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1. From 2001 when Okkutlo left Desaster until the edition of the first Eurynomos EP in 2015, a long period of time passed, how did you decide to put Eurynomos into operation, what does the name Eurynomos refer to and why did you decide to use it?

Aethon: Hails brother. The idea of doing a band together was quite old, shortly after Okkulto left his old band DESASTER. But he needed a time out from the scene and it took longer than expected plus it was hard to find a drummer. Anyway, in 2014, finally, Nimetön agreed to join on drums and the first incarnation of the band was formed. The name EURYNOMOS comes from Greek mythology and it is also shows from which era we are influenced, the early pioneer days of extreme Metal as „Eurynomos“ is also an old demo track from HELLHAMMER.

2. The edition of your first three Eps if that happened imminently "Unchained from the Crypt", "Eye of the Pantheon" and "Fierce Alliance" saw the light in a short period of year and a half, were they recordings that were already planned? and lists for some time, but you had not found the way or the time to edit? Were you a bit surprised by the good reception from the fans of these first recordings?

Aethon: The Eps were recorded  and released step by step. Fortunately there has already been entire songs and song elements written before the band was founded which means there was a sort of archive already existing which helped doing the EPs quite quickly. We wanted to introduce ourselves with a unique concept and that „Trilogy“ EP idea worked out really well. We are very proud that it all turned out great!

3. Although the nucleus of the band is made up of Aethon and Okkulto, this is completed by Nimetön, Magma and Vesuv, when did the incorporation of these members take place and what weight do they have when composing and contributing musical ideas for the Eurynomos ?

Aethon:Of course everybody can contribute to the songs if the ideas are working out well or fit in. Like in most other bands, the guitarist comes up with the main structure and sometimes even complete songs,  and the rest of the band either says it is alright or tries to give it an extra pimp up by adding more details and ideas.

4. Your first three Eps had a sound where black / thrash came together and they sounded like a clear reference to the sound of the eighties of bands like Bathory or Sodom, is the sound of this time a reference when it comes to putting into operation Eurynomos? How was the composition and recording process of these Eps?

Aethon: We are influenced by 80s Metal, extreme Metal but also traditional Heavy Metal and even Hard Rock. There are traces of Doom existing as well. I personally prefer music and songs to be catchy, to be remembered and not just a combination of riffs and growls. Just like in the old days.

5. With the arrival of "From the Valleys of Hades" the sound of Eurynomos has gained in a greater professionalism, sounding much more ambitious and hard above all, were you clear that for the recording of your first album you were going to offer a somewhat different sound? What about the Eps? How have you modified your way of working on the issues with respect to the past?

Aethon: You are right „FROM THE VALLEYS OF HADES“ has a clearer, more defined production where you can hear every instrument pretty well. It was a wish that was expressed by some members of the band. I personally don’t mind raw sounding productions. In the end of the day, it is great to hear that the maniacs seem to like it, cause there was a lot of time, nerves and energy put into the album. Still, I think you can still hear that this is the same band that you heard  on the Eps. The general sound didn’t change very much, it just got less messy.

6. Surely something that will accompany Euronymos for a long time is the figure of Desaster, do you think that the relationship that exists between both bands with the figure of Okkulto in between plays in your favor or on the contrary would you prefer that Euronymos not be related to Desaster ?

Aethon: DESASTER is a great band, we are brothers and respect each other very much. But EURYNOMOS stands on its own feet. People quickly realized that EURYNOMOS has its own style and sound and is not a DESASTER clone. DESASTER is only a part of Okkulto’s past. Of course this helped to get some attention but at the same time this can also create some pressure and expectations. Fortunately, with the release of  the very first EP „UNCHAINED FROM THE CRYPT“, it was clear that EURYNOMOS has its own entity, even though Okkulto has not changed his vocalstyle and his trademarks.   

7. What topics do you deal with in your lyrics? Who is in charge of writing the texts and why do you consider it interesting to deal with them in your lyrics? How do you adapt your textsto the music, that is, first you write the lyrics and then the music or vice versa?

Aethon:So far, Okkulto ad myself share the lyrics. We are both interested in historical topics and mythology…. just take songs like „EYE OF THE PANTHEON“, „HERAKLION AXES“, „BANSHEE CALLING“, „TITAN GOD“ or „PANTOKRATOR“. Also some fictional stuff and songs that can relate to everyone’s life. Most of the times, the music comes first and then lyrics are added. Sometimes there is a song title and the whole song gets completed around the title, like „FROM THE VALLEYS OF HADES“.

8. What brand of instruments do you use for recording and composition and what main differences can we find with what you use when offering a concert?

Aethon: Two different Gibson guitars, one at home to create the riffs and one for rehearsals and live, but I also have a BC Rich if tremolo attacks are needed. If we play a concert and the organizer can supply the model that I usually play, I can also play on that one, no problem. Like last year when we played in North Italy, in the heart of Covid hell. The organizer offered me his guitar and the axe was kind of stiff but hey, that’s Rock N Roll, don’t cry, just plug in and attack  hehe.

9. The cover of the new album is illustrated by a flying bat in opposition to the demonic figures of the Eps, who took care of the design of the album cover? Why this change from the Eps? Does the artwork relate to the music of “From the Valleys of Hades”?

Aethon: Our first T Shirt in 2014 already had a bat design and the same title, so for the album we wanted to have the same design but this time a real detailed one. I talked to the band about it and they all agreed. It is a real bat photo, we didn’t want a painting but something that is real, looking right at you. The artwork for the EP was only for the three Eps.

10. In which studios did you carry out the recording of the new album? Was it very difficult to find the final result you wanted for the sound of the new album? Were you clear from the beginning how you wanted the new album to sound or the time in the studio revived to finish defining it?

Aethon:The album is self recorded and produced, that’s why it took so damn fuckin’ long, hehe. Magma, our bassplayer, took care of it and he did his very best to make it sound killer. The result is more or less like it was planned. As said before, the band wanted a clear production but still with a vintage and organic vibe, and I think we achieved that. 

11. Since your beginnings, you have made all the editions through Iron Pagasus Records, how do you get in touch with this record label to edit your music? Are you satisfied with the work done in terms of edition and promotion by Iron Pegasus Records?

Aethon:IRON PEGASUS is part of the circle. Just look at our releases and judge yourself about the quality. Also, I think EURYNOMOS is in good company with bands like MORTEM, PENTACLE, SADISTIC INTENT, SABBAT, DESASTER, etc., all traditional sounding great bands.

12. The current situation due to Covid-19, how do you think it has influenced you as a band in terms of sales and relationship with your fans?

Aethon: Hard to say, cause we don’t know how things would have been without that Covid situation. But of course, no gigs, no rehearsals, etc doesn’t really help. But the good comes with the bad, now maniacs probably have more time to be home and really listen to albums with care. 

13. Which album defines the essence of black metal for you? Which black metal album should be a must-listen? What recent albums have you bought?

Aethon: It depends how you define Black Metal. My „Black Metal“ world is the world of VENOM, BATHORY, SARCOFAGO, DARKTHRONE, early BURZUM, HELLHAMMER, etc. The early releases of those bands are good examples. Recent albums? I think the new INQUISITION album is great.

14. What future plans do you have for Euronymos in terms of upcoming releases, reissues or concerts?

Aethon: Concerts are still far away in this current covid situation, so I prefer to concentrate on writing new songs for a future release. Then we will see what will or wont happen.

15.  Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Eurynomos fans this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking.

Aethon: Thanks a lot for inviting us into your realm of BLACK METAL SPIRIT, it is an honor. To all you readers and metal maniacs : Check out EURYNOMOS if you like real traditional, conservative dark, heavy and raw Metal Mayhem! Keep the flame burning.


Brüja - "Polluted Sessions 2020" 4,99 €

Edición en cassette de la última demo del banda estadounidense Brüja (Black, crust)
Cassette en coloar amarillo transparente. Single side. LImited to 16 copies

1. Mundo Triste 04:12
2. Pollution 02:18
3. Evicted 00:43
4. Empty Illusions 01:15

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