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Origen: Holanda, Smallingerland

Formados: ?

Estilo: Black


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  • M. de Jong Todo

  • Lemegeton CD 2018  
  • .​.​.​and The Opening Of The Shadowy Sepulchre That Yawns Behind It CD 2021
  • Blessed Conjuration Of Celestial Atrophy CD 2022
  • A Grim Prophecy of Darkness CD 2022

Resulta bastante complicado seguir la pista de los innumerables proyectos en lo cuales participa de forma patente Moires, aunque si que es cierto que deja su seña de identidad en forma de elementos que responden a la experimentación. El álbum se centra en la figura de Adonai (dios), en su faceta más oscura y vengativa y para ello Moires ofrece un black metal de sonidos más reconocibles al tiempo que se aleja de convencionalismos. Esto es así por en el álbum el uso de guitarras es prácticamente testimonial, perdida en la mezcla, pero que si echa mano de un bajo subyugante que inunda el sonido del álbum, todo ello también con una tendencia por un black sinfónico que rodea el grueso de las composiciones. Todo ello logra sumergir al oyente en casi que un estado de trance, fruto de la densidad de la propuesta, ya que a pesar de ser un álbum de black, las diferentes estructuras se van superponiendo y ofrecen un álbum al que que añadir esa experimentación marca de la casa, que no duda en hacer participe del álbum a algunas estructuras disonantes sin renunciar tampoco a instrumentos que pueden sumergirnos y ofrecer al mismo tiempo algunas dosis de experimentación. Las voces si que trazan, o por lo menos lo intentan, un interesante elenco de recurso relacionado con el metal extremo, dando un resultado bastante convincente. La propuesta de Moires se presente inabarcable, sólo cabe preguntarse porque lanza tanto proyectos bajo distintos nombre cuando muchos de ellos responden aun patrón similar. (8,1)

1. Ur of the Chaldeans 01:49  
2. The Robe I Made From Stars 08:39
Pestilent demon from the heavenly mountains Enters the chaotic dreamscapes of ancient times Brave mortal servants venture into the pit Where the headless snake sleeps and dreams A distorted seal of baphomet The candle from the resurrection cave The robe I made from stars Gather these things from near and afar Three knifes now ready to burn Through the silver gates we pass on The next plain where you leave the soul Summon our spirit when the world has gone black 
3. I Journed Through The Pale Light 08:03
So the conqueror sailed to the edge of night Brought back the fallen plagues I journed through the pale light I held the stars in my dead hands Fever comes with invoking of three kings Hells domain is a lightless pit I expelled the dream lords to the wilderness They will return with the demon who are wedded to the night Now where I met the 7 angels That guard the sick beast I stood on the mountains so great I beheld the end of time and saw the gates Where the souls flee to be awaken Again into an ancient body We are seen at the joints Of time and space Now let loose the chimera Its roots loose in hell Freed from the leash of time They now roam Sumeria  
4. All Ancient Hexes 06:27
  The syphillus of the Eufraat
Has dug its claws into our night
The cosmos inverted beneath the eye
A lick of insanity upon foreheads

Come people of salomo
Dress the gargoyles with death
Let the starless perish quietly
We profoundly worshipped the night

The great devastation only comes
When the grief dies down
Draconian tears flow towards the sword
The great converging begins with a lie

All ancient hexes are cast
Only when the winds are down
Candlelit cellars where priests retreat
Are like caves to sunless souls

O feathered ones I cling to the light
Bestial nightmares of eternal lust
Barren wombs are made of poison
After the sepulcher we return to dust

O feathered ones we are not here
Where moonworshippers sleep
Beneath the catacombs of Noah
Within the eyes of Belshazzar
5. The Ritual Demystification 06:19
  A pale shroud lays over your eyes
A bloodred crown for the lies
Chaos upon the serpents world
The soil ready for those who die

In the Inner court of the noble
With a bloody staff begins
The ritual demystification with a sable
Drink until you are drunk on death

From inside the mountain
Now comes a robed figure
Its bones lead the way
We drum on skulls, sing and pray

We do not follow Abraham into the flames
We left the desert thousands of years ago
We are no longer beneath spell the dripping swords
Or in the fires of the past. We belong to the new dawn.

Kings came and went
We delivered the dukes to the end
The eastern candle is lit
A spirit claims the mortal throne

Leave the veil to the mist
Upon heavenly shores we came down
I am no longer under the spell of the poisonous roots
I am now one with the clouds
6. Eloah Va-Daath Adonai Tzabaoth 06:28
"I conjure ye by the indivisible name IOD,
which marketh and expresseth the simplicity
and the unity of the nature divine,
which Abel having invoked, he deserved
to escape from the hands of Cain his brother

I conjure ye by the name TETRAGRAMMATON
ELOHIM, which expresseth and signifieth the grandeur of so
lofty a majesty, that Noah having pronounced it, saved him-
self, and protected himself with his whole household from the
waters of the deluge.

I conjure ye by the name of God EL, strong and wonderful,
which denoteth the mercy and goodness of his majesty divine,
which Abraham having invoked, he was found worthy to come
forth from the Ur of the Chaldeans..."

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Comes with both side printed insert
Limited to 350 copies

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