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Origen: Canada, Toronto
Formados: 2012
Estilo: Black, folk, power
Temática: ?
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook
  • Dean Arnold Programaciones, todos los instrumentos y voces

  • Chapters of Time EP 2012
  • Prosperous Visions CD 2014
  • Maelstrom Single 2021 Nomad Single 2021 Stormbearer Single 2021
  • Lost Elegies CD 2021
Primer larga duración para el proyecto de Dean, que no nos engañemos es el encargado de componer y tocar todos los instrumentos y voces de Primalfrost, rodeándose de un puñado de músicos para poder llevarlo al directo. Su propuesta ofrece un sonido muy épico, partiendo de una base death melódico sobre la que se van construyendo nos temas que le deben mucho a la buena y variada labor a la guitarra ya que Dean ha realizado un trabajo inigualable en la composición y elaboración de los riffs de este álbum. Llama también al aatención que si uno no investiga algo más acerca de este álbum podría llegar a pensar que ha sido ejecutado por una banda en toda regla  y no solo por un único músico de la talla de Dean que no ha descuidado ningún aspecto. Como comentaba su música parte de una propuesta de death melódico sobre la que se le van añadiendo distintos géneros musicales y gracias a aportes como el de la voces notamos una vertiente más black, con el aporte de la guitarras limpias se consigue una ambientación más folk, y en cuanto a melodía y velocidad se acerca también al power, todo ello para acabar consiguiendo un sonido épico no del todo alejado de un viking metal primitivo.(8)

1. Visio Prosperum 03:12  instrumental
2. Distant Cries of War 07:00
Tonight we ride these grounds free of mercy
The power of will with intention to kill 
We are bloodthirsty
Shields are at the ready with swords so sharp and cold
A winters night free of light not to shed tomorrow 

I will not let the enemy pass by my ground
He will have to face the egde of my sword as he is death bound
I will not back down even till the rising of the sun 
His soul is mine till the end of time, and he is many of one

Walking down the trails of death to face our enemies
Their distant cries of war, shall not be left at ease
They shall fear our wrath 
Scared we are not
Their chants and battle cries will not do as much as they thought

Hear the roar of a thousand swords striking
Iron to iron is no sound of hiding
Cowardice will not stand in such times like this
Cries of war in the distance will not go unheard

Beaten and Bloodied I am, but my power of will conquers over
Crushing bones and slicing skin will only make my heart grow colder
The smell of death is kicking in but still I won't cave into it
I've gone this long, I've come this far, you must die, my fuse is lit


How dare you lay your sword upon a brother of mine
I will not let death be claimed from him over you
Beg for mercy you bastard, you scum
No gods shall take your side now

And the legend will tell of how we slayed them all
So they would never see the light of day again
And how we were the guardians of this great land
As it remains beautiful and glorious

3. An End to Tyranny 03:54
End the lives of those 
Who disobey your rule
This is how you must govern your lands
It must end (It must end now)

We are men, we are souls
Souls to be crushed by an opposer
an evil force of betrayal, deceit and lies

We will face the throne of evil
And tear down the walls of hypocrisy
A new age will dawn for man's freedom
It will be an end to tyranny

Gather your fellow men
Who dare to rise above
What we've faced
The killing and raping of a nation
Under the name of a god (of a god)


For such acts
You must pay


Make your farewells to the ones you love
Its time to fight for what we deserve
For we are men we must be brave
The throne is what we must enslave

Sharpen your swords and armor yourselves
Crave the sweet taste of blood 
Of those who have wronged us all
Prepare yourselves
A cathartic quest awaits .
4. Path of the Sky 05:15
As I step out of my house of darkness
I can see what the sky has to offer
I have lived too long now to have forgotten
What it is that it means and why it's here

I can see and feel the atmosphere
Surrounding me and all life around it
So cold so dark so unquestioned
What reason has it to exist?

Through the darkness and light of the day
I feel it all through my veins
The light that I see burns forever more
Until terminated by darkness once again
The sky tells it all for it's what we see
What we look up to at the start of day
Eternally it's there past the days we die
So we follow the path of the sky

And I walk...

Storms reign over our lands with might
A man can be killed but the sky we cannot fight
There are things in our lives that cannot be controlled
This is one we tolerate till our days of old

Seasons change but we must too
Better ourselves and others to be true
No guide of a god or hope of afterlife
We live in the now, that's what is right

5. Beyond the Shores and Lands 04:37
Beyond the shores and lands Is where we have been for so long now Endless oceans are what separate us both Pull the oars faster For we must reach land Searching left and right For this hell must end (Chorus) One with the water and frozen air On these oceans of eternal nothingness Across the ocean forever I stare I must conquer this feat and nothing less Forevermore this voyage reigns on us all Sleepless nights and tiring days will not make us fall Nothing is left of us but our will to survive We will reach land proudly, strong and alive (Chorus) Women weep at home for we have been gone so long But they know our burning will to survive will bring us home Lives of brothers have been lost in this war against the raging tides Tragedy and honour is among us yet we have survived Beyond the shores and lands
6. Tale of the Hero 06:37
A boy he was so young and free Not a worry in sight So long he would intend to live Not a day he would fight But times of war would reign on his lands So cold and mercilessly He'd conquer above and fight for his freedom A great hero he would rise to be (Chorus) A hero he was A hero he was He picked up his sword, he picked up his shield To avenge the death of his people To face them all on an open field And destroy all that is evil Through freezing cold winters and darkest nights The battle would never end Years had past he was victorious All to defend his one only land (Chorus)  
7. Cathartic Quest (An End to Tyranny Part II) 14:22
For years we have been victims of endless oppression Slaves to a system of injustice for reason has not prevailed We, will rise above this nightmare Conquer the kingdom Of a ruthless leader Show no mercy Kill with justice Raise your swords To a vengeance so strong (Chorus) We are the men to rebel and reclaim Our freedom against the throne of evil and deception We are driven by the fire inside For we will rise victorious or we must die (or we must die) Our numbers are few so we must expand Spread the word of our desired freedom To commence a journey, to free of what's oppressed With so we will bond with our fellow man We, will rise Above this nightmare Conquer the throne Of a ruthless leader Show no mercy Kill with justice Raise your swords To a vengeance so strong (Chorus) Stab! The guards at the gates Do not cower now, for you have been Mistreated, lied to, and deceived Year upon year, your whole life as well as mine All this must end, we will kill for our people To reclaim what we deserve as human beings Freedom! It is what we crave, it is our right We have come so far, to succeed we must fight Bloodied we are, weaker than before So many lives taken, in this never ending war We have passed the first barrier, only a few more to go Almost at our destination, it could be a greater feat for all we know... More men are coming at us! Time to fight! Take back our freedom! (Chorus) We are the men to rebel and reclaim Our freedom against the throne of evil and deception We are driven by the fire inside For we have risen victorious and alive (and alive)   
8. Awakening of the Boreal Sun 02:42  instrumental
9. Silencing the Empire 04:31
The journey across these lands Is never ending for time has frozen Much like the blood covered Over our armour and swords The wind blows at a deathlike speed But it has not broken our spirit For we have never had a stronger need (Chorus) We stand and we fall, But we get back up We've come this and fought too long To not push our luck We are no cowards We are heathen men Perdition is in your future Suffer in thought until then Now that we've reached the kingdom We are near the very throne that Embodies what we've despised For the longest time For many days and nights we have Danced with death all to reach The one man who's power has gone For far too long (Chorus) "We have now entered You have finally approached defeat The lives of your men have been claimed For you've wronged us all for long enough It's time for you to finally face your demise And never rule over our glorious lands ever again!" (Chorus) A new beginning is now at hand Freedom and prosperity for all the lands Embrace what you should rightfully see Seek your life the way you wish it to be
10. Unforgotten Valour 02:53
I will sing my songs for you
To honour your courage
And I will leave you in
My mind until death takes me

And I will leave you in my mind
Hoping we'll meet again...

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