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Origen: España. Barcelona

Formados: 2012

Estilo: Black atmosférico

Temática: Desesperación, desolación, dolor, sufrimiento y tristeza

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  • A. Bajo y voces
  • I. Guitarra
  • M. Guitarra
  • V. Batería

  • Uncertainty EP 2013
  • Conviction of Voidness CD 2014  
  • Astral Dream CD 2015
  • Epiphanies of the Orphaned Light CD 2016  
  • Autumn Legacy Underlying the Cold's Caress Single 2021  
  • The Silent Solace Single 2021  
  • Portraits CD 2021

Cuarto álbum  de estudio ya para los catalanes que se muestran como una formación sólida después de los cambios sufridos en su line-up en los últimos años que les ha servido, entre otras coas, para ofrecer un completo trabajo de black atmosférico. El álbum se abre con un tema de tono ambiental que pronto da paso a "Autumn Legacy Underlying the Cold's Caress", un tema agresivo y directo en donde las influencias atmosféricas en su sonido se dejan sentir en estado puro, ofreciendo un completo elenco de riffs incendiarios y voces crudas y rasgadas, todo ello aderezado por un ambiente digamos que gélido. Este sonido de black atmosférico está bastante presente en la primera mitad del álbum, pero Perennial Isolation no se conforman con repetir su formula hasta agotarla, poco a poco, conforma van cayendo los temas, el sonido no renuncia a ofrecer riffs que en forma de capas van transitando por pasajes más melódicos, casi que influenciados por elementos post-rock, al tiempo que la batería se muestra implacable en las secciones más directas, sin que la esto sea óbice para que también se nos ofrezcan algunos interesantes cambios de ritmo que tornan su música mucho más intimista, con la habilidad suficiente para que ese aura de crudeza y frialdad siempre este presente. Las voces se adaptan a un estilo también crudo y rasgado, perfectamente engranadas con el apartado musical y mostrándose totalmente inseparables del mismo con un plus de agresividad cuando el sonido se vuelve mucho más directo. El echo de contar con dos guitarras para este cuarto álbum ha permitido que el sonido de Perennial Isolation se vuelva mucho más dinámico permitiendo abrir su sonido más allá del black atmosférico clásico y ofrecer elementos que van desde el post, el doom o el death, hasta completar uno de los lanzamientos más representativos de lo que va de año en cuanto al black nacional. (8,1)

1. The Fall Awakening 01:53   instrumental
2. Autumn Legacy Underlying the Cold's Caress 05:34
 On the vastness enthroning the ancient mounts,
Becoming waves, becoming voices in the autumn shore,
Staining the elements. Summon the everlasting tongue;
Consecrated nature at the arrival of the no-light season.

Unfailing traces sing upon the mourning fields,
Under the gait from the stunned gaze of the blurry light,
Through the smell of sorrow season that flows no end.
Starless night brings the voice to the quiet plains...


Mighty mist unveils delighting...

Coronation of the high peaks never reached before,
Crimson waves crossing among the frozen eternal eyes,
Spirits dancing under the stare of the ancient ones,
Conceived cold committed in the rainfall spell of dormant dusk.

On the mesmerizing nightfall,
Brings the thousand tongues of breeze and longing frost.
Brings the eternal fog...

Summon the spectral winds unseen,
Flow from the end to the end, until the light arise

Aeons of twilight will never see her fall
Until lifetime decides her rebirth within the wood’s womb

On the mesmerizing nightfall

Becoming waves, becoming voices in the autumn shore.
On the vastness enthroning the most ancient mounts.
3. The Breathless Season Bane 05:55
Mist comes as fire!!
So pure as fire.
It crawls so down and deep,
Hit with desire.

Mist comes as fire!
Bloodstreams fall white,
The essence waves within,
Within your empire.

Mist talks in silence,
Spreading her thick poison,
Beloved once,
Trapped in epiphanic eyes.

So pure as fire,
So pure as fire...

Heady smoke covering the eternal vastness,
Submerge the voice into the slumber portal.
Ethereal darkness in communion with manifold
Dismayed elements look for the light they can't

Upheaval throne spreading the word of nightfall
Blessing the night in its purest form of chaos.
Stellar flickering, majestic unknowledge of stridency,
Performs their song in a swarm of light and brume.

Wolves are praising that the sun shines no longer,
Merged in one in immortal twilight.

Mist comes as fire...

Mist comes as fire!
Bloodstreams fall white,
The essence waves within,
Within your empire.

So pure as fire

Mist talks in silence,
spreading her thick poison,
Beloved once,
Trapped in epiphanic eyes.

Submerge the voice into the slumber portal,
Performs their song in a swarm of light,
In a swam of light and brume.
4. Unceasing Sorrows from the Vastness' Scion 08:15
  Hear in silence.
As deep as ice,
Mist anthems of nature's grief.

Tangible epitaph,
Path of confusion twisting dwelling

From the ancient eyes.
But now it bleeds,
And the roads away.

Among the threnody,
As twilight falls.

Above the autumn moon,
The immortal voices.

Beyond the cosmic glow,
Remember the crimson crystal of the

The endless howls,
Everlasting essence before the gloom.

Devours the sun
Behind the mount's crest.

Not enough the cold's caress
Emerge in shades
And walk away...

Mother, the wolves are crying
Mother, your wolves are crying 
5. To the Withering Womb 04:57
Sternness. On moving leaves, Spreading the white tongue, Mist dancing above while blood streams down. Scarlet and divine, Of haunted sun, Envious poem of dusk and rise... Raise the womb as throne... So high... Green motherland, in death divine, Banish the shell becoming past, Raise the womb as throne so high. Green motherland, in death divine, Banish the shell becoming past, Raise the womb as throne so high. And cross the spine... And cross the spine beyond the lands... ...beyond the lands Turns me into past... 
6. Through Fire Upon Fire 05:11
 Burned drawing...

Strongest reddish torture,
Wound upon wound,
In sickness soil,
Forlorn the horizon.

The rotten plague.

Above the vault,
Scorching vastness,
Let us incarnate
We don't deserve.

Be strong enthroned,
Raise your realm,
Consumed mankind.
We don't deserve.

7. Embers in the Slumbering Threshold 06:30
Oh, Mother, Be brave. May the sores purify the gait of the blind, Tormented divine. Oh, Sorrow, ascend in green, Make it shine beyond the eyes can't reach, Enlightened at night. Oh, Essence, nourish the land, May your tears flood the cracks, Unbounded from the past. Reborn from the womb... Shall stand... your bloodline ever, unfold the seeds in fire begotten. Shall stand... your bloodline ever, unfold the seeds in fire conceived. Embers don't pray in death. Don't pray in death. In death... Reborn... from the womb  
8. The Silent Solace 04:21
Embrace the bitterness veil, Under the falling delight; Silent, even with contempt, beholds As one becoming pain, over pain, over pain. Delusional vessel reaches still. As venom scattered, as mist, Unfinished distress holds still. As if the seed were bleeding endlessly, Wrecking the inert flesh, martyring scars overcome. As if the words of remembrance still didn't lie enough, Crimson tones hitting the batter of despair. As if the whispers carved the withered filth of being. When the nails tear the crystalline echo. As if the spectral cries were crushing upon the gloom. And groan... Forms, under the spill where it lays, And grows, under the spill where it lays, And creates, under the spill where it lays, Descending...  
9. Emanations from the Swallowed Twilight 05:57
  Feel the bleak cold,
As dying springtime.
Touch her soulside,
Melting deep within.

Closing the eyelids,
The blaze burns mighty,
Facing the slumber
From the weak nightfall.

Becoming one with the oceans.

Elements around the goddess,
Proclaiming the arrival of her realm
Of silence.

And summon the nightwings forevermore.
Until the sun embraces her again,
As long as the spell remains,
Until the eyes never see again.

Of haunted moon,
Of faded sun,
And songs delivering the stellar shine.

Behold the eternal scars,
Ablazing in the eyes,
Will go, fall, fall,
But we will be in his rise.

Vinyl, LP

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