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  1. The band was born in 2000, why did you decide to create the band and why do you choose the name Mater Monstifera? What does Mater Monstifera mean?

Greetings to all Black Metal Spirit readers! As you say, the band was founded in summer 2000 by three original members: Yvor(guitar), Destructor(vocal) and Jitka(keyboards). All of us, we simply wanted to do music that will bring us joy and satisfy our souls. Despite the fact that after those years we are now a lot different crew, these goals still remain a priority. Regarding the name, we were being careful to be singular and original. Mater Monstifera is from latin language and it could translate as“succumb to distastefulness”.

  1. Mater Monstifera is about to turn eighteen years of trajectory, during this time you have not stopped editing periodically in spite of the continuous changes in the formation, of which, on the other hand, you have always been reinforced. Has it been very complicated to move forward due to these changes in the formation? Do you think that Mater Monstidera has won or lost with the ups and downs in their line-up? Maybe the history of the band would be very different from having a line-up, more stable?
That's a good question, but when I look at it now, the thing is that there actually has not been so much of the changes as it might seem. The most important change was when the two founding members left; Destructor for work and Jitka for family reasons. But there were also two almost immediate replacements of those two. Stephanos replaced Destructor and Denisa took after Jitka. And than, when Ondré, the drummer, joined the band in 2012, all the vital changes were complete. Since than we’ve been creating and performing in the same line-up. I don't think it all slowed us down or made things more difficult. On the contrary, I believe that the current crew is the strongest and the most productive from our whole history.

  1. In your first decade as a band 2000-2010 you edit a demo, an album and an EP, how was the composition of your first demo "Svíce života"? And what did the edition of your first album "Zrozen z hříchu" entail for you?
The demo CD “Svíce života” is actually a live record from rehearsal room. It was our very first record and the quality of its sound is pretty bad. But to be honest, I would not change anything about it, because it's a nice reflection of those times. Much more important deed was our first studio record “Sepsáno krví” and consequent album “Zrozen z hříchu”, both recordings released by Ifa Records.

  1. In the period 2010-2018 an EP and a couple of albums have been released, seeing a little back in time and comparing the two periods, do you think Stephanos' inclusion in the voices meant a quality jump in Mater Monstifera?

As you say, after 2010, the two founding members left the band and the new line-up reshaped the look of our future. Stephanos handled the task in a great manner and today I don't hesitate to say that its him who is the main pillar of Mater Monstifera.

  1. The influences in your music are varied, converging at the end to a symphonic black, melodic death that we can frame on the one hand in the symphonic black bands of the nineties and in the Swedish death of the beginning of the century. In the band you are five members, is it difficult to agree on how you want to sound? How is the process of composing and recording a record like "Vězení bizarních bohů"?
The composition process is in no way difficult for us, but it sometimes takes a very long time practising and arranging until we are satisfied with it. We started making the material for the album “Vězení bizarních bohů” in 2013 and last year in June, we completed and released it in cooperation with Pařát Productions. Regarding the composition scheme, it's me who brings in a concept of a whole song and than when we try it, others start to bring in what they feel there's missing, or simply rearrange, cut, modify the existing. The goal is of course for every song to be as good and entertaining as its potential allows. Sure, not always is it easy. There's six of us, each with a little different sense for music, but it always pays off to do it together. It is all about the result to be the best possible. I think we are not different in this from many other bands.

  1. The theme of your lyrics revolve around vampirism and the undead, why do you decide to write about these themes? Is there a conceptual story in the lyrics of the album "Vězení bizarních bohů"?
That's what it was like in the first decade of our existence. Nowadays, the face of the band is different. It's much more interested in inner demons, suffering, pain, body and soul, outworldly visions, transience.. “Vězení bizarních bohů” is not a conceptual album. Every song has its own story.

  1. The scene of the Rp. Extreme Czech seems that in recent years is in good health, however it seems that the bands have a hard time to get known outside your country, to what you think is due: to the language, to the theme or that there is no decided bet on the part of foreign musical labels? Do you consider that the "repercussion" reached by the last Malokarpatan album can play in favor of the Czech scene?
Yeah. Although it may not seem from beyond our borders, there is a number of outstanding bands on Czech underground scene. However, to break through to the outer world is extremely difficult. One thing is that the market is oversaturated, another usual problem is finances, and its also very much connected to certain socio-political issues of our country. I'd say it's not only Czech Republic who's dealing with such situation. Still, we don't complain and we take it as it is. With a hope for nicer future, we just keep on doing our thing and we cheer for every new fan.

  1. How were your beginnings in music, first concerts you attend, first cds you buy, why do you decide to dedicate yourself to music? Do you keep the same enthusiasm as when you started?
Speaking for myself, I was About 14 years old when one of my friends introduced me to metal music. The first record I bought was MC(because There were no CDs back than) Sepultura - Beneath the Remains. I confess that I don't remember my first concert, but it was most likely some local venue. With regards to music-making and live playing, the enthusiasm I had in the beginnings has not changed at all. But I'm not as naive as I used to be and I try to stay on top of things.

  1. Who designed the cover of your last album and what does it mean?

The album cover is a work of german graphic artist Jochen Schilling. We've been in contact with Jochen since the release of our mini CD „V troskách Tvýho světa“. He's been sending us his creations since than and when we had the new material ready, we chose one of his pieces that best matched our purposes. "Vězení Bizarních Bohů" ('Bizzare Gods' Prison) is in general terms about downfall, nonsensicality of human acting, incapability to understand, delusions, faith and absurdity.. and I believe Jochen‘s piece of work reflects that well.

  1. Pařát Magazine has been in charge of the album edition and it was sold along with the magazine edition, tell us a little about how this situation is, was there no musical label interested in the album edition?
Truth is that we didn't look for any other label. Pařát Productions is a company with a very professional attitude and we are quite satisfied with their work. Through their magazine edition the CD was able to reach thousands of people in few weeks. Sure, it's again primarily designed to be sold within our country's borders but there are also other ways to buy the CD. The important thing about our cooperation with Pařát Productions is that they also help us with merchandise, promotion etc. In current situation it's the easiest and the most clever way to have your fans buy the real CD.

  1. What are your most immediate band plans? Are you working on new topics?
We are definitely going to promote the new CD through as many live performances as possible, including foreign venues. There are also some fresh song concepts that we will start working on.

  1. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something more for the followers of Mater Monstifera this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking.
Thank you very much for the space and opportunity to introduce our band to Spanish audience. We wish you a great deal of satisfied readers and a lot of good music to everyone. Thank you for your attention, check out the new CD! Enjoy the festival season and thanks for any kind of support!!

"Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno" is a conceptual split release, based upon the esoteric doctrines of the four quarters of the journey of the "sun" from death, through the underworld, to rebirth and ascendance. Featuring two excruciating rituals from each NIGHTBRINGER & DØDSENGEL and stunning artwork by Cold Poison


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