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Origen: Los Angeles, E.E.U.U.
Formados: 2012
Estilo: Black sinfónico, death
Temática: Depresión, ocultismo y suicidio
  • Astaroth Sinstorm Guitarra y segundas voces
  • Brett Batdorf Batería y segundas voces
  • Lennis Robenson Bajo y segundas voces
  • Noor Guitarra, teclados y voces

  • Astronomy Demo 2013  
  • Dark... Cold... Grim... CD 2017
DARK...COLD...GRIM (2017)
Brett y Astaroth coincidieron en la banda Sinstorm al cargo de la batería y las guitarras y fue a raíz de ello que en 2012 decidieron crear esta nueva banda Nothwind Wolves que este espacio de tiempo ha visto editado una primera demo y este, su primer larga duración. A lo largo de los nueve temas que componen este "Dark... Cold... Grim..." y en poco más de sus treinta minutos de duración, nos ofrecen un black con claras influencias sinfónicas y melódicas. Las referencias a bandas como Emperor o Covenat estan presentes, incluso en su parte death podemos apreciar elementos del death melódico de la escuela de Goteborg, es decir nos enfrentamos como oyentes a un álbum que se centra en un estilo del cual prácticamente está todo dicho y que resulta complicado añadir algo al resultado final, sobre todo por lo manido ya de la propuesta a lo largo de estos años y por resultar un estilo que no resulta muy atrayente hoy en día. Analizando la nueva versión de este lanzamiento, recientemente remasterizado por Black Lion Records encontramos algunos aspectos destacables en el álbum. La atmósfera que desprenden, sin hacer abuso de elementos sinfónicos, si que puede retrotraer al oyente a mediados de los años noventa y dejarse mecer por la escena escandinava de la época. El trabajo de Brett a la batería resulta del todo salientable ya que acaba por imprimir su sello personal en las composiciones, algo similar a lo sucedido con las voces de Noor, que en su vertiente más death, termina por convencer, sin renunciar en algunos lugares a dejarse llevar un tanto por los riffs melódicos y acabar también por aportar cierto tono melódico. Ni que decir tiene que los riffs se amoldan bien con los teclados para recrear esa sensación oscuridad y frialdad, que sin lugar a dudas se pretendía crear desde sus inicios a semejanza de los lanzamientos de black sinfónico de la década de los noventa. El camino a seguir está marcado, no será sencillo, pero como primera toma de contacto han dejado buenas sensaciones, tal vez, en un futuro lanzamiento sería acertado trabajar en la variedad de la composiciones que sin embargo es todo un acierto la concreción de las mimas, que no se dispersan en absoluto gracias a su ajustada duración. (8).

1. Dark Skies for Black Sorcery 02:53
Blood-red mist from a field of slain men Turns to ice as the frozen winds fall... I... known terrible and fierce... Mightiest among the distasteful We are they who preserved the nocturnal oath... You declare my unyielding defiance Yet into the silent night you crawl? To wield true power, Regard the night and how the light Retreats and trembles before darkness To know this... Is to be perpetual... Enveloped by foul wings Of unlimited wisdom and strength. Oh... To hear the cries of a failing world in sorrow... Together, we are they who preserved the nocturnal oath... Oh.... We Eternal Kings rule the endless night...   2. Specters in the Funeral Mist 04:01
Sometimes a warm memory sheds light in the dark
And eases the pain like the song of a meadow lark.
Then it flies away on silent wings and I'm alone;
Hungering for more of the light it had shone.
Shall grief's bitter cold consume me,
Like a winter storm?
I'm hungering for more of the light that it had shone...
Shall I wither and fall like an autumn leaf,
From this deep sorrow?
A deep depression that never relents
3. Cold-Hearted Kings of the Occult 03:40
   Like a burning fire...
In the night plain for all to see
Such hate that I can't control it anymore.
When the time has come to dusk
Look into my dark eyes
And I'll see the fire in your eyes
A reflection of my shadow
In the night.
Cold-hearted kings of the occult...
Your touch...
Takes my cold breath away, at once
All the sounds of the night
Grow silent then die
In silence, in darkness seeking the shadows of those we fear...
Death is but a lie and it's time to seek the altar of truth
Only the spirits of sorrow can see you here
4. Light Last Before the Frozen Darkness 04:00
It is our true path to hasten the falling of the sun
Hear the song of nocturnal insects and watch the fading light of the sun die...
The dark distant peaks descend into shades of black and above is the moon
Guarded by shards of starlight.
Together our journey begins here and we'll have to battle the powers of nature
To reach the end.
I feel the chill of whisper down to my bones
And I lay my head to rest knowing that the
Wintery winds are coming fast...
Alone and in the darkness of candle light
With the dancing shadows to keep me company tonight
I hear the wings of dragonflies and the cold rain
Descends on the mountain tonight
Here, no illusions remain and the truth is brought out for all to see
It's truly the silence that conquers all things, and solitude is the only reality...
5. Foul Wolves and Black Magic 02:05
Under the foul wings of a carrion crow Wither your loved ones, fallen victim to the ravages of time... In the shadow of the northwind wolves, I saw the cavern from where they came And they moved so silently through the trees... Slowly they came to me with eyes darker than the pitch-black sky... Go bleed now and beg for the comfort in death And it wouldn't even be a waste to watch you die Now you've gone and had a chance to test my pain And I'll not release you from my fangs tonight.   
6. Entrance to the Dark Universe 03:02
 Death be profound, and within us
Dream like in nature, and a nightmare in reality
In the desolate night, it's me again, feeling my hunger for your flesh...
Carried by shadows of the night to the starlit rocks of the lifeless mountain...
I wander by myself questioning whether I'm even here at all?
Once again, those rays of morning have come
It makes me think of moments past,
And I think about all my friends who have died and it don't mean shit...
I'll wait 'til the sun sets onto the horizon, once again it's the night who
Conquers the day, once again it's time to sleep, kill the pain of life
Hopefully tomorrow I won't awake anymore...
7. Majestic Fog on the Everlasting Mountain 03:28
  You ask me why I dwell on the mountain?
Simply ask the crows who Caw in reverence...
When I make no reply for my heart is free.
I live a world apart that is not among men.
The fog has risen from the sea and crowned
The dark, brooding face of the mountain.
Wind whispers inside the deep forest
The sky has darkened, but the moon will show us the way,
To the ceremony
We stand with black robes surrounded by tombstones and pure unholy water
But it's your own weakness suffocates your will
Daylight has finally reached it's end
And tonight lightning strikes into the sky
Far away is the dark fading moonlight
Feel the gloom of restless night...
Eternal is their lives of misery
In this garden of depraved beings,
Walk with me into the night
Mesmerized by endless power
We revile those who have
Abandoned the dark path.
By the power of death,
And the beings of the night
A call has been brought upon us
In these nights of magic
To join with those who fell from heaven
This is where we go when we have to die
The time for her life, has slowly begun to end
From the handle, blood drops and drops
Silent now, as her body lays still, grey as the evening sky
Fuck you and die, into the night.
In the Mountain mist tonight.
8. Chamber of the ShadowLord 03:24
 I've been told since the birth of time
Our world is made of light, but there's only death at the end
And it has seen more evil than time itself.
Close your eyes and gaze into
Where only silence can be heard,
Creeping shadows roam the night
This dark fog will never disappear
This dark fog, motherfuckin' fog will never disappear
Waiting for a lot of
Endless screaming
In fog and darkness
I walk
I disappear
Into the mighty forest
Unhallowed by the infernal one we embrace death.
The darkened sky above possesses a sense
Of far beyond
I will reign again
This once so peaceful place is now
Where the dead speak and walk
I fell deeper and deeper as light now was gone
Spread your wings of deepest black
Devour my souls in eternal blasphemy
Lord of infernal, gather my strength
Carry me through the gates 
9. Celestial Extinction 04:10
  The blood is not dry on our ancient sins
As I speak to you in the present mine eyes see a terrible future
Do you not see what I see?
Do you not see your own death approaching?
From sinners regrets
I gather true strength
And all will be right if you die, alone
The mournful cry of children shall shatter the peace and shake the foundations of heaven
As nightmares realized are true
No knowledge will save you, no magics will buy you time
For you will end up in fire as heaven and earth will burn
Watch the stars fall from the sky
Celestial extinction
Watch them fall from the sky
Watch them fall from the sky
Celestial skies are black as night tonight

- 350gsm Jacket With Inside Flooded In Black And Matt Machine Varnish
- 8 Page LP Sized Booklet On 150gsm Art Paper
- A2 Poster On 150gsm Art Paper
- Limited To 1000 Copies


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