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El cuarto larga duración de los de Colorado es una continuación del black metal ofrecido en anteriores obras y más concretamente en el split del 2013 "Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno" y no es otro que ofrecer un black metal denso y complejo que acaba por sonar ritualista. "Ego Dominus Tuus" son diez canciones de black metal complejo y denso, imposibles de comprender de manera individual pero que funcionan como un todo. El álbum comienza con unos teclados pero pronto se desata la tormenta con unos riffs y baterías brutales a los que, poco a poco se les va añadiendo densidad con la incorporación de algunos teclados en un segundo plano y diferentes capas de instrumentos que elevan su música hasta casi hacerlos sonar épicos. Las voces son brutales, pareciéndose a la recitación de versos y logrando como comentaba antes un aire esotérico y ritual. Canciones extensas en donde dan rienda suelta  a su sonido bestial y en donde se han permitido solo unos pequeños descansos en forma de pasajes instrumentales. Es un álbum que puede hacerse extenso, pero que sitúa a Nightbringer un escalón por encima de la media, haciéndose un hueco en un estilo bastante reconocible. (8,1)

1. Prayer of Naphal 02:00  
2. Et Nox Illuminatio mea in Deliciis Meis 09:00
My pleasure is melancholy - God above me - God below me - My heart the fulcrum between I am of you - You are the lord - I am of you - That makes the darkness shine I am of you - Glorious as the sun - I am of you - Our father who art in me You draw me up! - EHEI - Death! - EHEI - Daimon! - EHEI - Fire! - EHEI You draw me up! - Athanor! - EHEI - Serpent! - EHEI - horns! - EHEI I - Draw you - Down - I long for the gift of profound death - So I pray before your mask Bowing down before this self I cannot know - Least I open the temple's door I could never approach your mirror - Your blessing is ecstatic reverie So jubilant within your Night of Light - The Dark Noontide And he sayeth unto me! - And he sayeth! - I am your lord! And he sayeth unto me! - And he sayeth! - I am your lord! Your pleasure is melancholy - God below me Your pleasure is melancholy - God above me My heart crucified between - My heart crucified between Our father who art in me - Whose inverse light shall set me free God above me - - My heart crucified between! God below me - Shaitan! - My heart crucifed between! God within me - And I sayeth - I am your lord! God within me - Shine! - I am your lord! I drink the black-bile philtron - Of your Saturnine cup Upon your earth - I do sup My nourishment commeth - My nourishment cometh My nourishment commeth from doing the will of my father  
3. Lantern of Eden's Night 09:30
Asael, descend from high Eden! From abyss to the sun Down the bright serpent Towards the dragon of Nun Within the night of black Eden Towards death I would bow Illumed by the flames of a trident To pierce the mark of my brow To become as lampadiphor Of a great fallen spark From a star luciferious To illumine paths dark Lucifer - Messich! Guardian of the sceond tree O perilous star of the morning! Darken my plea! Strike me lord, strike me! With your igneous blade The mark of Pentagrammaton By which the soul is remade O' morning star smite me! Pierce the chambers of my heart Carve a seat for your bright wisdom And let profane life depart My blood is my offering To the plot of this sacred place With Lilith-Nachash behind me Opposite your luminous face A shadow cast by your fire From hers is the blood of our race She who first offered The poison fruits taste And guised with temptation The path towards divine fate A riddle to solve A great thirst to sate O Shaitan above me! Three who art one Guide, lord and daimon Forge flame and sun I pray you bless me with eminence And impart your gift And by resurrection uplift Resolve this "I" to your aspect Crowned with horns twain And armed with the blade By which I was slain I pray to know And I will to be To become as the monad By way of trinity And walk Eden's night path towards God's temple By the light of the adversary And by root, heart and crown Coil about the second tree  
4. Things Which Are Naught 05:36
  In Death's holy silence I call you, God above me, God below me
By Neither, Neither, myself unseen, God within and God beyond me
Reflected in these mirrors darkly, God above me, God below me
By Neti, Neti, a faceless face, God within and God beyond me

You abysmal rift in the fabric of being
Ungraspable shadow, devour me
As I open my eyelids for your gnashing teeth
And fill the hollows with blackest dreams

"For his art did express a quintessence even from nothingness
From dull privations and lean emptiness
He ruin'd me and I am re-begot
Of absence, darkness, death: things which are not"

Coil about me and breathe my new name
Self above me, Self below me

Plow earth into abyss and reap its bitter grain
Absence within me, Presence beyond me

And your naked splendor has carved open the pathway

Into wonders of the howling night and the twist of the moon
Where the dead awakens to the call of serpentine cherubim to fall ever deeper and deeper into their tombs
Restructure the dried out bones of the world and fill its dried out veins with your word
A promise of everything I will come to be, the Nothing within me and the All beyond me!
5. I Am the Gateway 07:32
  At the barren edge of the silence of night
'neath the snare where the snake sheds its skin
Where the rivers of our strangest dreams collide
I ventured into the wilderness of death's awakening

To seek for that which all others abhor
On a road that defies the course of the world
With the blood of my heart seal the fated oath
At the point where all moments unfurl
I chance my all for everything other
My soul unto you, demon and brother

Into the circle where eye must meet eye
With the one who is all that I am not
And the night is but all that lies in between
Where sown is my self's seed
Within the torn tome of destiny

All secrets are tied to none strangling noose
That's solved and rebound upon the gallows hill's top
And in a storm of peacock feathered bliss
Shall strange new wine fall into my cup

For between the cold fingers fetching sense
Falls golden sparks and the fallen angels seed
That flows into the core of crossroads
Where all paths crooked and narrow must lead

Doorways unlocked, chalice overturned
I slit the jaded throat that sings the wretched world
And dive into the instant, the void of your face
Where the veins of God opens beneath my lightning bolt blade

The hour is struck, the time is at hand
To rewrite the rhymes that our cruel fate once planned
O Devil and God, on your road I embark
For we are bound everlasting by pact, birth and a murderer's mark
6. Call of the Exile 04:26
7. Where Fire Never Dreamt of Man 06:41
 And I dreamt of libricide and fire, a flaming pyramid opening the desert nights
Flaring letter's in mad laughter swirling across the sky, like screeching simurghs unchained
That stole the keys right out of St. Peter's hand to dare the borders to forgotten lands

Shine you terrible lamp of Wisdom, shine upon the desert fields of night
Shine within flesh and blackest mire, for my tongue has a dire taste for fire

Fallen into the wastelands of our dreams

Where I'm wildered unto the forbidden gleam, of Azazel's burning sacrament and sword
So descend upon these lands, Estrangement's Lord

Throw me into the depths where you once fell, to be accursed and blessed within the springs of Hell
To pass outside the route of heaven's stars and die to the yoke of heaven's law

I've become something I've never dreamt of before, my words all burnt within your unearthly torch
My name re-written in your blazing winds and known is the secret of Shemyazaz' sin

"O Nimbus of a daimonic crown, blaze forth across eternity for me
The night is wholly mine and in Death's kiss it is sealed
Where light and darkness conjoin, I have buried my Will towards expanses impossible
And opened the road unto where thoughts bow before: Red, Holy, Chaos-flame" 
8. The Witchfires of Tubal-Qayin 07:43
"May you be the firebrand of the furnace of the earth..." Come ye Sons of Celestial Fire, Descend as of Olde! To mix your seed with mortal kind and sire unlawful progeny divine. As unto Qayin, at crossed roads three, The bloodline of wisdom, pass unto me. For with this, my sacrifice, self unto Self, I am led Into the Witching Fire of Tubal-Qayin.! Come ye Daughters of Ancient Night, Arise and behold! The path of the Blessed Serpent bright, Fallen from heaven's black light. As unto Calmena, at crossed roads three, The bloodline of wisdom, pass unto me. For with this, my sacrifice, self unto Self, I am led To imbibe the envenomed Graal of Lilith! "In the brazen Citadel, in the Hall of Flames, I call upon Thee, Goat-Angel of the Golden Horns, Master of the Primal Fire, AZAZEL-QAYIN, appear in thy brilliance! O flame breathing Daemon and Wizardly Smith, Who forgest the iron weapons of victorious liberation, Hearken to me, who am of thy cunning seed, The hidden house of AZAZEL!" -Nigel Jackson - The Masks of Misrule- From the bellow's breath, the flame is born, That tempers the blade, forged by the Lord. The hammer strikes to shape the blade true, Through furnace and flame born anew, Wielded now with steady left hand, To pierce the hearts of woman and man. All Hail, Sword of Judgment, cut to the core, Strike fear in your enemies, Sword of War! Rise, O Flame, ever higher, Burn to ashes all within this pure At the Forge of Tubal-Qayin. Come ye Children of forgotten Gods born, Recall what was told! The promise made in gardens of Eld, When with the Wise Serpent, converse was held. As with Seth, upon the Olde Serpent's Tree, The fourth road of wisdom, shall set me free. For with this my sacrifice, self unto Self, I am led To embrace Death, the Master's revelation! A conflagration of All, yet within detritus most foul arises - A crown and a might beyond Law! Unum adversas omnia, the Opposer's path revealed, All-Otherness resolved and in One Thing sealed.  
9. Salvation Is the Son of Leviathan (Alabas in Memoriam) 06:08  
10. The Otherness of Being 12:43
"The mind of the Father named all things in threes" "...all things have been generated from One Fire." "Source of Sources, the womb which contains the All." "Above all, let the priest himself who governs the works of fire, be sprinkled with the icy billow of the deep-roaring sea." -The Chaldean Oracles- What is this wind of black fate, That guides me and carries me on; So steeped in the Devil's earth, So far from the fane of sun, A voice in the darkness, In irremeable fathomless depths The black, the living darkness inside me Is Death! Yet as distant as elder stars, Whose once brilliant flames are long dead A paradoxical inverse light, No sun ever shed It calls me it names me "No-one" With silent sepulchral breath So I name Him the "All" and the "No-nothing" Within the Garden before the elders of Seth The shade of Abel arises before me, neath the blood stained right hand of Qayin And his left hand is pointing Towards the scared plot of the slain Oh, ineffable guardian and guide, My dream veiled daemon of other As one we were born of the Devil, And Eld Night our majestic mother I am myself! I wish to be other! Crown me with thorns, Neath great spiraling horns Three nails to affix our fate, Upon the cross betwixt evening and morn Let the seal of ever becoming, Be now rended and torn And to the daemon within, A new pact is sworn "Self" I name thee, My shadow veiled brother Yet no name can be given, To that which is other My Fate - My will - My heart - You fill - With light - Beyond light - A flame like the night My lord - My love - My god - Above - My angel - That - Is naught - Answer my call My Darkness - My sea - Of black - Eternity - Becoming - In darkness - A will - To be free A self - Becoming - Other - Than self - My otherness - That - I dream - And die to become "For the mortal who approached the Fire will possess the light from God" "Those who, by inhaling, drive out the soul, are free." "For in this triad the Father has mixed every breath." "...keep silent initiate." -The Chaldean Oracles-  

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