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1. When did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Causam and what does it refer to?

Abaddon: I disbanded my old Band Dark Shadow in 2019 and wanted to create something new and was looking for people who would like to create post apocalyptic black metal, which I succeeded in spring 2020 with Arawan and Arcis. Causam comes from Latin and means "fall" . We decided for it together, cause it fits perfectly to our project. If you wanna create something new, everything must fall first.

2. How was the composition and recording process of “Doomsday Rapture” your first album? What brands of instruments have you used for the recording of the album?

Arawan: I composed a first version of the songs for each instrument and shared it with the band. In the rehearsal room, Causam completed the songs. The final version of each instrument’s track is composed by the musician playing that instrument.

We recorded everything on our own. Guitars have been recorded at the guitarist’s homes. Bass, vocals and drums have been recorded in the rehearsal room of Causam. Arcis was our production leader.

Brands of instruments used for recording:

Vocals: Shure SM58

Lead Guitar: ESP LTD EC Black Metal, Black Satin

Rhythm Guitars: Tokai LS 150

Bass: Ibanez GSR 200

Drums: Pearl with drumheads from Remo, Cymbals/HiHats: Paiste Alpha

3. The five musicians that make up Causam's line-up in most cases come from different projects not entirely related to black metal. What does Casuam bring you at the musician level compared to other projects? complex to shape the final sound of the album due in this case to having to deal with the opinions of different musicians?

Abaddon: Yes, our bassist (Andras) is from the punk scene, Arcis from rock/heavy metal, Arawan from folk/death/black metal and Grievas and I are origine from black metal. But thats exactly what it took to bring Causam to a unique level with something new. Sure, we have our differences from time to time, like how should it sound and then we start to experiment around until it suits everyone. Arawan does most of the compositions and everyone also brings in their influences and I am the one criticizing.

4. With an eye on the black sound of the nineties, certain melodic influences and an atmospheric profile could be defining the sound of this “Doomsday Rapture”, what influences in terms of bands and styles have ended up being reflected in the? Sound of the album How would you define the sound of the album for those who have not heard it yet?

Arawan: Influences: Rotting Christ, Mgla, Satyricon, Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Immortal, Dissection,  Emperor and also Nature and Music herself.

Sound of the album: a tank rolling over the world. Melodies that hunt you. Energizing. Strengthening. Feeling alive.

5. Your lyrics have always stayed somewhat away from the clichés within the genre such as Satanism and anti-religion. What opinion do you have on these issues today?

Grievas: Well, the overall topic of our band and especially our intended first trilogy of albums is dedicated to the post-apocalypse. So satanism or religion don’t play the main role in this regard. It is only a fraction of the overall problems humanity faces and play a part in its downfall.

6. Continuing with the lyrics of "Doomsday Rapture" in it there are elements related to nature, "politics" and the human being as a real threat to the survival of the planet. Why do you consider it interesting to deal with these issues in your lyrics? Who is in charge of writing the texts? Are the texts written before the music is ready or are they adapted to it?

Grievas: The lyrics are written by myself. Mostly I write them after a song is finished, however we plan to do some songs the other way around in the future, to capture different moods.

Regarding the topics of the lyrics I can only say that while researching, it seemed impossible to find another source of the problem than humanity itself. Compared to natural desasters etc. The casualties caused by humans themselfs greatly surpasses everything else. We really didn’t want to get into politics, but there was no way around it, at least for a couple of songs.

7. Who was in charge of the design of the album cover? How does it relate to the content of the album and what do you intend to convey with it?

Abaddon: This is a picture of our Photographer. Like us, he is also a fan of nature. And no matter which Apocalypse is happening, nature will always recover itself. She´s more constant than the human virus, for example. Since we all together love nature, we always find images of nature suitable and they are just nice to look at and appealing. And this is exactly what mankind should take care of.

8. The album has had a not inconsiderable impact despite being the first of a somewhat unknown band, were you surprised by this impact reached by “Doomsday Rapture”? Do you think that the situation experienced as a result of the pandemic has benefited from some form the band at the time of the public has more time to discover new things?

Arawan: When Black Metal Promotion contacted us to ask for permission to upload our album, we were excited. We did not expect that amount of reactions and at this point it’s a good place to say thank you once again! Thanks to all of you who support us by reviewing us, listening to our music, buying our merchandise, writing to us, telling friends, … Together for the Black Metal Scene!

9. You have self-released the album, is it something that you were clear from the beginning? Was there no interest on the part of any record label to edit the album in any other format?

Arawan: We were clear about that from the beginning. If it’s about composing and editing our songs, that’s a personal act which reflects ourselves. If it’s about hard copies and distribution, there often aren’t fair deals. So we did everything except the mastering, for which The Rat Studio did a great job, on our own. From composing till releasing and shipping.

10. How do you see the black metal scene in Switzerland today compared to the past? What is your opinion of all the new bands that have emerged in Switzerland in recent years?

Abaddon: The black metal scene in Switzerland hasn`t changed much compared to the past, it has developed musically. There are a lot of black metal bands in Switzerland, also very good bands. Today it´s the same dealing like it was before: There are bands who like and support each other and bands who are against everyone. But that´s the way it is with bands all over the world. I think it´s awesome that there are so many balck metal bands in Switzerland now. Switzerland was undiscovered by the world for a long time, altough we are also one of the founding fathers of black metal with Celtic Frost and co.

11. How were your beginnings in music: first albums you bought, first concerts you attended? What happened in your lives made you want to be musicians?

Grievas: I listened to a lot of different music before finding black metal when I was around 16 years old. Even now I listen to a lot of different stuff. Music is just a way to express a lot of different feelings. Black metal covers the absolute darkest and hateful parts of them.

12. If I'm not mistaken "Doomsday Rapture" is the first album in a trilogy, what can you tell us about the concept of this trilogy? Are you already working on the continuation of "Doomsday Rapture"?

Grievas: We are always working on new songs. There is a lot of cool stuff coming up. 

Doomsday Rapture as the first part mainly covers our “romantic” view of the Post-Apocalypse, as we think it could be when it finally happens. The second Album will cover past Apocalypse-like events, or situations, when people living at the time thought the world was ending. The third we don’t want to tell, altough it’s kind of obvious what it could be. We can’t wait to finish the concept.

13. The pandemic has been a tough period for many bands that have been unable to offer concerts. Do you have in mind to offer a concert in the coming months?

Arawan: Our first concert will be on 2021-10-01 at Black Hole Fest in Switzerland where bands play like: Dark Funeral,  Afsky, Totenwache, Bergrizen, Antzaat and more. We’re looking very forward to that.

14. Which album represents for you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

Abaddon:  This is difficult to answer and I can´t decide, but some of my favourites are Watain with Lawless Darkness and Mgla with Exercises in Futility. But relying solely on these two, would be wrong, because there are so many great bands out there I listen to, it would be an incredibly large list here.

15. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Causam, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you for the interview and the exciting questions. We’re currently recording our second album, which we’ll release next year. If you want to see us live, along with other bands like Dark Funeral or Afsky, join us at Black Hole Fest on 2021-10-01 in Switzerland.

Thank you all for supporting us!


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