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Origen: Italia, Roma

Formados: 2006

Estilo: Black

Tamática: Satanismo

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  • Omega A.D. Batería y voces
  • Void A.D. Bajo y guitarra
  • Wraath Voces

  • Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine) CD 2009
  • Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans CD 2014
  • Rite of Inverse Incarnation EP 2017  
  • Historia Nocturna CD 2020

Tercer larga duración para los italianos, una banda que ofrece en este "Historia Nocturna", siete temas de black metal inquietante, satánico, denso y putrefacto. Por un lado tenemos toda la temática y ambientación satánica presente a lo largo de todo el álbum, pocas obras recientemente han sabido recrear sensaciones similares con un gusto por elementos disonantes, casi que vanguardistas, pero siempre oscuros y opresivos. Su sonido se nutre de influencias de bandas como Darvaza o Funerla Mist en su apartado más estrictamente black, pasajes sombríos, algunos mecánicos que se adentran en terrenos que muchas veces pueden recodar en gran medida a la obra d Marduk y en menor medida a la otros como Behemoth. Y es que este "Historia Nocturna" no deja de ser un trabajo de black metal enrevesado, en donde las influencias del black más clásico se ven mezcladas con sonidos más actuales, de poderosos y enrevesados riffs, que entretejen una maraña de oscuridad enfermiza, de ambiente insano y podrido. Riffs imposibles se van sucediendo, llevando la propuesta hacia una suerte de locura emocional y esquizofrenia, con un amplio abanico de registros, sonando poderosos pero sin descuidar elementos como melodías siniestras y cierta épica, este último aspecto acentuado cuando la batería se desata. Las voces se han ajustado para completar el cuadro, teniendo en la variedad su punto fuerte, variedad que hace hace acto de presencia en forma de voces limpias casi que corales cuando el ritmo desciende a terrenos que languidecen, pero que sin embargo son capaces de desatar una tormenta de oscuridad y violencia cuando se adaptan al ritmo más elevado de las composiciones, adoptando un tono contundente, repleto de rabia y violencia. Un trabajo que acaba por sonar como un ente perfectamente engrasado y compacto, son un ambiente insano sin fisuras. (8,1).

1. Intro 02:53  
2. A Wanderer's Call and Orison 07:28
   Far, far I go from the eyes of men
Far, far I go from the ears of the profane
Who call Him falsely 'the Devil'

With rabid hunger I beseech Thee,
Hearken! To Thee art directed my most sincere orisons,
For my belief comes from Thy seed
and it expands from my heart's deepest centre, to the farthest horizon.

Within the temple that my skull is
the Serpent cometh and saith: "Fear not, be brave!
This path is crooked and steep,
but the retribution is, oh, so high and great!"

Oh, Moon most bright, oh Moon most dark
With open heart to this journey I now embark
To fields by night I go, through forests and murky trails
To increase my body of light, and make one of phallus and kteis.

Oh light, shin into this night
I draw you from the Stars,
to the centre of the Earth
Stars to Earth, Stars to Heart

From my brow unto my nave!
From one hand unto the other
To infinity in all directions
Grant me power and protection!

This Road has to be walked
The Torch has to be borne
Until all chains are Shattered
And my soul free from thorns.

So mote it be!
3. Transcendental Lawlessness 07:21
Transcend the covenants established be the fathers,
What will bring me grace and glory
Is the Solitude along the Crooked Path

My gene is not familiar
The Seed from which I was conceived
Is the sacred seed of Cain
Of His race I am
And proud His mark I wear

Fathers of those who roam through possible and real
Strike and erase any imposed conscience and reveal!
Show me the Truth that must not be spoken
Bring me before the marriage-bed of Life and Death
Where time is not and there's no fear
Where no man is allowed to breath!

Oh, worthless beings of clay,
Your hopeless actions are but an illusion
May you perish, at last, and end your foolish play
For your craving for eternity will end into delusion!

- My mind, such a pleasure-ground of devils! -

I reject pain, I reject guilt, I reject dogmas, I reject shame
Power I reclaim, and my sole Will I must fulfill
Unto Thee, my Horned guide, for Thy spark in me resides,
And on the flame your antlers
My eyes and heart are fixed with the focus of a hunter.

Transcend Time, transcend the Word,
Transcend Life and transcend Death
Fearless in thy circle I stand,
as with disgust I gaze at the thrones of men.
4. The Visit 07:15
Entranced by nocturnal torpor In search of long forgotten relief Cross'd the first threshold of the real Thy lustful creature came to me Her lips, most and warm Ravishing in blissful ecstasy Oh, heavenly delight! Obscured by floating mane Oh, Thou, infernal Child! Which intent? To relieve me from torment? I ignore, but I swear Her touch was not mundane As I repossess my senses A ware of the suspension of the ego Announcing Thy arrival, The veil, once cracked, shook. My sight, quivering Catched Thine sidereal face Of pale, shining lure. Oh, Master, is it You? Thine hair, of fire Thine grin, crescent moon Blade of the deadly scythe. Firm, ardent, real. At first dread and fear, Then solace, ardor, zeal. Words do not suffice To express Thy mighty wonder Or maybe, yes, they do For, as an acolyte of yours, I learnt that in between heartbeats and sights. my Master, Thou reside.
5. I Glance You with a Touch, I Touch You with a Gaze 09:03
Scorn, scorn
To ye, oh shameless fools with no devotion
Thorns, thorns
May ye walk through endless fields of desolation
Gods, gods
I shred them essence for my liberation
Heaven is indifferent to your salvation

From temples and sanctuaries of precious stones
Curse, curse
Upon you all whose life is but deception
Blood, blood
I sacrifice my own, my last solution
Love, love
For endless wisdom lies into inversion

Oh, so unlimited
Are the powers and Entities
I house into this body of mine
Devils.and Beasts, for your unholy
Upon this body they feast
A banquet mystique

oh God of silence, Open Solitude!

A return to a womb unknown,
no, to rest not, but to slay any venefic thought

Joy, oh Joy!
That very same joy I grasp when I face the beauty of Death.
Death, oh Death!
Thou, bringer of the most sacred mysteries.

oh God of silence, Open Solitude!
I've been pierced by the mighty horns of the Great God Pan
oh, so many times in frantic pain
to finally feast at divine banquets,
to dance with all of you, Gods of the Elder Race

Oh, Father, oh Mother,
Thanatos - Athanatos

I glance You with a touch,
I touch You with a gaze.
6. Syzygy 05:36
This I have witnessed Where the three roads meet Satyr and Nymph Life and Death in sexual conjunction under velvety mantle Semen and fluids, tears and spit Tied limbs on the edge of ecstasy Hosted by cloven-hoofed embrace Unio Mystica, Sola Unio, I Dynamic and restless their sinuosity Shedding anthropic skin With roots into the Other and trunk into the Now Becoming the pillar of the universe, a living tree Through needles and thorns, mud and moss Clambering branches, on a seat of stone Weaving a shape of atavic furor On his throne, our Horned Lord. Lover and beloved Adored and adorer I am He, I am She I, the One of Spirit As Star upon Star upon Star... In a true divine Syzygy Fprever We are One! 
7. I Am the Iconoclasm 08:43
At the meeting place of Four When the Cross is marked and the mired is calm In solitude I place myself sacred ground To attain freedom from what I am bound In trance I invoke myself and thus I cast this spell Drowned, choked, buried and burned I cut my own thread, I am Atropos I witness my Death and its Mystery perform To dissolve my own essence and of Quintessence reborn I am the Idol, I am the Iconoclasm I pass through eternity in one single instant Mysterium Fidei Mortem tuam annuntiamus, domine Et meam insarrectio confitemur, donec veniam. At the meeting place of the Four When the Cross is marked and Belief is strong In solitude I place the Icon on sacred ground To set my Faith free from unwanted bounds I evoke the True God and kill the false Idols From temples and heavens flaw rivers of Ichor Their blood is now mine and to me it is Gold In slaying the Idols I set free from doubt I slay you, oh Idol, I am the Iconoclasm I reclaim thine true essence and union in holocaust I slay you, oh Idol, I am thine Iconoclast I return you to fire and my Mind is now quiet I am the Iconoclasm! I am the Iconoclast! I am the Iconoclasm! I am thine Iconoclast!

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