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Origen: Italia, Verona

Formados: 2016

Estilo: Black atmosférico

Temática: ?

Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook

Miembros: ?


  • Smell of Burning Wood EP 2018  
  • Delicate White Sound Part 1 Single 2021  
  • Delicate White Sound CD 2021
Primer larga duración para este enigmático proyecto de procedencia italiana que se adentra a lo largo de las cuatro pistas que conforman este álbum por un terreno de black atmosférico perfectamente elaborado. Estamos ante un álbum que sorprende, ya que a pesar de ser instrumental parece que contiene las estructuras marcadas para que las voces convivan con la música. A pesar de ser cuatro los temas que contiene este trabajo también es importante destacar que todo el álbum se siente como una única pieza que fluye de forma acertada transitando por diferentes intensidades y estados de ánimo. Hay que destacar por un lado la vertiente más black de su sonido con protagonismo de guitarra y batería en una sucesión bastante directa que muchas veces tiene la facultad de traernos claras influencias del black atmosférico más clásico. Al mismo tiempo no desmerece tampoco los pasajes más influenciados por sonidos de sintetizadores que se vuelven mucho más intimistas y cercanos, aunque considero que lo que mejor funciona en este trabajo por un lado son las diferentes intensidades, siendo capaz de fluir desde secciones mucho más intimas a otra más agresivas y por otro lado también el componente melódico que de alguna manera acompaña al oyente en todo el recorrido y por último la variedad de sensaciones que logra trasmitir sin perder nunca el tono melancólico. Un interesante primer álbum de sonido muy conseguido a tener muy en cuenta. (7,8).

1. Delicate White Sound part 1 18:49  
2. Delicate White Sound part 2 05:30   
3. Delicate White Sound part 3 13:10   
4. Delicate White Sound part 4 01:47  

- full colored jacket
- full colored, heavy inner sleeve with lyrics, info and impressions
- two sides printed A2 poster
- two stickers
- 180g blue vinyl, lim. edition
- playing time over 40 minutes
-description below:
‘Heljarkviða’ is meant to depict the Old Norse kingdom of Helheimr; a place for the slain who suffer a ‘helsótt’, a fatal illness. They are the ones who are not chosen to travel to the joyful and venerated halls of Óðinn and Freyja, but are instead taken to the kingdom of death, to Hel. It was in early 2014 when Árni (Carpe Noctem, Wöljager), Stefán (Kerbenok, Wöljager) and Marsél (Helrunar, Wöljager) initially started to compose music with the intention to set this gloomy mythological realm into music. Caught by the dismal atmosphere that surrounds this interesting place, Stefán wrote the lyrics by mainly focussing on two different poetic sources from the Old Norse corpus: the Eddic poems, of which first and foremost the grand late tenth century Old Norse poem Vǫluspá served as the most important reference, followed closely by poems of contemporary medieval Icelandic warrior skalds such as Egill Skallagrímsson or Gunnlaugr ormstunga and their mythological battle descriptions.

Hel and her same-named kingdom is ambiguously displayed in the primary sources, which is most likely due to the fact that descriptions of the place itself are much older than the ones about the goddess. It is because of this that neither Skaldic and Eddic poetry, nor the impressive corpus of medieval Icelandic saga literature, provide a coherent picture of the place and the potentially numinous figure. The lyrics for this record, therefore, are a combination of what is known about both aforementioned aspects of Hel, set into a mythological telling of a warrior’s death and afterlife.

The text describes a journey of a doomed warrior who fights with his band of Vikings and dies in a blood-driven ecstasy on the battlefield. After his painful death, his body sinks into the blood-covered soil and travels through the chthonic wastelands below, only to arrive to a place where all other slain bodies rot together under the reign of Hel in and around the bleak hall of Éljúðnir, a monstrous building made from the spines of poison-dripping snakes; a place beyond the spheres of time. Through the treacherous shot guided by Loki, Baldr, the brightest of all gods, is sent to Hel and the worlds begin to collapse. Now, at the beginning of Ragnarǫk, the undead people start to wander back to the surface of life to fight at the final battle at Vígríðr. The grand depiction of Ragnarǫk in Vǫluspá gives the most detailed description of this event and its disastrous conclusion in fire when Surtr cleanses the earth with his flaming sword Surtalogi. The slain bodies appear, however, again after all life has been extinguished. Carried by the wings of Níðhǫggr, they fall down to the revitalizing earth to bring back their very own mythological phaenomenon of death.

It is our hope that some of this apocalyptic atmosphere is transmitted through the music, lyrics and visual arts of this very special release.

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