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Origen: U.K.

Formados: 2018

Estilo: Black atmosférico

Temática: ?

Enlaces: Facebook y spotify


  • Alexandra Durning Teclados
  • Ian Finley Batería
  • Michael Blenkarn Guitarra
  • Phil Heckles Bajo
  • Nemorous EP 2021
Interesante primer Ep de cinco temas para esta nueva banda británica que surge de las cenizas de Wodensthrone. Este nuevo proyecto se caracteriza por ofrecer un black de corte atmosférico, con influencias que podemos definir como folk y que por otra parte no difieren bastante de lo ofrecido por loas anteriormente mencionados Wodensthrone. Nemorous sorprende desde su inicios con un equilibrio perfecto entre pasajes atmosférico, ricos en matices, construidos con un empuje fuerte tanto de las guitarras que superponen capas de riffs melódicos sin renunciar a incorporar tampoco en su sonido arreglos de teclado. Aunque el ritmo la mayora de las veces no es alto si que el oyente se encuentra con una propuesta intensa que ruge desde el fondo de su música, con cierta dosis de contundencia sustentada en el ritmo comedido pero siempre presente dela batería. Las voces no se adentran tampoco por terrenos violentos, ofreciendo un buen número de elementos y capas de agresividad y rabia en prefecta consonancia con el plano musical. La inspiración de la propuesta de Nemorous por un lado hay que buscarla en lo más clásico de los sonidos atmosféricos pero también saben incorporar un buen número de elementos folk fruto en este caso de la inspiración que buscan en la naturaleza para dar forma a este EP. (7,9)

1. For We Who Shall Know No Rest 09:22
  For we who shall know no rest
Will hide our haggard faces
In the ashes of those who are lost
Binding runes over tracks of old tears

Appalled by this emptiness
What is there left to live
But a lifetime of mourning
The tireless flagellation of being

The nameless stars have changed
I call through debris to remember
The faces of those who have died
Their laughter silenced forever

Immured in the desperation
Of a mind unravelling in torment
Their memories run through my fingers
And their voices fade

The grey of the world that is
Clouds my sight in its ruination
The atrophied fragments of that which was
Crumbling to dust

Yearning for release from the horrors wrought
By the calamitous hubris of man

Condemned to make the same journey forever
Through famine lands of discontent
An endless line of wretched servants
Glorifying their chains of gold

While devouring their kin
Defiling all wisdom
Yet can such a blight be undone?
Will this burden of guilt ever let us die?
2. The Crucible of Being 08:25  
The wandering tribes are helpless
To the famine of apathy
Bone and sinew strain for meaning
Now vague as a forgotten dream
The vigil has long since expired
And all light has perished with it
And in the final hours of reflection
We watch the horizon ablaze

I call her name but no longer can she hear
My howling mute as if breath upon the air
But in the forest deep and still
The wolves are gathering for their hunt

The ecstasy of the brutish horde
Revels in its blindness
And turns brother against brother
Portends of a new dark age

A phoenix born from the embers
The outline of rebellion takes form
Reflecting the shadows of doubt
The suffering of selfhood unbound
A catastrophe of undoing
Which well-honed blades must thwart
To drive back the blackest tide
And banish the pestilence within
3. The Bereft 01:31   instrumental
4. Omega 09:46
So this is the price of freedom Absolved, we trace the path of the serpent’s coil Through the catacombs of mind Yet tarred by our odium, we cower in the dark The circle of bones has been broken That caged the gnawing of chaos In their dust, a mutilated sun Has been scrawled in mocker of peace We unchained the horror Of the voracious void Its call awakens the beast In the flesh of all that lives The duality of the ritual Binds us in its afterglow As we strive beyond the mire For a shred of spirit to rise Dispersed in the ocean of being From dread, we forge new beginnings Accepting our tainted form To give offerings tat the coming dawn
5. The Wind That Cracks the Leaves (In Gowan Ring cover) 06:53
 The wind that cracks the leaves
Has scattered all the seed
Lo, the light limned low
Low to the ground

The time is all I won
And time is come and gone
The limbs of life left low
Low to the ground

The sight that holds my eyes
Has made the lovers blind
Alike, their love laid low
Low to the ground

I sound the oath to sit
In thrall of weathers wit
Ally the languished lips
Low to the ground

The seed that left the tree
Will carve a thousand leaves
And let them all to cleave
Cleave to the ground

Weathered brown marble 2LP set
(Limited edition of 300 copies)
Also includes a wooden necklace.

"This album was recorded in a makeshift studio set by the band in an old manor in Northern Poland.
Songs were recorded as the band was playing live there in August 2019.
No sound editing is used on this record.
Special thanks go to our host Aneta
and all who helped us make this effort succesful by renting gear
(Darek Adamczyk, Łukasz Tomczak, Lolek, Jasiek Wroński and Maciek Wiśniewski)."

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