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Origen: Rusia, Ozersk
Formados: ?
Estilo: Black depresivo
Temática: Locura, muerte, la nada y el nihilismo
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  • Ravenblack Todos los instrumentos
  • Void Voces
  • The Prisoners of Life CD 2015
  • I am the Bitter Taste of Gall Single 2016
  • For All Those Gone Single 2017
  • The Eternal Revival CD 2022
Primer larga duración para esta banda rusa que se sitúa dentro de la vertiente del black depresivo. Hay que resaltar que su música también tiene un fuerte componente de ambient, pero sin lugar a dudas las sensaciones que deja la escucha de un álbum como este son de tristeza y desesperanza. Por un lado tenemos una buena parte instrumental, erigiéndose las guitarras como pieza fundamental de una tendencia melancolía, siempre con cierta melodía como telón de fondo y sin descuidar estilos como el post-rock o el progresivo. Otro aspecto reseñable son las voces de Void, que se amoldan a varios registros, sin perder en ningún momento de vista la agonía y la depresión, empleando para ello los gritos ahogados en la desesperación y la locura. Como la mayoría de obras de este calibre, la ambientación juega un papel fundamental en el resultado final de la propuesta y eso es algo que no todo el mundo está dispuesto a asumir, pero si encaramos la audición de este The "Prisoners of Life" como lo que es, una obra de black depresivo, podemos asegurar que estamos ante uno de los lanzamientos del año. (8,1).

1. Enveloped by Shadows 08:14
  There is something
Dark inside me
Misty memories
Of silent vaults
In the midst of wild woods
Under the ice-cold rain
In my veins are
Fiery needles of pain
I remember how shadows move
And enveloped me...
Tears and moans of ghosts are
Deep inside me
Deep inside me
White sky is falling apart
And I open other worlds
Feel suffering and hate
Of forgotten undead slaves
I'm lost inside my own
In another mirrors' side
I'm drowned inside a cold realm
And no one saves me
Does it seem to me
Inspired by leaden clouds?
I cannot come back from there and silence them
I'm a lonely wanderer
I'm a detached observer
Walking through this vauls of memories of myself
And of so familiar madness
And of so familiar pain
2. In This Stunning Silence 10:33
On the edge of the world
I forgot my dreams
I accept what awaited me
Since birth
In a place where is no light of hope
Far beyond the line of life...
But why have you come
And sealed my heart?
And banish all the light from my soul
And did I know who were you?
In what day will you come?
You brought me into darkness
Through the fleeting signs
I feel your presence
You are the fear of all mankind
Carrying with me an awareness
That through all the worlds they come
I've brought all demons of despair into my heart
And have not shut gates tightly after them
I hear a secret recognition
From nowhere!
Follow! Follow! Follow!
Onwards! Where black earth
Swallows you so slowly
In cold mud of decaying
Deny life eternal
Through eternal denying myself
Through eternal denying my life
Through eternal denying of god
I hear thousand cries...
They call bright angels
And pray to god - ...they are drowning in night
Instead of flying to the light... you'll never come back
Carrying with me an awareness
That through all the worlds they come
I've brought all demons of despair into my heart
And have not shut gates tightly after them
I heard a secret recogtinion
From nowhere follow! Follow! Follow!
Onwards where void swallows 
You so slowly where you will stay for all the eternity
My mind is just embers of memories
That slowly fade in the blackness
But there is nothing
In this void
In stunning silence...
3. Away from Chains of Mind 10:19
An ancient process which roots have been hitched On rocks somewhere in the outer space Life is just a form of existence Where humanity is just a kind of delusion... When the sun turns aside Dreadful creatures Of my mind break free I imagine the ancient World of primal rage, of blood and disgust Native howl Is calling me I'm a lonely and malicious creature Who aimlessly game In this world As a part of meaningless process In which There is no god, no devil And there is no concept of fate There had nothing ever been inside us We ourselves have invented all Creating an imaginary edge between beast and us Denying our own essence We have forgotten the beast inside Parts of bloody past Are what we call soul My soul is hatred And my howl Is forgotten and the most evident truth The beast is breaking chains of my mind The beast is breaking chains of mind With a cold malice we were all created for death We are all accidental children of cruel world Life is waht looks to the sky with a doomed sight In jaws of starving shadow of death Creating a perfect specie Creating a perfect kind
4. The Prisoners of Life 08:28
How long does it need to live in this place
Now knowing warmth, now knowing rest?
In the roots of frozen world
We're all the prisoners of life
Of life...
I want to rush up to the sky
With a flock of wild brids
Towards to blead suspense
Where only void is around
Only void...
I've found the key to this black cell
And loaded the last bullet
I'm a prisoner and a martyr
Reading sentence to myself
Tears're falling down from grey sky
Along with doomed las breaths
They fill the cup of indifference
And sense from it I drink
In this night full of blood
The winter sky is so close
My wounds are so wide
Visions are coming true
Ancient darkness
Void for senses under the moonlight
Society is afraid of my beliefs
Afraid of darkness at the end of tunnel
And I'm free
For knowing it
All that remains after me... only the howling wind
All that remains after me... only the sound of rain 
If I believed in sin
I'd be kissed by deep grief if I believed in god
I would be damned by awaken from eternal slumber
For this painful life
Blood is frozen on my corpse
Under the light of distant stars
We are all in death's black hole
That swallows everything
In natural order of things
5. Nothing... to Eternal Grandeur of Death 09:39
Life goes away
Away from my heart with warmth
Dark, violent universe is
Watching me
But there is nothing!
Among the stars
There are no hidden meanings
There are no gods
You cannot hide in lie
When a great shadow of death lays down
Madness comes from the inability to
Forgive a finiteness of life
For the illusion of happiness with the revelation in our death
I know the fulitily of faith
Coz all things... just an illusion destructible at the end
What people run their whole life - inevitably comes
At the poing when death takes us
Death it the only right and deafening
Answer to my meaningless life
But there is nothing
Among the stars
There are no hidden meanings
There are no gods
What it the fate of a man
If not to suffer and to decay in end?
All our lives and hopes... it's nothing...
To eternal grandeur of death
Randomness of life
Dissolving in the great universe nothingness
Death destroys self'deception of man
And the masks of well-being
At the end where is onlu natural born fear


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