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Origen: E.E.U.U., Portland

Formados: 2014

Estilo: Black melódico

Temática: Naturaleza, oscuridad y paganismo

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebookinstagram y spotify


  • Jake Superchi Guitarra y voces
  • Kevin Bedra Guitarra
  • Nate Verschoor Bajo
  • Trevor McClain Batería


  • Devoid of Light CD 2016
  • Cult of a Dying Sun CD 2018
  • Djinn CD 2020
  • Retraversing the Void Single 2023  
  • The Dark (Winter) Single 2023  
  • Crepuscule Natura CD 2023
DJINN (2020)
Colosal el esfuerzo de sonido, producción e intensidad el ofrecido por los estadounidenses en su tercer larga duración. Un trabajo que en un primer momento puede dejar descolocado al oyente con un sonido extremadamente melódico y alejado de los patrones del género en cuanto al sonido de guitarras pero que a la larga acaba por funcionar y por ser seña de identidad de este trabajo. Un álbum que logra que elementos un tanto ajenos al black metal como pueden ser el punk o el heavy se encuentren muy presenten en los diferentes riffs que podemos encontrar en este trabajo pero que gracias a la atmosfera y elementos como el ritualismo se amoldan perfectamente y no desentonan en el resultado final del álbum, algo que en un principio no parecía del todo sencillo. El trabajo de bajo y batería se ve relegado por el superlativo buen hacer de Jake y James a las guitarras que ejercen de catalizador de toda lo propuesta de Uada en este álbum, sonando algunos de estos riffs más allá de lo que podemos considerar deseables dentro de los registros del black, llevando sus melodías y gancho a ser recordadas una vez haya finalizado "Djinn". El bajo da sustento en segundo plano, no tiene una presencia muy importante, lo mismo sucede con la batería que se limita a cumplir con un registro de contundencia cediendo protagonismo a otras facetas de la música. Las voces se muestran también en la línea de un black melódico con variados registros que se amoldan a la música según sus necesidades, sonando agresivas o más limpias según sea necesario. En conjunto los temas son extensos, permitiendo que lo temas ofrezcan variedad de registros, unas veces con un sonido más continuista, echando mano de patrones repetitivos y otras con giros inesperados, todo ello dentro de un dinamismo y riqueza musical que emana todo el álbum. (7,7).

1. Djinn 07:50
  The Outer-Deamons,
swarming all around,
yet within us they're found...
Like blood & semen,
the gifts of life & death,
which mold & mend the flesh.
Imprisoned angels, wings drip
with the inks of night,
captive in their fables of light
The three triangles,
the pyramids of space & time,
allow our stars to align

Prophesied watchers, illustrating
a new eons birth, draw down the
moon to the earth
The shadow stalkers,
dominion of obsidian flame,
with spell & sword we maim
The smokeless fire,
guide me through the chaos beyond,
drink deep the night-wells of dawn
Let us transpire,
in the kingdom of twilight truths
the tongue of tidings & muse

Hokhmah, grant me, so I may never wish again
Binah, enchant me, so I may never need again
My soul is burning south from the plains of Abraham
Ayin, grant me, so I may never wish again 
2. The Great Mirage 06:50
The royal crown is broken amidst midnight bloom, within the language of stars they deny our light to embrace their gloom Thirsting throats now throttle as they sip the spurious as fact Toasting their own turmoil while turning contra towards the pact The chambers of the underground ripple with the echoes of the weak, herded like cattle by the scenes in which they blindly seek These grainial oceans... they glitter not of gold for these arid flats entomb fragmented bones & horrors of old Fallacies unwinding the ambitions of forgotten dreams associations burden culturally cracking at the seams These illusions flourish like dead flowers in the wind let it be the pride of devils that we may find ourselves in
3. No Place Here 13:40
Among the liars, flag fliers, factual deniers the war on instinct has begun scientific distortion, philosophical contortion let it be abortion that now grants us none Mental regression, self-image obsession, under the guise of oppression they sanctimoniously leech. the revolutionaries, & over-reactionaries are the contemporaries who cannot practice what they preach. The false accusers, privileged abusers, bias users bathing in the bile they birth The distribution of one's own confusion casts false illusions of what they deem of worth Self-reflective denial, projecting outward trial a plague so vile it shields the mortal mind hypnotizing the spineless, capitalizing on blindness guided sightless is the humankind Individualism verses collectivism, what is free will if the will cannot be free With persuasion of denomination does what you believe bestow the right to deceive Take what you've been handed, endowed, inherited and granted and through your fingers let it fall With the alleviation of appreciation without double standards would there be any at all... I cannot see myself in this world being found, among those who claim down is up while others swear that up is down There is no knowledge of the inhumanity once withstood, that could cease those from weaponizing their own victimhood. Where logic holds no validity over emotion, it is the taste of entitlement that detracts the relevance of their devotion And it darkens the sense of a greater understanding, when they've fallen deaf to all dialogue other than their own demandings. And they focus their faith into a chosen form of extremism like a swinging pendulum, the behest of a subconscious hypnotism. To insist immunity in the light of a false alliance, squealing foolishness to accompany the continued acts of their defiance. In the end they'll only hear what it is they want to hear, the weakening words of a failing campaign in which they choose to smear. The only consistency found can be within their own doubt, as they descend with communal ad hominems channeling casuistic clout. The most privileged protect their political pose, polarizing personal... ...principle & propagating a platform for their phony prose.... A fictitious brotherhood, a fraudulent kin, only projecting outward what it is that they so feel within. There is no reflection, restraint or redaction, to those who cannot take responsibility for the contamination of their own action And they push their concepts of identity upon us all, out-thrusting nonsense so that they may have a sword on to fall And we wait for the cowards to take their leave, for there is no trust, no virtue and definitely no honor among these thieves Where every step is a contradiction to their last, a promenade on display... a forward march into their past. Through the intolerance of their desperate disposition shown, becoming disenfranchised by the infantile climates in which they've thrown. I cannot see myself among a flock controlled by fear, for I have no place there & they have no place here  
4. In the Absence of Matter 09:49
 The world of separation & below,
return me to the hallowed mind
for what may come shall always go
into regions I need not find
As within & so without,
away into the vastness of infinity
shatter vessels of thriving doubt
& devour diadems of decaying divinity

From inner fields of illumination,
praying unto the chaos star
boundless together in our cognation,
cut, cauterize & conceal our scars
banishing tidal disruption,
returning stellar supernal essence
vanishing idle abruption with the parallel
setting of the cardinal crescent

Eater of stars, protrude your wings
like infernal parched tongues
of the opaque & perdu kings
Dark nebula, shimmering cosmic dust
through grandeur consumption
may the astral light combust

Material vacuum, take beyond your means
Be oh luminous Sol a pawn & Luna our queen of queens
Burning serpents, radiating topaz through the skies
Beyond delusions of reality is where
absolute actualization lies
5. Forestless 07:55
Where are those that provided protection
Where are these giants of old
And where in the world did I stand
when they needed protection of their own
Nothing in this life is granted
other than the reminders of decay
for all who stood tall have dissolved
into the conciousness of our yesterday

Barren have become my lands
emptied through the averice deed
laceratered by the wounds of hand
vanished keep of bark, root & seed
Sapling ghosts I long for now
blackened by the touch of fire & smoke
lost in the questions of why & how
I still hear the whisperings of pine & oak

Thy thickets urn, my heavens burn
where now will I search for serenity
for leaf & fern, my heart shall yearn
within the embers of our own obscenity

Paradise now feign, nature in chains
as is my soul internally
for the cost of gain,
blood stains these plains
and we follow in the footsteps of eternity
6. Between Two Worlds 13:55
 Into the depths of their rabbit holes they go,
believing what fits their agenda,
so that they may cast projections of their own
Through sightless eyes things are
never what they appear but a semblance
phenomenon to those too far out & those far too near

Betwixt lesser men & greater gods,
bleak are the altars of fairness
where all bow before their foremost frauds
The admonished trangress by
the misconceptions of their place
like fork-tongued ophidians
disclosing two masks for every face

Beyond the dark of night, is where we transcend
pursuing lures of light, let us begin again

Lying above & flying below
circulating within the soul's corruption
What is once broken shall again be whole
unchaining stigmas from the mind's abduction

Distort the realms of time, to our will it shall bend
dispel what is left behind,
for I shall seek no end

Let it be these beasts that will come for me
severing schackles from my body's thrall
powerless to their excuse of indignity
it is within the center where we will find the balance of all

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