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Origen: Austria, Viena
Formados: 2014
Estilo: Black, hardcore y post-rock
Temática: Abuso de la drogas, depresión, extrañeza y relaciones rotas
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  • Jay Trainwreck Todo
  • Stabwound CD 2015
Primer larga duración para esta one man band creada el pasado año por Jay Trainwreck que entre otras bandas, también presta su talento a Harakiri for the Sky, Karg. Lo que podemos encontrar en este álbum son seis temas de black metal influenciados por sonidos hardcore sobre todo. Hay quien encuadra su música en un línea similar a al de bandas como Agalloch, discrepo completamente de este planteamiento, Seagrave es mucho más directo y visceral, por así decirlo hay un mayor peso del componente hardcore tanto en actitud como en la melodía que no se pierde en ninguna canción en detrimento de la parte folk que caracteriza propuestas como las anteriormente nombradas. Los temas son extensos, lo cual le permite adentrarse en terrenos del post-rock, pero sobre todo es un állbum intenso, repleto de cambios de ritmos y diferentes estructuras combinadas de  manera magistral que consiguen pasar de ambientes cargados y rápidos, propios del black o otras más intensos y directos, muy hardcore. En ningún momento se pierde la melodía de guitarra, fantástica en todos los temas que contribuye a un ambiente triste y casi melancólico en toda su extensión. Las voces de Jay no se cortan en las partes mas agresivas, ha incorporada algunas claras y femeninas, también ha introducido sonidos ambientales, todo ello sin desencajar en una propuesta realmente recomendable. (9).

. Pillage de Tombe 07:22
 The void gets closer, towards the edge
Silent and unseen, sabled and gnawing
At least no keeper of all these lost causes
As I stare in it, it stares back at me
Piercing glances, pitch black marble eyes
A slipstream disruptive, no man can oppose
Hurl my bones down there, throw them with great force
Show no mercy, the void gulps them down 

I found no saviour in nothing, this world is a coffin
One moment to collapse, one to hold on
I cherish these thoughts across timeless seething waters,
may they swallow what the void left of me

Unlike the waves, these questions won‘t hush
Where will we lead to, where may we roam?
Confessions are made, but we won’t abide
We are quite restless, but all our heroes are dead

Graves at sea, graves engulfed by the abyss
No places known, where they can’t be found
I carry this burden, may I conk out
Cause even in lentic waters, I will bog down

Reeling creatures, suffocating in mire
Won’t be recognized, but wounds remain
Sanity is for the passive, the weak and tedious
Subside, sink deeper, sink… …or swim

Burning bridges seared to death whom they beared
I carry stones in my pocket to stand clear from the surface
The last rays of the sun, seem like distressed regards
Now finally receiving peace, in autumns early graves
2. Pistanthrophobia 07:51
Life’s all ‘bout pistanthrophobia All about the distrust in man It’s all ‘bout hearts placed in confidence Our last harbour in the back of beyond A humble walk on rough broken ground A clandestine treason on the promises made Give me one more reason to break down these high fences As the yards that I crossed were built without gates As you trespass this threshold, it’s over and gone So many years that passed by, all in vain Without auxesis, this was my longest way home Let‘s touch our glasses to this bondage at choice Mother of darkness, please take my hand Purge all my memories, be my guide Father of dead faint, beacon my way Through tales of heartfelt contempt, arm my voice
3. Harvest in June 07:16
Dear Mary, annually
I waited for a sign of life
Every knock at the door
Every face in the streets
I thought I‘d discern you

As the summers passed, one after another
I never lost confidence, since you always meet twice in life
But I wrecked my brain to the pate, every fucking single day
What could be the reason you are still gone…
…and won’t come back

Trembling eyes keep on starring the suns light
Dazed and dried up, willing to close forever
Somehow I couldn’t refuse the impact
it‘s warm embrace tried to mislead me…
…once more

I never trusted the blithe times, no faith hereafter
No reliance to no one, always supposing outrage

Treasures unlocked, but burried in flooded chasms
Fairly close, but beyond my reach
Call me a lost soul, call me a gloomster
But I won’t trace you a free world I can’t imagine

Come on Mary, sow the seeds
Hope for the best, hope that they sprout
Bountiful harvest just thrives with vigilance
Take Care! Take care! I wish you well!
4. Manifest XII 05:05
Watership down this novel departured and will come to a close Even if you try to refuse On further reflections this was bound to happen You won’t convince me neither The land of milk and honey, just vanity I know it’s scraping the barrel now But every living creature on earth, it dies alone! You must have wandered through the darkest dales To appear at this bold cliffs you can’t step further on I’m a sheperd without flock, a seeker without name They call me the lonesome, a man beyond all hope I’m the last of my kind, the sheer farouche Every sunlight causes shadows, causes drought and forest fires Despite prima facie presumption I found truth in every case My heart’s like an ocean, most of the time swearing off to rest Causing concussions in the depts, willing to obstruct every stronghold Shall all of them burst!
5. Down with the wolves 07:40
Down with the wolves!!! With daggers drawn right under my coat I’ll face them on the first light, the desiderated day Darkness may protect you, but I am kinda stouted All or nothing’s the stake This is the point of no return And once again I’m blinded by the rain Blinded like deer in fucking headlights This autumn claims, again a couple of victims And I’m down with the wolves once more Down with the wolves! Down with my addiction! The noise of this city is slowly killing my ears Appearances aren’t deceitful, it never sleeps Lonely hearts digress themselves in the streets I’ve never been to such a mean place What a pity that concrete won’t burn Fuck this city! Keep let it go! Fuck this city! Keep let it go! Better start walking on planks! So we won’t save this earth, it’s wounded soil As long as we paint fires across the skyline Embers dress the sky in a red glowing vesture And many man will fall, let the dead bury the dead! Let the dead bury the dead!  
6. Bonjour Tristesse 07:38
The fetters were heavy, so akward to unknot The stairs out of this oubliette, higher than I can put into words Thousands of sealed doors, built without a lock I just escaped thereof selling my memories for petty betrayals Once they called me a sheperd, a latish repatriate I may have overstayed the latest gatherings, but propably I missed the train Perhabst I was like crippled for a few weeks in June But as soon as I obtained my mind, I set out, leaving for home I turned over the last page and reached the stories end A tale as short, is its hights were lows A fall into oblivion, such a dissapointing outcome What a ungifted writer, we could have had a better nub Deliver me the architect of these deep dark chambers A room without windows, I’ll never call home We should be due to the last of November It’s getting cold here, at the latest with first snow To maintain my memories, I’ll have to bury them abyssal I should reach the rocks bottom, So I can forget about myself I never built ruins but apparently some condemned houses Carry me home river of lethe, along roads that won’t end

TR001VL Karg - Apathie
Vinyl-version of the third Karg album Apathie.

Limited to 500 pieces.

01. Von gelebter Ekstrase & wüster Raserei
02. (Im)Puls
03. K-E-T-A-M-I-N
04. Wie nur ein einziger Tag
05. 21.August
06. Koma
07. Briefe ans Gestern


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