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Origen: España, Madrid
Formados: ?
Estilo: Black, punk, thrash
Temática: Terror
Enlaces: Bandcamp
  • Guldur Batería
  • Orlok Bajo, guitarra y voces


  • Arrival of the Tyrant EP 2012  
  • The Almighty Hordes of the Undead CD 2014
  • The Evil Rides The Wastëland Split 2017
Aunque la banda se creó en 2012, ambos componentes tienen suficientes recorrido en otras bandas de una orientación más death en la mayoría de los casos. "The Almighty Hordes of the Undead" es su primer larga duración que consta de 12 temas que no llegan a los 40 minutos, repletos de riffs incendiarios de thrash y black metal a partes iguales. Queda claro desde el inicio que los gustos de Guldur y Orlok son del todo clásico y dejan pasear a sus anchas las influencias de Venom y Motorhëad a lo largo de todo el álbum. Un sonido primitivo, logrado gracias a un buen hacer en las guitarras que reproducen fielmente el sonido del thrash de la década de los ochenta, underground pero al mismo tiempo capaz de encajar en una propuesta actual. La batería también tiene un sonido muy crudo y cumple sobradamente en un álbum en que las voces de Orlok son el nexo de unión de esta obra de thrash, black a la cual hay que sumarle una cierta actitud punk. Un álbum que encajará en los gustos del seguidor del sonido más clásico, aquel en el cual existía una delgada línea que unía el thrash y el black y en donde la crudeza estaba a la orden del día. (8,2).

1. The Fog 00:57  
2. Twins of Evil 02:58
 The castle of Karstein remains
There is no escape
Frieda and Maria Gellhorn
Will fall in his web

You, feel the fear
The Count is here
In his castle, with full moon
His shadow you can see

You, feel the fear
The Count is here
The virgin, the altar,
A knife
The ritual begins

Gustav, the witch hunter
The uncle of the girls
He goes every night to purge
The unholy places

You, feel the fear
Gustav is here
Catch the sinner
And burn his blasphemy

You, feel the fear
Gustav is here
Prepare the bonfire
And burn this fucking witch
3. Minions 03:13
Degenerate things
Without honour
Their pleasure is their due:
To serve the Dark Lord

Capturing the innocent
And bringing them to the lair
The master will show
His dark magic

Minions!! Minions!!

Servants of the death
Servants of the undying crowd
Collectors of corpses
Ghouls of darkness

Lifeless renegades
They left their life behind
To devote to the cause

Minions!! Minions
4. Blood Is Life 03:17
The story begins in the Carpathian Where an evil, dark soul lives A monster anxious of blood Waits in his castle alone You have to know that the blood...is life! The young boy arrives at the town He enters the castle and fall Soon he will be trapped by the count His fury is the next that he will know You have to know that the blood... You must know that the blood...is life! Evil lurking evil! Evil! Evil lurking evil! Evil! 
5. 3 AM 02:57
It's the time of the demons It's time for witchcraft and sin This night we invoke the evil And open the seven gates of Hell 3 am, Hour of the Devil 3 am, Baphomet The fog takes form in the shadows A strange presence is here You can hear whispers, there is no tomorrow The horned icon appears The master of evil is here...
6. Pustulous Horde 01:58
The mob has awoken Tons of rotten flesh, suffocating death Corroded bodies, disgusting servants of darkness Caskets are open and they come, dead in life Zombies! Pustulous Horde! Zombies! Putrid slow death!
7. Return of the Blind Dead 02:47
An old history narrates The legend of the templars For their immortality They sold their soul to Satan The mob discovered them Their rituals, their murders And burned their eyes to make sure That they would never be caught by them Return of the Blind Dead Return of the Blind Dead Many years later They rise from their graves Wielding their swords To carry out their vengeance Return of the Blind Dead Return of the Blind Dead
8. Nightmare 04:42
In my dreams it comes again Evil faces...I cannot forget Damned, the curse inside me I want to free my mind Nightmare, I see my death Nightmare, death everywhere Nightmare, I'm enslaved Nightmare, enslaved to the grave Come on bastards... The end is near... Come on bastards... The death is here... This is the night of the Devil Open the gates of Hell Midnight is next And nightmare will strike you again Spiked master leads the attack Don't defend, there's no turning back The evil beings catch my mind My sanity will not last Nightmare, I see my death Nightmare, death everywhere Nightmare, I'm enslaved Nightmare, enslaved to the grave Come on bastards... The end is near... Come on bastards... The death is here...
9. The Dark Paths of the Other Side 04:50
 I walk alone
Into the haunted house
Terrifying histories
People tell about it

Scary noises in the night
Ancient spirits walk
Frightening shadows in the hall
Hear the banshee cry

I walk alone
Into the haunted house
My connection: Ouija
The other side has spoken

Eternal darkness, emptiness
Full of death is how I live
The portals between life and death are open
And you cannot escape

Walk through the paths
Of the other side
Walk through the paths
Of the other side
10. Rites of Deepest Horror 06:17
Winter! Time of rites That my forefathers did I am arriving at town... Kingsport; land of deprivation I knock on the door... An old man opens it Necronomicon The book of occult dreams The elder man went out The street was old and cold Full of strange people They went into the church Down the stairs... I descended underground Eternal path... Necronomicon evoked Rites! And then the darkness began The hordes of horror came Disgusting shapeless things Riders of the death Winter time of rites... Nightmares and madness... Winter, time of rites... My forefathers told me... I am arriving at town... Kingsport
11. Witches Sabbath 02:20
Witches are coming tonight Forest screams for their souls Full moon, Friday 13th Cauldron spits their blood Venom, skulls, human rest Mistletoe, virgin blood Witches are singing the spell Dark souls soon will be invoked Witches Sabbath Witches Sabbath Devil is coming tonight The orgy has just begun Goat semen, pleasure and sin Amanita muscaria and weed Enjoy the rites of Satan Enjoy the rites of sin Drink the blood of the virgin Cum inside the witch
12. Winds of Solitude 02:02  


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