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CTHULHU (2014)
La peor noticia que nos puede dejar esta álbum es que sirva de epitafio para la carrera de la veterana banda estadounidense después de dieciocho años de carrera.  "Cthulhu" como su nombre indica esta inspirada en la obra de H.P. Lovecraft, escritor y obra reconocida y respetada en las escena, ¿cuántas veces ha servido su obra para inspiración y temática de una obra de la música extrema?. Lo que tenemos aquí es una obra conceptual en toda regla, con un inicio, un desarrollo y un final que se nos va hasta los setenta minutos de duración. Un tiempo más que extenso para un trabajo de black metal pero la verdad es que prácticamente logra mantener la atención del oyente en toda su longitud gracias al buen hacer la banda que ha conseguido un acople entre la vertiente más violenta y rápida de su música de gran influencia black y death, con la atmósfera etérea, vacua y de soledad que logran el añadido de teclados y algunas partes de guitarras y voces limpias. Asistir a la audición de este álbum es afrontar un viaje inmersivo en la obra de Lovecraft en toda regla, la banda ha arrancado una musicalidad fuera de toda duda logrando una riqueza de sonido difícil de comparar, aportando un ambiente oscuro y endemoniado a todas las composiciones. Guitarras afiladas no exentas de ciertas melodías, una buena batería, rápida y aplastante, ciertos adornos de teclado que aumentan la vertiente algo sinfónica de su música y las voces que rugen con fuerza pero también son capeces de aparecer en pasajes hablado, casi susurrados, quien conozca a Bal-Sagoth, sabrá de lo que hablo. La edición digital disponible en su bandcamp y la edición física se entrega con un segundo cd con un solo tema instrumental de cerca de una hora de duración. (8,7).

Disco 1
1. The Great Old Ones 07:03
By the words of the Mad Arab Alhazred From the nameless city & keeper of the keys Behold my findings from behind 9 doors Rushing devils now invoke my dreams Dark univers I hear ye yawning Black as the Witches' Cauldrons are Old Minds more intelligent than Miskatonics Here I seek you and dare to travel far Gathered now the black brotherhood be Under stars aligned in Trapezohedron form Bas-relief readings from the idol stone conducting rituals; Cthulhu be reborn! Before hell-wind & titan-blue Aeon-shadowed Walpurgisnacht Rise from Yith-infested Seas Psychic-tentacle mind rot Cthulhu, Azathoth Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath Father Dragon, Dagon Mother Hydra, Yog-Sothoth Borne on the wings of night Are those out beyond space From dim eras & dark stars Entering here through the spirit gate Black-winged ones travel through sky Cephalopods of cryptic lore Stretching beyond Arkham minds Cthonian prophecy shadows forth Electricity from below smoke-wreathed world of dream Violet lamp-starred twilight Nothing here is what it seems I see the tower in the dark A shadow that is out of time Lightning strike from cloudless skies In their name dark star Yuggoth shine
2. Return to the Cosmic Infinity 06:34
  Trembling earth, under chanting cults,
Chill winds bring vast new fear 
Shattered-sky holds luminous bolts,
Old ones cast bondage of strange fever
Cosmic secrets of the glowing stone,
Planetary Giza alignment
Gates and Passages through voids unknown
Now unlocking a true god's confinement

Night howls peer haunting ecstasies,
they tear & echo like the wolves of hell
Possession through control-lost orgies,
for him...we are whipping ourselves
High-delerium & stagnant motion,
our minds are not our own-
Imprisoned animalistic fury,
peaceful now to the phantom; a drone

Soon be the season of the proper moon's cycle
Resurrection when the stars align
First signs of liberation & revival
Mi-gos plunge like comets in our skies

Like glowing hale falls alien orbs, 
crashing violent into colossus-wave
Descending down upon our oceanic floors
implanting us with visions of his grave
3. The Depths of Dreams & Terror 07:39
The horrors I've seen
within my sleep & dreams
awakens my mind
to the absolute strangest things
From deep inside
it's astronomical mind,
starring from below
watching with gazing eyes

Reverse anthropod abortion,
convulsive subconscious contortions
A new unrestricted reality
trapped in prismatic distortion
Dark universe coursing through my veins, 
black planets begin to roll without aim
Beyond the realms of my mind, 
lays a city I cannot yet name

Unknown superior; he who will drown the sun
Laying below a chasm of stone,
shielding him since the sun was young
Blasphemies from elder stars
which dream beneath the sea
The old ones were, the old ones now
& again the old ones be
4. Below a Mirror of Stars 04:04  
5. Submerged Stones of R'yleh 08:51
Awakening now, from an emerald-hazed slumber Panic & mania...brought from what I have seen. A city shrouded in complete & utter silence Forbidden landscape of my blasphemous dreams Obsolete vista of unknown architect Cyclopean structures; malachite-like dripping ooze It will bring horrors beyond the likes of Dunwich It will bring horror, revelation & truth It has gripped my mind; subconscious residuum Involuntary visions of an estranged citadel Luring Master; Telepathic Disseminator I will find you through consciousness & will Supreme dweller, who whispers in darkness Seeking one...made of flesh & bone Necronomic scriptures shall map my path Descending unto undimensioned crypts of stone "What I see is unmeant for mortal eyes. Paralyzed in dream state I somehow telepathically float towards the abstract monolith. I seem to be lowering further & endlessly down. Diminishing is the light of the sun which breaks through what I can only imagine to be the crown somewhere on the Pacific. Darkening becomes my vision except for the unworldly structure I fear to know. Engulfed in black oceans, I am channeled forth...beyond my will. As spoken by the Esoteric Order, here lays the sea soaked perversion that houses a great dead dreaming priest. I have reached the monstrous acropolis. It sits in loathsome shapes that could only be built by travelers from dark stars beyond galaxies we've yet to discover. Oh what mass this holds. Surely only a titan must lurk within these stones. Not even the gates of heaven could rival these dimensions. Here surely rests the supreme dweller. Deepest of deepest ones laying behind the wall of sleep. I now must begin my decent beyond earth's alternate dimensional plane. Outside the circles of time & downwards through dark pillars bearing inscriptions foreign to the eyes of man. Behold the mighty nightmare-corpse city we once thought unreachable. Behold a dripping Babylon of elder-demons. Behold the metropolis tomb & colony of Cthulhu. Behold R'lyeh"   
6. Crypt of the Kraken King 05:56
Those of The Void, seek passage here Dead but dreaming...His time draws near Continuing forth...following forbidden signs I must crack the seal to release the chains that bind Elder-devil who dances in astral flames I hear your silent howls, I hear you call my name Eater of time & space, ancient spawn of the stars Illustrate your dementia, unseen haunter of the dark Submerged sepulcher, inert daemonical pool Hair-raising silence slumbering nightgaunt & ghoul Divine Viridian Nexus, magnificent celestial tower Entombed super-Omega, ensnared sleeping power Great Nodens of the Silver hand, Abysmal-lord beneath the waves Secret teacher of the nether, Yog-Sothoth stands behind the Gates Unknown darkling-forms move & gather round, Leering shadows guide my way Supreme Sultan who controls my will, Deliver me unto his grave  
7. A Throne Below the Black Sea 05:54
  Iridescent golden flecks radiate within blackened stone
Hieroglyphic-colossal blocks, undoubtedly
The Destroyer's Throne.
Indestructable contraption that bears inscriptions,
Resurrecting instructions, aloft a heap of bones.
Terror of apprehension...creating imagination
I weave wild witchery to wake...thee unknown.
Alternative Universe, descend unto our atmosphere
Dark gods ascend in us, we reap what we have sown.

Let the voices of the faithful be heard beyond boundless
wells of night.
Chant boisterous, spirits of earth...shout hymns amidst
greatest might.
Dread & admiration, dream-sculptured incantations,
Psychotic mind-molestation, he is within my sight!
Great old one, elusive external King,
generate stellar blackness; our world devoid of light.
Electric anathema, bring song from Tru'nembra
cease the clock of time, import our spheres last rite.

My orifices dripping with jellied-green
For sure Shoggoths within my limbs
Protoplasmic organ fiends
Moving through my blood like a slithering Yig

Re-animator; I am the chosen one
Gifting re-birth to he who eternally lies
Yet with strange aeons...
Even Death may die.
8. Above a Reflection of Water 03:46  
9. Storming the Pacific 05:53
Formless presence smoke rising Black Aether erasing our horizon Seven seas freshly flood Seven continents concealed in blood Ceaselessly Crawling Chaos, Planetary-wreckage holocaust-seance Ithaqua flares riding winds Abysmal stares burst unhinged "Praise him; he with tentacles like serpents, Praise with the black goat of the woods with a thousand young, Praise the blind demon who dwells within the pit of chaos, Praise the destroying eye, the cold flame & the burning ones" IA! IA! IA! IA CTHULHU!  
10. Swallowed by the Aeons of Time 09:37
Darkness constructing, the vast deep rises forth Great poison from the sea, tenebrous wings storm the shore. Lunacy exploding, reclaiming realms of wonder Wailing out to infinity, roaring like a thousand thunders. Rise & set blackest sun, shine upon the end of man Let us pray to see Kadath, let us dream on plateaus of Leng. Cover Earth with slate Abyss, reverberate our all-knowing end, Welcome us through shamanic portals, let our minds from our bodies ascend Transparent being gleaming through emerald light Undimensioned knowing not the day or night Great mountain of madness, wielding wormholes from beyond, Space-aquatic-levitator; summoning star-clusters blocking dawn Yuggoth descend from what is left of our sky, and now the world & all contained inside shall die This is the end, the end of all. For all is lost...& lost are all. 
11. Endless Oceans 05:24  
Disco 2
1. Cthulhu Unbound 01:00:57  

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