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Origen: Portugal, Oporto.

Formados: 2016

Estilo: Black

Temática: Autodestrucción, entumecimiento mental, misantropía y narcisismo

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  • Diogo Mota Batería
  • Guilherme Henriques Guitarras y voces
  • Lucas Ferrand Bajo


  • Gaerea EP 2016
  • Unsettling Whispers CD 2018
  • Limbo CD 2020
  • Salve Single 2022  
  • Mantle Single 2022  
  • Mirage Single 2022  
  • Mirage CD 2022
LIMBO (2020)
Segundo larga duración para los portugueses que en su corta existencia ha experimentado una explosión de popularidad sin precedentes, con un black de sonido monolítico y potente que transita por terrenos conocidos de bandas como Mgla en lo musical y de Harakiry for the Sky en el plano temático, sirva estas referencias como ejemplo de lo puede dar de si este "Limbo". Gaerea ofrecen un sonido contundente y muy potente, sin apenas fisuras y con menos elementos pertenecientes a otros estilos. "Limbo" contiene seis temas, de los cuales cuatro se acercan o superan los diez minutos y es ahí donde "Limbo" ofrece sus mejores momentos. Temas como "Glare" o "Mare" son perfectos exponentes del sonido de Gaera, un black intenso de momentos rápidos y desconcertantes, riffs ampulosos, ausencia casi de cualquier atisbo de melodía, un componente brutal de doble bombo que funciona como una apasionadora y dota a su música de un fuerza explosiva y las voces, llenas de rabia, dan como resultado un sonido potente, repleto de rabia y violencia. Sin embargo a lo largo de esta maraña de sonido también hay espacio para que la música fluya sin impedimentos, con una sustancial bajada de ritmo, sin perder el tono agresivo y contundente eso si, se nos presenta un sonido mucho más metal, alejado de los convencionalismos y que va dibujando un paisaje de hastío que sirve como antesala del reventón de sonido black que vendrá a continuación. Puede ser que sea un trabajo más monolítico y directo, con menos experimentación, como si la fuerza de la contundencia de su propuesta no permitiera que el sonido del álbum corriera con mayor libertad, pero por otra parte nos se le pude negar la intensidad y la profundidad de este "Limbo". (8,3).

1. To Ain 11:15
No oppression on the horizon Not a single lie spit by tongue As an aimless vagabond I fall Addicted to lethal life, its so magnificent The great boundary among the enlightened Their blackened visions feed from thy memorials Provocative veil is lifted Vain, avaricious, dead Their irony exceeds them And the cost: Everything Grotesque flaws Everyday neurosis The sound of silence relieves me Consumes me Inflicting Chaos, To Ain! Nothing he believes is real As I keep sliding back to life This is my last flight Still silent, serene Howls from the past And the birds are not flying high A muted scream suffocates my mind Is lethargy keeping us alive? I will not let these flames take me Sunrise behind the curtain so peaceful of mind He's a fantasist. A wanderer of the Void I learned not to fear infinity Seems more like a burden than a source of joy Going up the stairs I tend to jump through the fields of glass These are the colors Colors of eternity One by one With arms wide open We will fall To Ain! Chilling whispers Teardrops you won't hear the calling Weeping rivers, flowing in haunted seas In waves Out of key you are, you're so.... This golden dawn will dive with me Along the shining idols Twinkle the milky way of life Stretched to the point of never-ending line Ten thousand stories remain untold I hate mankind, for I am What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets Cold and vacant The strange, uncanny, mysterious And as I fall Into the abyss of this mundane world I stare and glare, my boundaries extent One by one With arms wide open We will fall To Ain!   
2. Null 06:00
 Swallowed by Dejection
The cartridge I wore
The golden one was left behind
Perverse I secretly am

God knew it better
My scars could attest
My dispassionate pleasure
Ripping the skin from bone

The torment of flesh
The shell that encloses
As heavy as stone
My heart may endure

Under the sun
This Familiar pain
I assumed an ultimate form
Splendid and passionate
Pearls of hunger
Ripple through my bones
More sorrow than madness
Than I have ever known

Set the eyes on fire
Blazing Red

Inner screams
Echoes in my skull
Anger pulses
A trashing stream in my veins
My gnarled body
A trapping cage
A torturous smile
Indulgence blends with grief

They beg for more
But they do so in vain

My head still thrashes
Demanding to be heard

The boundaries between perception
And reality still dim

Transcending thoughts
For one day
Tainted body and mind
Will do nothing but obey

I am phenomenal
Fierce, strong, and audacious
I am proud to be owned
I’m honored to be His slave
With passion I serve Him
With gratitude I bend my knees
He awakens the deepest parts of me
Where once I couldn't fell
3. Glare 07:15
Slackly watching the glare of the bucolic hills Stumbling in mirrors without blindfolds aside Jubilating the chants of a broken past When the fear steps in, blind man can see If we all fear, we will be forever blind The reflex of a strained face Not a single broken mirror screen Sense of Tomorrow Black puddle of mudd Unfolds the path Unstoppable carnage of unfaithful dreams In this somber world, one can never behold us An obscure meeting, a screen that is so dirt Infant Dreams Reveal the glare 360 degrees of light Dont be fooled by the mask we create For this is all a lie Blending affections Departed souls wonder a showcase of pride Burning desire of Blindness Just watching it passing by Wasting time Living the most obsolete life And searching for ways to escape Fall into the deepest coma This putrid sphere deserves no lightness Once so brave with its flaunting walls Fashion of reflections Vanity of a gloomy life A brighter world, a gentle gaze A field of withered grass Visible glittering at sunlight The sweet glances can show a shred of our code A voyage of fractured thrills Dripping down from the waterfall The glow from the gems outshines the moonlight The reflex of a pale face Not a single broken display Sense of the Future May your ripped out chest Rot in the Sky From the waters that I'm damned to cross The glimpse of darkness Memories of a forgotten world I know no other way Sickened of prowl on a celestial stone Through frosted avenue We walk alone A massive vortex To unfold the truthful breach  
4. Conspiranoia 09:14
Reflections of what you are Imagination is overpriced Sadly rooted, an old version of myself So passionately in others minds That can't be seen As anything else They think I desire no affection Cutting Strings Escaping reality Leave it all behind As If it was only myself No one seems to notice My mind is my own paradise Trapped inside I can see clearly now Risks are getting higher I don't need your consent A man on the spectrum The darkest shade to define fate Spread the arms away My demons should be GLORIFIED The dark lurks through the night WICKED SOUL A loop of flesh and blood Never look back Don't question myself Poison my mind Eyes dazzling Heart pure gold Contagious No equal form Its threatening A bone taken from The elder men Uttering words Seem so unreal Why do I feel Unrivaled And just yearn For a kind face While the others long to be In some distant fate Between what is and what is not absorbed by us Men would rather walk through the Void Advantage, Satisfaction In conspiracy with its equals Possessing the quiet and ultimate truth He shall fall from afar Mesmerized by the breeze's flavour Suspended in Space-time Falling headlong in the most impressive way Against the Human race  
5. Urge 04:49
 A recipe for a hazard built out of scraps
Time is but a putrid conception
To get loose from this drug fuelled romp
A lighting second take out your breath
Deeper, Nastier
Discriminate the sense of right or wrong
Express core will tremble
Neurolic Obsession knows no rest
No brighter path
On a slash of sugar truths
Ostracize the taste of Men
Satisfaction by Passion
Decimation in Darkness
Madness embrocates my breath
The Ocean of being rips us apart
The fall of the wanderer amuses his master
Distance. Closure, Love
Pleasant Numbness
Psychic structure
Skin exudation
Unsavory thoughts
A mold covered nest
Empty conscience
Flanked by a timbered realm
Under the orb
Of a pale blue sky
Awareness lips
Celestial candlelight
Whispers of silence
So sacred above
Dogged with your unsettling whisper
Doting eyes staring down at them
Endless seclusion is the only choice
Factual desire is a fable
The Deaf will surpass it's creator
Splitting their lives apart
Shrilling of Silver tongues
Future dreams deep down in codeine spoons
Swallowed by the almighty dictator
Who wrote their noxious code
No blood pressure cut down on your throat
Full pleasure on our sculpture of flesh
"How to transcend this sensual emptiness.
This urge, wrestle, resurrection of dry sticks,
Cut stems struggling to put down feet,
What saint strained so much,
Rose on such lopped limbs to a new life?
We won't figure out who he is
But who we are through hearing him
Discomfort and humour
For the blank scum
We miss our desire
I miss having lust 
6. Mare 13:11
  Thy sadness hung around us

An uniform of tailored tears

Clear vision starts to fade away

When freedom was missed

You should scamper away into black abyss

Loneliness crawls under the skin

An undertone voice shouts through the wind

Mountains were tumbled down one by one

On this wide earth the horizon reveals the ocean

Overflowing in ecstasy

Magnificent azure

A lantern uncovers the road

Spectrum of a banshee wrapped in disguise

We have just found a new paradise

This time without any mistakes

Saturation muffled by the pain

Been there with them all through the land of nothing

Broken hourglass

This way leads us to the great fountain

We're stuck in the desert of sand

Wondering if oasis shall be attained

Sunshine is no more

A cloud moves scarcely in the dusk

Will we see any stars

We are the gazers of fondness

Floods of sea foam will melt away

Anxious and numb we await

And a clearly reveals

May our Liberaling mind crash in the shores...

Gentle pond of grease

Under the green seaweed

Set on the banks of a paralyzed routine

We stop to wonder the Iron bridge

The Black Swan flashes

Like windy arcs of bounty

Under a gloomy blanket of shadows

In a celestial and golden sky

Painted in the eyes of the Promised Land

Only slack memories

Passion has fled for the greater call

I'll run on your command

Gentle breeze of the sea

I hear you calling my name

Dancing with the waves on the coast

Drowned in these waters

Waves of a vain life

Sliding away from the world we once recalled

Cant control breathing

Each breath is so heavy

The core slowly fades

I soak on my blood...

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