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Origen: Noruega, Drammen
Formados: 2001
Estilo: Black
Temática: Antireligión, enfermedad, muerte y odio
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  • Folkedal Batería
  • Kvass Guitarra
  • Mannevond Voces, guitarra
  • Stian Johnskareng Bajo
  • Voidar Guitarra

  • Pre-Prod 2002 Demo 2002   
  • Mislyder fra Det Nekrotiske Kammer Demo 2002   
  • Nekrotisk Inkvisition CD 2003
  • Skamslaadte Engler / Fredløs Split 2004   
  • Atomvinter EP 2006   
  • Moribund CD2006
  • Koldbrann / Faustcoven Split 2006   
  • "Live at Ragnarök Festival 2007" DVD 2007   
  • Stigma: På kant med livet EP 2008   
  • Russian Vodka / Metalni Bog Single 2009   
  • Totalt sjelelig bankerott Single 2012   
  • Vertigo CD 2013
VERTIGO (2013)
Con más de diez años de carrera a sus espaldas y tras algún que otro cambio en la formación, por fin tenemos el nuevo trabajo de los noruegos Koldbrann desde el ya lejano 2006, fecha de su último largo. Su sonido es inconfundible, con elementos clásicos del black noruego, aunque se intuye cierto grado de experimentación, alguna voz limpia, e incursiones en sonidos que mucho tienen que ver con las nueva Hornada de bandas extremas. No por ello su sonido se ha visto alterado en sobremanera, pero si que se intuyen ciertos cambios que quizá no gusten de igual manera a sus seguidores. Llama especialmente la atención que los momentos más inspirados del disco sean precisamente aquellos en los que black de toda la vida toma las riendas y los momentos más experimentales resulten un tanto atípicos. Esperemos que en futuros lanzamientos vuelvan al sonido del black más clásico y retomen un poco la senda perdida. (8,1).

1. IntroVertigo 05:54
  A closed circle...
Cabinet of confined fears
Regime of Euthanasia behind iron barred doors
Without sense for perspective and direction
All-seing facets are tracing my steps

When the Iron Night falls over
and all roads lead to void
When each dead angle conceals an enemy
and the paralysed flocks grasp for despair

From the prime mover's theatre
subjected to
sadistic, cold analysis
Shallow souls, the staged reality
On hold till the final curtain falls

The diametrical opposite of life
stands clear to me, as in a revelation
Sprung out from an inner singularity
Murderous and Brilliant

When the barricades breach,
as the hand takes over the will
and the knife jams into your life
When I see the Death Struggle in your eyes
are we no longer strangers, you and I
2. Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott 05:45
 Unholy hemoptysis
Drained gutter angels
Illusion's thin varnish
lacerated by the silver blade

Hollow-eyed, with nerves on the outside
Empty words, as the rattle of the dying
Sunken to rock bottom of existence
No rescue from the spirit's loss

Carrier of the lost face
Encircled, in the clutches of desperation
No barrier inbetween
No restraints left

In all and everything
Totally Spiritually Bankrupt

Let's tear down all that we built up
and take the others with us in the fall
Let's leave behind all that we cared for
and never look back
With bitter, mutilated love
is all I have to offer my misery

...So let's tear down all that we built up
and take the others with us in the fall

Conventions to hell
Without hazard, there is no winning
Retaliate their reckless deeds
summarily and resolutely

When reality catches up
give of yourself to the last shred
Carry on with rotgut in the veins
and Breakneck antipathy

On borrowed time, your remorse is futile
Abhorrence, set fire to an all rotten soul
Mow down each hindrance in your path
Show'em the ultimate consequence

Utterly fucking stone cold
Giving life the finger
is the way to the blackest intoxication
There is nothing more to be gained
What once was, is forever lost

And we are
Totally Spiritually Bankrupt
3. Hjertets Holodomor 00:40  instrumental
4. Drammen 05:35
  Municipal gray haze, pitch dark November
Enclosed landscapes at the end of the tunnel
On bare ground, in search of a direction
A mutilated chance to life

The one, and the fifty-four thousand
one selfsame cobblestone and concrete
Sleepwalkers of the civil tyranny
in repeating patterns, drifting past

Dreams put on hold
The broken mirror, river of solitude
Suburban cold colossuses
shine like a mausoleum

Self-imposed isolation
Away from the bloodlet streets
With all escape routes shut
Grønland thirty-six

Lead me against the current
to the shores of the dark side
to the secrets of Landfall
Let's go down to the dark chambers
and never again be found

Into the Castle from Drammen

Cut to the bone
A stench of mildew and pudendum
Torn from sound thought
in bad intoxication and bad mood

Of free will, in free decay
Let's give way to the art
Uholy stimuli, arsonist of hate
Prescribed destruction

With all innocence scattered
With narrow-minded metal out of touch with time
With obscure riffs from hell
chiseled out by the Beast within us
5. Stolichnaya Smert 04:46   
Crawling through the outskirts of Odessa
as this skirt came on to me
I was strung out from manual labour
She was a bitch with a bandolier
You could tell she had a thing for
Vodka and Destruction
I showed off my piece
and she grabbed me by the horn

Halfway through the bottle
she wanted to go for a ride
Bottled up on Violence and fucking Chaos
things are going nowhere fast

Stoli - Satanic spirit
Turn me into a beast

Stolichnaya Smert
Come on, let's go to the death

Hotwired a Chaika down by the curb
Pedal to the floor - ready for more
Give me some throttle for this craving
A gramme off of her tits and I am sailing

Militia pigs are on to us
Want to give some beating
want to see some blood
Crank it up, some good old Tangorodrim
and send some lead the coppers way

Stoli - fuel of the devil
hammer of hell, turn me into a beast

Sinner’s haven Tiraspol
no place better to end it all
Snatch another bottle of Stoli
wreaking havoc into the morning

At noon I took her down by the river
pulled her under till she stopped to shiver
Another drifter into the stream
but this one will forever pester my dreams

Take another hit to start me up
with Frothing Hunger
Where I am going no one can follow
Before I disappear
out of mind, out of sight
Swallowed by the Transnistrian night

Stolichnaya Smert

Come on, let's go to the death
6. Terminal Transnistrii 00:46  instrumental
7. Phantom Kosmonaut 05:57
Haunting, deep space mirage Serial number etched into my skin The band of the Phantoms and the sole ascendant Loveless clockwork movement the cold embrace of the flickering stars Outer frontier to godless desolation the spectre fog around us so merciless and cold Striving ever onwards like a knife to the throat Sores are running deep Devoid of remorse One is insignificant Give your all for a higher cause A quantum leap of faith, the necessity to tear down the walls of stagnation This blood feud cannot be reconciled All bonds are cut off From the bowels of Leviathan warheads descending Lawless metaphysics at play their charade is coming to an end At the vantage point I observe the violent throes of a dying hemisphere To the far end of the life-death axis Gasping for air This is the final standstill Oblivion came to pass Ekranoplan on the ocean of reveries Rearing Horsehead Nebula This vessel be my coffin   
8. Goat Lodge 06:37
 In search of meager serenity
Cunning demons ever striding
My arsenal of spirits
shall haul me through the night

In clouded visions, in distorted dreams
I’m out in the open, driven to the brink
As the dead hill comes into view
there is nothing inbetween

By the cruelty of nature
By the madness of the sea
She will settle for nothing less
She will claim as she has given
The Cormorant in the distance
Blackwinged scout of Utrøst
Standing tall, in lonely majesty
like an ill-boding totem

Whispering birches
Ancient soil of Suicide
Across the field of thorns
tearing up my old sores

Looking down that dismal road
I shall never forget their faces
So many a fellow lost
hanging from the gallows pole
Strangely, still connected
Bound by an ageless ritual
The blood of the traitors
washed away with the morning tide

The Dweller of the Threshold
reaching into his bag of tricks
The song of the Yellow Jester
an omen of the coming harvest

A passage to the clearing unfolds
sacret stone formation
The shadow of Ibex horns
appear before my weary feet

Turning the familiar key
open the door to my interior places
As howling winds go silent
I surrender to my sanctity
In the chamber of reflections
retracing my faltering steps
Cheap Kalinka and kettle coffee
rid my heart of these overgrown burdens

On the outside, the world is moving
the same ugly ways as ever before
Unbeknown to what resides beneath them
and to what end their blood shall trickle

The old, mounted trophies
are playing their games of mockery
By the horned moon, breathing life
into these devious paintings
crafted by hands unknown

Much too real, as if immersed
into a Dream within a Dream
cease to live through the broken shards
Blackout is a gift from below
9. I Eklipsens Skimmer 04:22
When the hammer of judgment falls
in the soul's autumn
Thirteen steps to nothing
Where the Death bells toll
Caught in an ice cold race
with life at stake and nothing to win

Threatening clouds, Cumulonimbus
descend towards outer space
Where the mind races, where the pendulum swings
in mysterious ways

Titan spires crack the sky open
Locked on target by tectonical weapons
Blinded by a Shimmer
from the event horizon
Neon glow over megapolises in corrosion

Burning winds, ashes and shattered glass
Isotope of Death, Strontium-90 into the source of life
Black energy war, dirty missiles
Climax of the gamma age - Vitam Ad Nihil

Overwhelmed disciples
in total Eclipse
Where they are ripped as carrions
between dogs without masters
Usurper of the heavenly throne
The seal of Death, counter-christ
In violent throws
in disturbed balance
Let the old world rupture

Free from thousand years in captivity
The Iron Vulture speads its wings
Projectiles of hate towards the bowels of Tellus
From the heart of Khaos
as thorns in the maker's side
10. Sans Soleil 00:48  instrumental
11. Inertia Corridors 06:56
  Staring into Inertia Corridors
Doppelgänger round the bend
Shifting from station to station
Lost in this horrid screenplay

Droning antennas
Incoherent voices
I scramble their transmission
with my tin foil mask

Let’s dive into this Cesspool that is life
Intake the Devil’s substance
Open the portals of perception
Read between the lines of angel dust

Cinders fell from a mescaline sky virgin thoughts to a worm-ridden mind
Wailing masses wash away
It’s the dawn of Helter Skelter

In my temple of vice
Wading through molasses
Seeking another distraction
Something to hold off this innate unrest

Featureless talk show hosts
fade out in a dark purple haze
Block the keyhole, shut the drapes
My stalking neighbor is on to me

Brew some Tea, my trusted servant
Some of that green to set the matters right

Carried by revelations in tunnel vision
Crawlers gathering in the pipeline
As muculent tentacles coil around
the paralysed Lotuseater

From uncharted depths
roaches arise on techno stilts
Queen praying mantis
gnawing on my feet

Watching the end roll by
from my Electric Recliner

Curiosidades: Koldbrann significa en noruego gangrena.

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