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Origen: E.EU.U., California

Formados: 2016

Estilo: Black

Temática: ?

Enlaces: ?


  • Forlorn Spirit Todos los instrumentos

  • The Maiden's Tower EP 2018  
  • Until the Bees Fly Again... EP 2018  
  • Hubris Unchained CD 2020
Siete intensos y rabiosos temas de black metal conforman el primer larga duración de esta one man band californiana. Con un par de EPs editados con anterioridad que han servido de caldo de cultivo para forjar el sonido despiadado de este trabajo que se mueve por terrenos del raw black metal, sonidos crudos que hacen gala de una alta velocidad, con capas de guitarra superpuestas que logran ofrecer un tono melódico en lo más profundo de su sonido. Optando por un producción sucia y rasposa que logra dar al sonido un componente punk en cuanto la visceralidad conseguida en forma de arrebatos de intensidad y crudeza. Las voces se ciñen a un patrón repleto de rabia que escupe sin piedad en contra de la humanidad, pregonando su destrucción por el bien del planeta. Los temas no han escatimado en duración y a pesar de mantener una delgada línea entre lo raw, la melodía y el punk en esencia, logran muchas veces sonar majestuosos, sin apenas cambios dentro de si mismo repleto de rabia, con algunas disonancias pero con un producción que encaja en la intención de crear un sonido violento y directo en donde temas como "Baffling Territory" elevan en el tono y la velocidad destructiva del álbum, con algunos arreglos que abren el espectro del sonido del álbum y que se contraponen a otros como "Inventing Armageddon" mucho más lento y repleto de rabia. (8).

1. Mysteries of Our Redemption 06:09
 Aimlessly I wander
Around the gates of the fortress
Dodging the swindlers chariot
Noxious with the stench of death

Seems as if no one seems to notice
The wings of war flapping above our heads
Dying for our share of the sky
Noxious with the stench of death

The blood we spilled here
Has seeped so far down into the earth
We can hardly recognize the smell
Noxious with the stench of death
2. Blinding Moon 05:31
   Meet me
Meet me somewhere we're not supposed to go

When the sun is gone
The moon covers my eyes and makes me blind
Only the stars can guide me

You can find me
In the trenches of the city
Bleeding from my nose
Grinning from ear to ear
Asleep at the wheel
Of the masters plan

Show me
Show me where you want to go

I can hear the coyotes prancing around us
Moon come cover my eyes
I'm ready to howl with the stars

Whatever you're waiting for
has already come and gone
3. Inventing Armageddon 06:08
Chewing on mountains
Sipping on oceans
He peers down at us

Specks who defile the land
A wretched disease

He has invented Armageddon
For we spoiled his bounty

Let it come slowly
Returned to the hungry giant
Not for me, for someone else
4. Feral Heart 06:24
I've seen death among the machines and tubes Dry and sterile Inhuman I want to die among the trees and the rustling leaves Rotting and eaten Selfless In death I'll join the past An atavistic urge Finally answered My feral heart set free In death I'll rip these chains No longer tethered to society No longer marred by the weight Of a world which wants my blood My spirit will seep into the dirt My flesh will feed the worms My blood will flow in to the rivers
5. Lasso of Fate 05:36
A horrid game of chase Blood and soil Converted to carbon A lasso of fate Pulling down our star The bulbs of the city Drown the visions we seek Masquerading as progress Smothered in concrete Crushed by its weight We're always smiling In the face of the sheep Clenching our jaws Without a bone to bite Beyond the hills There's a truth We can't handle We don't want We won't find it
6. Baffling Territory 04:46
Suspended in dirt
Frozen in time

The trees in the ground have more to offer
than the ideas on mans tongue

There's fear in the air
There's Pride in the ground
There's hate in the creeks and streams

If the leaves had fists they'd reach out and crush your dreams

Let's poison the air with our breath
Let's paint the ground with our blood
7. Fortress of Ignorance 07:27
Hidden behind the slums there's a fortress
Shrouded in trees and reinforced walls
Concrete moat to keep our world out
Walls and gates to keep their world in

In the fortress they can pretend to be one of us
Within the walls they can learn
About a world they've never seen
And a life they'll never find

Peering from the spires
Blind with splendor
Numbed by their convenience
Drunk with vanity

Deep inside the walls
Surrounded by scrolls
Deafened by pomposity
They know nothing


We'll see how they fare
When the gates open
And they spill out
Gazelles running free
Among jackals and thieves

No more concrete moat to keep our world out
No more walls or gates to keep their world in

100 copies (hand numbered on inner sleeve), Black vinyl with logo-patch 

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