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Write the biography of this band, bring back in the memory a difficult time when Brazil was a strong political transition, social, economic, musical, in Europe the NWOBHM was emerging, and appeared changes in the traditional metal sound creating a more aggressive became called as Black Metal, Death Metal. Here in Brazil in 81 and 82 was no different and there's a lot of difficulties. But there's not what Zhema, Magrão, Carli Cooper thinking when they created the band VULCANO.

And this way began the history of this band, which helped to take root and spread heavy metal in Brazil being considered one of the firsts bands of Black / Death from Latin America.

Quote of textual facebook.

1. Vulcano was born in Santos in 1981, a period in which the country was going through a delicate political situation, and the rest of the world on black and thrash were not the most important musical trends, what do you remember from that time? What led them to create a band like Vulcano?

You are right, in that time Brazil were under the hard military government and it was very hard to start with a rock band or something like that, but I always listened rock’n’roll bands and in the early the 80’s N.W.O.B.H.M. I knew to play guitar, so I decided to create a band later called VULCANO.

2. After a decade, 80 in which through hard work and the publication of several albums, stressing above all the "Bloody Vengeance" numbered 90 in which Vulcan through a somewhat turbulent time is announces a period of reflection during which also happens the death of Soto Jr., former guitarist of the band. How do you remember that time? What led them to this period of reflection? Did you not think this attitude was wasting all the good achieved years ago? Did you ever thought terminate Vulcano?

In 1988 we signed with COGUMELO Recs and we recorded “Who are the True?” album. It was a turbulence year because the scene here in Brazil walking to bullshit metal. Everybody walking in the same way, fake and fancy. We put this atmosphere on the album “Who are the true?” in the ironic way. Anyway we started a tour to promote this album. We did some gigs together Dorsal Atlantica, Massacre from Chile and others local bands, but we aborted everything! Like you said, It was time to reflections. We were care with our family, university etc. In that period I played guitar and bass in some rock hard rock, I did an tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival and did a Project called TALAVERA, Arthur “von barbarian” started to teach drum classes, Fernando Levine played acoustic guitar in pubs and Angel started with a tattoo studio.
In 1999 Soto Jr. invited me to reunion VULCANO again, after some trial we did some gigs in our area and São Paulo, but he died in December of 2001. Just in 2002 I decided to work in a new album and I did “Tales from the Black Book”. I didn’t regret to stop in 90’s because maybe I could stay contaminated by that time.

3. After more than thirty years of carrera you Zhema is the only original member of the Vulcano formation and especially in the last period since 2000, the change has been constant training. Why should this dance of members? They have brought new members to the band's sound? Would you like to have a stable Vulcan once again to gain stability?

VULCANO have two main lineup, Zhema, Angel, Soto Jr, Laudir e Flávio Rodriguez (Live! And Bloody Vengeance albuns) and Zhema, Angel, Arthur “von barbarian, Fernando Levine (Anthropophagy, Who are the True?, Ratrace). So, I’m together Arthur “von barbarian” since 1987 until present days. I and Arthur recorded together “Tales from The Black Book”, “Five Skulls and one Chalice”, “Drowning in Blood” and “The Man, The Key, The Beast” . Angel leave us in 2009 because he had others priorities in his life. The main reason of this several changes in lineup is because I and Arthur belongs to 80’s so we play this style of music called VULCANO.  

4 And we as his latest work "The Man the Key the Beast". How was the writing process for this album? How is your way of working the study, all contributed whit ideas or decisions of a leader?

I write VULCANO’s songs. When I have around 15 songs, I call Arthur and together we do the arrangements. Then we go into the studio and start to record. 
We are so well matched that did not rehearse anything, we go straight to the studio. When everything is ready I call bassist and vocalist. In "Drowning in Blood" I recorded all the instruments except the drums. 

5 "The Man the Key the Beast" sounds very classic but I think it also has an extreme side. How the sound has evolved the group over 30 years of career?

I do not know answer you, but maybe because I'm playing better than ever and album production also improved, but my view remains VULCANO.

6 What equipment do you use in the studio and equipment you use at concerts?

The same equipment that I record I use in live gigs.
JCM 800 Kerry King signature, Naja Guitar with Floyd Rose tremolo from CAST GUITARS and Flying V Gibson guitar. The pedal effects - MXR ZK, Analog Delay MXR Carbon series. Of course the recordings are used compressors, noise reduction etc. To record I use a Gibson Les Paul for bases, too.

7 Do you feel a little extreme metal precursor in Latin America? Do you think you have influenced and helped the emergence of bands that thanks to you we were inspired to be born as groups?

Yes, but it took me so long to realize it. Recently traveling with NIFELHEIM from Sweden was that I realized that I contribute to the Brazilian metal scene as well as the emergence of some bands.

8 What do you think today of the extreme scene in your country and worldwide? Do you think you that you had more difficult at that time regarding the new groups today, because they can make use of a technology that did not exist in your time and it is easier to record both as to reach more people?

Today there are hundreds of bands in Brazil until getting hard to listen to all. The technology helps current bands, but when they uses a lot of this technology, it does not sounds good.
I'm lucky to belong to a time when everything was harder because I learned a lot and learned the truth!

9. You have toured Latin America and also in Europe, your long career will for some other good story, what you cannot tell from your tour, life on the road, etc. ..,? What concert you keep a better memory and instead consider that under your view has been the worst? By the way, you stay with that audience with Latin American or the European?

Is there something that maybe you can understand how Latino. There is a big difference between the European and the South American.
It is very hard to explain, but even playing in a European city, where more than one South American people join in audience, the gig is on fire!! I cannot explain it more happens. I really like playing in the Brazilian Northeast, Santiago de Chile, Stockholm, Oslo and London. I've never been to Spain, although my father was Spanish.

10. What motivations within day d today to continue editing new material of Vulcan after 30-year career?

Metal in my vein!!!!!!

11. How did you start the metal, as for first groups to hear that album is you most proud of having in your collection? Why did you decide to become a musician?

I started to listen American Rock'n'roll bands like Chuck Barry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard etc. in 60's. later I jumped to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin etc. in 70's and finally N.W.O.B.H.M. I never liked football, so I went to learn guitar.

12. "The Man the Key the Beast" is edited like your latest work by Forsaken Records, which you own. Forsaken? Records has emerged only to edit the material or in the future Vulcano also see other bands on the label?, Indeed your first recordings are somewhat difficult if not impossible to locate, have you thought about the possibility of re-edit?

Yes! The main reason of the existence of RENEGADOS RECORDS is to release VULCANO's albums.
I don't think to re-release the firsts album, I just licensed for others labels interested.

13. What can we expect from the future of Vulcano about upcoming releases, concerts, etc. ...?

The tour to promote "The Man The Key The Beast" started in Europe, from now on we are in tour in Brazil until december. We started to plan an USA tour for next year, as well as a new album too. Our next tour to Europe will certainly be the Iberian Peninsula

14. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Vulcano, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

 Thank you for opportunity to spread some words about VULCANO and please support us spreading our new album and seeing us at

VULCANO is an humble and honest band. 
Thank you guys!


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