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1) Suicidal Madness was created in 2010, why did you decide to create the group and why choose the name Suicidal Madness?
Everything has begun in early 2010. After suffering for a few years of a deep depression which forced me to withdraw from everything. I felt the urge to release the darkest and most negative stuff which had built up in me. This is how Suicidal Madness was born. The name of the band was chosen according to my state of mind. I was hitting a stage where my mind was dragging me in the darkest and most suicidal thoughts. 

2) At first the line-up of the band is completed by several members of the French band PHTO, what was the relationship between you and this band and why they thought at the beginning of Suicidal Madness?
After composing a few tracks which were meant to be the foundation of what will be our first "demo" (Les Tourments de l'âme) I started to look out for other musicians. I was already in touch via email with Molasar, who was the drummer of PHTO. He introduced me to his music and to the other members of the band. Saddy was the first one to be up for it then Alninack and Molasar joined in too and we were finally able to give life to this project.

3) After editing a few demos and a split in this 2015 you have released your first album "Les larmes du passé", how was the process of writing and recording this album? How's your way of working to When composing the songs?
"Les Larmes du passé" was composed and recorded in 2012 but for many reasons it was only released in 2015. This album was conceived in the pain. This can be strongly felt when you listen to tracks like "Jour de pluie", "Les Larmes du passé" or "Coma"; These songs are stamped with melancholia and despair. Everyone has put his soul into it. Whenever I compose, I have to isolate myself, being alone with my inner demons. This is when the music creates itself and when I get something worthy, I send it to the others so they can add they own parts and put their own stamp on it. Everyone knows what he has to do to give life to the track. There is a kind of connection between us, a natural alchemy.

4) Suicidal Madness aparace in the media as a band of depressive black, I think it is a label that stays short, because in their sound can be seen many influences from the classic black and does not respond to patterns of gender, how you define the sound of "Les larmes du passé" for someone who has not yet heard?
I think that this is due to the fact that we do not try to reproduce what the other bands of this kind of music are doing. We are creating our own stuff/batch and we do not really care about labels. Each member listens to different stuff and has his own influences. Of course, you can feel it in our music whether it is from traditional Black Metal or from sub-genders. As I've said, nothing of it is thought through before or planned in advance.

5) The lyrics to "Les larmes du passé" say to the madness around depression, where did you get the inspiration for the texts and why you treat these issues?
Saddy is in charge of the lyrics. I had to write them for the first "demo" and I just brought a few ideas for the other songs. However, the titles of the album and of the demo are from me. His lyrics are deeply tortured and personal at the same time. I can't say anything more about it.

6) What bands have influenced the sound of Suicidal Madness?
It's hard to say which bands have influenced us since we all listen to loads of styles of metal. Of course there is an influence but personally, I try to avoid to listen to other bands when I'm composing. This is a way to prevent an influence from the outside.

7) In 2011 you endured the loss of your original battery Molasar who participated in your first demo, this was a blow for the band, at some point you considered ending Suicidal Madness or however continue with the band was the best posthumous homage to him You could make Malasar?
Molasar's death was a major shock for us. We did not stop the band, instead we've decided to create a "collectif" called "Molasar Dream's as a tribute to him. This "collectif" gathers every bands and projects from his friends. Naturally, Suicidal Madness is a part of it as PHTO, Sombre Croisade, Asphodeles, Loup Noir or Bukovla. This is our way to entertain his memory and his love for music. Since then, Malsain from Sombre Croisade is our new drum player.

8) As for concerts, one of your most significant events was the opening facts you did for Nocturnal Depression, what do you remember from this concert?
This was a good but a bit stressful experience. One has to know that we did our first rehearsal together only one week before the D-day. We only work together via computer since we all live far from each other. Nevertheless, nothing went wrong. It's a valuable memory for me.

9) How did you get started in music and why did you decide to become a musician?
Already when I was a teenager, i was dreaming to create my own band. Music has a major role in my life. I've simply followed my natural way. I love to play and listen to music and it's not about to stop.

10) Who designed the cover of "Les larmes du passé"? What references and how it relates to the content of the album?
As for the former releasing, Saddy was in charge of the cover. This picture of this ancient gravestone under the rain is a perfect match with the name of the album. (Les Larmes du passé// Tears from the past). One can picture that the tears of the soul are dropping for ever under this gravestone. You can find this concept in tracks like "Jour de Pluie" which refers to the cover.

11) This album has been released by the German label WINTERWOLF Records, How the possibility of working with them come about?
After being in touch with a few labels, Winterwolf records has shown some interest and wanted to produce us. But, to talk frankly we were really disappointed. The quality was far from being perfect, there was no hype or real releasing. This led us to our own releasing of the album but in a more professional way.

12) What future plans do you have for the band in terms of upcoming releases and concerts?
We're already working on a second album. Things go slowly but we already have composed 2 or 3 tracks. As soon as possible we would like to go on stage in order to present our new album to the audience.

13) Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Suicidal Madness, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you and thanks Black Metal Spirit for this opportunity and interest you have in our band. We would like to thank every followers and supporters we have. You are making this true.


Hetroertzen - Ain Soph Aur 25,99 €

Standard deluxe edition, [2 LP] 12'' vinyl edition pressed on black, 180-gram vinyl. Double 350-gram gatefold, UV gloss varnish, inside flooded in black, with 24 page booklet glued on the inside. Comes in a plastic overbag.

Artwork and layout done by the band.
With special performances by Kark /Dødsengel and Edgar Kerval /Emme Ya.



Dealing with the Veil 
Blood Royale 
The Lifting of the Veil 
Endless Light


Carrying the Forbidden Flame
Spirit Eater 
Procession of the Silver Fire 
Enter the Unknown 


Of Tomb and Thirst 
The Luminous One 


The Rose and the Cross 
Piercing the Veil 

Released by Lamech Records & Terratvr Possessions.

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