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1. The band was created by you in 2012, how the idea of creating Primalfrost arise? Why did you choose the name of "Primalfrost"?
Well I more or less started this band solely as a solo/studio project outside of the bands I was playing in at the time. Didn't really have any intentions of making it a serious thing or even bringing it into the live setting for that matter, as it was just me writing/recording everything myself (even though it still is as of now). Then in time as I started writing for the band more seriously and decided to actually record/release music I assembled a live lineup and we've been active as a live band since. 

I came up with the name "Primalfrost" with the intention of having something that wasn't tied to any specific historical context or mythology or whatever, but still gave off the "Epic" feel I aim to portray in the music. I also wanted to combine two words together like that so the name can easily be found in search engines and not be tied to anything else besides the band.

2. When playing in your past bands Will of the Ancients and Lesion, what made you want to create a band of your own?
I treated Primalfrost as kind of a creative outlet for me in the beginning, as I wanted to write music in this style even though it couldn't really fit all too well into the style of the bands I was playing in. In both bands I was basically playing other peoples music which I really enjoyed doing, but I guess in time Primalfrost just slowly just became my main musical focus and it began to overshadow what I was doing with those bands. Luckily we're all more or less on good terms, I'm really glad we could part ways and not have things get ugly!

3. Primalfrost is your band, you're the only member, but for shows you have recruited a group of live musicians, is there any chance in the future for it to become a full band?
I'm hoping too. The problem is everyone always has their own shit going on. University, full time jobs, other bands, etc. Finding musicians with full 100% prioritized commitment is a super hard thing, and that sucks cause I get along great and have an awesome time playing with the guys in the live lineup now. But we're always going back and forth with having fill-in members and such so we don't really have much of a consistent lineup to begin with. So I guess that goes back to the fact that it's me doing everything for the band, It kinda works out in a way cause I don't have to rely on others to get things done. I've managed to release 2 albums, book tons of shows, distribute merchandise, etc. all by myself, but I'm really hoping this band can eventually become a group effort.

4. Do you find it difficult being the only one composing all the music?
Not really actually. It's been like that since the beginning so I've kind of gotten used it by now. It gets a little overwhelming getting everything else done for the band though. Show booking, promotion, driving, managing, etc. I do my best to manage it all!

5. "Prosperous Visions" is your latest album, how was the writing/recording process? How did it differ from writing/recording "Chapters of Time"?
The writing process went rather smooth, at the time I felt I put a good amount of time into it when I was writing it and that I was certainly making an improvement from the last album, but now that I look back on it, I realize there's some things that could have been done differently, could have been done better, etc. and I felt that exact way after writing/recording chapters of time as well, and I'm certain I'll feel that way after I release the next album. I was only 15 years old when I did Chapters of Time and 17 when I did Prosperous Visions so I guess me maturing as a person and a musician has a lot to do with it. My goal is to always make an album better than the last one, musically and production wise. It just comes in time and experience. I can confidently say the next album will be the best one yet, I'm working hard on it and I'm sure it won't disappoint people!

6. Your sound is certainly more like European bands like Finntroll or Moonsorrow, what are your main musical influences?
Those two are certainly up there, haha. Definitley a lot of bands like Ensiferum, Kalmah, Wintersun, etc. are of course an influence, but I'm also heavily influenced by lots of bands that really embrace "Epicness" in their sound, such as Stormlord, Dimmu Borgir, Mechina, Septic Flesh, Epica, Nightwish, etc. Listening to a lot of film music like Two Steps From Hell is also something I do a lot of as well, as I'm writing orchestral stuff for the next album that's a lot bigger and more complex than the last two albums.

7. "Prosperous Visions" has a very big sound, the songs flow seamlessly with intense moments and more calm sections, do you intend to convey this to the listener with your music?
It's definitely something I attempt to do haha. That's all part of the whole "Epic" metal thing that I try to do in my music. It's like a movie, it has intense parts, calm parts, etc. but it all flows together into something complete. That's what I attempt to do in this band. Have fast, heavy, and intense parts, as well as calm, soft, melodic sections as well, but have it all work well together to make the album/each song sound complete. And of course I try to bring in other film like-elements like orchestrations, repeating themes, etc. 

8. What topics do you cover in the lyrics of "Prosperous Visions"? Is there any conceptual history behind it?
The lyrics in Prosperous Visions more or less cover themes of Battle, Quests, and Rebellion against Tyrannical rule. It's not specifically based on any specific Mythology or fantasy book because I wanted to do something original and not based on something else. The next album is a lot more conceptual, the lyrics follow actual characters and a storyline that ties into the music with dynamics and themes. All will be revealed soon!

9. You have recently done a small USA tour, how has the response been from these crowds? 
We recently did a small tour run with this Australian folk metal band Claim The Throne (Whom we recommend you check out!) in Montreal, Niagara Falls (Both in Canada) and then we played some shows in the USA; Rochester, NY and Burlington, VT. Overall it was a very good response, we had a great time, played for lots of people, and met many new people while reconnecting with old ones as well. Hoping to do something like this again!

10. What kind of equipment do you use live?
I myself have a rather simple live setup. I run a Peavey JSX through a Bugera Cabinet, and an MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal in the effects loop for cleans and leads/solos. No rack processor or anything crazy, I like it simple! And my Ibanez Premium 7 String is my main live guitar.

11. What future plans do you have for Primalfrost, in terms of upcoming releases?
I'm working pretty hard on the next album. Lots of epic riffs, blast beats, slow melodic sections, catchy melodies, repeating themes, and very lush thick orchestrations! something I'm certainly spending a lot more time on for this record. One thing that is different from the last few albums is that it's a lot more of a concept album lyrically and musically. I'm still doing my best to retain the Primalfrost sound on this album, there's just a lot more going on. I think it's gonna be our most memorable album yet!

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to Black Metal Spirit, is there anything you want to add?
 Thanks so much for the interview. Your support means everything! Be sure to check us out on social media to stay updated on things (facebook y bandcamp), lots more excitement to come! Stay epic!

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