressive blackened death metal

Temática: Dark, Souls y fantasía

Enlaces: Bandcampdeezerfacebookinstagramspotifytwitchtwitter y youtube


  • AJ Viana Batería
  • Frank Albanese Guitarra y voces
  • Greg Nottis Bajo y voces
  • Peter Brown Guitarra


  • Hive EP 2015  
  • Of Rot and Ruin CD  2019
  • All That Was Promised CD 2022


Segundo álbum para los de New Jersey que da continuidad a su "Of Rot and Ruin" de 2019, mostrando y perfilando si cabe todavía más un sonido potente y preciso que funde secciones progresivas con el death y el black, logrando una atmosfera del todo profunda y absorbente. Estamos ante un álbum que ofrece un entramado de sonido denso y preciso, capaz de largos desarrollos instrumentales en donde los riffs se van sucediendo y en donde se ofrecen seccione progresivas que pronto viran a terrenos death, estilo este último que de una manera u otra va copando poco a poco el grueso del sonido de todo el álbum. Potentes voces que muchas veces suena a rugidos poderosos se van sucediendo, dando un tono mucho oscuro al resultado final del álbum, al tiempo que nos adentran por terrenos del black/death. Hay que destacar también por un lado el tono de la producción, precisa y potente, aunque con la suficiente rugosidad para acercarlos a un black potente que eclosiona de forma más clara si hablamos de toda la atmósfera oscura, densa y por que no fría que logra emanar del conjunto. Un álbum de un sonido en el cual no encontramos prácticamente ninguna fisura, contundente cuando es requerido, rápido y destructivo cuando la furia se desata en forma de una precisa, rápida y violenta batería, riffs incendiarios que manteniendo un ojo puesto en el death metal, no renuncian a otros estilos como el black o secciones progresivas y unas voces que la final logran dar coexistencia a todo el álbum predominando el estilo directo y agresivo, pero sabiendo ofrecer también algunas, digamos que más limpias. Un álbum que en definitiva sabe plasmar un sonido potente, colando ciertos matices que los acercan a terrenos progresivos, capaces también de recrear una atmósfera demoledora por fría y oscura, al tiempo que a pesar de se un álbum extenso resulta dinámico y absorbente. (7,8).

1. The Million Violations 05:24
Sheltered by a demon
Undone by the tax of your care
I have seen the inside, I have seen the shell
Long neglected, hidden sickness
One of my kind no longer
Abominable, these injuries you have suffered me

A union weaponized, infection to schism
My gift is defiance and my gift is its mark
Destruction from within

What do you call the truth revealed
Peeling back the veil yet still not understanding

I have been seen
The many ways I hate lay bare before you
Seemingly infinite daggers in prying eyes

This blade is my voice
These cutting words
Etchings upon your skin
The body a contract

Loathing to staunch the wound
Drink of your poison
Sharing the bubbling spittle, every last drop

Romanticizing the decline
Turn my words back on me
Carve them into my neck
Leave me to hang
Let the winds keep me warm
Feed me to the wolves
Let them feast
2. Kenosis 05:48
I have sinned and I will sin again My name is that of a man long dead I’m just a wyrmling unfit to have crept the soil Calling out, fated in filth In my dormancy my eyes have calcified My only sight is inverted Eternal silent lamentations The pungence of a bottomless acceptance The call of the red star Set me aflame It spoke my true name Idolator When sight has lost its purpose Only putrefaction stokes this hallowed fire I lack the want to do what need be done To learn from the past, to abandon this wretched life The call of the red star Set me aflame It spoke my true name Idolator A fallen star from the heavens A weightless collision Earth undisturbed A quake in my bones My blind eyes ached Into the blistering red, cloaked in a shroud of dust Charred fragments mark my departure Dissolved refuse falling to the earth The fury of the sun lead me home The call of the red star Set me aflame It spoke my true name Idolator  
3. Lithopaedic 04:56
Deep in the roots that split the earth, In the husks of the knowers of oaks The slagmirror tolls Naught more than glass, stronger than steel. Reaching through the murk, at the portal’s call Show me the greater servitude Show me What it means to kneel There is another. Seen once long ago. Reflected back to me, the self of another world. Knight of Erebus, frantic and feral Woeful and withering, my perpetual servitor Cornered by the jackal ‘Tween my own devil and their sea They whisper to me Through gnashing teeth “Run by my side” Show me the greater servitude Show me What it means to kneel To supplicate before her Blind from the light she exudes An egg, from beyond the pall Bequeathed by the godhead In that which was given i’ve made my home Shielded from growth Vigor sapped by her breath A poison so swift New muscle and sinew splitting flesh and breaking bone Impossible twisting of my vertebrae Pulsing contortions of my body Setting and reshaping into my serpentine form The time will come to emerge Weighed down by the crushing burden of knowledge no more Three times will be the warning. Three times will be the waking. Three times will be the suffering. So intonated A'lazalalel.  
4. Iosis 05:49  
My rising moon hewn asunder
Broken tendrils of lunar light
Eclipse my empyrean torpor

Through towering pillars of scorn
This wandering soul mitosis
These walls are broken
A labyrinthine dream comes calling

The egress begins
A triune solemn caress
Thrice-born, scion of the scourge
Blood drawn and washed away

My gangrenous effigy
My spirit rectified in slime
This greater equilibrium
Coterminous beings of the crucible

The egress begins
A triune solemn caress
From coil to womb
From darkness to genesis

An unnatural difference
From the self in my gaze
Warped by an alternate time
My dead plane parallel

I am healed and hollowed
I am the house of insurrection
Luminous fatality

Charon of the grey gate arise
Thee ineffable, hidden but bright
Keeper of the other side

Prince of the new flesh ascend
Heart of gold impaled
Dissolved and transformed

Thrice-born, scion of the scourge
Blood drawn and washed away
I summon thee
Show me what it means to kneel
5. Decollation 06:18
 Your vile adulation on display
Masking a deviant obsession
You’re naught but a frightened beast
Pained by its own reflection

An idyllic vision, reign o’er your creation
My right hand your blessing
My left hand to maledict
My head for the toiling
To exist in this space for your use alone

Crafted me into your image
Cruel slow replication
Ideal self manifest

Baptized in muck, ripe for removal
Into and out of the light the ignorant fading
One cannot serve two masters

The saints that come to me
Stoic hunger driving them forth
We've suffered this long journey
This pathway to communion

We are the result
Of failures immeasurable
I'm not an animal
I’m not left behind

Crafted me into your image
Cruel slow replication
Ideal self manifest

I am not made, I am in control
Breaking the serpent’s coil around my neck
Finally free from your cage
6. Death Complex 05:46
  Have you ever felt the cold
The great nothing, the fear of sleep
What comes upon the absent
Ever vexed by these greater futilities
An uncertain future
Fast broken if fortunate

When I wake, will there be
What feels like centuries ago
I learned the limits of our confines
A damning sentence
The looming question
Death complex normalized

Each day more paths converge
A meeting with the water
We kindle a light for the little death
We blind ourselves and wake from beyond

Fear not the drink
Heed the call of the lake
The only true horror I've known
Taken by the dreaming darkness
A void of torment, faceless death

Plagued by visions of what can never be
Falling deeper out of control
Paralyzed, wiped from existence

Gaping bridge, noxious void
Oblivion unbridled
Conceptual annihilation
Perilous depths in the mind of the sleeper

Endless repetitions in time
Incessant obsessions
I have died a thousand times
Yet to find my way
There are days that I forget
A numbing peace without turmoil
But the moments are fleeting
7. Casting of the Self 05:49
 Down into the depths
Awaken the dreamer
The Stygian spawn born cold
My guilt laden boots drag through the snow
Overwhelmed by the absence of all but fatigue

The peaks, they scatter before me
Scarcer than ever, the valleys unfurl and deepen
Gazing down at the edge of the pit
Envisioning the eternal descent
Ossified, suspended in death

In the light of eternity
A sickly grey radiance
Falling into an ascetic epoch
Subsisting in isolation

The proliferation of stagnation
The dismissal of the ephemeral
I am bloated, made holy, the breaker of all
I will drown in the dark and await at the end

The slumberer breathing anew
The clenching maw of the constrictor splits the earth
Peaks crumble into a bed of death
Our malefic dormancy begins

The casting of the self, awakening
The fire lodged in the center of the earth
A serpentine titan unrivaled
Buried deep, resting in splendor
8. All That Was Promised 05:08
 Sinking into the dripping sand
Persistent specter of entropy
Frozen by its paralytic grasp
Mired in crises of manufacted design

Haunted by slithering umbra
Enfeebled by their necrotic touch
Relentlessly plagued by their passage
Enchanted by the promise of more

Given up to the nature of being
I’m ephemeral bane
I want to believe
I wish I believed

In my dreams I’m gone
In my dreams I’m far away
When I wake all is dark
There's a devil in my blood
9. Name Them Yet Build No Monument 06:38
  Embracing the virtues of churning visions
Enduring shadows of human folly
Show me the way, struggler
The swirling black void of your origin

Obfuscated from the present
A limp grasp on sapience
Dripping with sickness
Sanguineous thickness
My need to be absorbed

This filling of the lungs
The urge to let slip the burden of being
To ravage the mind’s weir
And numb the pain of knowing

Boreholes in the flesh
Cease the pain of the burden of being
Oblation to a Bacchic lord
In blessed poison, devour me

Face down in the mire
Seeking its shallow depths
Just one more drink
From the fane of fallen men before

Beautiful broken gears
These shells of humanity
Condemned to feed the machine
Spines broken for another

This place of injury and error
The farming of the frail
Still cursed by the skulking malaise
I only taste freedom in times of loss

Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Limited to 300 copies.

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