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Último álbum de los italianos que contó con la participación de Cadaveria a las voces, es reseñable este aspecto por que el apartado vocal fue siempre  una seña de identidad de la banda. Musicalmente hablando estamos ante otro álbum variado que en su plano sinfónico si que podríamos incluir dentro del black sinfónico, pero con suficientes elementos para también acercarse al metal extremo y al gótico. Un aspecto  muy logrado en todos los álbumes de los italianos es la ambientación, mágica y ritualista que en este álbum esta menos cargada debido al buen hacer a las seis cuerdas en cierta partes que permite que su música transite por derroteros más metal. También se ha rebajado la presencia del doom, más presente en el pasado y que ha quedado en este álbum como un mero vestigio de obras anteriores. Cadaveria sigue ofreciendo todo su repertorio a las voces, rasgadas, agresivas melódicas y casi limpias, una baja sensible en la formación a partir de su marcha. En definitiva más de cincuenta minutos de black épico y sinfónico, no del todo cargado pero en la línea más previsible deentro género. (7,9).

1. Act I: The First Seal 09:39
 Dark and forgotten the times of these writings
Timeless stones shape the walls of this site
Arcane and powerful symbols traced on them
May the moon lead my steps
In the sacred search of supreme knowledge
Waiting for his coming
And it was gloom

Somewhere in time
In unknown lands ruled by an ancient magic
In titanic forests
6 towers of power were built
They guarded 6 sacred heirlooms,
Protected by 6 seals
They show the effigy of the god
Who sits on the big black throne

I mesmerize my soul
To fly along the dusty paths of
Looking for the magic circle of the black ring
Toth Amon, prince of enchanters
Tell me your secret
Or I will tear it from death to death
Running on a human blood river
He feeds on blood
The blood calls him
His strength glows if the hands
invoking him are stained with blood
Where he shines, the blood is shed
There the light's kingdoms wobble
There nature forces are shaken

Thoth-Amon, give me the sword of sacrifice
And the sacred cup I am gonna fill with lifeblood
Give me the lance of almightiness
And the potsherds of the black stone
I'm gonna place on the altar of Dagon
Entrust the sixth heirloom to me
And so be it!

And then a whirlwind struck my 
breast, freezing my soul 
The candle flames vanished 
announcing his coming 

5 the tips and 5 the elements 
It is the blood in which I annihilate 
The sixth is the knowledge the 
supreme god, the bringer of light 
Engraved in the sixth heirloom 
The sacred book ordained to the devotee
2. Act II: Beyond the Black Diamond Gates 07:14
Dancing flames reflect a purple light
Dyeing the room with a
mysterious stillness
Wrapped in the ineoriating haze
of the fumed incense
We were sitting at the table
pleasantly stunned by the sweet
pungent smell of storax
Martyrized with ircos, oleum
libani, commiphora
The white goddess was ruling the night
And the old bell heralded the 
arrival of Kephra
Our fingers were riding the
ethereal dimension which
embraces everything 

"I'm the guardian of the east
gates, master of the whirling air 
I am him who opens the threshold 
The portal is opened to you, 
holders of the ninth key" 
I think their sound and technique
In the intensity of powers 
The ninth evoked energy was 
waiting for us 
Beyond the black diamond gates 
it sounds great, and for me it's 
"My name is Astharoth-Astarte" 
it hurled
"I am him-her who walks in the dark
Who will lead you to ecstasy
I will give you the power of revenge
'Cause you are my sons
May the power of evil be with you
So that your souls can prepare for the call
In a place, sacred to you,
celebrate with dances, chants and fires
You will couple in rapture
And I will enjoy your lust
I am the ninth key, the ninth flame of hell
Young, chaste with innocent fleshes
You will fetch her to me"

Magic resins have worn out
Scents have faded
Tum, patient, is waiting
But He-She is still walking with us
3. Act III: Carnal Delight in the Vortex of Evil 06:13
The way leading to him is unknown and steep And the bodies rests of those who didn't deserve him make it slippery But it is at the borders of my soul, so I know the secrets to walk along it staying unhurt The threshold of his abode is barred by a tangle of infected thorns But my soul keeps its key His throne is shielded by 12 servants' stare But he has called me, I felt him calling me And he has given me the power to bewitch them His rooms are icy But he warms my naked body with his breath The throb and the blood flow suspend In the presence of him His eyes, diabolical larvas his pupils, scan me His glance captures me and penetrates my breast Goblet of delicious vermilion wine I give myself up to his grim embrace Throb of death He is the storm He is the breeze He is the aurora He is the twilight He is the everlasting mind in the timeless abyss He injures and sates my lips He lessens my hunger He appeases my thirst He is fire burning my flesh He is icy snow settling in my womb Rod of viscid serpents Death and blood excite him And my blood is the balm for his ecstasy and his voracious delight Putrid carrion with burnt seales Obscure seducer with smooth scented skin of infant Now I know you But he has always known me
4. Act IV: Congressus Cum Daemone 10:24
The sacred fire burns in the
stone circle
In the centre of the all I'm
waiting for the guardian
Powerful thunders rumble in the air
And lightnings herald the storm
Darkness turns into light and
light grows into darkness
While the salamanders are
continuing to dance in the heart of fire
The moon stops growing
She stretches the fronds shades
as spectral witnesses
And Eurus, the east wind, gives them life

6 are the towers, 4 are the
revealed seals
And now I am waiting for the
next one

Thunder is rumbling again
Like the dragon's awakening from
the deep abyss
I honour the dark simulacrum of
the depth's gates
That is silently waiting for the
event's completion
I desert the realm of chaos and
I liberate over the infernal rivers
I follow the way of the red snake
Ancestral flight
...into the depth
I will celebrate the umpteenth passage ritual
A new baptism in a space without time
Tisipnon, fury of the occult
power, is waiting for me
To deliver me the black book of
the supreme knowledge

I cross the hidden paths of
Shaytan to violate the ayernus gates
That raise from the deep abyss
up to the horrid vault
3 are the bronze doors and 3 of
iron and 3 of diamonds
They are wrapped up by an
eternal fire
That makes all red-hot but
nothing destroys
At the sides of the awful
passage 2 guardians are waiting for me

[First guardian:]
"Be aware of your virtue, oh
animal, and the abyss
With its spectres will be overcome
Rejoyce as a new spirit and the
barking of the
Infernal beasts will become
silvery chant
Beyond these portals you can
join the perfect lightof the
space without time"

"I am Angelikos Phosphoros,
Lucifer, Morning Star"

[Second guardian:]
"Welcome spiritual warrior who,
conscious and daring, utters the
secret name
Before the black diamond gates
Welcome ensign of light
This pathway knows the steps,
dreads and triumphs of your
Welcome insane hero, the only
one who has descended the stairs
of damnation
You, blazing sun, dare-devil who
faces the hades to win yourself"

"I greet and thank you, obscure
guardians, who allow my passage
Without rending my flesh. I,
brave rambling being, go and
reveal the fifth seal"
5. Act V: The Magic Temple 04:16
Io metto il mio sangue nelle mani di Shaytan La forza che sta nell'essenza degli dei Che crearono il cielo e la terra Benedicete onnipotenti questo luogo Affinche sia puro e possa contenervi Innalzatevi o potenti fiumi e purificate questo mio tempio Scorra lento il sangue per nutrire il cuore del cerchio E ora giura!
6. Act VI: The Sixth Seal 07:50
Fall low into silence and fill
up your mental calix with black
substance of nothing
Burn 3 blood candles and breath
the dense fumes of Gorgio
Enter the sacred circle and hail
the altar of the dying sun
8 silver tinklings to hear the
secret name
Rise from silence, open your
eyes and vibrate
Gorgot, Assai belem
I invoke you timelessness
Who visits earth and skies
You, who lives night and day
Who knows darkness and light
Asar Lin-Nefer
No one ever saw you, in any time
You are jabas, you are japos
You are the right, and the
You are the female and the male
You are seeds and fruits
I am the ancient to whom you
entrusted the mysteries
Listen to me cause I'm the angel
of Shaytan and this is your real
East air
Listen to me and subdue all
demons to me
So that all spirits of external
spaces and seperate dimensions
All spells and gods scourges
obey me, on and under earth
In the great water, in the
whirlwind, in the burning fire!
South fire
I invoke you, terrible and
ivisible god who resides in the
empty of the spirit
West Water
Listen to me.
Assal-Ou Ai Aphaniao I thothe
Abrasar Acooi Ischure
Powerful and timeless
North earth
I invoke you, Ma Barraio Ioel
Kotha Athor-E-Bal-O Abraoth
East spirit
Listen to me
He's the gods' master
He's the god of universe
Winds fear him
It's him who uttered the word
He's the master of everything,
king, ruler, succourer!
North spirit
Listen to me
I'm the timeless spirit, strong
immortal fire
I am the truth, I am him who
shines and thunders!
I am him whose mouth blazes
I am him who begets and shows
the light
Heart and serpent are my names

Iao Sabao, those are the words

Now burn up 3 blood candles and
wait for the empty time
Gorgot Necrod Belem

I dismiss you, threshold
guardian, unfathomable Gorgoi!
And go back to your dimensions
secording to your law
I will not suffer any pain!
7. Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus cover) 05:28
 White on white
translucent black capes
back on the rack.
Bela Lugosi's dead.
The bats have left the bell tower,
the victims have been bled,
red velvet lines the black box.

Bela Lugosi's dead.
Undead Undead Undead.

The virginal brides
file past his tomb,
strewn with time's dead flowers,
bereft in deathly bloom,
alone in a darkened room
the count.

Bela Lugosi's dead.
Undead Undead Undead.

Oh Bela, Bela's undead.

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