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Origen: U.K., Southampton

Formados: 2017

Estilo: Black épico

Temática: Tolkien

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebookspotify y youtube


  • Tom O'Dell Todo

  • Of Darkened Halls EP 2017  
  • Maedhros Single 2018  
  • The Sons of Fëanor CD 2018
  • Of Dying Lights CD 2019  
  • Nordland Single 2019  
  • From Beneath the Fells CD 2019  
  • Evenstar CD 2020
  • Cold Lie the Ashes Single 2021
Tercer larga duración para esta one man band inglesa que se encuadra dentro del black metal inspirado por la obra de Tolkien y que sigue un camino perfectamente trazado en anteriores trabajos pero que también muestra síntomas de cierta evolución. El álbum consta de siete temas, en general extensos y que deben de ser escuchados en conjunto para poder hacerse una idea de lo aquí ofrecido, sobre todo para poder sumergirse en el sonido y la atmósfera que Tom quiere trasmitir. Si que es cierto que esta vertiente dentro del black no ofrece grandes ni excesivas variaciones, sin embargo dentro de la obra de Dwarrowdelf este trabajo marca la inclusión de distintos elementos. Nadie puede negar que la música discurre por pasajes sosegados, la mayoría de las veces limpios que no renuncia a un fuerte componente melódico en todo su sonido y salvo en contadas ocasiones también en las voces, en este apartado si que hay lugar para sonidos que a veces pueden recordar a estilos como el death melódico, sobre todo en su carácter más profundo. El sonido del álbum se nutre de muchas capas de guitarra que incorporan cada vez más algunas influencias de folk metal, renunciando en mayor medida a los teclados que se ven reducidos a crear un atmosfera emotiva y sin olvidarnos del carácter más épico de todas las composiciones. El conjunto suena compacto y cumple dentro del black metal melódico, épico y atmosférico que no se conforma con ser una mera copia de lo ya establecido y que va explorando nuevos terrenos en su sonido. (7,7).

1. Estel 05:30
   Blades in the night,
Absence of light.
Demons take flight,
At the turn of the tide

Now, darkness changing all he knows,
Here, Estel’s fate is set in stone

Rally through the land,
Take up the stand.
From fear you ran;
Now die at my hand.

Oh, arrows from the sky
Raining death!
Oh, father’s bleeding eye
An end.
2. Undómiel 05:44
   Clad in a mantle of silver and blue,
Fair as the twilight’s glow.
Her dark hair swaying in a sudden wind,
Starlike gems upon her brow.

Oh Tinúviel, are you a dream?
Your eyes shine with elven-light, my Silmaril.
Oh Undómiel, your love is your doom,
Yet I will share my heart, for you till all is still.

Born to a line of immortal blood,
A bride to none but the King.
The light of Luthien shall not succumb to death,
Even when all the stars are dim.
3. For the Kingdom I Shall Claim 07:01
My goal is clear now; To build the land I was born to rule. I take my leave of comfort, To walk in the wild as a Ranger of the night. Darkness will not hold me; His malice is the scourge that I will deny. I fly the banners For Arnor, and the kingdom I shall claim! This is his doom, The great trial of Man, Can mortal men bear such weight? Lost in a dream, He cannot foresee The losses he will suffer for this fate. I serve one purpose; The fire in my eyes few can endure. Hunting from the shadows, No servant of Sauron will withstand my blade Yet I bear my burden; My doom haunts my every breath. I must return now To Gondor, and the kingdom I shall claim.  
4. The Eagle of the Star 06:59
From distant lands, Where the skies above are strange, He holds no mighty flag Or great name. Yet he is keen of mind, His wisdom travels far, All hail the Eagle of the Star! Oh, Ecthelion, Steward of this mighty realm Heed my call, and fight the corsair horde. A peril to your southern lands, if Sauron moves to open war, Strike now, with fire and with might! In the distant lands, Where the stars above are changed, A battle in the night, For great fame. Their strength burnt away, The corsairs fleeing far, All hail the Eagle of the Star! Oh, Gondor, I cannot now return to thee A call from greater power binds my fate Far beyond the Anduin, in lonely lands and distant night My birthright, I must endure to claim.  
5. In Pursuit of Ghosts 05:22
In barren lands, he stalks, Searching for his prize. Under the mountain dark and tall, It hides... In the night I hunt this wretch, His ruined mind Leads me to the lands of death; Lands lost to time. And through the nights, I search, Tracing through horror. Where good men lie betrayed, The same fault in my veins. In chains I brought him to the realm, To lie under watch of the elves Though Greenwood darkens day by day And yet his taunts stay with me still, That for the kingdom I am ill; My star may never see the day. Now I seek to hide away, I will stalk the shadows. No more dreams of kings As my line fades away. Dying night, Fading lights. Dreams unlived, Fate is hid.  
6. The Three Hunters 06:09
Take up arms, and fly through the realm; To war and death we will ride. For our friends, seized by our foes, Lost to the dark of the night. At Amon Hen, a hero was slain, “My brother, my captain, my king” He believed in a land of the free, A dream I must have faith in! By night, we march to the Deep, To face our first mighty foe. At dawn look to the east, Bring an end to Théoden’s woes Near is the hour, where the lost should come forth And the Grey ones ride from the north. But dark is the path appointed to thee, The Dead watch the road to the Sea.
7. Return 08:00
Here I stand, in glory, in joy And I would speak her name. Rule is mine, the enemy destroyed, Her hand is mine to claim. No more will my line be shed Of glory and rule. By my hand, Men shall stand The heirs atop the world  

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