miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015


Origen: Grecia, Atenas
Formados: 2013
Estilo: Black
Temática: Cristianismo
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook
  • Faithful Batería programada, todos los instrumentos y voces
  • The Wrath of the Lamb EP 2015
Primer Ep para la one man band griega afincada en Atenas,que por propuesta musical se encuadra dentro de un black digamos que crudo con cierta orientación melódica y ambient pero que en cuanto a temática se aleja de cualquier canon establecido para abarcar el cristianismo como tema principal. Los veitiun minutos que abarcan las cuatro canciones vienen a aportar un black bastante crudo, sobre todo en cuanto a guitarras se refiere, elevando un tanto esta crudeza las descarnadas voces de Faithful, del todo agresivas y crudas. Los temas siguen un patrón semejante, siendo tal vez "Armageddon" un tema más atmosférico que el resto y llamando la atención también que la batería, aún siendo programada, no desentona para nada. Algún voz coral y limpia en el tema final también aportan algo de variedad a un Ep bastante correcto y bien ejecutado en líneas generales. (8,2).

1. The Wrath of the Lamb 03:23
  Conquest and world domination 

Bloodshed by wars 
Famine, catastrophic diseases 
Over a fourth of the earth will be dead 

There will be great earthquakes 
The sun will be darkened 
The moon will become as blood 
The stars from the sky will fall to earth 

The sky will recede like a scroll 
Every mountain and every island 
Will be removed from its place 

Men will faint from terror 
Apprehensive of what is coming on the world 
They will call to the mountains and the rocks: 

''Fall on us and hide us from the face 
of Him who sits on the throne 
and from the wrath of the Lamb'' 

Behold, the wrath of the Lamb!
2. Lost in Darkness 05:30
Blackened souls searching for truth 
Walking into paths of the occult 
Blinds leading one another 
Trying to gain false wisdom 

Peace is unknown 
Because of the evil of this world 
Humanity adorned in pride 
Thoughts controlled by sin 

Blackened souls, lost in darkness 
Blackened souls, with no hope 
Blackened souls, lost in darkness 
Ungodly souls 

Unholy forces, the rulers of this world 
Attacking man with deception 
Living a mortal way of life 
Sin remains glorified 

Blackened souls, lost in darkness 
Blackened souls, with no hope 
Blackened souls, lost in darkness 
Ungodly souls 

Blackened souls, lost in darkness 
Blackened souls, with no hope 
Blackened souls, lost in darkness 
Ungodly souls 

Reject darkness, there is still hope 
Listen to His voice calling you 
Christ died for you
3. Armageddon 05:36
 The mighty angels of God 
Marching through the skies 
Holding up their swords 
To take Satan's kingdom down 

Commanded by the Eternal One 
For the final battle 

The master of lies 
In his demise 
Is watching his demons 
Falling down 

For the final battle is here 
As it was written in times of old 

Satan is now thrown 
Into the lake of burning sulphur 
With the beast and the false prophet 
Tormented day and night forever
4. The Creator of All 06:41
  In this present world 
We march through its storm 
Wondering where we came from 
Trying to find what we live for 

But what comes after death? 
Or is it the final end? 
Why so much pain in life? 
Do we live just to survive? 

God, the Creator of all 
Came to this earth into mortal flesh 
He gave us the answers 
He showed us the way to eternal life 

He suffered on the cross 
He paid the price for mankind 
He rose from the dead 
He conquered the palace of death 

He still awaits for you to return 
Will you open your heart to Him? 
Are you ready to deny yourself and follow Him?


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