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1. The band was born around the year, why did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Sorguinazia and what does it refer to?

X: Sorguinazia was formed in 2015.  Bands are often born of some primordial impulse, I do not view creating this band as a conscious decision but rather an unfolding of the inevitable fate.  Put enough sorcerers in a room and sorcery happens! 

Sorguinazia refers to the air before a storm, the witching wind that pulses with electricity. 

2. This first album comes almost six years after your homonymous EP, in what way do you think Sorguinzia's sound has evolved in this space of time? How has the composition and recording process of the album been? instruments have you used for the composition and recording process?

X: Due to several delays it took many years to come out, however much of the material existed in some embryonic form around the same time as the demo’s creation.  The development and release of this album was as painful and demanding as any birthing process but we are proud of the final accomplishment.  I do guitars and production. We share vocal and lyric writing duties. 

A: In that six years have passed, it seems as though it was a continuous stream of energy and effort, and not at the same reality, outside of time. Life is not linear, and musical efforts follow suit. It is however, a time stamp into the past, and it exists as an old mirror. I primarily play drums, and the bass guitar. It’s great to be the entire rhythm section. 

3. This new work focuses on offering a black sound that somehow does not fit into the canons of the most classic sound, it is true that we can find raw influences but the influence of two factors is no less true than under my point Of view they have an important weight as they can be on the one hand an experimental slope as well as an occult aroma that gives off the whole album, where do these influences come from in the sound of the album and how do they come to fruition? How would you describe the sound of the album? album for those who haven't heard it yet?

X: The overall effect is somewhat disorienting and psychedelic, shifting between violence and melody. The intention is to rip the listener away from the illusion which results from the drift into banality which occurs in unexamined everyday perception.   

A: Influences are all around us, from the fatuous to the outright disgust of actual evil. Where we land sonically is actually a concerted effort, as we have many dualities of the self making their way into existence musically, we do not follow the same guidelines upon different performances. I would describe it as black metal for the ghastly, it is elusive, but also encompassing.

4. The occult plane that we talked about earlier also makes an appearance in the lyrics of the songs, what topics related to the occult do you deal with in the texts of your songs? Why do you consider it important to deal with them in your lyrics? lyrics adapt to music or vice versa?

X: The lyrics I write are the emanations of my spiritual perceptions and experiences, which are the overarching themes of my life.  Both sounds and words filter in and contort their way into my flesh from the beyond, and through much effort, gradually into your ears and nervous system.  It is the grand purpose of my existence. 

A: The lyrics are a reflection into the self, and the past self as time goes by, the occult is the self, in all dimensions. 

5. Another of the hallmarks of the sound of the album is the ability to sound immersive and dense, while let's say it gives off an aura of mysticism, who has taken care of the recording, mixing and mastering process of “Negation of Delirium” ?

X: Thank you. I did the production and mixing with some engineering help from A, and one who shall not be named did the mastering.  
A: We recorded it ourselves, which has it’s own positives and negatives. Positive being that the sound comes across as unique and original in the sense that a black hole may exist. 
X: The negative being the sheer amount of work! 

6. The album has taken a considerable time to be finished if we take into account the time that has passed since the release of the homonymous EP, what has happened within Sorguinazia in these six years? band? Did the Covi-19 period help you to finish shaping the album or was it rather an impediment?

X; The pandemic took away other options, and thus was excellent for the immense undertaking that was the final production stage of the Negation of Delirium. There was also a long delay in vinyl processing times due to the pandemic.  The recording was done long before the release. 
A: We were working on the album, as well as playing live shows. We are always working on new material as well, in one way or another. We are very harsh on ourselves, and each other. A first draft of an essay is not the final, so why should it be that way for music? It is not for us. We are forever with the summonings. 

7. Who was in charge of designing the album cover? What do you intend to convey with it, what does it represent and how does it relate to the content of the album?

X; I did the cover art (Blood and Water-colour).   A witch burns at the stake, speaking her life and last words of spell into the eternal void, the truth of existence in its unending cycles of life-suffering-sex-death.  The Negation of Delirium is about lifting the veil, opening the portal through the force of will and life force through trial, suffering, and death. 

8. There is always talk of an important scene within black metal in Canada with two focuses such as the Quebec area and the Vancouver area, how do you see the health of Canadian black metal from the inside and to which sector do you feel more in tune?

X: We are from Edmonton, home to several highly respected and excellent bands, such as Revenge, Rites of Thy Degringolade, Antediluvian, Brulvahnatu etc etc. 
A: Canada has a deep and diverse scene, it is a massive country. That does have it’s negatives however, as it is very far away from either side, or even the middle. Canadian black metal is fucking power, and there are many portals, although different, underneath each city, and they are as distinct as the bands. I feel in tune with the whole country, and I support most Canadian bands

9. Despite the fact that the band's line-up is made up of only a couple of members, you have not given up the possibility of offering concerts, how do you deal with the fact of having to incorporate musicians to complete a line-up in order to offer concerts? ?Is the theme of the concerts something that you would consider necessary as a band to make your music known?

X: We now have 2 new full time members, for a lineup of 4.  We are now ready and salivating for attack at short notice A: Playing live is crucial, yes. You must show your sorcery or talent out there, there is nothing else like doing so, and there is nothing like seeing it from others

10. Iron Boenhead has once again taken charge of editing the album. How does the possibility of working with them arise when it comes to editing the album? Are you satisfied with the editing and promotion work done by them?

X: Iron Bonehead released but did not edit the album in any way. Patrick is excellent to work with and gave us incredible breadth of creative freedom. 
A: Iron Bonehead is great. Buy some stuff from them. Excellent label

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attend, first albums you buy? What happened in your lives pushed you to want to be musicians?

X: I always was drawn to primitive, ugly, and depressing music.  My first true music obsessions were early Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Burzum and Hole. Although I did love the old rock my dad enjoyed as well (Led Zeppelin, Tragically Hip, April Wine etc). When older I became obsessed with musical complexity, drawing me to Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Ron Jarzombek, and various other bands.  My true love of black metal came later, with bands such as Peste Noire, Furze, and Sigh taking me to such lovely mystical states as I could never previously imagine.  I also really enjoy post punk, such as early The Cure. I always say that to play music is to breathe, it’s just part of being alive for me and I don’t have much choice in the matter.

A: A creative demon that lives on my back! It is hard to say whether that is good or bad haha. I have always loved fast and evil guitar, however, with many drummer deaths and disappearances, I slowly moved my way to playing drums myself, and it is the most physically close you can get to feeling the bashing of the demons. I was always into black and thrash and speed and death, there is some intense amount of energy that is in there, always waiting and ready for you! I always want to recreate that. I cannot remember my first concert, but I remember the first important song and album. Rest in Pain by Sepultura, off of Schizophrenia. I think I was 14 years old when I heard that, it might as well have ran me over with a hearse. 

12. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What recent albums have you bought?

A: Bathory’s self titled first LP. It has everything, and the Satanic energy that is renowned. If a band has that kind of power surging through their music, it must be praised. There are many albums that I could say the same, Gorgoroth - pentagram (before they went all lame), Mayhem - de mysteriis, Mare - spheres/throne of the thirteenth witch for something more recent. Many recent albums, the new Teitanblood, Nifelheim, Force of Darkness, Deathspell omega, and always old shit like Kiss and Led Zeppelin III, King Crimson etc etc.  

X: For me it is all about real magick and insanity, and countless black metal musicians embody those values (as do many musicians across genres).  Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon - Sigh - Scorn Defeat and Furze - Necromanzee Cogent are ever on my perpetual playlist 

13. What future plans do you have for Sorguinazia in terms of upcoming releases, concerts or reissues?

X: We will begin tracking our next full length later this month. Live performances are always in the works and we are open to playing anywhere. 

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Sorguinazia's followers, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

X: Thank you kindly for your interest in our work. My final thought is on philosophy of art.  Your ideologies and art should empower you, your vision, your will. I hope that you feel surge of prana and vision when you hear our music, as its intention is to electrify the listener into a new portal of perception. 
A: Thank you for your interest in our band, support your bands that are around you and that you enjoy, always support!

Thanks and all the best,


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