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Hi good morning, how are you all for Victoria? Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.
I'm doing well, and it's sunny and warm outside so I can't complain really.

1. Tell us a bit like the idea of creating a band like Paths? Is the first group in which you are involved or Paths born from the ashes of another project?
This is my first serious project. I was in a band as a teenager, but we never really did much aside from simply hanging out and it gradually just collapsed, though we are still close friends. I'd had the idea for Paths in my mind for a long time before actually doing it. I knew I wanted to do a sort of atmospheric black metal project, but wasn't sure quite how to approach it. As my love for psychedelic music grew, I came upon the idea of blending that style in with the atmospheric and post-black metal sounds I loved. 

2. How was the writing and recording process of this "I Turn My Body from the Sun"? Do you find it very complicated recording process of having to handle all the instruments?
It was a big learning process. Even while writing and the beginnings of the recordings for the demo I wasn't totally sure how it would sound. It was when I started adding the synth parts, especially the electric organ, that the Paths sound finally came together. Aside from that, I have very little knowledge of the technical side of music. I can't read music notation, nor do I know music theory. I also only had a VERY limited grasp of how recording and mixing worked. I learned simply by trial and error.

3. "I Turn My Body from the Sun" despite being a demo that lasts a long time coming, did you have a lot of material prepared for this first release? Paths band will remain a single member or otherwise does not preclude the addition of new members?
I had a collection of riffs that I had been writing for quite some time, but the actual process of forming those riffs into songs and recording was relatively short. The whole demo was finished, from writing to recording to release, in under two months. For now it will remain a solo project, though I have some friends that might do some guest appearances on as song or two.

4. Their sound can be defined as psychedelic black, what do you think covers this concept? Do you feel comfortable with this definition? How would you define the sound of Paths?
Psychedelic Black Metal is the best way I can think to term the sound of Paths. But I feel it doesn't quite encompass all the aspects of the Paths sound. There is a clear doom metal influence on some songs, as well as post-rock, shoegaze and even post-hardcore and industrial/noise.

5. Bands like Agalloch Paths can be related to sound wise, what has inspired groups in creating and composing for Paths?
Agalloch is definitely a huge influence, and I find it humbling to even be compared to them, as I respect their work so much. Aside from them, there are a plethora of bands I would consider to be influences, but some of the main ones would be Enslaved, Nachtmystium, Pink Floyd, Drudkh, Swans, and Neurosis. The 'Likes' part of the Paths Facebook page lists lots more bands I consider important influences.

6. Their lyrics deal Society, Struggles, Spirituality, Nature, what can you tells us about the lyrics and main elements of the Society, Struggles, Spirituality, and Nature is your source of inspiration when composing?
The lyrics deal with both my personal struggles with depression, and with the injustices going on in the world. Whether those injustices be things happening locally, like the homeless problem here and in Vancouver, or more global things like the exploitation of people the world over, simply in the name of profit. Meanwhile, the song The Medusa Picture is about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. A big part of the subject of injustice is my feeling of inability to do anything about it, of feeling completely powerless and unable to connect with and help other people.

7. Who designed the album cover? What relationship can be found between the cover and the content of "I Turn My Body from the Sun"?
The cover is originally a painting by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, a 19th century English painter. I then altered the colouration to make it more psychedelic. Why that painting in particular is because the stag is a creature I feel a special connection with that is hard to describe in words. Their noble character and gracefulness, and their connection to the forest speak to me, but also that they are prey rather than predator. The hunting dog sinking it's teeth into the stag's throat symbolizes, to me anyway, the murder of this peaceful and noble creature by the savagery of the world, and human society in particular. The individual who strives for beauty, tranquility, and poetry in the natural world is scorned and squashed by a society that values materialism and power above everything and everyone.

8. How did you start in music? What was the first record you bought? what disc prompted you to want to pursue music?
I can't remember the first album I bought, but it was probably some terrible pop or rap album when I was a kid. At age 12 I discovered Iron Maiden's Best of the Beast CD while in England and that really changed me. Discovering metal opened a whole new world to me. It was Iron Maiden and AC/DC that made me want to play guitar, which I started doing at age 14.

9. "I Turn My Body from the Sun" was self-released, do you think that is the best way to get followers and desktop publishing is best for a band like Paths or in the future this situation could change?
I think putting music online, especially for free, is the best way for a new band to get attention. If I make paying for it mandatory it will only pop up on a file sharing site or blog for free anyway, so I figure I may as well provide high quality files and the art all in one free package straight from the source. I make music because it's something I feel a deep-seated need to do. Making money off of it is not a priority at all. I simply want people to enjoy the music I make, and if you want to chip in a few bucks for the download then I am grateful (I am certainly not a wealthy man), but I am fine with people getting it for free. All this said, I would like to do a hard copy release of the 2nd demo. This will probably be in tape format. Though my dream would be to someday have Paths music on vinyl. But even then, I would still like to give people the option to download it for free. The hard copies will just be for people who want to own a physical album, and throw a bit of financial support my way. But I never want anyone to be unable to listen to my music because they are poor. Art should be for everyone.

10. It is still early but what will the future of the band in terms of new releases? Had the chance to see Paths on stage with the addition of live musicians?
I am currently recording the second demo, which should be out in the next month or two if all goes according to plan. I think this new album should be an improvement on the debut. I understand the recording and mixing process better, I am getting better as a musician and song writer, and I the lyrics will be a huge step up. A live version of the band is something I have been considering. It just depends if I can find the group of musicians to make it happen.

11. What are the local scene extreme bands in the area? Are you in contact with other bands? Does your sound more akin to American bands to Canadian East Coast?
I don't really have too much to do with the local scene. There is a strong crust/grind scene here in Victoria, including the mighty Iskra. I am a big fan of their music, and they are great people. There is also a local stoner doom band called Mendozza that I love. And a cool local label called No One's Ark that releases obscure noise tapes, among other stuff. I don't know if my sound fits into any regional scene. I am located in the northern part of the Cascadian region, on Canada's west coast, and I guess Paths has some similarities to the sounds of those bands (Wolves in the Throne Room, Skagos, etc.), but I don't consider Paths as being part of that movement.

12. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Paths, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions you have been pleased.
Thank you very much for the support and doing this interview. This was the first interview I have done, and I quite enjoyed it. To all fans reading this, keep your eyes peeled. New Paths music will soon be upon you!

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