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1. Good evening, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything in Sweden?

Good evening! Thanks to you for showing your interest and support in Myronath! All well here in Sweden, prepearing ourselves for the upcoming Winter!

2. When did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Myrontah and what does it refer to?

The band was formed by me (Hellcommander Vargblod) and Bjarkan who stumbled upon each other late 2019 one day and started discussing some ideas. We decided to make a couple of songs and see what we come up with. Immediately we felt a bond when we wrote the songs and instead onf 2 songs, after two weeks we wrote the first álbum completely! We chose the name Myronath. It is acombination of 2 words in Elvish, roughly meaning the Dark (Hidden) Temple, As we see our music and lyrics as a means of veneration and worship to our ideals and beliefs. Myronath is the vessel for us to communicate with the higher powers. 

3. It is still curious that the members of Myronath have been involved in different projects related to black metal until they all converge in the band, what does Myronath bring them with respect to the other bands to which they belong?

Myronath is different from all other bands we have been involved with, even though some of the bands were also black metal. Our songs are ritualistic in a way, and as said, the texts I write are very personal and I want to keep it that way, that is, Myronath to remain as a temple where we show our devotion to the (un)divine through our music and lyrics. Sometimes I also wonder how we ended up together us 4 members, as before Myronath, we did not know each other. Fate brought us together one might say.

4. Active since 2019, a period that has served you to edit a couple of albums, a not inconsiderable pace on the other hand, how have you dealt with the work of composing and recording these two albums? Is there any notable difference between the two albums ? What brands of instruments do you use to compose and record?

As mentioned, Bjarkan and I formed a bond immediately when we started writing Myronath’s material. We are the main songwriters in Myronath, though on the second álbum Myrkheim contributed to a song as well there.   The material in both albums is quite similar i would say, but on Djevelkraft one can hear that the band is more solid now and more decisive in the style we feel that we need to continue on. The most notable difference would be the drumming of course, as for Djevelkraft, none other than Fredrik Andersson (ex Amon Amarth, Netherbird) jumped in behind the battery for us and delivered like the thunderstorm he is! Of course nothing bad with the drumming on the first álbum who was also made by Lars Broddesson (Ex Marduk) who is also one hell of a beast, but both drummers have different styles, and to the trained ear, one can clearly see that they are 2 different drummers on both albums. As for instruments used for recording, me and Bjarkan use Ragnarok Guitars and Basses, while Fredrik is endorsed by Pearl, Meinl Cymbals, Evans Drumheads and Innovative Percussion Drumsticks.

5. A combination of black / death metal with melodic elements and references the most classic sound of Swedish black would serve as a rough definition of what your latest “Djevelkraft” sounds like. What bands have influenced you when defining your sound? How would you define the sound of the album for those who have not heard it yet?

It is hard of course not to be inspired by other bands, especially bands one grew up with. We try to keep our work as our own but if I was to mention main inspirations behind our work it would be Dark Funeral, Necrophobic and Marduk.  So I would guess fans of these 3 Titans would appreciate our work for sure!

6. Your lyrics are related to the veneration of death and occult practices, why are these issues important to you when dealing with them in your lyrics? Do you adapt the lyrics to music or vice versa?

As aforementioned, yes my lyrics deal with my beliefs and practices. I find it very important to do so as I view music a way to communicate with the supernatural. From ancient times, man always used music to show veneration and worship to their respective gods and goddesses. To us it is no different. Music is a way to express your darkest feelings perfectly, a way to speak and communicate with the other side. 

7. For this new album you have counted on the addition of former Amon Amarth Fredrik Andersson to the drums. How did the incorporation of Frederick to the band take place? What do you think Frederick has contributed to the final result of the album?

I think I have already answered this question further up, but yes, again, one can clearly hear that it is a different drummer. Unfortunately Lars Broddesson had to quit for personal reasons. Soon after though Fredrik Andersson hopped in behind the drumkit. He is a very versatile and talented drummer, with years of experience to show for it! We could not have asked for someone better, and looking forward to start constructing the third álbum with him now as well (which is already in discussion)

8. You have also had the collaboration of the voices of Jontho Panthera from Ragnarok, how does the possibility of this collaboration come about?

Yes, Jontho from Ragnarok contributes on vocals on one of our songs “Till Aska”. He is a good friend of ours and Bjarkan is also now guitarist in Ragnarok. So it was very easy for this collaboration to come about one would say, as we are all in good contact with each other. 

9. The album was recorded by Devo Andersson at Endarker Studios, why did you decide to record with Devo? What do you think Devo has contributed to the final sound of the album?

Devo is also a person with years and years of experience within Black Metal. He knows what is required and he is very professional. For the first álbum we just did Mastering with him, but then we said we can do everything at Endarker Studio for Djevelkraft, as he already knows what sound we want, and we all enjoyed working with him most importantly! Hopefully we can continue this relationship for the next reléase as well!

10. “Djevelkraft” has been released by Hellstain Productions, why do you choose Hellstain Productions to release the new album to the detriment of No Servian Records? Are you satisfied with the editing and promotion work done by Hellstain Productions?

It was in fact Jontho from Ragnarok who tipped us about Hellstain Productions.  It is a relatively new label, but Paul (the owner of the label) is a very dedicated person and showed immedate interest in  us! He decided to help us move forward where others did not. We are grateful to work with such a person and look forward to continue working together for future releases!

11. Who was in charge of the album cover design, what does it represent and how does it relate to the content of the album?

The idea of the album cover was a sketch I made myself some time ago. Then i was in contact with Daudr Art, and proposed to work together. I told him about the idea I had for Djevelkraft and he immediately understood what we needed, and the result is just astounding. The interpretation of the álbum cover is up for interpretation of course. We leave it open to the viewer to understand it and who the person is or who she represents. Certainly those who are initiated in the Dark Arts understand immediately. 

12. How have you been affected as a band by the restrictions derived from Cocid-19? How have you faced this time without being able to have a closer relationship with your followers?

Yes this dreaded pandemic affected us all of course. Sadly we could not make a reléase party/gig for the álbum reléase, so we just had to be content to reléase it online. We had the álbum streamed online live on the youtube channel Black Metal Promotion, where it received a massive feedback from the fans and new listeners! Up till now we have had a very positive feedback to the álbum and the reviews from magazines etc are proof of it! We have now finally made our first gig after 2 years (because of the covid restrictions)

13. Although Myrontah has been active for a short time, its members do already have a career in the scene. How has the Swedish black metal scene evolved during all these years?

Sweden boasts one of the largest scenes in extreme metal, specifically Black Metal, together with our neighbours in Norway. From the 80s Swedish Black Metal has always been a point of reference to all who play or listen to this style of music. Of course the sound evolved by time, but I think the overall sound of SBM always had its trademark, and that never changed much. SBM became as an identity. Sometimes without knowing who the band is, one can directly say it is a Swedish band. It can be interpreted as a bad thing maybe? But for me I say it is what gives us identity. Eventhough most Black Metal bands in Sweden have the Swedish sound, they don’t sound all the same nonetheless, and that is what makes it magical. 

14. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attend, first albums you buy? What did you do in your life that made you want to be a musician?

Speaking for myself, I began my interest in music when I was 6 years old. My father introduced me to the world of metal at that time and we used to listen to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and other rock bands of the era. Soon after I got my first guitar as a birthday present and immediately started fantasizing about having by band when I would be older. Here I am now, still with the same goal in mind from when I was 6! A Lot has  changed of course, I am originally from Malta, and I moved to Sweden in 2014, so my first concerts were small and local back in the day in Malta, as few international bands ever played gigs in Malta in the 80s and 90s. My first 2 big concerts though were Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, which needless to say was a big thing to happen in Malta! To answer the first album that I bought, I think it was Morbid Angel – Blessed are the Sick, back when I was 12 or something like that. 

15. Which album represents for you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

This is a tough question indeed and I always dread when someone asks me this one! For me there is not ONE album that represents the essence of Black Metal. Speaking for me, there are 3 albums which constitute the essence of Black Metal as it is today:

Mayhem – De Mysteriis dom Sathanas

Burzum – Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

Dark Funeral – Secrets  of the Black Arts

I think these 3 albums are the monoliths of Black Metal. Of course there are Many other albums which deserve recognition, as said, it is very hard to choose just one, and even by choosing these 3 I had to leave other important releases out!

Latest albums I bought…. Of course I got the new Iron Maiden LP – Senjutsu. That is a must in a collection! I also got hold of the new EP from In Aphelion – Luciferian Age a couple of weeks ago, which is a damn great release! Totally recommend it!!! I am also very happy to have finally found the LP version of Gehenna’s third spell – Malice! 

16. What future plans do you have for Myronath in terms of upcoming concert releases or reissues?

No rest for the wicked they say, and it is true. At the moment I am writing the 3rd album already for Myronath. All texts are done and have music for 3 songs as well. Working with the rest of the band now to continue constructing it together. But more of this in the future!

We are also planning to release our first album “Into the Qliphoth” on LP in the near future as well! Stay tuned to our page for an imminent announcement about this one!

18. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Myronath fans, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thanks to you again for the opportunity! It has been a pleasure! I thank our fans for their support from the beginning of Myronath! You always give us reason to continue doing what we have. Blessings from the Hidden Temple! 


Malum – Insane Vesper ‎– Luciferian Dimensions 17,99 €

Split album with Malum (Finland) & Insane Vesper (France). Available on gatefold LP

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