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Good afternoon, thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions, how are things going for Namrun?
Good afternoon, I was in Namrun recently, its going well there very beautiful scenery, mighty mountains. Caverns where Typhoon nearly destroyed Zeus and castles that belonged to great empires. Many wars fought and dark electricity of the past in the air.

1. The band was created in 2014, why choose to create the band and how were the beginnings of Blliigghhtted?
Well, Emir & Merdumgiriz are always creating extreme music. I wanted to join forces with them to pursue my Kaos worship (Satanism) through their music. We were already working together in Viranesir but Viranesir is not my portal for spiritualism, so I requested we create Blliigghhtted in which I will be the main creative director and they agreed.

2. What are the main differences can be found between the listener and Viranesir Blliigghhtted, Yayla?
In my opinion Yayla is the best band among these and it is very melodic, monotonous black metal/ambient. It is daydream and meditation music with philosophical lyrics that can be used as portals to netherworlds. Viranesir is the craziest in terms of everything, it is impossible to describe its sound because they change the music every album, and subject matter is always very personal and extreme as well. Blliigghhtted is by far the most progressive of all and it is Satanic Black Metal worship. Although Emir and Merdumgiriz compose the music, I tell them what to do and write all the lyrics through which we base the whole thing upon so it is basically my project.

3. Can you explain a little bit the concept that encompasses Blliigghhtted name and why you decantasteis by this name?
Blliigghhtted is the interlacing of Blighted and Light. All came from the darkness of Kaos and all shall return to it and be one. Light represents cosmos but it being blighted means that we are using cosmic tools to represent an unhallowed philosophy; worship the light of Lucifer and follow the father of misanthropy.

4. Already in 2014 edit a first demo of a single issue of half-hour and for your recent "Zeroes" you maintain a similar line in terms of duration of issues, do you think that this time what matters is necessary to provide the ritualistic atmosphere and ceremonial music of your own or due to other reasons?
The demo was to see if we could do Satanic music with these guys and be an original band. I think we succeeded. Released it because it was good stuff, but it was more a test than a real product. Zeroes had a lot of planning involved with a full lyrical concept and long talks before starting recording. As I am the only true worshipper of Kaos within the band, I had a lot of time explaining shit to them to get them in the mindset. Music was not completely planned, as I wanted to conduct it, but 85 percent of it was ready and in line, then we just recorded it and I think it was really successful for what I wanted. I am getting very good at directing musicians and manifesting Satanic concepts through them, especially gifted and smart ones like Emir & Merdumgiriz.

5. The components of Blliigghhtted are three, I think not all related in a direct way with music, how is the process of writing and recording within the group and how you manage to capture the different influences into an album as "Zeroes"?
I give them concepts and texts to study and bleed into their music. They do this very quickly and come back to me. I listen to it all and decide what parts to use and let them know. Then we start rehearsing. Since I am just a half decent keyboard player, I don’t really know what I am doing in terms of all the music conduction but I am sure of what I want and somehow channel it with words and gestures, and since they have a deep respect to me, they try their honest and best efforts to execute it. The good things that come out of it end up being our albums.

6. What bands can you name as a clear influence on the sound of Blliigghhtted?
Not only the sound but also the concept and attitude is Dissection. They are the main band that I like us to base ourselves off from. Emir has a lot of old Deathspell Omega, Mortiis, Burzum influence in him, so as we. Merdumgiriz is more into experimental and progressive rock like Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and stuff, but he is a black metal worshipper as well and listenes a lot to Inquisition, Beherit, Behexen and stuff like that.

7. Ruhanathanas handles lyrics that revolve around the philosophy, and spirituality and a critical view of society and religion, why these topics are interesting for your lyrics?
Ruhanathanas is I, and I handle all the concepts. Well, I am a Kaos worshipper and base all my life around it, so it only makes sense that a project like Blliigghhtted is going to have those kinds of subject matter. Philosophy, spirituality, society and religion are the main things in which we work with death and that are what all human beings are here to do in my opinion. We are going to continue pursue the life-death duality and everything related to the end through our work, which is directly attacking those subjects.

8. How would you describe the sound of "Zeroes" for someone who still have not heard?
Never ending riffs and psychotic drums juxtaposed with hellish atmosphere and possessed vocals. Highly experimental progressive Satanic black metal.

9. Are you open to the possibility of incorporating new members to offer one day a concert with Blliigghhtted?
Yes, I really want to give concerts one day. But it has to be extreme in all ways possible, I want to make people so fired up that they start riots and satanic chaos on the streets. I want them to go to war and end the world through my concerts. This will never happen probably, but that will be my goal when going on stage if I ever do go on stage.

10.  Who designed the album cover and how it relates to music?
It is a watercolor painting done by Emir. I told him to make couple fiercely burning trees in front of mountains of forests. He succeeded. It is an apocalyptic vision that perfectly relates to our Kaos worship.

11.  How were your beginnings in music and why did you decide to become a musician? What other interests occupy your free time?
I live like a bum doing drugs and prostituting myself for food and shelter. I practice Satanism and dedicate my life to it in my free time. I seriously hate everyone and everything and want to burn the world, but I do not too many crimes because I really do not want to go to prison. Sometimes I can’t follow that rule very well because of my obsession with seeing things die, but thankfully Emir’s father is a very strong man in Turkey and helps us get through our troubles when things get too intense.

12. Merdümgiriz has dealt with the release of the album, but Merdümgiriz is a more ambitious project, what it is really Merdümgiriz and encompasses?
Merdumgiriz is an outlet for all the works of art that Emir wants to release basically. He makes everything with his hands, t-shirts patches, flags, posters, cassettes, CDs everything. He also releases the works of filmmakers, photographers, sculptors etc. He also recently signed many new metal bands like Sar Nath (Texas), Survival (Bay Area), Finstar (Austria).

13. What future plans do you have for Blliigghhtted of upcoming releases, publications, etc.?
We will release two more albums this year (2015). Both are already finished but you guys will have to wait. The first one is half metal half ambient with cavernous as fuck production. The metal part is way more cheerful and rocky than the previous albums; ambient part is very low-fi recorded with small 90ies keyboards. The second one is way more orthodox, but it’s still very progressive, full on melodic black metal (no keyboards whatsoever) and the best one we did so far. We are already working on the one after that which will be way more melancholic than the previous ones but continue in the vein of the one before that with more tight compositions and production.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Blliigghhtted, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you so much for all your support for us and the other bands. True underground art never dies, thanks to people like you. Followers of Blliigghhtted, worship Kaos, cause terror, chaos, violence and destruction. Bring the end! Off yourselves!


1.Into the Black Mass
2.Cursed Angel of Doom
3.Eternal Blasphemy
4.Temple of Evil
5.Ceremony in Chapel
6.First Embody Remains
7.Endless Damnation

BEHEMOTH – “Endless Damnation” 12″ GATEFOLD LP
year: 2013
country: POLAND

Rehearsal demo recorded in March 1992.
First recording of MIGHTY BEHEMOTH !!!
Never before released .
12″ black vinyl,gatefold cover + insert all printed on rough paper.
Very good soung quality ,restored in studio .
45 RPM record speed !!!

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