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Origen: Alemania, Ruhrpott
Formados: 2017
Estilo: Black
Temática: Finalidad, fragilidad de la vida, introspección y sentimientos.
Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y spotify
  • Tim Rule Bajo, guitarra y voces
  • The Thawing Winds of the Morning Sun EP 2017  
  • One Inch of Peace CD 2021
  • You Went Right to the Stars EP 2021

Primer larga duración para este proyecto germano que ofrece cuatro temas extenso que a grandes rasgos podríamos encuadrar dentro del black con influencias atmosféricas. La duración de los temas le permite a Tim explorar distintas intensidades y vertientes dentro de los mismo, desde unos inicios más intimistas y ambientales, hasta el momento en el cual el tema "explota" y se vuelve mucho más agresivo, ofreciendo elementos que pueden ser reconocibles dentro de una vertiente post-black y la incorporación acertada de un apartado melódico que no desentona en el conjunto. Tim ha acertado de pleno en la lograr conjugar en su propuesta tanto elementos que en origen son sacados directamente del sonido más clásico del género y otros que tanto por estilos como por estructuras se pueden tildar de más modernos. No hay que olvidarse la trabajada atmósfera del álbum que nos ofrece una perspectiva entre la melancolía y la desesperación muchas veces. Un trabajado aspecto instrumental en donde un buen puñado de riffs nos ofrecen un trazado mucho más melódico en su música, en clara contraposición a la mayor contundencia de la batería y la aridez de la voces, hasta encontrar el equilibrio en su música, equilibrio que aparece tanto en la medida justa de tradición y modernidad así como entre la agresividad y la atmosfera inquietante y melancólica. (8,4)

1. A Heart Is Heavy (Tonight in the North) 09:12
 To write it down and to face it is to truly test our fears and beliefs
It's so humbling to write something in strength and conviction
Only to later fear what you have created
Because it hurts too much, oh it is too close

When you see the art, you will understand
For it is not just music, not just artwork
But a piece of work about a broken dream
About a broken dream that broke the dream

Is this what I have become? I never wanted it to be!
Just someone to share my sorrows with in temporality
Realized too late I was just holding on to a memory
Through chaos and solitude in finality

When meanings become so heartbreakingly ironic
Oh it is hard to face the final product
The product of what could’ve been and what might be
When you live the meanings like a prophecy come true

It is dark, It is cold, weighed down with snow
A heart is heavy in the north tonight
What is this season without a willingness to allow
For communication to flow in hopes for understanding

Is this what I have become? I never wanted it to be!
Just someone to share my sorrows with in temporality
Realized too late I was just holding on to a memory
Through chaos and solitude in finality

A heart is heavy, tonight in the north...
2. One Inch of Peace 09:42  
I seek the solitude, as I walk this path of my resistance
I bear this thorn and pain It forced me to contain
All my hate and despise for this farce they call mankind
Nothing resonates as I scream into these monstrosities, these monstrous cities

The only answer I found is hidden deep inside these woods
Nothing compares to the warmth of the rain falling down in spring
Whilst being engulfed into the natural state of mother earth
Here it is where I find one inch of peace, freed from the disease

But conditioned as we are soon I’ll find myself trapped again
Trapped in the illusion of any purity within our civilization
We get blinded and numbed by materialistic temptations
And as strong as I feel the urge to resist, I always get pulled back into conformity...
3. The Integrity of Nothingness Versus the Fragile Beauty of Life 07:05
  Life has never been easy on you
But everyone seems to have figured it out

Have figured it out for you – validating your relevance
They’ve done the math on you – validating your worth
Oh, if only, if you could live up to their expectations
If only, if you could regain irrelevance again...

Life has never been easy on you
But everyone seems to have figured it out for you
Validating your worth and validating your life
They’ve done the fucking math on you

If only, if you could – live up to their crooked hopes and dreams
Achieving just something, just for once, to numb this urge to become
Irrelevant again and finally one with what was and what will be
The integrity of nothingness versus the fragile beauty of life finally become irrelevant again...
4. My Heart Is in Your Hands 09:26
 I longed to feel a warmth and wandered aimlessly
I longed to feel the warmth of another heart
I’ve been through barren fields and vigorous land
I’ve been to death and back only to be with you no longer wear a mask / and finally be me... unchain this heart / and finally be free...

To feel the loving touch of your embrace is everything I need
To make me whole again – my heart is in your hands!

And I will keep this pledge, a promise I will never break
I will keep this pledge, until my dying bed


This masterpiece contains four tracks filled with negativity and raw energy. The superior composition which always stay true to black metal despite their atmosphere enthrall and inspire you every time you listen to them. This is a milestone of the Dutch style!

Powerful, yet full of pain; furious, yet mourning; technically and atmospherically crafted, this album will immediately satisfy you. LASTER write enthralling songs in perfect balance between superior composition, a harsh mood and Black Metal, which they live to the fullest. A Masterpiece!

First 100 copies in white color, second 100 in transparent and 300 in black color.


1. Alles wat mij bevalt, ontvalt me 13:37
2. Tot de tocht ons verlicht 10:03
3. Ik - mijn masker 15:03
4. De verste verte is hier 6:05

Total: 44:50

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