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Zifir has founded in 2006 and first album You Must Come With Us had been released in 2007. Zifir have finished recording of their second album Protest Against Humanity in 2008-2009 and released on March 2011.
Band aimed for black metal conception in both musical and doctrinal ways.

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1. The band was founded in 2006, edits in 2007 "You Must Come With Us" in 2008 is attached to the battery and in 2011 edits Nursuz "Protest Against Humanity" and last year you publish the Ep with Belgian Cult of Erinyes. How did the idea of forming Zifir? What has been the evolution in the band's sound over the years and especially after the incorporation of Nursuz to the battery?

Zifir is a foundation based on creating the ultimate feeling in a very simple for, as it is. Zifir’s sound is mostly mid tempo music with aggressive vocals, chanting screams and grim riffs. Religion is the major topic for the lyrics as it is the only thing that surrounds us here in Turkey. With addition of new member beats become more powerful and as time passes band’s composition capability has been evolved.

2. How did the collaboration with CUTL of Erinyes for this split? What two groups are beginning to sound a little different? How was the songwriting process?

Actually the bands found each other by internet network. Sounds are in a way similar but if you go deeper you’ll easily find the differences which also made this split great in terms of derivations of black metal sound. Each band had their songs and we just put them together in same cd. Zifir songs were written just a few weeks before this split recording session. This process all went very well.

3. Your lyrics revolve around Satanism and human decadence and misanthropy, how important are these elements in your life? What do you think of the society and humanity?

We strongly believe in misanthropy as we see the human as a virus in the planet. This is mostly about decadence or extinction of human on planet earth. We support anything that will make this proceed faster. Weapons, disasters, diseases…If you would like to ask about our social life then we can quote from “American Psycho”.

4. Your music conveys a sense of cool and sounds very primitive, what are your influences when composing?

This is very related to last two answers. There are several major driving forces for our inspiration and composing music. These are misanthropy, religion and concepts about darkness and light and from one’s eye how he or she sees the world within the lies. 

5. Could you tell us what you would for the five fundamental cds in black metal?

Lets say top three should be :
Mayhem – DMDS
Darkthrone – TH
Burzum – Filosofem

6. What kind of equipment do you use music in the studio and what at concerts?

Zifir hasnot been involedfor performinglive yet but in studio we use drums with double pedal and lots of cymbals as you might guess. For vox we use regular microphone with spme reverb and for quitars only pre amp, nothing special.

7. Coming from Turkey and practiced black metal, do you suppose this a risk? What is the extreme scene in Turkey? That we can discover bands?

The situationin Turkey can be changedday by day but it is a risk. It is good to keep in mind that 33 people were burned alive here in Turkey in 1993 as they were atheists. You need to be very careful because things are serious in this country. Very simple. 

8. This split has been edited by Somnia Aegri tanquam, will you still working with them in the future?

The results of split were overwhelming so it should be good to work with them again in the near future. We got many reviews especially from the whole Europe which was one of the biggest goals of our study.

9. What immediate plans to Zifir, in terms of new releases, concerts, re-re-record your first album with Nursuz perhaps, etc ...?

The next plan is to continue recording sessions. As I have also mentioned above, Zifir does not play live for now so we focus on writing and recording new songs and practice new conceptions.Most of the time we discuss about music, lyrics, the idea and how to build the body and create the sound. You will hear some news songs in the very near future.

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Zifir, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Anyone who would like to follow Zifir on internet should visit our web pages:
Zifir Line up:
Onur Önok

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